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Happy weekend! I am in Sag Harbor… one of my favorite instructors at Sky Ting (Christopher Golden!!!) is leading a retreat here. Sag Harbor is probably my favorite part of the Hamptons (it’s a lot more low key than the other bits), and the retreat space is so relaxing and …

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I am completely hooked on Oribe’s bright blonde shampoo! It definitely makes my highlights last longer, especially in the summer when they can get brassy.

I have these tortoise earrings and love them so much. They’re super lightweight, and the silhouette is just really cool. Instant favorite.

Neulash is one of my holy grail items and there’s a really good sale on it right now with the Nordstrom sale! Read my full review here.

This cozy cardigan is an absolute must have. It’s so comforting and cozy to wear, and it’s absolutely perfect for cool summer nights!

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