Augustinus Bader Review: The Ultimate Soothing Cream.

Augustinus Bader Review: The Ultimate Soothing Cream

I am going to say something really, really dramatic. I *might* like the Augustinus Bader The Ultimate Soothing Cream even more than I like the rich cream. I’m not sure. TBH I kind of feel like I need both, but I’ll get to that below.

I have been a little critical of all the brand’s launches (especially launching serum and an essence after saying you didn’t need those things… or venturing into haircare – what!?). Still, I’ve been loyal to (that’s an understatement!) The Rich Cream. I’ve been using it since the very beginning when it first launched back in 2018… read my Augustinus Bader Rich Cream review for more on that. It is the very best face cream.

Augustinus Bader Review: The Ultimate Soothing Cream

Moisturizing your skin is so important, especially if you are part reptile like me.. Not all moisturizers are created equal and for me, Augustinus Bader has always stood out from the crowd. I have tried so many other moisturizers. La Mer (I like it, but not as much), MBR (same same), and so on and so forth. Augustinus Bader is for me, the creme de la creme. I hear from readers who feel the same, readers who disagree… skincare is so different for all of us and all I can do is share my honest personal experiences.

Living in Charleston I will often do a lighter moisturizer (this is a good one for keeping shine at bay) during the day, but at night, it’s always Bader. (Also worth noting: The Cream does not work for me personally… it is beloved by many, but even on hot humid days where I want something lighter, it’s not hydrating enough. Again: everyone’s skin is so different; it’s truly a game of trial and error.)

Augustinus Bader has a really cool story.

Dr. Bader is a professor of stem cell biology and humanitarian. He has dedicated the past twenty years to regenerative medicine. The central focus of his work involves stem cell biology and helping burn victims; and his greatest desire is to figure out a scar-free healing treatment for the disfigured. His biggest breakthrough came through with a medical grade hydrogel. It eliminated the need for skin grafts, and made healing SO much easier… inspiring him to create life changing treatments for the underprivileged.

To finance those life changing treatments, he needed to create a viable business. An advisor suggested using this same breakthrough technology to create an anti-aging cream and from there The Cream and The Rich Cream were born. Over the past few years, the brand has exploded, becoming a cult favorite. Now we have The Ultimate Soothing Cream. All three creams helps to rebuild the skin and self-repair at a cellular level.

This is an ultra rich, velvety moisturizer that is perfect for dry skin, but especially, more sensitive skin types. If your skin is feeling red, tight, irritated, itchy, or just plain upset, you will love this. It’s made for uncomfortable skin. But it (along with the rest of Dr. Bader’s products) still has transformative anti aging benefits, targeting fine lines and wrinkles as it soothes dry irritated skin. I love how hydrating it is, but I especially love that it gives a more matte finish. Sure, I love the dewy effect that The Rich Cream gives me but sometimes I just don’t want to be quite so shiny. I have found myself alternating between the two at night, depending on what I want/what my skin needs.

Featured Ingredients:

(As with all Augustinus Bader products this is free of parabens, mineral oil, sulfates SLS & SLES, and contains less than one percent synthetic fragrance. It is also vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.)


TFC8 (Trigger Factor Complex) is Augustinus Bader’s proprietary ingredient. This is the ingredient that came out of Bader’s stem cell biology research and helping burn victims. They are cagey about what is in it but it’s rich in amino acids, high-grade vitamins, and synthesized molecules that collectively promote better skin health. It creates the optimal environment for the skin to feel renewed.

Black Cumin Seed Oils:

Soothes dry skin and calms redness.

Evening Primrose Oil:

Reduces moisture loss. One thing I love about this cream (same goes for The Rich Cream) is that when I apply it before bedtime, I wake up and my skin is not tight or dry at all. Even after a long sleep (like, say… ten hours, haha) my skin feels really supple and hydrated.


Totarol is an anti-inflammatory ingredient from New Zealand, considered a super antioxidant.


Brightens, increases firmness, strengthens the skin barrier.

Worthwhile note: Because this cream is packed with fatty-acid ingredients like evening primrose and black cumin seed oils, it has a higher lipid profile than The Cream or The Rich Cream. Lipids are amazing, they help to heal cracks in the skin barrier and restore moisture to your complexion.

