3 Under the Radar Summer Fragrances.

I love fragrance. You might know that before blogging, before social media, I worked in the industry for 8 years (first as an assistant and then associate buyer for women’s fragrances, then in marketing and brand management). During my time in the industry I didn’t wear fragrance as much. Now, I love it. I can’t get enough. My fragrance tray lives in my closet and I see it as the final step in putting together my outfit.  

There is an entire category of fragrance here on The Stripe but today I wanted to talk about 3 newer favorites (all a bit more under the radar / everyone else won’t be wearing them!). Bonus points, none are particularly expensive.

3 Under the Radar Summer Fragrances

one // 5 Sens Twin Flame

This is a truly unique fragrance. Cucumber leaves and white musk. There’s a little bit of sandalwood in there too. It’s addicting. It doesn’t smell like perfume but smells so good. Really fresh and a little bit earthy, I absolutely love it. I’ve never smelled a fragrance like it! It’s perfect on hot days and nights where you feel sticky and gross and just want something FRESH.

two // “Vacation

I bought this off of an Instagram ad and am glad I did as I really love this scent. It’s made by a sunscreen company and it makes me so nostalgic (both in the packaging and the scent). It smells like sunscreen and summer. It’s got a bit of musk but is very coconut-y (in the best possible sunscreen sort of way). It’s addicting and is what I’ve been wearing most this summer (I packed it for Hawaii too).

three // Ellis Brooklyn Sand Body Spray

You know I love a body spray – mainly because I can layer them with other scents (Missing Person is a great layering companion) and apply without abandon throughout my day. This one is such a treat. It smells like a day at the beach. It is somehow both spicy and sweet. The fragrance notes are coconut milk, ginger lily, and vanilla but to me it smells like sugar, musk, a little bit of coconut, and skin. It’s not as obviously coconut scented as Vacation, but it’s still there. I really like Ellis Brooklyn overall, their Vanilla Milk scent is one of my all time favorite scents.

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  1. Jessica:

    OMG I LOVE vacation. I also love their sunscreens. They also really really nail the packaging and all their sort of ancillary paperwork.

    7.18.23 Reply