29 Great Books To Read On A Beach Vacation.

Books To Read On A Beach Vacation

My favorite thing about a vacation (specifically, a beach vacation!) is all of the reading time. There is nothing better than the feeling of having nothing to do, nowhere to be, no real responsibilities… just sitting in the sunshine and losing yourself in a great book, preferably with a tropical drink in hand. It is the perfect escape from reality and something I so enjoy. I’ll be on Cape Cod with my family in a couple weeks and plan my books like I plan my outfits!

This list is lighter on thrillers. I tend to prefer happier books on vacation and read a mix of lighter reads, historical fiction, young adult, etc. All of these books are page turners FOR SURE, but none of them (except maybe The Chateau) are scary. This is a mix of favorite books to read from over the years (I wanted to include a mix of old and new as I tend to focus on new releases for my monthly lists, but I know I have a lot of library readers so placing holds is easier with older books!). So here we are…. some new, some old… all of them, perfect for a beach vacation!

PS – this post is from last summer, but I wanted to freshen it up with a few newer favorites.

29 Great Books to Read on a Beach Vacation

These are in no particular order, just a list of favorites from over the years that I think would be the absolutely perfect books to read at the beach or on vacation. Consider this my summer reading master list. From fast paced page turners to sweet love stories, I’ve got you!

Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoTHE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO, by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This is one of my all time favorite books. I think it would be such a fantastic summer read if you have not already read it. It is glamorous and glitzy, with plenty of heartache (+ happiness too) in between. I found it unputdownable, and though I read it long ago and passed it onto a friend (I forget who!), it has stuck with me and I often think about buying another copy just to have and re-read again. It is an absolute favorite and such an escape! If you have not read this book yet (it is from 2018), I implore you… it is an absolute must-read! Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

People We Meet on Vacation | Great Books To Read On A Beach VacationPEOPLE WE MEET ON VACATION, by Emily Henry

I loved this book. I am not a big romance person but could not get enough of this book and these characters. When I was doing the podcast, we even had Emily Henry on to talk about it. She is, for the record, a total gem of a human – I would love to be friends with her IRL, which of course makes me want to read all of her books. This is a fun love story with deeply likable and relatable characters. I read this while in Palm Springs (my first post lockdown vacation last year), where (a total coincidence, I didn’t know going into it) the book was set. Now I want to try to match my books to my vacation, it was fun reading a place while actually being there. Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org.

Malibu Rising | Great Books To Read On A Beach VacationMALIBU RISING, by Taylor Jenkins Reid

We love Taylor Jenkins Reid! I think she may be the only author I give repeats to on this list, she is probably my favorite for lighter beach reads as her novels are so transportive, usually from an error, and usually involving wealthy and glamorous celebrities of some sort.  This one (set in Malibu) is about a family of favorite siblings (who have dealt with more than their fair share of hard times too) in the eighties. There is Nina, the talented surfer/super model, her brothers Jay and Hud (one is a champion surfer, the other, a photographer), and their little sister. Kit. There is drama and glamour galore, all the fixings for a perfect beach read! Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org.

In A New York MinuteIN A NEW YORK MINUTE, by Kate Spencer

This was another one of those romance novels that had me thinking, “hmm, maybe I do like romance after all?” But it is so much more than a romance novel, it is (in my eyes) a love story to New York, especially being young in New York City, which I was, long ago! If you have moved out of New York and find yourself missing it, this is the book for you. I loved every minute of this. It is the perfect escape to New York.

It starts with one of those bad days that we have all had (you are laid off from your job – sweating on the subway – your dress rips!), with a believable and relatable yet swoon-worthy meet-cute, and then turns into a hilarious/embarrassing story and ultimately yes, a love story. I adored this. It didn’t hurt that it is written by Kate Spencer (co-host of Forever 35, one of my favorite podcasts!). Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org.

Cover Story | Great Books To Read On A Beach VacationCOVER STORY, by Susan Rigetti

I was having scammer fatigue (blame it on all the scammer related TV… Inventing Anna, WeCrashed, The Dropout) so wasn’t sure what I would think of this but I absolutely loved it. This is such a fun book! It’s Anna Delvey, mixed with a little bit of Caroline Calloway? I said this in last month’s reading list but I think that this book is going to be 2022’s prime beach read.

