A Sale at Sephora!

Sephora VIB Sale Picks

YAY Sephora is doing a sale! Here’s what you need to know. Now through 8/24, take $15 off your purchase of $75 or more OR $20 off your purchase of $100! Use code WELCOMEBACK. This isn’t as big of a sale as their twice yearly beauty insider sale (that post has even more Sephora picks!) BUT it’s a great time to treat yourself to some new goodies OR spend a little bit to get toward your goal to get to that next status level.

Sephora Sale Picks!

I treated myself to a few things… favorites that I love and used up: my beloved Necessaire lotion, a new Biossance lactic acid (I was all out), my fav KOSAS lipstick (rosewater!), and then this eyebrow pen because I was curious about it.

Recent Sephora Favs

I am so happy that Necessaire (fav body products EVER) is at Sephora! My personal picks from the brand would be their body lotion (read my review!) and the Eucalyptus body wash (a spa in a bottle).

Supergoop Glowscreen. It’s everything. SPF + radiance, all in one bottle. (Read my review here!)

Sephora also carries Beautycounter now! My two favs are the overnight peel and the Dew Skin tinted moisturizer.

I LOVE this bronzy eye palette and can’t recommend it enough. So pretty for blue eyes!

General Skincare Picks…

It’s no secret that I LOVE Biossance. Everything they make. They’re probably my favorite skincare brand. My top picks are their plant-based retinol alternative, their lactic acid (it’s better than the Sunday Riley – read this post to learn more), and this eye cream.

Tata Harper Everything! Duh. I am absolutely obsessed with this brand. If I had to pick just two items it would be the resurfacing mask (holy grail FAVORITE MASK EVER) and the cleansing oil (the best, most luxurious oil cleanser ever but it’s $$$ so get it during the sale!)

Summer Fridays is another fav brand. The Jet Lag mask is probably my all-time favorites (full review here; it’s the perfect fix whenever my skin is really dry + dehydrated and I LOVE it on the plane).

This sleeping mask (full review here). It’s a wonder product – leaves skin all plumped up and glowy and smells like a watermelon jolly rancher!

Makeup Picks…

Charlotte Tilbury always. If I could only have one cosmetic brand to shop for the rest of my life it would be CT. I love this highlighting primer and this magical face filter. And Pillowtalk lipstick is the only lipstick I own multiple tubes of (one at home, one in the gym bag, one in my purse) because it is the prettiest natural pink lipstick ever.

Ilia has become another big favorite brand. I am going to do a post and video about them because their products are SO GOOD. Honestly, I could switch my whole cosmetic routine to their products BUT a few standouts are this eyeshadow palette (in warm – I apply with a wet brush and the finish is perfection), their mascara, their eyeliner (the BEST LINER) and their concealer.

And Wander Beauty. My two holy grails from Wander are the foundation and the mascara. And of course the gold eye masks!

My favorite bronzer ever. I’ve been using this since 2006 – it was one of the first luxury beauty products I ever bought!

Speaking of bronzing, the Drunk Elephant bronzing drops are fantastic. I like doing a drop or two mixed in with my Dr. Bader (and then skipping makeup).

This setting powder (and the brush!) I will be honest, I may like the brush even more than the powder but it’s such a pretty powder. It’s very very similar to the Chantecaille powder I always talk about but a better price. (I may actually like this more – still deciding).

The BeautyBlender. I’d be lost without mine. I use it for everything from blending my foundation and highlighter to fixing eye makeup mistakes.

I love this lip stain (orange fizz; the red-orange shade is phenomenal) and this highlighter so much. Both products are clean!

You should also watch this video (Makeup for Idiots, ha!) …everything featured is available at Sephora!

Everything Else/Random…

This body serum is LIFE and it is always sold out so GET IT before it sells out. It’s another holy grail product. I use it all the time – if you watch my beauty empties series, you know that I go through tubes and tubes of it. But it leaves your skin so soft… it gently exfoliates while also moisturizing. I use it every single day. If my skin is extra dry I put body oil on over it.

