Fragrance Gifts Everyone Will Love!

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Fragrance Gifts Everyone Will Love

I wear fragrance every day; for me it is just as important to my outfit as the rest of my accessories. It’s the finishing touch! A lot of you know this and a lot of you don’t, but I spent eight years working in the fragrance industry… first as an associate buyer of women’s fragrances and then in marketing for some big fragrance brands. After living and breathing fragrance for such a huge part of my life, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge about the industry and it is still, years later, a big passion of mine.

Today I wanted to share a few great fragrance gifts from Jimmy Choo, Montblanc, Kate Spade, and Coach… all available at Macy’s! I will tell you a little bit about the notes of each fragrance too. For reference: the top notes are what you smell when you first smell the fragrance. The heart is what you smell after the perfume has settled on your skin after an hour or two of wear. And the base notes (also called the dry down) of a fragrance is what lingers on the skin. Base notes tend to have a lingering depth and warmth, adding complexity to a scent.

Fragrance Gifts Everyone Will Love

Coach Signature fragrance
I have loved Coach’s Signature fragrance for a long time now.

It’s a really light, easy to wear fragrance. I already own and wear this, so this year, I am giving one to my sister. The fragrance itself is inspired by leather tea roses. It has a citrusy top note but the jasmine heart makes it a little more sophisticated. The dry down is a soft, crystal musk. The blend of citrus and wood/musk really does it for me! (I love the larger 5 oz. size too!).

Coach Wild Rose Set
Since we are giving ourselves something (naturally), I am giving myself this Coach Wild Rose Set.

I think of the Wild Rose fragrance as the signature scent’s big sister. When you first spritz it on, you smell juicy fruit and redcurrants. The heart is where you get that delicate rose fragrance. The dry down is woodsy and warm.

Coach Wild Rose Set
Montblanc Explorer | Fragrance Gifts Everyone Will Love

My boyfriend has had fun getting more into fragrance since dating me (mostly because I am always giving him samples, to see what he will like!) There are two fragrances that I am gifting him this year. Both of these fragrances are on the lighter side — he is not a big over the top cologne person (just a spritz or two) and likes fragrance but not too much fragrance if that makes sense.

Montblanc Explorer has the coolest packaging.

I love the leather wrapping. This one is a little bit spicy and woody, I love it! The patchouli base notes really stand out to me. This one is perfect for evenings or events, etc. as it is a more sexy scent. .

Coach for Men is a great everyday fragrance for guys.

It’s aromatic and woodsy — but it feels very fresh and light too. It opens with bergamot notes, the heart has coriander and geranium, and the base features vetiver, suede, and ambergris. I’m giving him this set!

Fragrance Gifts Everyone Will Love
Kate Spade Sparkle
Fragrance Gifts Everyone Will Love
One last suggestion! Kate Spade Sparkle.

This smells amazing, with notes of peony, blackcurrant, and vanilla creme brulee. The set is a fantastic deal (I always love when a purse spray is included!).

Macy’s has great fragrance gifts for everyone in your life and Jimmy Choo, Montblanc, Kate Spade, and Coach all have such great gift sets this time of year. Shop them now before the holiday shipping cutoff!

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Kate Spade Sparkle Set

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  1. Carrie:

    1. I am feeling inspired to dip my toe into fragrance after a many year hiatus (I think the last time I used any was college).
    2. I AM SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU in your new home. What a perfect jewel box for you. I know that buying a home is a terrible process but WOW did the stars align for you. YAY!!

    12.15.22 Reply