Lora Ricci is a naive college student, struggling to make ends meet… attending NYU and interning for ELLE. When she meets glamorous clean-energy heiress Cat Wolff, the two form a highly unlikely friendship… with Lora ultimately dropping out of NYU, moving in with Cat at The Plaza Hotel, and going to work as her ghostwriter. Chaos ensues… you feel so much secondhand anxiety for Lora. I really do think that this is going to be one of the most popular summer reads this year. Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

Sister StardustSISTER STARDUST, by Jane Green

A little bit of historical fiction, but the fun kind! It felt a little bit like a mashup of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Daisy Jones and the Six. Think of an older (wiser) woman telling her story of her younger (wilder, irresponsible) years in sixties London (and Morocco!). Claire is from a small town outside of London. She has a difficult relationship with her stepmother, she struggles with her weight, she has no idea what she’s doing with her life. A chance encounter leads her to Morocco and suddenly she’s befriended a group of incredible musicians, fashion designers, and artists. She befriends the magnetic, ethereal Talitha Getty (falling a bit in love with her in the process), but the glittery life is not as it seems. Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

She Regrets NothingSHE REGRETS NOTHING, by Andrea Dunlop

This book is a fun trainwreck, in the best way possible. When Layla Lawrence is orphaned at just 23 years old, her cousins show up at her funeral. The only thing is, she didn’t even know she had cousins! There’s Liberty who is 5 years older, plus the twins – Leo and Nora… living a glamorous life in New York City. Turns out, Laila is from an incredibly wealthy Manhattan family but Laila’s father had become estranged from his parents and moved to the midwest before Laila was born. Laila up and moves to New York, living with her cousin Nora…but all that glitters is not gold. She makes every possible mistake, recklessly social climbs, and relentlessly pursues the lifestyle she feels she was so unfairly denied. Again, a trainwreck in the best way possible: I could not put it down! Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org.

The Chrystie AffairTHE CHRYSTIE AFFAIR, by Nina De Gramont

Another fun (and very imaginative!) historical fiction read. I really enjoyed it – much more than I thought I would, if I am being honest – it ended up being quite the page turner for me! In case you weren’t familiar with the backstory, Agatha Christie disappeared for twelve days back in 1925 (just after her husband had requested a divorce). Upon being found in a hotel, she simply stated that she didn’t remember what happened. This is an imaginative (fictional!) look at what could have happened during those twelve days. It is clever and smart and told (interestingly enough) from the perspective of her husband Archie’s mistress: Nan O’Dea.  The clincher is that Nan does not seem to love Archie. So why destroy his marriage? Order on Bookshop.org or Amazon!

The Blue BistroTHE BLUE BISTRO, by Elin Hilderbrand

This is my favorite Elin Hilderbrand book (and we all know that Elin Hilderbrand is the queen of the beach read!!!). I really love that it is set in a restaurant (having grown up in a restaurant and literally worked every single job possible, I will read anything set in a restaurant!). Adrienne Dealey has spent her professional career bouncing around luxe destinations, working in hotels. After a particularly bad breakup (her ex took all her money), she heads to Nantucket for the summer with one objective: make money.

She manages to snag a job as the assistant manager at Nantucket’s fanciest restaurant – during the restaurant’s last summer. She falls hard for the boss/owner Thatcher Smith. But what the heck is going on between his co-owner, Fiona!? Honestly, in reading it, I would have thought Elin had spent much of her life working in restaurants, her research and attention to detail was that good. This is my ideal summer read! Order it on Amazon or Bookshop.org.

The Idea of YouTHE IDEA OF YOU, by Robinne Lee

I had to include this, on the off chance that any of you have NOT read this book as it was a massive Bad on Paper podcast (we did it as a book club pick in the early days and had Robinne on as well). Something tells me that is highly unlikely but oh my – if you have not read it, drop what you are doing and fix that immediately. It took me a little while to come around on this (the idea of a 40 year old falling in love with a 20 year old felt gross to me) but my friend Becca wore me down.

