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Yay, Saturday! It was a busy week and I’m looking forward to a suuuuper chill weekend. It’s going to be sunny in the fifties – I’ll take it! Yoga, a birthday party, maybe a bike ride… I intentionally didn’t make very many plans as my favorite weekends are always the …

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Coveteur Feature!

I’m excited to share that my apartment is over on The Coveteur today! I’m sort of pinching myself as I’ve...
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I get asked all the time about my (beloved) Dolce Gabbana banana leaf heels. Sadly they are several seasons old but I’m happy to have an affordable alternative for you. These are fab and only $120!!!

I treated myself to a Palmgrens bag for spring and could not love it more. The brand has been making them since the fifties, the quality is perfection, and it’s just really fun with all my dresses!

Whenever I get asked for the best work bags, I recommend Madewell’s classic leather tote. It’s classic, timeless, and the best part -now it comes in 5 pretty colors!

These tassel earrings are so pretty (and they come in a million colors) but I just love the yellow ones! Like a little ray of sunshine… for your ears!

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