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An Afternoon at The Guggenheim.

Ahhhhh the Guggenheim. To me, there are very few spots that are more iconic “New York.” It’s located all the way up on the Upper East Side at 89th street right across from Central Park. The cylindrical building itself was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and actually turned 60 this …

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The most comfortable, beautiful sandals I own. I love them so much. I can wear them all day and night. Use code GRACE50 for $50 off your first pair.

These bronzing drops are the absolute greatest. I mix (literally) one drop in with my moisturizer (usually Dr. Bader) for a healthy glow. So pretty.


How fun is this rainbow sweater!? It’s only $35 and also comes in plus. I would pair mine with cut-offs or white jeans… and maybe a bright heel.

I have been singing HIGH PRAISE for this eye cream. It’s a favorite because it’s specifically formulated to work with (not against) your concealer.

  • Afternoon rosé date with my mom and my sister ❤️ (📸 by my mom)
  • "I have never really cared about having kids. It's never been a hard no but it's also not a priority, if that makes any sense. Finding a partner to share life with IS a priority for me; but I could care less about a big wedding or a house in the suburbs. Life is all about compromise so who knows how my future partner will feel but if I had my way, I'd find my person, settle down in Brooklyn, and live a lovely "just us" life here where we have a lot of animals and maybe a house upstate, lead vibrant lives in the city, and support each other in our careers. That's not too much to ask, is it!?" -
sharing a personal story on the blog (thestripe.com) today in partnership with @skii and their new #timelines campaign (the videos are so moving!) Would love for you to read and share your own stories in the comments. #skiipartner #changedestiny 📸: @jlbabe
  • me and my business suit just want to wish you a happy Friday!!! 🌈❤️🤩
  • #tbt to sipping the most delicious spirit-free tea cocktail (something I thought I'd never say!) with @teavanatea at @arlohotels a few weeks ago. #ad I am loving Teavana's new "Beach Bellini" sachets, and since the party, I’ve been making iced tea at home with them. The tea contains real pineapple, papaya, and mango and is perfect served ICED! #teavanalife
  • MAILBAG!!! This is totally what we look like, reading your DMs and emails. It's just us on the podcast today and @beccamfreeman and I are answering all of your burning questions! The most requested topic was an update on our dating lives (LOL), we share all about our travel routines and if we hang out more or less since starting the pod, and someone wanted to know why we wear short dresses to our live shows (there’s a strategy there!!) We also talk about the biggest things we've learned this year, and where is the podcast going!? Are we still going to talk about books? Happy listening and don’t forget to leave a review and tell all your friends! 📸: @bryandozierphoto
  • today on the blog we are doing a deep dive into SUNSCREEN. Talking about the difference between physical and chemical sunscreens and the best clean, safe options. I love all of @beautycounter's sunscreens - especially the new tinted mists. Get the full scoop on the TheStripe.com. #beautycounter #ad
  • photographic evidence that I left the house (and Brooklyn!) on a Monday. 🙌🏼 (📸: @carterfish)
  • my summer aesthetic is human rainbow. 🌈❤️✨ (📸 by my life partner @beccamfreeman)