The plot is very fun and steamy (and somehow believable, despite the he writing (and descriptions of Solene’s outfits) is all so good that I just gobbled it up! A (very chic, divorced, French) mother takes her teen daughter to a (thinly veiled) Harry Styles concert. Somehow, they find themselves in love. Highly recommend, also did you see it is going to be made into a movie starring Anne Hathaway? Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

Olga Dies Dreaming | Great Books To Read On A Beach VacationOLGA DIES DREAMING, by Xochitl Gonzalez

I actually listened to this one as an audiobook (it was wonderful and felt more like a performance than a reading) and cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it! It tackles so many important issues (AIDS, sexuality, Puerto Rican culture and history), but is packaged as a lighthearted, fun book about a wedding planner, her many suitors, and her closeted politician brother. And it IS (at times!) light and fun, while also being serious. Both/and. I really loved it. This is a very complicated family story. Brother and sister Olga and Prieto (both doing great things in New York: Prieto is a congressman and Olga is one of New York City’s top wedding planners) were abandoned by their mother, a radical anarchist. They struggle to balance their social ambitions with the sadness over their absent mother, all in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

The Knockoff | Great Books To Read On A Beach VacationTHE KNOCKOFF, by Lucy Sykes & Jo Piazza

This is another classic beach read (in my opinion) and will always be an absolute favorite of mine; especially as I spent such a long time working for a fashion start up (there were definitely some funny parallels) and of course, because I always wanted to work for a magazine when I was young! Imogen returns to work at Glossy (a fashion mag) after taking 6 months off for health reasons and finds everything has changed. Eve (her former assistant, straight out of Harvard Business School!) has been put in charge and is hell-bent on digitalizing the magazine – something that’s necessary for the magazine to survive, but she’s doing it all wrong and without any sensitivity.

The authors do a great job capturing the difference between the old guard of print media and the young new generation of digital media. Does Imogen pack it up and get out of there, or adapt and learn how to tweet!? I couldn’t put it down, I absolutely loved it. It’s fresh, funny, and smart… if you work in fashion or digital media it’s an absolute must!  Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

City of Girls | Great Books To Read On A Beach VacationCity of Girls, by Elizabeth Gilbert

I loved this book so much and still think about it often. Elizabeth Gilbert is just… a genius. The depths of her writing blow me away, everything she’s done is so different! (And she seems incapable of not writing a New York Times bestseller, ha ha). The book follows Vivian Morris (a 19 year old Vassar dropout) to New York City, through ups and downs and middle age all the way until she’s 89 years old. She moves to the city to her aunt Peg’s house, where she takes up costume design for glamorous showgirls… spending most nights out on the town . When she makes a terrible mistake her whole world implodes and she faces ruin but ultimately lands on her feet. This is the story of female friendship, of female sexuality, of redemption… and so much more. I could not put it down. Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

American RoyalsAMERICAN ROYALS, by Katharine McGee

Just do yourself a favor and order this whole series as it is just. so. good and the third one is about to come out. Imagine if after the Revolutionary War, George Washington became the king and not the president. And then, fast forward to modern day and write a book about the teenagers set to rule the palace. There’s Princess Beatrice (the heir), and her twin brother + sister Jefferson and Samantha. It’s deliciously good (reminiscent of the cast of The Thousandth Floor in the best way possible. Samantha is the wild child, Jefferson is the dreamy prince that every girl wants. We also get to know the two girls vying for Jefferson’s heart: manipulative Daphne, and down to earth Nina. Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

Party of TwoPARTY OF TWO, by Jasmine Guillory

I love all of Jasmine Guillory’s books but this one is my favorite. Olivia’s just moved to LA to start her own law firm. While staying in a hotel on her first night in town, she chats up a handsome man at the hotel’s bar. When she gets up to her room, she realizes she hadn’t recognized him: she’d been talking to senator Max Powell. This gives her a laugh at first but when they reconnect at a conference a few weeks later, sparks fly and soon they are falling in love. But can Olivia handle the spotlight?

I love the famous person dates regular person trope, I loved Olivia as a character (she’s smart and funny and ultra relatable), and I liked that the characters were my age… sometimes reading romance novels about twenty-somethings depresses me a little bit. It was realistic, it was sexy, it was fun, smart… can’t recommend it enough! Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org.

The Light We Lost | Great Books To Read On A Beach VacationTHE LIGHT WE LOST, by Jill Santopolo

Some books just haunt you and this one broke my heart. Just thinking about it makes me all teary again! It’s about a young woman, torn between the dreamy (but flighty!) love of her life from her younger years and her stable, loving husband. There’s Gabe, who she meets in college. There’s an instant spark. They move in together and are so perfect together but their dreams take them in opposite directions. Gabe becomes a photojournalist (heading to the Middle east) while Lucy pursues a career and a life in New York.

