Sephora’s Spring Savings Event!

Sephora Spring Savings Event

YOU GUYS! Today is the day – Sephora’s Annual Spring Savings Event is here! The event starts online TODAY, and if you have status with Sephora, NOW IS THE TIME TO SHOP!!!

The sale event will run from 4/17 through 5/1.

Save these dates!

  • If you have Rouge status, you can shop TODAY, through 5/1.
  • If you have VIB status, you can shop 4/21 – 4/29.
  • Beauty Insiders can shop 4/23 – 4/27.

Sephora Beauty Insiders will receive 10% off, VIB’s receive 15% off and Rouge members receive 20% off! Use code SPRINGSAVE.

I finally made rouge status last year and love being able to take advantage of the 20% off. You are probably well aware of this but beauty rarely goes on sale and Sephora only runs this sale 2x a year, so now is the time to stock up on all your favorites!

Today’s post is going to be my list of evergreen beauty favorites from Sephora – the products I love and use every day and recommend stocking up on.

PS – If you shop the sale, tag me in your stories! I want to see what you get!

Sephora Spring Savings Event

What I’m Buying

This body serum is the absolute greatest and it is always sold out so GET IT before it sells out. It’s another holy grail product. I use it all the time – if you watch my beauty empties series, you know that I go through tubes and tubes of it. But it leaves your skin so soft… it gently exfoliates while also moisturizing. I use it every single day. If my skin is extra dry I put body oil on over it.

This is my favorite candle in the world. I have talked about it here over and over again. It smells a lot like Le Labo Santal 26 (a sexy fireplace) but it’s a lot less expensive. ($34) I bought three. I also always like to buy a few sets of these eye patches. And I love them for me but they also make fun last-minute gift for a girlfriend.

I did it.

I bought the LED mask. FINALLY I’ve been thinking about this product since summer when I met Dr. Dennis Gross at Sephoria and he told me it would help with collagen production. I figured I’m at home a LOT now, I’ve been thinking about it for almost a year… so I took the plunge. I will do a full review once I have formed an opinion!

Also, I bought this Kiehls’ eye treatment. I am obviously a HUGE fan of the original product (more on that below) so am very excited that they finally made an eye treatment as that’s where my biggest concern is (fine lines, wrinkles, etc.)

Last but not least, I ordered two things from Charlotte Tilbury’s “eye color” collection: this liner duo and this eye palette! I bought the copper shades of both as I am always trying to make my blue eyes look as blue as possible!!!!

Self Care Favs to pamper at home

I’m going to have a post up later this week with how to treat yourself to an at home spa day of sorts but here are the products I’d use!

This facial steamer is everything when it comes to creating an at home “spa experience.” I bought it for myself at the beginning of all the madness and it’s been such a treat. I like to wash my face and then use this before a deep cleansing mask to really let the treatment penetrate.

If I could only pick one favorite face mask it would be this one from Tata Harper. It’s truly the best and leaves your skin SO glowy. This one from OleHenriksen is a second favorite!

This peel from goop is one of my holy-grails. I have tried quite a few and find it to be the most effective at home peel I’ve tried; it leaves you SO glowy and radiant the next day!

Dry brushing is one of the best things you can do for your skin and circulation (for a nice how-to, refer to this post!) Ths brush is amazing!

For a nice take on a microcurrent facial at home (my personal favorite when getting a facial), the NuFace is king! You need to do it every day to see a difference (but we have a lot more time on our hands, right!?) but for a lifted look, nothing is better. (I also have the ELE attachment which is amazing for the lip and eye areas).

Dark Circles + Undereyes

This is always a hot topic! I want to say that there’s no product on the market that will actually get rid of dark circles BUT you can minimize their appearance!

Right now my favorite combination for tackling dark circles is the Supergoop Brightening Eye Cream with the brand new KOSAS concealer. I was really impressed by the KOSAS concealer; the coverage is phenomenal.

Other Skincare favs

Tata Harper Everything! Always. I am absolutely obsessed with this brand. If I had to pick just two items it would be the resurfacing mask (holy grail FAVORITE MASK EVER) and the cleansing oil (the best, most luxurious oil cleanser ever but it’s $$$ so get it during the sale!)

I always forget about this “line-reducing” concentrate from Kiehl’s but it’s one of my FAV products. It really makes a difference in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Biossance has become a new favorite brand this year; I absolutely love their lactic acid treatment. It’s become a holy grail for me as it makes SUCH a difference in your skin in just a night. The eye gel is also very nice – I don’t personally notice a difference in dark circles when I use it but it definitely helps with puffiness!

