Jones Road Beauty Review.

Jones Road Beauty Review

Of all the review requests for different beauty brands I get from you, Jones Road has probably been the most highly requested. This post has taken me a longer time to finish as there are so many products, some have been backordered and out of stock (cough cough What the Foundation which was soooo worth the wait!). And then I would try something and want to try more which led to placing several different orders.

Jones Road Beauty is makeup artist Bobbi Brown’s most recent venture (into clean beauty, no less!). Obviously, Bobbi Brown doesn’t need any introduction – she is an extraordinarily talented makeup artist. I’ve been a die hard fan of her namesake line of products for years now, watched her Masterclass, and was ultra excited to try out her newest brand. She left Bobbi Brown cosmetics in 2016 and is no longer affiliated with the company or its products. I had been watching and waiting to see what she would do next and here it is: Jones Road is her newest venture. Bobbi launched Jones Road in 2020 (at the height of the pandemic) as a multi-functional, inclusive line of cosmetics that are meant to bridge the gap between skincare and makeup.

Jones Road Beauty Review

Overall I really like most of the products I tried. There are a few exceptions, where noted. One product I tried (the lip tint) came a little bit damaged, and the brand’s shipping is pretty slow. But overall, I am a fan! I bought all of these products with my own money, placing three different orders over several months.

My favorite thing about this brand is that it seems to be really amazing for dry and/or mature skin! I turn 41 this fall and also have very, very dry skin. The formulas melt into your skin and feel really, really good. Jones Road Beauty What the Foundation made me rethink how makeup should feel. I have never had a foundation (maybe a tinted moisturizer) that actually felt really (really!) good to put on my face. Creamy, luxe, hydrating. The products are also easy to apply. I am never going to be the girl who contours her face or spends more than twenty minutes (twenty minutes would be for a fancy occasion) putting on makeup. I like a five minute face. And I always want to feel like myself. My favorite products are the kind that make you look like yourself but justttt a little bit better. That’s Jones Road. Also, I like that every formula is free of phythates, sulfates, petroleum, PEGs, EDTA, or BPA.

I get into each product I tried below, but know that some of us want a quick summary. So here’s the net takeaway! Of the products that I tried, What the Foundation, Just a Sec, Mascara, and the Shimmer Face Oil are incredible – new favorites. I also really like the sparkle wash and the brow pencil. They have each earned spots in my rotation. I want to try the eye cream next.

Jones Road Beauty Review

Jones Road Beauty Products

WTF What the Foundation

I became very interested in this product after all the TikTok drama. (Bobbi’s response was SO GOOD). It was actually Bobbi’s response that sold me on the product: a lower coverage, highly moisturizing foundation that was meant to give that no-makeup makeup sort of look. At the time, it was sold out in so many shades. So I ordered it in medium (thinking it could be too dark but maybe with a tan, and if not, I could at least get a feel for the product?). The medium is perfect. This is such a fantastic product and there is one for every skin tone. It’s perfect for dry skinned people and mature skin as it is incredibly hydrating. I like it so much that when it came back in stock I also picked up the beige for when my summer tan fades. (I really worry that it’s going to sell out again?)

This has more coverage than a skin tint, but for a foundation is lower coverage. I really like that it is buildable so you can just layer on a bit more in areas you want more coverage. A little goes a long way. I have a tutorial on my instagram highlight but I like to dip my brush in (I am obsessed with the Rose Inc foundation brush) and slowly build. You do not need a lot and the jar will last a pretty long time.

The Face Pencil

I bought this in 10 Light Med- Neutral Undertones. I liked it (especially for undereye) but didn’t love it. But I do think it does a great job with undereyes as it covers dark circles and doesn’t settle into the fine lines there. It’s very creamy and feels good on your skin. (Jones Road’s products are all this way, making the line a dream for dry skin.) A reader also pointed out that it is great for travel as it does not count as a liquid. So now it is my travel concealer. Smart, smart.

Cool Gloss

I like this! It’s just a pretty, shiny basic gloss. I don’t think it’s anything special but sometimes you just want clear gloss. This is that. And a nice, non-sticky one at that. And it smells really good. Minty! I have a lot of lip glosses and lip balms and reach for this often.

The Best Pencil

This pencil is fine. I bought the navy blue and the silver (for something fun). I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either. It didn’t feel anymore special than a drugstore eyeliner. Maybe I’m just salty because of the name. It’s not bad but pretty ordinary.

