Beauty Chat: Meet Dr. Bader.

Dr. Augustinus Bader The Cream Review

It’s been a while since a skincare product (especially a face cream) has really, truly knocked my socks off. I mean I try a lot of stuff and have my tried + true favs so for a product to work itself DEEPLY into my rotation is pretty major. Enter Doctor Augustinus Bader. Dr. Bader has become a bit of an overnight sensation. He’s a makeup artist favorite, he’s been featured all over the place, and he only has two products!

I was initially lured in by his story. He’s a professor of stem cell biology and overall humanitarian. The central focus of his work involves stem cell biology and helping burn victims; and his greatest desire is to figure out a scar-free healing treatment for the disfigured. Pretty cool right? Yeah. Dr. Bader’s biggest breakthrough came through with a medical grade hydrogel. It eliminated the need for skin grafts, and made healing SO much easier… inspiring him to create life changing treatments for the underprivileged.

Amazing, right? But how does this involve us (and our wrinkles, LOL)? Well. To finance those life changing treatments, he needed to create a viable business, right? An advisor suggested using this same breakthrough technology to create an anti-aging cream and from there The Cream and The Rich Cream were born. These creams launched this past February. I can honestly say with full confidence that in the next six months you guys are going to hear a LOT about this brand and selfishly, I wanted you to hear about it from me first as I am OBSESSED. It’s heavy on science and it WORKS.  The Cream is a lighter formulation – it’s soft and weightless… and hydrates – the perfect day cream. The Rich Cream though, is my favorite as it’s really dense and creamy (like my beloved La Mer).

Dr. Augustinus Bader Skincare Review

This face cream is amazing. Life changing, even. It will revolutionize your skin care routine and is one of the best beauty products I’ve tried this year. If anti aging is your goal, this should be the one product you try.

I know I sound dramatic but it’s become the product I reach for, morning and night. And I am a blogger who gets sent everything under the sun. I’ve noticed my biggest skin flaws (redness, fine lines) reducing. My skin is so much more smooth, even, and supple. I CANNOT recommend it enough. It’s the best moisturizer I’ve tried in ages. And yes it’s expensive, but the bottle lasts a surprisingly long time and it is truly the most high-tech cream I’ve ever tried. Prepare to be obsessed – and hear a LOT more about this man, and his creams.


Both creams contain TFC8 – Dr. Bader’s trigger factor complex, comprised of amino acids, vitamins, and molecules naturally found in skin. It creates an optimal environment for repair and renewal and will ultimately help to slow (and reverse) the skin ageing process.

Dr. Augustinus Bader Skincare Benefits

Both creams are designed to minimize frown lines and wrinkles (I pack The Rich Cream on at night around my eyes to help with those. In using them, my skin is immediately more hydrated; but over time (I’ve been using the cream every day, morning + night for 2.5 weeks).  Whether your concerns are wrinkles fine lines age spots or just general dehydration, this is the cream for you!!!

The only thing is that you shouldn’t use a serum if you use this – it needs to be the first thing on your skin so that the ingredients are the first thing your skin absorbs. You an apply oil afterward if your skin needs it, but let the cream fully absorb first.

Annnnd also… for each bottle purchased, ten percent of profits go to the Augustinus Bader Foundation to help those who need it most!

Dr. Augustinus Bader The Cream Review

photography by Trent Bailey.

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  1. Always interested to know more effective products, since I’m not getting any younger! I love that ten percent of the profits goes to charity as well. Great recommendation! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Allie says 5.2.18

    What an amazing new product! I love the backstory, and it sounds like the efficacy of the products is going to knock my socks off! I’ve never tried a full jar of La Mer but every time I get a sample I can’t believe the results, so I can only imagine how great this stuff is. I can’t wait to try it.
    Hope you have a wonderful day,

  3. Chantalle says 5.2.18

    I’m hunting for new skincare products, so this post came at a serendipitous time. You mentioned that you don’t need serum before the creams. Have you opted out of eye cream/serum too? I can justify the price for getting both creams if I wouldn’t need to invest in serum and eye cream as well.

    • Yeah – I have a few eye creams I love but this is gentle so you can skip eye cream and use this instead. It’s really good on crows feet. Honestly it’s kind of like a 3 in one. It’s definitely expensive but if you use it you don’t need a serum or eye cream.

      And you don’t need both creams. I tried both for the sake of review but really only use the rich cream as my skin is so dry. Just depends on your skin type/what you need!

  4. Lindsay says 5.2.18

    This sounds awesome, thanks for putting it on my radar! Although I’m curious, how you are going to include it in your skincare regime in the future? I know you have a lot of products you like to use and you mentioned that you’ve been using this every day, morning and night….do you love it enough to continue doing that? I love the idea of this, but with my current routine (salicylic acid and vitamin c in the a.m., alternate between retinol and glycolic acid in the p.m.), I’m not sure how I would work this in. Sound amazing though!

    • I kind of just develop these “core products” that I go back to in between testing. I’ll always test other products – it’s part of my job. But when I am not testing something new I will be going back to this. It’s truly amazing!!!!

  5. Valentina kythas says 5.2.18

    Im intrested in this line

  6. Beth Trapani says 5.2.18

    Thanks for recommending these ridiculously priced creams. Of course, we all have $530 to spend….. Next time, save it for the rich and famous!

    • Well you actually only need one… and if you use them you don’t need a serum, but to each their own!

    • dux says 8.29.18

      I think Beth’s comment is totally fair and the blogger’s response came across at best disingenuous and at worst snarky (+ therefore inappropriate). It reminds me of outgoing Rep Paul Ryan’s support for doing away with medical deductions in the US federal income tax: he posited (to the NYT) that it’s a “choice” to spend money on medically necessary items. I wonder how many wheelchairs or catheters or g-tubes Ryan has made the “choice” to purchase for either himself or a family member. I wonder if the blogger understands the difference between their flippant “you don’t need a serum” in addition to this Cream vice saving for retirement or something truly vital, like food or medical insurance … not their fine lines and redness.

