How to Be More Productive.

How to be More Productive - Tips & Tricks for staying organized, prioritizing... and a sample editorial calendar! The Stripe

I am continually told by my peers that I am just soooo productive. To be honest, I don’t always feel that way. I work really, really hard and that’s probably the biggest part. Long hours don’t necessarily equal productive… but I always get it done. I do often find myself working at night, and sometimes I think that I don’t really have much of a life. BUT I am getting better at it, and I do have a few good productivity tips & tricks, which I am sharing today. I apologize in advance if a) these tips make me sound ruthless or bitchy (I assure you that’s not the case – I’m frequently told that I am too nice), or b) this advice is too blogger/freelancer-centric. I hope everyone can get something out of it! So here goes, my tips + tricks for being more productive.

Make Mondays Great Again.

If at all possible, I completely clear my calendar on Mondays. The only “meeting” I have on most Mondays is with my personal trainer. I try to also not make any evening plans on Mondays. That way I can either a) write uninterupted in the evenings, or b) do something I really want to do like catch a movie or go on a date or see a friend spontaneously. As a result, I’ve started to really enjoy my Mondays. I get ahead on work, and then have a night to myself to relax and enjoy. It starts the week out on a positive and productive note.

Cut back on meetings altogether.

I should note that I place a very high value on my time. This may sound a little bit ruthless, but I made a decision that for Q4 (October – December) this year, I am not taking any meetings unless they are with a dear friend or directly tied to a work project or campaign (aka, something that I am being paid for). The meetings problem is very real as a blogger. And as a New York based blogger, I probably get 4-5 requests for meetings… per day. Everyone is based here, which is awesome, but everyone wants to meet, and a lot of these could be phone calls or emails. Woof.

These meetings are typically a) with PR companies who want to talk about/show their brands, b) with younger bloggers who are seeking advice, or c) networking opportunities with people in the industry. If I had unlimited time, I’d love to take all these meetings… but you know what? I don’t. I really struggle with feeling guilty and sad saying no, but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t work out and I wouldn’t be able to do the other things that I am attempting to do (date, volunteer, and spend time with my friends and family). I’m also an introvert, and every meeting I take leaves me feeling a bit more depleted. This no meetings rule has felt particularly indulgent, and sort of awesome. Sticking with it after the holidays is probably unrealistic but in the meantime, my weeks have felt a lot more manageable and I’ve just been happier/less rushed in general.

The reality is that most meetings can be phone calls. Or, even, emails. I am very aka (slightly OCD) on top of my inbox. Saying no to meetings kills me but I always let the person know that I am happy to chat/answer questions via email. It may not make friends, but I have my friends… and I want to be able to actually see them… not spend my entire day in meetings and then wind up staying up until 2am writing/getting my actual work done. I did this for the better part of the first six months that I went full-time on my blog, and I was really exhausted by it.

Work in batches.

First, identify the key areas for your job where you spend the most time. These are the big areas where I spend my time:

  1. Editing Photos.
  2. Setting up blog posts in WordPress.
  3. Quickbooks & Accounting.
  4. Legal stuff – Reading + Signing Contracts.
  5. Email. (Bloggers get so. much. email.)
  6. Writing.
  7. Shooting content (Either with my photographer, or still life content that I shoot on my own).

I make it a point to work in batches and focus only on one task at a time. So I’ll spend an hour responding to emails, and then close out email. Then I’ll put on a podcast and edit all my photos. One day a week is photo shoot day, in that I will meet up with Lydia (my photographer) and shoot three outfit posts… on that day I will also shoot beauty posts, + Instagram flat-lays with my own camera. Once I receive photos back, I spend time setting those up (cropping them for instagram, resizing them for the blog, uploading them and entering alt text, tags + SEO information, and then finding links for the products. You get the drill. And I try to only go into Quickbooks once a week to batch-enter all of my receipts, send invoices, and record payments. Working in batches is really, really helpful – it keeps me focused and saves time – I’m not constantly hopping all over the place.

Take mini breaks.

I like to work sixty minutes on; ten minutes off. So I’ll work for an hour… and then set my kitchen timer for ten minutes. Usually those ten minutes are spent cleaning, or doing tasks like prepping returns or organizational stuff. I’ll actually set my kitchen timer for ten minutes and unload the dishwasher/put away clothes… tidy up my workspace, etc. I find these mini breaks a) keep my space much more tidy, and b) energize me.

Prioritize your calendar.

Every week, I look ahead at what I have to do. The first thing I schedule is my shoot(s) with Lydia. We have a standing day that we shoot (Tuesday afternoon) but I often have other things that we need to shoot in addition. The next are my personal training sessions. I see Alex twice a week. From there, I fill in additional workout classes. And lastly, I fill in necessary “personal upkeep.” I try to schedule a blowout on the morning of my photo shoot day, and so on and so forth. Those are my main priorities/necessary evils and then I fill it in with the other stuff (desk time, events, volunteering, seeing friends, etc).