Miracle Balm

Updated: Friends, I was wrong!!!! I’m leaving my original impressions below but when applied with a brush, this product is like a radiant, magical instagram filter. Miracle balm is a tinted moisture balm. My favorite shade is “Magic Hour.” Apply it with THIS brush. I stand by the idea of not using it with your fingers (which is how they show it on the website) but with a brush, it is wonderful. My favorite way to freshen up my makeup and/or wake up tired looking skin mid day. My second favorite shade is the new Miami Beach. It really makes you look like you’re on vacation— it’s a peachy coral with subtle flecks of gold. I use this as a blush and on my lips; applying with my fingertips.

Initial impression: Gotta be honest, this one did not do it for me! I do not understand the hype – from what I can tell, this is the brand’s most loved product and feels like something I should love (it’s packed with hydrating oils like jojoba seed oil) I ordered it in “Au Naturel” and maybe I got a bad one or should have tried a color but this is not a product I enjoy. It left my face greasy (not dewy) and the product itself felt a little bit grainy?

The Brow Pencil

I bought this brow pencil in Ash. It’s a really nice brow pencil. It blended in seamlessly and didn’t look like I had anything on (yet the before and after would be very noticeable, my brows get really washed out). I like this.

The Best Eye Shadow

I am not sure if this is actually, the best eye shadow. Even within the brand’s portfolio of products, I prefer “Just a Sec,” their cream to powder shadow. I bought the champagne and was underwhelmed. It’s nice (sheer, blends well, pretty colors) but nothing to write sonnets about. Maybe I would have liked it more if they didn’t describe it as “the best.” Same with the eyeliner.

Shimmer Face Oil

I really like this product, which I bought in Midas. It’s just shimmery enough. I used it under What the Foundation for a suuuuuper dewy, radiant, glowy look. You can also use this as a highlighter, or dab a bit on your collarbone, shoulders, and down the shin bones for a little extra glow. A little goes (and glows) a long way.

Just a Sec

This, after the foundation, was my second favorite product I tried. I ordered this in Topaz (a shimmery medium brown) and LOVE – I liked it so much that I bought it in golden peach and bronze. It’s a cream to powder eye shadow and really, really pretty. I love low maintenance products and this is nice because you can just use your fingers and tap it on, building as you go.

Sparkle Wash

I love a little sparkle and bought this one in Gilded, a shimmery gold. This is extremely pretty on. This is a liquid eye shadow that could probably be used a lot of different ways (you could get a molten look if you used more). I like to dot maybe three dots on with the applicator, and then blend with a brush. The result is really ethereal and pretty

The Lip Tint

These are a big skip for me. I ordered them in Valencia Orange and Pink Rose. But I was put off because the Valencia Rose arrived damaged. I didn’t bother reaching out to customer service as it still worked just fine but it was a little disheartening to open up a new lipstick and have the end be all smushed. The tints themselves are just kind of messy and slide around on your lips. They don’t stay on very well. I found the best way to use them (I’m not going to toss them but wouldn’t repurchase) is to just apply a tiny amount with a lip brush and then blot. If you’re looking for a good lip tint, my favorite is this one from Saie. (I’ll have a review coming soon on these!).

The Mascara

I was really wowed by the mascara. It gets your lashes longer and thicker… and probably the best part: no feathering, flaking, or fading. It is a great mascara (maybe my favorite one right now). Big fan.

The Bronzer

I am really, really impressed by this bronzer. It is my current favorite bronzer. The powder is super silky and just glides onto the skin, never leaving you orange or muddy looking. My shade is light tan. I also love the dusty rose as a blush. I highly recommend the bronzer brush as well; it is extra fluffy and delivers the perfect application. PS – Longer review of the bronzer in this post!

The Stripe beauty
Jones Road packaging
Bobbi Brown's newest venture

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  1. Mel:

    I’ve been waiting to see what you thought of the miracle balm and I TOTALLY agree with you! It was such a miss for me – greasy, gritty, and the darker bronze color had actual glitter in it. It missed the mark. Will have to try the just a sec, everything else I’ve tried from this brand has been underwhelming.

    9.9.22 Reply
    • Yes! The grit kills me!

      9.9.22 Reply
      • Carrie:

        Bought your faves! And filled in their survey to say you sent me… though maybe you have Bobbi’s direct line now? (Ha!)

        9.9.22 Reply
  2. Mollye:

    I love the dusty rose and flushed in the miracle balm. Great for cheeks and lips. Highly recommend trying! The mascara is really good too. Totally agree on the lip tint- felt like more of a lipstick and the colors were meh!

    9.9.22 Reply
    • Julie:

      Agree on the Miracle Balm! I tried to love it because it just seemed that everyone else did but it felt so greasy and sticky on my face no matter what I did or how I applied it. My hair would get stuck in it haha

      Love the face pencil and the eyeshadows though!