This is my favorite candle in the world. I have talked about it here over and over again. It smells a lot like Le Labo Santal 26 (a sexy fireplace) but it’s a lot less expensive. ($34) I also always buy a few sets of these eye patches. I love them for me but they also make fun last-minute gift for a girlfriend.

These sunless tanning drops (I use “medium”) are pure magic. Mix in a couple drops with any moisturizer for a major glow that lasts several days.

On the Hair Care Front…

This is my favorite blonde shampoo… and I’ve tried so many!

I am hardcore on the Olaplex train. I’ve been doing it once a week and my hair is SO MUCH SOFTER. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it also meets Sephora’s clean standards. I thought for sure that this was going to be a “dirty but worth it” product.

PSThis post talks all about my skincare routine and how I alternate Dr. Bader with retinol and Vitamin C. I know it can get a little confusing!

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  1. Nicole M.:

    I ordered the REN body serum last week based on your rec. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

    4.28.19 Reply
    • YAY it is the best!!!!

      4.28.19 Reply
      • Helen:

        This post finally sold me on the REN body serum. How could I possibly not buy it when you say it’s life and in all caps, no less ; )

        8.21.19 Reply
  2. Love these recommendations. I ended up going with the Drunk Elephant Protini moisturizer over the Tatca Dewy since we are going into the warmer months.

    4.28.19 Reply
  3. I’m so interested in trying out Tata Harper’s products now! I wish I could get them more easily in Hong Kong. So tempted! ❀️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.29.19 Reply
  4. Stephanie S.:

    Have you ever tried The Ordinary products? Thoughts?

    4.29.19 Reply
    • I have only tried a few! The products I have tried weren’t very blog-worthy – I know other people love them!

      4.29.19 Reply
  5. Stephanie S.:

    Also already added the body serum to my cart for checkout on Thursday!

    4.29.19 Reply
  6. dana mannarino:

    The LAST thing I need is to buy more products…but I WANT. I’ve been eyeing the Tata Harper cleaning oil!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit

    4.29.19 Reply
  7. Great picks Grace!

    I’ve had Sunday Riley recommended to me so often – but I’ve not actually tried any of their products yet. Sounds like now is the perfect opportunity! I really want to try Pillowtalk by CT too – it’s such a gorgeous shade. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the product suggestions,

    – Laura | https://makeupscholar.com

    4.29.19 Reply
  8. I’ve been avoiding a lot of Sephora sale shopping recs because I already have a laundry list of products I want to buy and need to stick to a budget; however, the Ren Body Serum sounds awesome. *adds to cart*

    Kara | Politics of Pretty

    4.29.19 Reply
  9. Lisa Autumn:

    Oh I need to do an order asap!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    4.30.19 Reply
  10. Ellie:

    This post came just in time! I have been waiting for the sale to make a few skincare routine updates and came straight to you for ideas. I would love for you to weigh in with a moisturizer rec (if you don’t mind).

    I’m 30, fair skinned, not sensitive, and normal skin. In the morning have been using Ole Hendriksen’s Vitamin C serum, but I am thinking I’d like to try the Kiehl’s one you’ve posted about. At night I have been using the Ole Hendriksen AHA serum but I am going to go back to using a retinol. Any thoughts? Thank you so much in advance!!

    4.30.19 Reply
    • Well my holy grail is Dr. Bader which is not at Sephora but if you search my blog I have lots of recs. Otherwise, I love the Tatcha!

      The Kiehls serum is amazing – I haven’t tried the Ole so can’t compare the two though. I love Retinol but love the Sunday Riley one – I use that 2-3x a week. But all that info is linked in the post I referenced!