If the thing requires someone else’s help, do that thing first!

I always make it a point to respond/do the things that I need someone else’s help on first (aka getting image selects back to Lydia, requests for my assistant Kelly, things I need answers to from brands). I know that I can always work late or get up early to do something, but I can’t rely on others to have that same investment in my blog. So I always give other people as much time as possible!

Use an editorial calendar and plan, plan, plan!

This tip applies mostly to the bloggers/social media managers in the room. My editorial calendar is my holy grail. It is always open and I live and die by it. I record all deadlines, social media reminders by channel, and so on and so forth. I would be lost without it. I color code my posts by type (to ensure they are spaced out when possible) and bold sponsored posts so that they are easy to spot (and I don’t try to move them around). Lastly, I record my revenue (loosely) to the right so I have a rough idea of that… it’s just a good practice as I have monthly revenue goals and I can better tell what’s coming in that way. I’ve been asked on Snapchat to share it, so I made a sample editorial calendar which you can feel free to use! I used a similar format when I was at BaubleBar too and it was really, really helpful.

I really hope this is helpful, and I  would love for you to share your own productivity hacks in the comments!!

photos are from my Career Contessa feature.

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  1. Brittany says 10.19.16

    this is seriously really helpful. I’m a newbie so I don’t really have any advice to share, but seriously thanks a billion! mind blown!

    i also think pretty much every meeting could be an email.

    xoxo, brittany

    • graceatwood says 10.19.16

      Aw good, I’m just happy to hear that you found it helpful! xx

  2. Good for you for valuing your time!! I need to be better with my time management.

    • graceatwood says 10.19.16

      Thanks Erin! xx

  3. Dana says 10.19.16

    This had to be one of my favorite posts from you! These tips were so helpful. As I’m growing my brand, it’s getting harder and harder to manage my blog and my full-time job, so I love the idea of working in batches! I just started using CoSchedule as an editorial calendar and social media scheduler, and it’s a LIFESAVER!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    • graceatwood says 10.19.16

      Aw, thanks Dana! It really can be so hard to balance everything!!! Coschedule is a great tool!!!Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment. xx

  4. Marta says 10.19.16

    These tips are amazing! You have no idea how much you helped me! Thank you so much 🙂

    • graceatwood says 10.19.16

      So so happy to hear that! Glad it was helpful. xx

  5. Meghan says 10.19.16

    SUCH great tips! You always have the right advice 😉

    • graceatwood says 10.19.16

      Aw yay friend, thank you! xo

  6. Elana L. Gross says 10.19.16

    Thank you, Grace! This is so helpful! I love learning productivity tips. I have a full-time job, a blog, and freelance writing career so I am always looking for ways to maximize productivity and quality.

    • graceatwood says 10.19.16

      Thanks for commenting, Elana! Really happy you found the post helpful! Best of luck in balancing all that you do! xx

  7. carrie says 10.19.16

    Girl – we are the same person! Ha. I could have written so many of these very same words. Productive introverts unite! 😉


    • graceatwood says 10.19.16

      Haha I love it! Twins! 😉 xo

  8. Jess Zimlich says 10.19.16

    I am big believer that Monday sets the tone for the week and I never skip a workout! This is such great insight into what goes on behind the scenes. I love the idea of having a standing shoot day! One of my biggest obstacles has been outfit photos. I’m curious, do you do any edits to the photos Lydia takes after she sends them over to you? All of the photos she takes are amazing, but I have noticed that they have a different look and feel across each individual blog. One thing I’d really like to focus on moving through the end of the year and into 2017 is creating a more defined look/brand for myself and my blog.

    • graceatwood says 10.19.16

      Hi Jess, I don’t – but I know other bloggers do!! The only thing I will do is if something I’m wearing is really wrinkled (this happens from time to time) I will use that brush tool to smooth it out. I’m actually reaaaaallllly bad at editing photos so Lydia’s aesthetic = my aesthetic. 😉

  9. Helen says 10.19.16

    These tips were all so useful! I love the idea of setting boundaries for meetings, since it can be hectic and draining to try to fit in too many meetings. I also like the idea of working in batches, and tackling your to do list that way.


    • graceatwood says 10.19.16

      Really happy you found it helpful! Thanks for taking the time to comment! xx

  10. Julia says 10.19.16

    Love this post! I do the same thing on Mondays and it’s the best possible way to start every week.

    • graceatwood says 10.19.16

      Yay! It really does make the week so much better!! So good to see you today friend! xo

  11. Ellen says 10.19.16

    I love the idea of taking mini breaks! I find myself needing to get away from my desk so often when I’m at work.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    • graceatwood says 10.19.16

      It makes such a difference!!