      9.9.22 Reply
  3. Joy H:

    I didn’t like Miracle Balm either. I tried the bronze and dusty rose, and had the same results as you… greasy and a little grainy. I love a natural face, but these were a bit too natural, lol. I might try the foundation, but had already decided to give this brand a pass. A shame, as I loved the original Bobbi Brown products.

    9.9.22 Reply
    • That’s really good to know as I was considering ordering more of the Miracle Balm just to see if I missed something!

      9.9.22 Reply
  4. Tonja:

    Thank you Grace for posting this review. I have been very curious about the Jones Road products but scared to give it a try. Was interested in the beauty balm but you have me rethinking that.

    9.9.22 Reply
  5. Katie:

    Thanks for this review. I love the wtf foundation and felt the same about the miracle balm. I expected the texture of the miracle balm to be softer. It’s one of the better brands for mature skin.

    9.9.22 Reply
    • I completely agree. It’s so hydrating and works with your skin rather than against it.

      9.9.22 Reply
  6. Jen:

    I don’t love the Miracle Balm either. It’s very sticky and hard to get off your fingers after you apply it. Another blogger said it feels like smearing chapstick on your face, which I wish I would have read before I bought it.

    Eyeliner pencils are good but nothing special.

    I LOVE the face pencil though. That is my favorite product by far. I use it daily mostly for under eye but also for spots.

    9.9.22 Reply
  7. Francine:

    100% agree with you on the Miracle Balm. I wanted to love it. I bought two shades and both were just pots of colored Vaseline. Sticky, smeary, with very little color payoff. Lipgloss was meh. Super pricey too.

    9.9.22 Reply
  8. Catherine:

    I love this brand, which surprised me because I don’t have dry or mature skin. But I love Bobbi’s ethos around beauty, and it’s perfect for a naturally pretty look. Plus I can stick the face pencils in my purse, car, and office and touch up my face whenever I want while keeping it light. I have to disagree about the eye pencil and balms though; in a world of long wear gel pencils or disappearing ink, these pencils smudge perfectly but also stay in place all day, which I love. And I think the tinted balms are where it’s at. I have Flushed, Tawny, and Miracle Hour. Flushed is a perfect dewy pink, tawny works as a bronzy burnt red on my fair skin, and the MH (which is glittery) is the perfect accent for shoulders and shins. It doesn’t run or disappear on me like the oil. I use a really stiff to apply them after I’ve broken the seal and they go on like a dream.

    Als, the mascara is amazing if you like big, dramatic lashes.

    9.9.22 Reply
    • That’s so interesting to hear, thanks for sharing your experience! It just goes to show you that what works for one person might not work for another, and vice versa.

      I’m going to order the mascara!

      9.10.22 Reply
  9. Anne:

    I’ve been wanting to order some products from Jones Road, so reading your review is the perfect timing! Thanks for testing and always providing transparent feedback!

    9.9.22 Reply
  10. Amelia:

    I have found that miracle balm takes a bit of getting used to. What works the best for me is to swirl a blush brush in it and then stipple it across my cheeks and foreheads which uses much less product and has a really pretty look. I LOVE it now.

    9.9.22 Reply
    • Jen:

      I’m going to have to try this because I have a big pot of it that I have not been using!

      9.10.22 Reply
    • Thank you for the tip!!!

      9.10.22 Reply
  11. Andrea:

    Hi, I’m surprised you didn’t offer any advice on color selection. I live in NYC and wouldn’t drive to NJ (where their one store is) to try different colors. It seems so hit and miss. How did you determine the correct shades for you? By using their questionnaire I got several different recommendations. What is their return policy if you make a mistake?

    9.10.22 Reply
    • I just wing it. I have been doing this for so long that I know I’m usually a beige or a medium in most brands. I shared my own shades but don’t really have any advice as to how to find your proper shade, I’m sorry!

      I am not sure of their return policy, I’m sure it’s listed on their site. I don’t work for the brand, I’m just sharing my experience with their products. 🙂

      9.10.22 Reply
  12. Linfa:

    I’ve been using Jones Road for 1 year now. I have mature skin. Always been on the dry side. Her products work wonderfully with my skin. The foundation is a dream. So easy. I love the miracle balm. I use au natural everyday. I let a small amount melt on my fingers & then apply to my face. I don’t think using a brush helps. I also love the bronze. Again, a small amount goes a long way. Also can’t forget to break the seal before using .
    I’ll be using her products until I can’t. As I did when she headed Bobbie Brown.

    9.10.22 Reply
  13. Carly:

    Thank you for the honest, insightful review! I don’t generally wear foundation but the What the Foundation has my curiosity piqued! I’ll look forward to the rest of of your thoughts on the Miracle Balm as that one intrigued me too.