      4.30.19 Reply
      • Ellie:

        Thanks so much Grace!! I appreciate you taking the time to weigh in :). I’ve heard so many good things about Dr Bader from you and Helena but I’m not in a spot currently to splurge quite that much. I’m leaning toward the Tatcha after seeing lots of great recs including here! πŸ™‚

        5.1.19 Reply
  11. Ellie:

    To follow up my other comment, please feel free to skip if I’m overstepping!!

    4.30.19 Reply
  12. sarah kahn:

    hi grace! thank you for all the great recs. I had bought the Ren body serum from another post you did a while back. I don’t love the orange scent and was wondering if you had any alternative suggestions that were fragrance free or at at least not a citrus scent. If not, no worries

    5.5.19 Reply
    • I can’t think of anything quite like it!! Sorry. πŸ™ will keep thinking and let you know if I do.

      5.6.19 Reply
  13. Allison Martin:

    For anyone super sad about the Ren Body Serum, it’s also 20% off at Dermstore! And still in stock!

    8.21.19 Reply
  14. Steph:

    Which Olaplex product is the one you and Becca use? The link isn’t working for me for some reason and I’d love to try the product! Thanks- love the blog and podcast, Grace!

    8.21.19 Reply
  15. Elizabeth:

    Placed a big order this morning – I couldn’t help it! So many awesome products to try. I ordered an Ilia eyeliner which I’m super pumped about, since I love their mascara so much! And I got the Tatcha eye cream you recommended. I’ve been looking for a new nighttime one and love that it meets Sephora’s clean standards.

    Thank you for always providing great recs! πŸ™‚

    8.21.19 Reply
    • oh yay!!!! Hope you love everything as much as I do. The Ilia liner was a real game changer for me!

      8.21.19 Reply
  16. Just ordered the Herbivore serum. Loving all these recs. I’m so excited for your review of Beauty Counter’s new products. Can’t wait for that one! xo Kristy

    8.21.19 Reply
  17. Jamie:

    I’ve been waiting for your recommendations! Thanks so much! I got the Sunday Riley retinoid serum (forehead wrinkles are coming in hot), the Drunk Elephant bronzing drops, and the Tatcha eye cream. Forgot to use the discount code when I placed the order (I was too excited I guess) but I called and they gave me an account credit. I am also going to have to place an order for the bathroom shelves you linked to awhile back to hold all of my new goodies πŸ™‚

    8.22.19 Reply
  18. Trecia:

    Love your beauty picks! I tend to be very oily but I would consider myself to more combination. What are some products you recommend? I am Caribbean with dark chesnut complexion.


    8.22.19 Reply
    • I’m sorry, I have no idea! I’m not a dermatologist and can really only write what I love as I don’t test products for other types.

      8.22.19 Reply
  19. Maggie:

    I want to follow your advice and Cindy’s to exfoliate. Any recommendations from the sale? Btw I bought the Sephora vitamin C serum on your recommendation and it’s great and so affordable! Also enjoying my beauty pie membership I discovered from you, feeling like I got a high end skin regime without going broke! Thank you Grace!

    11.8.19 Reply
  20. Michelle:

    That body serum looks amazing! I had no idea something like that existed, and I think I need it for my acne scarred shoulders.

    11.8.19 Reply
  21. Kaitlyn:

    This post is going to save me sooo much time browsing!
    P.S. – I’m so in love with the pink bathroom – that wallpaper is divine!

    11.8.19 Reply
  22. Ok so based on your recommendation to try the ole henriksen eye cream, I went with their brightening set, which includes a serum and gelβ€” all for $38. Can’t wait to try it!

    11.9.19 Reply
  23. Karina Dantsis:

    Oh gosh ive been researching new skincare products like mad and this just gives me the push to order more than i planned lol.
    So many recommendations to go through!

    8.15.20 Reply
  24. Hi Grace!
    Those are some amazing picks! I don’t know how old this article is but I’m going to take a look at those products you recommended
    Thanks a lot

    9.30.22 Reply