The book spans 13 years, in which time Lucy marries someone else and has children. It’s romantic and cripplingly sad at times and will 100% stick with you after you read it. I’m not trying to make anyone cry at the beach, but if you haven’t read this yet, you’ll love it. It’s a great summer read. Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

Matchmaking for BeginnersMATCHMAKING FOR BEGINNERS, by Maddie Dawson

This was one of my top top books from 2018 and it would make for an absolutely fantastic summer read! All Marnie wants is an ordinary life. The minivan, the picket fence, etc etc. She’s engaged to the man of her dreams and is on track to have everything she ever wanted. Then she meets Blix Holliday (her fiance’s eccentric great-aunt, a matchmaker living in Brooklyn). Blix and her hit it off, but Blix is dying. Marnie’s marriage ends up combusting after two weeks and in a great twist, Blix leaves her Brooklyn brownstone to Marnie (not her nephew or anyone else in the family).

The building is filled with oddball but endearing, very lovable friends of Blix’s; and Marnie learns that maybe she’s the perfect person to follow Blix’s matchmaking footsteps. I actually sobbed at the end of this book – it’s so sweet, so heartwarming, just so perfect. Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

Next Year in HavanaNEXT YEAR IN HAVANA, by Chanel Cleeton

I liken to the Cuban version of The Dollhouse (another favorite). It alternates between modern day and 1958 right before/during/after the revolution. It’s the story of Elisa (growing up very wealthy in Cuba during the Batista era – her father, a sugar baron) and Marisol – her granddaughter. Marisol sets foot in Cuba for the first time in her life at age 31 to scatter the ashes of her beloved grandmother. She gets to know the city, she meets an alluring man, and she uncovers some huge secrets that her grandmother had been hiding.

The author’s description of Cuba is so perfect that it made me feel like I was right back there. (I went several years ago and it was a favorite trip). If you’ve been to Cuba, it will make you nostalgic, if you haven’t, you’ll still enjoy it. Highly recommend! Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

Love and Other WordsLOVE AND OTHER WORDS, by Christina Lauren

One of my favorite page turners! I will start by saying how much I love Christina Lauren. Christina Lauren is actually two friends, and they are one of my favorite authors. Anything new they have out, I will always pre-order. This one is a little bit reminiscent of The Light We Lost (also on the list!), though less heartbreaking. What happens when childhood sweethearts reconnect after ten years apart? I love a high school to adults saga.

Macy is ambitiously working on her career as a pediatrics assistant while planning her wedding to an older, financially secure (but terribly boring) man. Everything unravels when she runs into Elliot, her first love. We don’t really understand why they were ever apart to begin with (this will come out later). Everything dissolves and he’s all she can think about. Honestly, this book is an emotional rollercoaster in the best way possible. There’s a horrible secret (there always is!) that comes out and a twist. It kept me up all night and is the perfect beach read – just make sure you don’t have any distractions! Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

The Chiffon TrenchesTHE CHIFFON TRENCHES, by André Leon Talley

I get so jealous any time I see a friend reading this and it is brand new to them. It’s one of my all time favorite fashion memoirs (A New York Times bestseller for a reason!) and André did not hold back on spilling the tea. The book chronicles André’s rise from growing up in the Jim Crow South to moving to New York and working under Andy Warhol at Interview Magazine. From there he wound up at WWD, moved to Paris, then back to New York to Vogue. 

This book is positively dazzling. When it was over, I felt really sad to leave his glittery world.. Besides all of the glamour and fashion it also tackles some more serious (and timely things) like racism: the reason André left WWD and Paris was a terrible racist incident with a publicist at YSL. It’s simultaneously a frivolous distraction but also a really important book. I absolutely loved it. I have a book hangover upon finishing it! Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org.

With the Fire on High,WITH THE FIRE ON HIGH, by Elizabeth Acevedo

This will remain one of my favorite Young Adult books of all time and was a great summer read… I read it on a yoga retreat in Sag Harbor several years ago. When I opened up the book, I was surprised (and a little bummed) that it was YA. Was this going to be another fluffy high school romance? (It is, sort of – but it’s so much more than that). It’s about a teen mom Emoni growing up in Philly, living with her grandmother and daughter Emma.