      • parker j says 1.6.19

        the bloggers comment is upbeat, supportive and accurate. everything is a choice – don’t be a hater bc she is excited about a product and is sharing her views on it. these 2 products are the bomb and you can invest 80$ for 15ml to try out which lasts quite some time.

      • Christian says 1.6.19

        I don’t understand the analogy, to be honest. The blogger’s post is about a cream, so it’s posited with the assumption that you’re reading about something not necessary, let alone vital, no matter its price.
        I think we all agree that it is NOT a choice to spend for medical support/retirement/or whatever you think it’s vital for you, while it is a choice to splurge on a luxury item, if you have the funds to afford it.
        What I have found snarky and un-necessarily rude, is Trapani’s response to the review. One can express bewilderment for the price of a luxury item without needing to offend the person who reviews it.

  7. Shanna Spalding says 5.3.18

    Just as expensive as Botox… Except it’s not lol…

  8. Mel says 5.3.18

    Hi there,

    I love reading recommendations for beauty products! I’m wondering if you could post before and after pictures of your skin. Given that is 200+ bucks, it’s be great to see how it’s worked for you. Thanks!! Mel

  9. Amy says 5.13.18

    Hey Grace! I saw there’s no added perfumes, but is there a strong scent with the creams? Thanks!

  10. ap says 5.18.18

    A bit confused…
    Given that he set it up to help him improve scar treatments, why is only 10% of the profits to charity?
    I’d be interested to know where the rest of it is going. If it’s to making scar treatments then why isn’t that part a charity?
    Although tbf this probably isn’t the right place to ask
    Also if you’re not sure which cream were to be right for your skin, is there a way of finding out without dishing up $500?

    • grace at the stripe says 5.18.18

      It probably isn’t the right place to ask – the skincare company isn’t a non profit; I know he started it to help fund doing scar treatments! I’d assume the rest of the money goes toward paying back investors + investing it back into the business as they’re still pretty small.

      Ackk – I wish there was a better way to try before you buy! Wish he made sample packs like some brands do. I poked around his site and couldn’t find a store finder (where you could sample the product) but could not find one.

    • Mildred Broselow says 7.16.18

      There is always somebody……..

  11. ashley says 5.22.18

    Hi Grace – would you recommend The Cream of The Rich Cream for combination skin? La Mer cream can make me breakout occassionally on the cheeks.

    • grace at the stripe says 5.22.18

      It’s hard to recommend a product w/out knowing you/seeing your skin… but if you break out I would probably say go with The Cream!

  12. M kane says 8.15.18

    M Kane, I am a low income 68-year-old female any chance I could purchase a cream but at some kind of a discount?

  13. Joy Horvath says 9.16.18

    Would these two creams be safe for a melanoma patient to use since there are stem cells?

    • grace at the stripe says 9.17.18

      I honestly don’t know! You should definitely ask your dermatologist!!!

    • Christian says 12.20.18

      These creams do not contain stem cells, but a signature combination of aminoacids and peptides that work to activate and boost the optimal function of your own stem cells (not their age-related function).
      That being said, if you had melanoma, it would be probably wise to counsel with your doctor.

  14. Mariann says 10.18.18

    Hi, You mentioned that this cream needs to be the very first thing goes on to your skin. How about using a toner?

    • grace at the stripe says 10.19.18

      Toner is fine – I’d say toner is more of an extension of the cleansing product if we want to get technical 🙂

  15. Amy Bennett says 10.20.18

    I am in my early fiftes an need to up my skincare regime. Would live to try a sample. ☺

  16. Katerina P says 1.10.19

    Hi Grace! I’ve been using La Mer’s soft cream for a while now. I live in a very humid place (Puerto Rico) and find that the original La Mer is a bit too heavy here. I use it when I travel in the fall and winter. Which one would you recommend, the cream or rich cream? How heavy is it? Thank you!!

    • grace at the stripe says 1.11.19

      Hey Katerina, thanks for your comment! I would say that you will probably like the regular cream best! The rich cream is heavier, like the original La Mer which I personally LOVE but does not work for everyone!

  17. Marsia says 1.29.19

    Hi! Do you know if this can be used in combination with RetinA? (I would continue retinA a few nights a week and use this on off days)

    • grace at the stripe says 1.29.19

      I would talk to your dermatologist! The thing with the Dr. Bader cream is they want you to have it be the first thing that goes on your skin (after cleansing and toner) so that the active ingredients can really penetrate. As the Dr. Bader cream is expensive I would not waste my money on it if I were putting something else on before! Keep in mind, I am NOT a dermatologist and have zero experience with RetinA!!!

      What I’d probably do is use the Dr. Bader and on nights I use with RetinA and use this on the off days – but don’t use them together?

  18. Cristina O’Brien says 2.12.19

    Would he ever give a code for your readers?!

  19. Allison says 4.2.19

    How does it compare to Weleda Skin Food and La Mer? Are there benefits you notice from Dr. Bader’s skin cream over the others?

  20. Nicole says 4.5.19

    Just ordered this, thanks to you, Grace! Can’t wait to try it. Do you recommend using it every night since you recommend not using a serum while using the cream?

  21. Christian says 4.7.19

    I’ve been using this for more than a month now and I can tell that it did absolutely nothing for my skin.
    The texture is nice and leaves the skin very smooth and hydrated, but that is all it does. You will notice some faster turn over, but I believe that is mostly due to the retinol present.
    $225 for this results are definitely a robbery. I’m only glad some of it will go to a good cause.
    But I definitely won’t repurchase.