3 of My Favorite Spring Fragrances.

3 of my favorite spring fragrances: Byredo Sundazed, Coqui Coqui Orange Blossom, Goutal Petite Cherie

This post originally appeared on the blog in 2019 but I’ve been getting a lot of fragrance questions and really love the three of these, so wanted to give this post a little update.

I am a huge fragrance person but don’t talk about it here very much as it can be hard to describe a fragrance. Besides that, fragrance is so personal – at the end of the day it comes down to personal taste and body chemistry… what smells amazing to one person won’t smell amazing to someone else, and what smells amazing on one person may smell awful on someone else. Just take Baccarat Rouge 540 – amazing on so many of my friends, awful on me. Same with a lot of the Tom Ford fragrances. It’s heartbreaking!

Still, fragrance is something I’m really passionate about (fun fact: sixteen years ago I started my career in the fragrance buying office for a department store) so I like to share my favorites from time to time. A few summers ago, I rounded up five of my favorite summer fragrances and I still love all of those (I have a LOT OF PERFUME), but here are three spring fragrances I’m loving right now (funny: Coqui Coqui Orange Blossom made both lists!) Le Labo Santal 33 is also still a favorite (there’s nothing else quite like it) but for warmer weather I like something light and happy (and anything, everything orange blossom!). And yet another favorite (that is harder to find/nobody knows about it)… my beloved Crema di Latte.

My Favorite Spring Fragrances

Byredo Sundazed Eau de Parfum

This one became an instant favorite spring perfumes. Literally I smelled a tiny sample of it and was like OH WOW I NEED THIS.  (I rarely react to a fragrance in this manner, for the record.) It makes me think of afternoons at the beach. It’s a little orange blossom-y, mixed with soap/clean laundry. The result is intoxicating. Citrus top notes with base notes of cotton candy and musk. It is the perfect summer fragrance – one of my favorite signature scents for warm weather.

goutal paris Petite Cherie Eau de Parfum

I bought this one in Paris while shopping with my good friend Briony a few years ago. (Note: I’ve had it a few years now so the packaging is a little bit different.) This is one of her favorite scents and we have very similar taste in fragrance (we’re both orange blossom obsessed, for example!) and when I smelled this, it instantly made me so happy… it smells just like fresh pears. There’s nothing like it, such a special scent. It’s the perfect Spring scent.

Coqui Coqui Orange Blossom Eau de Parfum

This is one of my all time favorite holy grail fragrances and it’s another one that I bought while traveling (I love buying perfume while I travel as then the fragrance makes me remember my vacation). If you love orange blossom, this is the purest, truest orange blossom fragrance I’ve smelled. (And if you’ve ever visited a Coqui Coqui property, it will bring back all of the nostalgia; they diffuse it throughout the property!)

photo by Carter Fish.


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  1. Lisa Autumn:

    Oh I adore the Byredo one!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    5.17.19 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      It’s so good!

      5.17.19 Reply
  2. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog:

    I’m not much of a perfume girl but I’ll definitely check out these scents if I see them in store! They sound so nice! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    5.17.19 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thanks Charmaine!

      5.17.19 Reply
  3. A Girl, A Style:

    I literally just ordered Sundazed this week upon your recommendation as I know we have the same taste and I trust your perfume recommendations completely (I think you are the only person I would ever allow to choose me perfume!). Oh my god it is so gorgeous!! And I now think of you and Paris whenever I smell Pulp or Petite Cherie (I love how perfume can instantly transport you). Cannot wait to go to Coqui Coqui myself one day and smell this because if it’s orange blossom I want it.

    P.S. you have to put Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle or Aegea Blossom and Malin + Goetz Bergamot on your summer ‘to smell’ list for this year!

    Briony xox

    5.17.19 Reply
  4. Kbhwriting:

    Ya! I love fragrances to an addictive level.
    I will surely check this out ASAP.

    5.22.19 Reply
  5. Emmanuel Obarhua:

    Of the three, the first is my favorite. When I saw your title, I didn’t think or even expect for that matter “Byredo Sundazed” would be on the list. It’s such a coincidence my favorite fragrance is your most choice fragrance.

    6.29.19 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I’m gald you agree!

      6.29.19 Reply
  6. Miriam:

    You’ve got 2 of my favorite scents in there! Check out Peau de Peche by Keiko Mecheri. I think you would love it!

    3.17.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      oh thank you!

      3.17.22 Reply
  7. Mar:

    I love this! Fragrances are so fun. I got the Sephora Deluxe Perfume Sampler Set and have really enjoyed testing out fragrances that way. It comes with 8 (I think?) mini bottles and also a certificate to redeem a full-size bottle of one of the samples. I’m just starting to get into perfumes, so it’s been a great way to try out quite a few different options. I haven’t selected my full size yet, but I really really loved the Versace Bright Crystal!

    3.17.22 Reply
  8. Sarah:

    I love fragrance too and I’m constantly searching for my signature scent. The last several years I’ve only worn clean fragrances- what’s your take on that? It can be limiting but, I’ve found some really good ones. Joya Composition No. 1 is one of my favorite citrus floral- it’s so dreamy.

    3.20.22 Reply