The book opened up talking about why she gave her daughter a “white” name, and how she hoped it would open up more chances for her. The book is so sweet but all I could think about for so much of it was how privileged and lucky my own high school days were. Emoni is working multiple jobs, dealing with racial bias (and bias + stares for having had a child so young) all while trying to juggle the usual high school stuff (friend drama! boys! school work! applying to college!) Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

Big SummerBIG SUMMER, by Jennifer Weiner

I LOVED THIS BOOK – a perfect summer idea! There are some fun parallels to my own life (the main character is an influencer + it’s set partially in New York City (where I lived for 15 years) and partially in Cape Cod, (where I grew up). It’s the story of two (very different) girlfriends fixing their friendship. Daphne is a plus size influencer who grew up in New York in a working class family and had a scholarship for everything. She’s making ends meet nannying and running her Instagram.

Meanwhile, her former best friend Drue is one of those people who has just had everything come easy to her: she’s rich, pretty, and newly engaged. She’s also a bit of a mean girl. The two reunite for her wedding and you think you’re getting a cute girlfriends redemption friendship story but then there’s a big mystery. I loved it! Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

The Royal WeTHE ROYAL WE, by Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks

This is now, an absolute classic. I have been thinking about it a lot lately and kind of want to re-read it just for fun? Or beg Heather and Jessica for a third book (the sequel is excellent too!). This one will always and forever be an absolute favorite book of mine. I never hold onto books after I read them but this has earned a permanent place on my shelf as I love it so much. I am not a big re-reader but have read it twice (and it’s long!)

It’s basically Kate Middleton fan fiction in the best sense of the word. It’s the story of an American girl (Bex) who meets the man of her dreams (Nick) who just happens to be the prince of England. It follows them all the way through college and afterward, through breakups, an engagement, the crazy royal wedding party, and more. It’s juicy and fun and I could NOT put it down!!! The perfect summer read if by chance you have not already read it! Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

The Chateau | Books To Read On A Beach VacationTHE CHATEAU, by Jaclyn Goldis

Thriller people, this one is an absolute must-read! It has everything. Girlfriend drama, lying, cheating, deciept, a glamorous and wealthy grandmother, murder… all set in a beautiful chateau in the south of France. When Darcy and her three friends receive an elegant invitation to spend the weekend at Darcy’s grandmother (Séraphine Demargelasse)’s elegant chateau in Provence, the women (all now in their early forties) head to France. Twenty years earlier, the four of them had studied abroad in Avignon, visiting Séraphine on the weekends.

They have stayed close over the years but drifted at times, as can happen over the years. The older woman stresses that she has something critically important to tell them. She also wants to discuss her Will with Darcy. But before she can do any of that, she is brutally murdered in the middle of the night. Darcy and the other women are devastated. Meanwhile, a sinister instagram account pops up, threatening to expose the four friends’ intimate secrets. It’s one of those terrifying (at times) whodunnits… all of the women, living under the same roof, starting to suspect each other. Secrets and lies come out, making Darcy and her friends question everything. My mom loved it too! Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

The Five Star Weekend | Books To Read On A Beach VacationTHE FIVE STAR WEEKEND, by Elin Hilderbrand

Newly widowed Hollis is a food blogger, with a beautiful home on Nantucket. As she grieves the loss of her husband, she reads about something called “The Five-Star Weekend,” where you invite the best friends from each stage of life. And so she invites her high school best friend (Tatum, a Nantucket local), her college best friend (Dru-Ann, a freshly cancelled sports agent/TV host), Brooke (a fellow mom from Wellesley), and Gigi (a bit of a wild card; one of her blog’s most engaged readers who she’s developed a bond with.

The weekend is packed with food, friend time, and bonding. But Gigi is holding secrets; Dru-Ann and Tatum have a long-standing feud; and Hollis’s daughter (who she hired to film the weekend) is barely speaking to her. I feel like as I explain it, it doesn’t sound as interesting as it is, but the way Hilderbrand writes and how she developed these characters made it a special book. I really loved this; it’s one of my favorite books of hers. Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

Before We Were Innocent | Books To Read On A Beach VacationBEFORE WE WERE INNOCENT, by ella berman

Ten years ago, Joni and Bess went on a trip of a lifetime. Post high school graduation, their friend Evangeline invited them to spend ten weeks with her in Greece. Only the trip didn’t turn out as planned. The girls fought, Evangeline turned out to be a bit controlling, while Joni and Bess wanted to be young, free, and party. Evangeline ends up dead, the girls find their lives ripped apart.

