Valentine’s Day Tablescape.

Valentine's Day Tablescape

Last year, I threw the most fun Galentine’s Day dinner party. I am republishing the photos again here in case it inspires you for this year!

This time last year, I had just moved into my new house and one of my biggest goals was to entertain more and throw more dinner parties. This one was my first: a fun little Galentine’s Day celebration. I invited some of my girlfriends over for dinner. We sipped on Kir Royales and had so much fun!

I was really proud of how this little tablescape turned out. I’ve always enjoyed putting together little dinner parties for my friends (remember this Tropical Tablescape from 2016!? Back then, all I had was a coffee table) and it’s become even more fun now that I have a proper dining room to entertain for special occasions.

My Valentine’s Day Tablescape.

I had so much fun decorating for Valentine’s Day. I don’t ordinarily wear or decorate with much pink so it was fun to really go all out, get a little creative, and have fun with it. The room was literally aglow in pink! I didn’t necessarily use traditional Valentine’s Day decorations (save for the little heart dishes from Amazon) so I know I’ll use these pieces again… the lips pieces will be fun for a pop-art tablescape and the pink and white will work again for spring and summer… just add some citrusy pops of color! Without further ado, my Valentine’s Day table (and some fun tips, plus even more inspiration at the end of the post! Also: highly recommend these Juliska plates. They are they perfect foundation as they go with everything, no matter the theme. Now that it’s been a year, you’ve probably seen them everywhere… Easter, Thanksgiving, and this fun lemon-themed table!

How To Decorate A Table For Valentine’s Day

Use small chocolate boxes as place cards.

I bought these little red boxes from See’s candies (my favorite chocolates), thinking they’d be a fun substitute for a place card (but also a fun gift!) Just write your guests names in a sharpie!

Add dishes of candy to the table.

Usually I’d never do this (sweets don’t come out til dinner!) but it helps to set the mood. My rule is that Valentine’s Day is a sweet holiday, so sweets can stay on the table all night long.

Wax lips make for a very fun touch.

I actually got this idea from Houses & Parties (one of my absolute favorite websites for all things party and tabletop) but tracked down some less expensive (but basically identical) wax lips on Amazon. Bonus points: you’ll get some fun photos!

Mix and match different textures and patterns.

I like mixing up different textures and patterns. The lips against the marbling. The unexpected pearl napkin rings. What I like most about my tablescape is all of the textures. As an aside, you could also use these Valentine’s day cloth napkins, they are the perfect white napkin!

Set the mood with candles and music.

I always set at least four or five candles at the dinner table. Too much? Nah. Dim the lights, put on some jazz, and put your guests at ease. I love these candles from No1like so much but for every day, I buy these Amazon candles in bulk as they will not drip!

Valentines Day Tablescape Ideas

Just for fun, a little more Valentine’s Day tablescape inspiration!

9 Valentine’s Day Tablescape Ideas

Timothy Corrigan’s Ultra Luxe Valentine’s Day party

Oh this is just the definition of chic! I love the tablescape (that floral centerpiece!), the cocktails, everything about it. But really, his Paris home is just to die for.

Bradley Agather’s Leopard Dinner Party

I think leopard could be such a fun and different take on Valentine’s Day. Bradley has such flawless taste that even though this is an older post with early days of blogging style photography, it still feels current! Bradley also recently did a post with 14 finds for your Valentine’s Day table. I love everything she chose.

Julia Berolzheimer’s Dusty Pink Valentine’s Day Table

Speaking of flawless taste, I loved how Julia styled her Valentine’s Day table. Using beautiful Parterrre linens and the coolest glassware (and you know I love The Green Vase’s paper flowers!), I loved her use of soft pastels and varying textures.

Mrs. Southern Social’s Bright and Happy Valentine’s Day Table

I found this tablescape on Instagram (I think it came up on my explore page maybe?) and freaked out a little bit because I loved her taste. She is also what led me to No One Alike, I fully copied her tablecloth. I love her taste. She styled the tablecloth in a way that is a bit more classic than I did and I love it.

Chefanie’s Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Stephanie Nass’s shop Chefanie has such fun things for the table (that’s where I got the lip placemats and drink napkins!) and this post really brings things together very nicely. She styled the same lip placemats with a more subtle backdrop.

Rue Magazine’s Moody Floral Tablescape

Ooh this is chic. Rue is such a great resource for table decoration ideas in general. I love how the darker flowers and dark purple linen napkins keep things from being too cute. I may copy this for a future party, it’s stunning!

Setting Pretty’s Ginori Tablescape

This tablescape is all over Pinterest but it was hard to track down the original post. I know that it came from the UK site Setting Pretty, and man, those Ginori plates are the dream. Just beautiful.

The Design Twins’ Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Oh this is just lovely (plus the post is packed with tips and tricks for building out a gorgeous tablescape on a budget.

Pizzazzerie’s Pale Pink and Gold Valentine’s Day Tablescape

This post actually contains three different ideas. The first one is my favorite (I do not like the lavender one!) This is an older post so it’s maybe a litttttle bit 2010 Pinterest, but I think it could be freshened up by adding pops of red, vintage glasses, and low lighting.

Rue Magazine’s Peach & Gold Tablescape

This is very pretty, mostly because of the flowers and crystal goblets… but if you ask me, the best part is the napkin folding trick! I am totally doing this sometime.

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  1. m:

    I really love the creativity you put into your tablescape. It’s bright, fun and feminine without being cutesy and precious. Love to see it and congrats on your first party in your new home.

    2.10.23 Reply
    • Thank you so so much. That was exactly what I was going for. Appreciate the note. Have a great weekend!!

      2.10.23 Reply
  2. I love your idea to use See’s candy as a place card! Those little boxes would be great as teacher gifts, random gifts for friends, etc. They are the perfect size!

    2.10.23 Reply
  3. Sarah:

    So fun – your friends are lucky! If you feel like sharing, I’d love to know what you served for dinner and dessert!

    2.10.23 Reply
    • I served a big salad, Chrissy Teigen’s zucchini lasagna, and my mom’s chocolate upside down cake.

      2.10.23 Reply
      • Sarah:

        that sounds fantastic!

        2.10.23 Reply
  4. Jennie:

    So, so cute! What a special event 🙂 I had a quick unrelated question: I just got into a masters program (yay!) that will require a lot of reading and want to treat myself to a few fun pens/stationery items. I seem to remember you having some great recs (as always) but couldn’t find them on the blog.

    2.10.23 Reply
  5. Kelsey:

    Everything on this post is amazing!

    2.10.23 Reply
  6. Cy:

    Grace, love this table and all the marbled items! My bestie and I have hosted a Valentine dinner for many years. This was our first in three years since Covid; it was so fun to do again! It’s been going on so many years, we both have our “ Valentine “ boxes full of leftover decorations, napkins, party favors, etc. This year we did a Gaylentine/Galentine dinner for six. We always post a nice printed menu and add some wall decor. Some years I’ve made the party favors, sometimes bought, sometimes half and half. ( one year, I found perfect red heart tins at Target that we filled with candy. I hand painted all the guest initials on them with gold paint). I always go to Miette, our beautiful local candy store and bakery and get an assortment of their Valentines candies and we make gift bags or boxes. Everyone goes home with a sweet treat. I like your idea to use the See’s boxes as a twofer; very cute. I have the same New Year intention on my list. Ours was great and went late. This is such a fun tradition.

    2.13.23 Reply