Jones Road Beauty’s New Bronzer.

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Jones Road Beautys New Bronzer

This year, (you probably know this!) I became a Jones Road Beauty superfan. If you are not familiar, JRB is Bobbi Brown’s latest venture: a line of incredible, clean beauty products that are makeup artist approved but easy enough for anyone to apply. My big guide to all of the products I’ve bought and reviewed can be found here, and I am so excited to partner with them to talk about their brand new bronzer. I am so happy that they have launched a bronzer — it took Bobbi and her team two years to develop it, but it was worth the wait!

The formula is insanely silky and glides onto the skin, adding instant warmth and glow. I love how sheer it is — letting you build (or just use a lighter touch!). It looks really natural, never orange or muddy.

Jones Road Beauty’s New Bronzer

Jones Road Beautys New Bronzer

There are seven shades… meaning there’s something for everyone. I have found that light tan is my perfect everyday shade, but they also sent me golden tan. It’s just slightly darker, and will become my vacation bronzer for when I already have a little bit of a tan.

This is, in my opinion, the perfect bronzer. I do not like when bronzers have too much shimmer. I want a natural glow, not to look like an orange disco ball. Other bronzers can be too dry — making them harder to blend (or worse: making my dry skin look dryer). Not the case with this one. It’s lightweight and silky; easy to apply and blend.

I like to apply this everywhere the sun naturally hits the face. Forehead, cheeks, bridge of nose. I will usually do that, and then very lightly go over my whole face and neck to give myself a natural all over glow. The Bronzer Brush is also a must as it is SUPER fluffy (truly — it’s maybe the fluffiest brush I have ever used!). The entire range also works well as a tinted pressed powder to keep oil away.

Jones Road Bronzer review
Jones Road Bronzer
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Jones Road review
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  1. Deane Love Feeley:

    I have used Bobbie Brown for years. Last year at the age of 72 I thought I needed new makeup for a new age. I purchased three of the Jones Road products and feel like I may not be using them properly. I want to purchase the Bronzer but I’m hesitant.
    I realize now that at 73 I need to go lighter with coverage but also want to balance my skin tone.
    I need a little professional advice.
    Retired but still want to look good.
    Thank you
    Deane Love Feeley

    1.27.23 Reply