Ten years later, Joni has capitalized on her infamy, turning her life around and becoming a motivational speaker. Bess has done the opposite, moving to the desert and making her life as small as possible. When Joni turns up on Bess’s doorstep, asking her to be an alibi for a similar crime, Bess has to relive the memories she’s pushed aside (and has to make a decision). Told in alternating timelines, past and present, this one kept me on my toes and made me need to keep compulsively reading! Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

happy place | Books To Read On A Beach VacationHAPPY PLACE, by emily henry

Emily Henry has such a knack for writing non-cheesy romance novels with complex, relatable characters you can’t help falling in love with. This one had a new trope: a couple who is broken up pretends to still be together for the sake of their friends.

Harriet (Harry to her friends) has an enviably close group of friends from college. Every summer, they spend a week up at their friend Sabrina’s house in Maine, but this is the last year as Sabrina’s father is selling the house. The six friends (all coupled off) retreat to the house, determined to have one last great trip together. But things are amiss… some friendships feel more strained, and Harry and her fiancé Wyn broke up five months ago, but are pretending to be together for the sake of their friends. Alternating between their younger years and present day, we see them fall in love, drift apart, and begrudgingly reunite for the trip. But will they find their way back to each other? Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

gilt, by jamie brenner | Books To Read On A Beach Vacationgilt, by jamie brenner

Set between New York City and Cape Cod (my two homes/favorite places besides Charleston), it was just so good! The Pavlin family has built a jewelry empire based on love but (all thanks to a PR stunt years ago), its family is divided. Two sisters aren’t speaking to each other, one is dead, and the one grandchild is estranged from everyone and living in poverty.

When Gemma Maybrook graduates from college she has one goal: to track down her mother’s famous engagement ring, the Electric Rose (a 30 karat pink diamond). Orphaned after a tragic accident, it is all she has left of her mother. Meanwhile, her aunt Elodie is trying to auction off the family’s most precious jewels and her other aunt, Celeste has escaped to Cape Cod. A series of events bring them together and secrets come out. Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

a hundred summersA HUNDRED SUMMERS, by beatriz williams

This is kind of like… Historical fiction Gossip Girl? It’s a very fun summer read and had sat in my to-read pile for way too long. Lily Dane has headed to summer at her family home in Seaview, RI. Her family has been going for years and it’s a refuge for her from New York’s social scene.

She’s still reeling from a devastating heartbreak 7 years ago; and has kind of (in her twenties, mind you) committed to the spinster life – taking care of her younger sister and spending time with her family. Her peaceful bliss is interrupted when her former best friend Budgie and her former fiancé Nick (now married!) also return to Seaview… and chaos erupts. When a massive hurricane strikes, family secrets come out, and all bets are off. I loved this. It was juicy and salacious but also glamorous in that Gatsby-ish kind of way. Definitely a must-read. Order on Amazon or Bookshop.org

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.

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  1. Kate:

    Awesome list – thank you, Grace! Excited to see what you are packing for this trip. My girlfriends and I always get our book club ideas from you. Safe travels!

    5.13.22 Reply
  2. I’ve read some of these!! But excited to check out several others you featured here. I’ve read a ton of Elin Hildebrand books but I haven’t read the one shared here yet- will be checking my library for it!!

    xoxo A

    5.13.22 Reply
  3. Laura:

    Thank you Grace! I just added everything I haven’t read to my Amazon cart 🙂
    I always love and appreciate your recommendations!! Can’t wait to get to the beach to read.

    5.13.22 Reply
  4. Anne:

    I’m headed to Hawaii soon, so this list is the perfect timing for me! Thank you for all the great recommendations!! I’ll definitely be bringing a couple of these.

    5.13.22 Reply
  5. Heidi:

    Never stop your amazing book posts! I finished Cover Story last night and WOW.

    5.13.22 Reply
  6. Katie:

    Thanks so much, Grace! Such a great post! I have my 2022 Summer TBR list now. I loved in a New York Minute. I no longer work in NYC and it brought back so many fun memories.

    5.13.22 Reply
  7. Kelly Witherbee:

    I co-sign on so many of these – what a great list! The few that I haven’t read, I’ve added to my list for my own beach trip coming up in July. Woo!