  12. Grace, you are seriously the most inspirational and hard working blogger out there! I’m so happy to hear that you say no to a lot of meetings – even being in Chicago a lot of PR companies want to do conference calls for things that could just be communicated in an email! I get that it’s more personal, but I still have a full time job and other things I’d like to do over lunch besides taking a conference call.

    I work full time, blog, and am grad school part time. But I always prioritize working out, eating healthy, and sleeping first because that makes me my best and most productive self.

    Thanks for writing this post!!
    Engineering In Style

    • graceatwood says 10.19.16

      Aww I don’t know about that – but thank you!!! Such a sweet comment. It sounds like you are juggling a LOT as well… but it looks like you are putting the right things first! I am so glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂 x

  13. Jenn Lake says 10.19.16

    Love. this. post. As a fellow introvert, I feel the pain when it comes to meetings and finding a way to delicately decline! The struggle is real, and I can’t even imagine how you manage all of those NYC requests! Hope your week is going well!

    • graceatwood says 10.19.16

      It can be really, really hard!!!
      Hope you are having a great week too, Jenn! Can’t believe it’s already Wednesday!

  14. joelle says 10.19.16

    Love this! As someone who works from home by day and freelance writes by night, I love reading articles/posts like this. Ps. unrelated to the content , where’d yogurt that pineapple print hanging on the wall in your photo? I have been looking for one like that!

    • joelle says 10.19.16

      Ugh autocorrect…. was supposed to say “where’d you get…” – not “yogurt.” 🙂

  15. Hi Grace! This post was so helpful! I work a 9-5 and me and my team mates were just talking about different ways to be productive. I’m sending this to all of them. Jessika /

    • graceatwood says 10.23.16

      Thanks, Jess!!! I am so happy you enjoyed the post 🙂 x

  16. Amber says 10.21.16

    I try to live by most of these tips as well! And I really like the way your Ed Cal is organized. I currently use CoSchedule. Have you tried it? I’ve been with it for a few months and love it, but never thought to add in notes with deadline reminders like in the sample you showed!

    • graceatwood says 10.23.16

      I tried Coschedule for a while but ultimately love my little google doc even more. It just helps with the deadlines and denoting sponsored content vs. non. But to each their own… I think the most important thing is finding a tool that you really love!

  17. Sam says 10.21.16

    This is great, Grace! I’m always so impressed with your content and how you manage to fit so much into your schedule. It’s definitely helpful to get a little behind-the-scenes insight!


    • graceatwood says 10.23.16

      Aw, thank you Sam! Happy you liked the post. 🙂

  18. Caroline says 10.21.16

    Thank you so much for this post! So timely for me as I figure out a better way to organize my blog & social media posts–thank you for sharing! xo

    • graceatwood says 10.23.16

      Happy you enjoyed it, Caroline! xx

  19. Cynthia says 10.22.16

    This is SO helpful! Thanks a ton for sharing these tips. I’m starting to learn about the beauty that is batching. I wish I read your post months ago

    • graceatwood says 10.23.16

      I’m so happy you enjoyed it, Cynthia! Hope all is well with you in SF. 🙂 xx

  20. Lisa says 10.22.16

    You are INCREDIBLE and a true inspiration. Your writing relaxes and motivates me at the same time – a rare combo!! I especially love the “Make Mondays Great” tip – starting the week off relaxed but also productive really sets the tone for a great week! I typically already leave Monday evenings free to relax, but now I’ll incorporate relaxation with some type of productive activity! Excited now!


    • graceatwood says 10.23.16

      Aw, thank you for such a sweet comment! I’m really happy you enjoyed the post. 🙂 xx

  21. Drew says 10.22.16

    Grace, thank you so much for this post and the sample editorial calendar. I definitely struggle with organization and the calendar plus your ideas on batching are so helpful. Two things that help me stay productive are exercise and meditation. I know when I miss one or both, I’m off for the rest of the day. Taking care of myself helps me take care of my responsibilities. Thanks again!

    • graceatwood says 10.23.16

      Happy you found it helpful, Drew!! I completely agree with you – when I take good care of myself I am way more productive!

  22. Gillian says 10.24.16

    Thank you for this! I am not a blogger, but in the HR world and pretty much self managed. These tips and tricks are immensely helpful!

    • graceatwood says 10.24.16

      Aw, thank you Gillian! I am happy to hear that you benefitted from this post. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment!

  23. Sofia Battaglia says 10.29.16

    I really enjoyed this post! I’m always curious about how other bloggers manage their day and content. I like your strategy of doing photos one day per week because that is one of the most time-consuming parts for me.

    • graceatwood says 10.31.16

      So happy that you enjoyed it Sofia! Batching REALLY helps… otherwise I just find myself so disorganized and all over the place! Hope you had a great weekend!!!