Herbivore Coconut Soak + Scrub.

Just a little mini post today to tell you about two of my most favorite bath products. I am such a sucker for products that really appeal to the senses… especially when it comes to fragrance and texture. The Herbivore...
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My Favorite Baths.

Today felt like a good day to talk about baths as I know I’m planning on ending my day with a book and a big glass of wine in the tub. In fact, I love a bath and take one...
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Megababe Le Tush Review.

Take 15% off sitewide at Megababe with code GRACE15 When Megababe launched Le Tush (a butt mask!), I immediately ordered it, but it sat on the ledge of my bathtub for a long time before I actually tried it. And...
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