More Info:

How to Use:

I use the ultimate soothing cream as a night cream. After cleansing, toning, and serums (sometimes – I’ve stopped using only Bader and often do serums beforehand), I will gently massage this into face, neck, and décolleté. You can apply oil over it if you’d like but I find that it’s so hydrating that oil isn’t necessary.


This comes packaged in a beautiful glass jar in Augustinus Bader’s signature deep cobalt blue. I love that it is refillable! I tend to prefer pumps over jars but the fact that the jar is refillable makes me really happy.


Like I said above, this is really velvety and rich. A little bit goes a long way. It is thick and creamy but it sinks in immediately, permeating the skin barrier and leaving the skin silky and hydrated but not greasy (or dewy).


The 1.7 oz. jar retails for $285. The refills sell for $260. It is not cheap but in my opinion this and The Rich Cream are both very much worth the money. I’ve now repurchased both products (The Rich Cream, countless times… this one, I’ve refilled once). It is expensive, but I find it to be a worthwhile investment. I didn’t start using this until my late thirties; of course everyone’s skin is different but I personally do not think that women ages 20-30 really need to invest in a moisturizer like this.


The biggest thing I have noticed is the hydration benefits. This intensely hydrates like no other. I do not tend to get super irritated but every now and then I will have flare ups (I get these annoying histamine reactions, stressed skin, and some redness). When either thing happens, I reach for this for visibly reduced sensitivity and redness. But I also just really like it when I want the Bader anti-aging ingredients without the shine. Deep hydration, rebuilding the skin from the cellular level… without the shine. It’s also amazing after intense treatments like microneedling.

Also, from the brand: In a 12-week user trial comprising of 105 women ages 18 to 70, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation were all visibly reduced by nearly 80 percent.

Where to Buy:

You can buy this at several different retailers including Sephora, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue, SSENSE, FWRD, OLIVELA, Harvey Nichols, Neiman Marcus, Harrod’s, Bergdorf Goodman, and Revolve.

Augustinus Bader Review: The Ultimate Soothing Cream

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photography by Laura Saur.


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  1. Shana:

    I’m a big fan of the rich cream as well, I was able to snag the deal in the nordies sale, best item in the sale IMHO 🙂 I’ve been wanting to try this and really appreciate your detailed review – I have the same thoughts on the hair care haha but as long as the rich cream is working I’m in!

    7.19.22 Reply
    • I KNOW, I was so sad that I missed it! That is far and away the best price I’ve seen on it. It *almost* made me want to open a Nordstrom credit card but it’s not even about that, you also have to spend a lot of money on the credit card. So I’ll stick to waiting til it’s 20% off at Sephora and Violet Grey 2x a year. 🙂

      Yes, seems we are on the same page. I love the rich cream and this. Could take or leave all the rest!

      7.19.22 Reply
  2. ang robert:

    Hi Grace. I love your blog for your beauty & book recommendations! I was hoping you could re-link or indicate the name of the moisturizer you referenced in “I will often do a lighter moisturizer (this is a good one for keeping shine at bay)”, as the link brought me to the Sephora site but didn’t show a specific product. Maybe your link doesn’t work because I am in Canada? Thanks!

    7.19.22 Reply
    • Yes, it’s because you are in Canada, so annoying! It is the Korres Poreless Skin Cream, you can also buy it on their site:

      7.19.22 Reply
  3. Maureen:

    I am 75 years old and my daughter just gifted me many AB items but I’m not sure how to use them since they all say “apply to clean dry skin”!
    She gave me The Essence, The Serum, The Eye Cream, The Face Oil, The Rich Cream and The Soothing Cream.

    7.19.22 Reply
  4. Laura:

    What products have you tried from MBR? Im curious about this AB cream bc I have been such a loyal user of MBR’s continueline products.

    7.20.22 Reply
    • Well in this case I was comparing it to this one – – my aesthetician sold me on it after I raved about the rich cream. It’s good but I like this better!

      I will say I really like the brand. I am in love with MBR’s 3 in one cleanser, the lifting serum, and the healing mask. They have some amazing products. But for me, Bader beats out the continueline rich!

      7.20.22 Reply