My Thanksgiving Tablescape.

My Thanksgiving Tablescape

My Thanksgiving Tablescape

This was my first time hosting Thanksgiving and I wanted it to be really special. I started planning out my tablescape a month or two in advance. Maybe that is a little bit ridiculous but pulling together a beautiful table is something I really enjoy. I knew I wanted a yellow/orange theme (for obvious reasons, but I find that skewing more yellow looks better in my home). I started with my tablecloth, as that is always the trickiest piece: my dining table is 120″ long and it can be hard to find beautiful tablecloths. (If you have recs, drop ’em in the comments!). I know you can layer two smaller ones but try to avoid that when I can. This website has such beautiful linens (in a wide variety of sizes), you might remember my lemon tablecloth from this tablescape.

Once I secured the tablecloth, I used mostly things I already own (the Juliska chargers, napkin rings, and dinner plates), my Mackenzie-Childs flatware. I added in these platters, serving bowls, and salad plates to really hammer home the “fall” theme. I hadn’t been certain about glassware until the day of but was delighted to see that my (FAVORITE but splurgy) chartreuse goblets from Houses & Parties went with the table perfectly. These really do go with a lot… is chartreuse maybe a neutral?

Also, I cannot recommend both these inexpensive candlesticks ($28 for the set of 6!) and these candles (also a great price!) enough. They were just perfect.

Lastly, I realized I didn’t link my dinner plates in the grid below. I have these flared white dinner plates and use them for everything. I have found it really fun to stick to a classic white dinner plate and mix and match my salad plates to add more interest.

SHop my Thanksgiving tablescape

My Thanksgiving Tablescape

You can probably tell this by now, but I really love a layered table. I always have at least a tablecloth and placemats or chargers. Sometimes I’ll layer a charger over a placemat.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2023
Yellow Orange Tablescape
Yellow Orange Table setting

Of course, my 5 year old niece arrived and made some improvements to the table!

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  1. kh:

    Grace… your home is absolutely beautiful. Wish I could hire you to do mine – ha! I have enjoyed your posts for the past ten years. Love the gift guides as well. I frequently shop from them (especially at xmas time) and the receivers always genuinely comment on how they love items received every single year. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Thank you for the wonderful content year after year.

    11.30.23 Reply
  2. Emily:


    Your home is lovely! Would love to see an updated art collection post? You have beautiful taste in art and it looks like maybe you have added a few new pieces!

    I also have a 5 year old niece (and a 3 year old niece, and a one year old nephew) and it is just THE BEST!:)

    A very Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    11.30.23 Reply
    • Hi Emily,
      I haven’t done a post about my art collection and am not planning on it but if you have specific questions about where a piece is cfrom I will always answer!!!

      11.30.23 Reply
  3. Rachel:

    Grace, I hope it was a lovely Thanksgiving with your family. I’m grateful for you and this beautiful space you’ve created that is a little haven for me in the internet.

    Your tablescape is beautiful. We didn’t host Thanksgiving, but I’m looking forward to building a Christmas tablescape with my 5yo daughter. She really does add the best things. 🙂

    Happy Holidays to you and yours. <3

    11.30.23 Reply
    • Rachel:

      Also, I’m so glad your Marcel Breuer chairs came back when you bought the house.

      11.30.23 Reply
      • Oh yes, I will have these for the rest of my life. They were in safe keeping at my parents’ house while I lived in my temporary rental!

        11.30.23 Reply
    • Thank you so much! Happy holidays!!!!

      11.30.23 Reply
  4. Kaitie:

    Beautiful! I feel your pain on the long tablecloth needs and wanted to share something that’s been AMAZING for me. I order/buy fabric from Spoonflower/Joann’s and then I found a local seamstress who throws a stitch around the perimeter so it looks nice. Way more affordable, so much less of a time suck to find options that fit the length and it’s fun to basically get to choose whatever I want!

    Also, definitely accidentally posted this on your November reading update so feel free to delete hah!

    12.4.23 Reply
    • Thank you! I wish I could find a good seamstress down here who is not my mother but I have yet to find one and hate burdening her!

      12.4.23 Reply
      • (For Christmas I asked my mom to make me some tablecloths with my sister’s fabric. Fingers crossed!)

        12.4.23 Reply