    9.14.22 Reply
  14. Denise jenson:

    I ordered WTF in Beige and the Dusty Rose balm. Disappointed in both. Too heavy for me! Don’t waste money on dusty rose. Barely any color there and you definitely don’t want to use it all over your face. And… I have a very hard time with the smell. Ugh! I don’t understand what the hype was all about but it worked and I bought into it. Bad decision. I threw the packages away so probably can’t return now. I’ve had the products for about a week. Not happy!

    9.20.22 Reply
  15. shirley:

    Bought the black mascara. Giving in a 1 out of 5. Does not go on smooth. Chunks of black mascara all over my lashes and eye lid. Reminds me a drug store cheap mascara. Very disappointed.

    9.22.22 Reply
  16. Linda Krueger:

    I have received my order. I bought 2 of the miracle balms and the oil stick. The oil stick is a ingenious product and I love it. I’m also happy with the balms. But I have to say I will not be a repeat customer. The products have an off putting smell. It might be that I am not use to “clean” makeup but its enough to make me not want to purchase again. Thank you for listening.

    10.24.22 Reply
  17. christina:

    love your take – and agree with your thoughts on Jones Road! Miracle Balm in ‘dusty rose’ is my go to- other lawyers have asked me what I have on my face (*and lawyers in my line of work notice nothing beauty wise lol). Have you tried Merit Beauty? Id love to hear your thoughts on this line!

    2.6.23 Reply
    • love that!

      And yes – I have. My favorites from Merit are the serum, the lipstick, the highlighter stick, and of course the foundation/concealer sticks… those are FAB!

      2.6.23 Reply
  18. Courtney:

    Thanks for this review! There was a day you had one of the Jones Road eyeshadows in your stories and I LOVED it but can’t remember which one it was. It was sparkly and lovely, so I’m assuming it’d be the sparkle wash?

    2.8.23 Reply
    • probably — that or the “just a sec!” wish I knew, I’ve talked about both a bunch on stories.

      2.8.23 Reply
  19. Allison:

    I am not a big makeup person and was in desperate need of a refresh – finally pulled the trigger after you re-visited your initial review. I LOVE the foundation. It’s not full coverage, but it’s the perfect ‘put makeup on so I don’t look dead’ fix. It feels great once it’s on, but it took me a while to realize it kind of needs time to set before it doesn’t feel sticky to the touch. I will never be a full-face, full-coverage every day gal so I am truly over the moon about this.

    I like the Miracle Balm, but it’s not an every day look for me, unfortunately. I got Magic Hour and it’s soooooo glittery. If I lived in a sunny beach town, maybe. As an attorney in a cold northern city with regular court appearances – it looks like I went to the club the night before and didn’t wash my face. It will definitely be in rotation for fun event nights though!

    Thanks so much for you detailed, honest, and most importantly, updated review!

    2.15.23 Reply
    • Thank you so much for this feedback!!! I completely agree — What the Foundation is the perfect everyday just a little somethin’ somethin’ to look alive!

      With the miracle balm, have you tried just using a small amount with a brush?? I find that just using a tiny amount gives you dewy radiance vs. glitter. Though for court appearances I’d probably skip regardless… you don’t want that dewiness to be confused with sweat or sparkle, haha!

      2.16.23 Reply
  20. Shonna:

    WTF – The color and coverage are awesome – but the smell, it is truly disgusting.

    2.21.23 Reply
  21. Marsha:

    Your review has made me rethink sending back my make up and balm. I adore the mascara, just a sec, and shimmer oil. But the foundation makes my hair stick to my face. Maybe I am using too much? Or does it dry? The balm didn’t wow me, but I will try it with a brush. Where do you put it? Thanks for the review!!

    3.10.23 Reply
    • I think maybe you’re using too much!!!! It definitely sinks in. Watch my highlights on Instagram (there’s one for Jones Road) to see how I use the balm.

      3.10.23 Reply
  22. NATALIE K:

    I had never heard of this make-up line until today!! These sound like some great products to try!!! I would love for you to do a review of Laura Geller make-up products for older women (although some younger women use them as well!!!. Her powder foundation is light to medium coverage. I want to try these!! I currently adore my full coverage IT CC cream but my husband wants me to use something lighter. I thought I would try this for ease of use( I’m disabled) and because the reviews on the site are outstanding!!! Let me know what you think!!! They also have a foundation liquid that’s very hydrating that’s a light coverage!! Perhaps this would e the one for you!!! Please review the Laura Geller make-up line!!! Thank you so much!!!

    3.10.23 Reply