Haus Labs Review.

Haus Labs Review

A new to me brand I was surprised to really love is Haus Labs. Haus Labs is Lady Gaga’s makeup brand and to be completely honest, I am not usually a celebrity beauty brand person (most of them are gimicky) and if I was going to choose a celebrity to buy makeup from, Lady Gaga would be low on the list: I did not think the two of us had much in common when it comes to makeup choices! The thing is? The products are really, really good. I haven’t been this into a new brand since Jones Road Beauty (and shockingly, the line is quite similar to JRB in that it’s really easy to use). Today I am going to talk about my personal favorites from the brand!

Haus Labs Review

Haus Laboratories launched in November of 2019; it was actually initially sold exclusively on Amazon, but now you can buy it at Sephora which is where I found it. In 2022, Haus Labs renamed itself as Haus Labs by Lady Gaga from Haus Laboratories as part of a rebrand. (That’s when they launched in Sephora, too). The brand is vegan and completely cruelty-free, and prides itself on having products that are “supercharged clean artistry makeup powered by innovation.” Since it’s launch, it’s become a beauty editor favorite and a few of the products have gone viral on TikTok.

Best Haus Labs Products

Let’s talk about the best Haus Labs by Lady Gaga products. Spoiler alert, the triclone skin tech foundation is absolutely incredible.

Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation

The triclone skin tech medium coverage foundation is easily my favorite Haus Labs product. It’s the perfect foundation for people who don’t like foundation. I could go on and on about how much I love it but what I like most is that it is weightless. It feels more like a serum than a foundation but gives really solid medium coverage. Redness and dark spots just disappear, but your skin still feels like SKIN. It is really quite amazing. It is also GREAT if you tend to get red as it has fermented arnica which helps to reduce redness. I tried this before I knew about all of the TikTok hoopla, but the triclone skin tech made quite a splash over there as well. It is Korean-formulated and comes in 51 shades. Developing it took two years (and 40 iterations!). They tested the shades on over 400 people to ensure there was a skin match for absolutely everyone.

For me personally, I like to use one pump. Literally, just one pump. I’ll dampen a BeautyBlender and press the product into my skin. If I have a blemish, I’ll use my fingers to pat it on like concealer. It’s so easy.

Triclone Skin Tech Hydrating Concealer with Fermented Arnica

This concealer is my latest obsession from Haus. Sometimes I just use it all on its own (no foundation) because it is so GOOD. Like the foundation, it just sinks right into your skin; it blends just like a magic eraser. It’s packed with skincare ingredients (fermented arnica really is just so good for redness!) and feels so good on the skin. I love that it also has depuffing benefits – so cool! I am a big fan of the brush as well, it works very very well with the product! My shade is 24 – light medium neutral!

Le Monster Lip Crayon Vegan Lipstick and Lip Liner

I absolutely love these lip crayons. They formula is super matte, without drying the lips out. And they wear really well. In testing them, I wore the rose matte to a dinner party and when I got home (without reapplying), my lip color was more or less perfect save for the tiniest bit of smudging. My favorite shades so far are blush matte, light peony matte, and rose matte. I love that they offer precise application, kind of like a hybrid of lip pencil and lipstick.

PhD Hybrid Lip Oil

The lip oils are GREAT. They remind me a lot of the Clarins lip oils. I love that they are moisturizing (but very glossy!) with just the sheerest hint of color. The pink and cherry are my personal favorites!

Hy-Power Eye, Cheek & Lip Pigment Paint

These pigments are great. I love the copper shimmer on my eyes but the beige matte is actually the perfect concealer for me! I was playing around with it (I love using it on my eyelids as well to neutralize discoloration) and realized how perfect it was for dark circles and red spots. If you have a similar complexion to me, give it a try, you’ll love it!

Atomic Shake Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

This is a GREAT long lasting lipstick, and I love how shiny it is. The Rose Shine is my personal favorite. Be sure to give it a good shake before applying.

The Edge Precision Eyebrow Pencil

This is one of the best brow pencils I have tried! Brow pencils aren’t particularly exciting but I love that they have a nice range of shades (so many brands just make one for lighter hair and it always seems to be too light or too dark. Taupe is perfect for me and I really like the precision of the pencil.

Optic Intensity Eco Gel Eyeliner Pencil

I really like this eyeliner. It has a nice glide to it (it reminds me a lot of Bobbi Brown’s gel pencils). No tugging, and it just glides across the lash line (making it fairly idiot proof). It wears well for 24 hours, no smudging or anything. I will say that I found it a little bit hard to get off, but I love this. My two favorite colors are the navy matte and the deep bronze shimmer.

Is Haus Labs Good?

Overall, I love this brand. As I said in the opening paragraph, I think their products are versatile and easy to apply. The shade payoff is great, and while they are not at a drugstore price point, the prices are very good for what you are getting; especially the foundation, which keeps being compared to the $140 La Mer foundation.

Where To Buy Haus Labs:

Right now, Haus is only available at Sephora and Amazon; as well as the Haus Labs Website (they have a great shade matching tool for the foundation; I used it to find my shade and it ended up being a perfect match.

Haus Labs Review
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