    5.13.22 Reply
  8. Jamie:

    Perfect timing for this post – I’m heading to Aruba in a few weeks! Thank you!

    5.13.22 Reply
  9. Mar:

    Such a great list!! I haven’t read a lot of these, so am excitedly adding many to my TBR. I’m working on cleaning up my outdoor space so I have a good reading spot in the backyard, and these will all be perfect. I just read Emily Henry’s new book (Book Lovers) and would HIGHLY recommend for a summer read. Definitely my new fave of hers.

    5.13.22 Reply
  10. I love so many of these! Seconding the comment below that you must read Book Lovers ASAP (I think it is my new favorite from Emily Henry) and also would love to join you in lobbying Heather and Jessica for a third book in the Royal We storyline!!

    5.13.22 Reply
  11. What a great list!! Definitely agree with Blue Bistro being a top 5 of my favorite Elin books! (I’ve read almost all of her books) I’ve already added a few of these to my TBR list! Glad you loved PWMOV!!

    5.13.22 Reply
  12. Hilary:

    Love this list! I’ve read many of them at your recommendation and can’t wait to check out the ones I’ve missed. I totally agree with you on Emily Henry and Christina Lauren books.

    I think my #1 beach read book is Something Borrowed (and if we can be really crazy, I’d add the sequel something blue). Checks all of the boxes, yet it’s a touch complex.

    I’d also vote for anything Mariana Zapata or Lauren Layne, It Happened One Summer or The Bromance Book Club series.

    Off to go read The Idea of You!

    5.13.22 Reply
  13. Tasha:

    This was such a great list! I added even more to by TBR pile. Thanks!

    5.14.22 Reply
  14. I just added so many of these to my TBR! (But I have read one already—Matchmaking for Beginners! I don’t feel *as* behind now, haha.) Thanks, Grace!

    5.14.22 Reply
  15. Meg:

    Great list of summer beach reads! Great job!

    5.15.22 Reply
  16. Sahra:

    So many of my favourites on this list ( loved with the fire on high, 7 husbsnds of Evelyn Hugo, matchmakers for beginners) and a couple I haven’t read that am adding to my list (love and other words Christina lauren and the light we lost Jill santopolo) thanks for the recs

    5.16.22 Reply
  17. mary:

    At your recommendation, I read City of Girls by the pool last summer and really loved it. It’s a rare combo of glamour and frivolity but written in an intelligent way.

    5.16.22 Reply
  18. Ashley:

    Love this post so much! I’ve read a lot of these but still need to read Seven Husbands! I’ll move it up on my list 🙂

    5.16.22 Reply
  19. Steph:

    This is a great list. I’ve read a lot of them but added a bunch to my Amazon cart too. Your book recs are my favorite.

    5.19.22 Reply
  20. Lynn Caplen:

    OMG talk about Book Hangovers. I started off with a bad day Saturday and picked up “ The Idea Of You” . It was here, I just had not started it. I really am not sure how to say this , but I could not even finish the last 30 pages until the middle of the next night. I knew the ending but still. It moved me and my own memories of a lifetime ago in my middle 30’s . He wasn’t in a about a Boy Band but he was 24 and handsome and sexy and we fell madly in love . I had 2 kids . He wanted kids . He needed to finish school . I loved him with my whole heart and it was returned . I would have lost my kids. I would have lost half of what I owned . I would have had to work and live in student housing . I too left a young man crying as I cried my heart out because I could have stayed. He called every day. I did not pick up. I never forgot him. I never found a love like that again . I guess that is why this book affected me so deeply . I’m not sorry I read it but it will still stay with me a while . I really wanted that happy ending for them . Great book!!!

    9.20.22 Reply
  21. m:

    I’ve been following your book recommendations for so long that I love seeing which ones stay on top lists years after they’ve been read. I hope to get to them all at some point! Happy beach reading to all!

    7.28.23 Reply
  22. Rosalia:

    I was browsing your book list yesterday in hopes of some beach read inspiration, so when I saw this I was more than delighted! I’ve had American Royals on my TBR pile for a while, it seems like the perfect time to read it. I can’t wait to check some of the rest out for my upcoming trip!

    7.28.23 Reply
  23. Simon:

    I’m curious why out of 29 books only one has a male protagonist. Are light vacation reads not a thing for men, or perhaps male protagonist books are difficult to find… or just rubbish?

    2.3.24 Reply