Sunday Riley makes one of my absolute favorite retinol serums. I’ve tried and tested quite a few retinols and this is among the very best.

Summer Fridays is another fav brand. The Jet Lag mask is probably my all-time favorites (full review here; it’s the perfect fix whenever my skin is really dry + dehydrated and I LOVE it on the plane).

beauty products

Self Tanning and SPF

This glow inducing SPF primer is one of the best products I’ve tried all year. I am completely obsessed. Full review here, but know that most days this is all I wear on my face! This is my other favorite daily facial SPF for when I don’t want to glow.

For body, this one from Coola is currently my favorite SPF. I love that it’s effective, meets Sephora’s clean standards, and is easy to apply (when you are single you really come to appreciate a spray on sunscreen!!!).

These sunless self tanning drops for face (I use “medium”) are pure magic. Mix in a couple drops with any moisturizer for a major glow that lasts several days. (This is my favorite body self tanner!)

For a glow that will wash off, I love my Drunk Elephant bronzing drops. I’ll often just add a drop or two to my daytime moisturizer (or mix in with Glowscreen!) and skip makeup.

Makeup Favs

Charlotte Tilbury always. If I could only have one cosmetic brand to shop for the rest of my life it would be CT. I love this highlighting primer and this magical face filter. And Pillowtalk lipstick is the only lipstick I own multiple tubes of (one at home, one in the gym bag, one in my purse) because it is the prettiest natural pink lipstick ever.

Ilia has become another big favorite brand. The new skin tint w/SPF40 is epic. It’s got everything you need in just a few drops. A few other standouts are this eyeshadow palette (in warm – I apply with a wet brush and the finish is perfection), their mascara, and their eyeliner (the BEST LINER).

And Wander Beauty. My two holy grails from Wander are the foundation and the mascara. And of course the gold eye masks!

My favorite bronzer ever. I’ve been using this since 2006 – it was one of the first luxury beauty products I ever bought!

The BeautyBlender. I’d be lost without mine. I use it for everything from blending my foundation and highlighter to fixing eye makeup mistakes.

This gorgeous red orange lipstick. (Color is “Stinger.”) It’s so creamy and it’s clean!


This is my favorite blonde shampoo… and I’ve tried so many!

Becca has me on the Olaplex train. I’ve been doing it once a week and my hair is SO MUCH SOFTER. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it also meets Sephora’s clean standards. I thought for sure that this was going to be a “dirty but worth it” product.

Sephora Spring Savings Event

A big thanks to Sephora for sponsoring this post! Photography by Carter Fish

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  1. I hope this is available in Hong Kong too! There are so many things I need to restock on! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.17.20 Reply
  2. Megan:

    So glad you are buying the Kiehls’ eye treatment! I was just reading about it the other day and I thought, “I wonder if Grace has tried this yet…” Ha! Can’t wait to hear what you think. 🙂 I trust your reviews more than any other blogger!

    4.17.20 Reply
  3. Grace, I know Sephora is a dream partner of yours, and I have often bought your recommendations for products directly from them (either online or in person)—but the way the company handled having to change its in-store operations in the midst of the pandemic is pretty appalling, and I’m having a hard time with it. Not sure if there is an answer here, but just curious as to your thoughts on the whole situation. Thanks for your recommendations and for always being upfront and honest with your readers, too.

    4.17.20 Reply
    • Hi Megan,

      Thanks for your note. I reached out to Sephora and I’m going to link their response here. Note: they will be updating this page throughout the pandemic with updates, etc.

      As for my thoughts, I feel a lot of empathy both for brands and employees right now. It’s a terrible time and everyone is making layoffs and hard decisions. Given that all stores are now indefinitely closed with no end in sight and the fact that they are still paying their full time employees + rent on all of those locations I would imagine they have to make some tough decisions to avoid going bankrupt. It also seems that they provided severance and are commiting to help employees find new jobs. I don’t want to be insensitive – it’s awful!!! but I do think they’re doing the best they can to do the right thing while also protecting their business.


      4.17.20 Reply
      • Megan:

        Thank you for responding, Grace! I agree, it’s so hard for everyone right now and everything feels like a gray area. I guess we are all just doing the best we can.

        Thanks again for the reply. xo

        4.17.20 Reply
        • You’re welcome! I hope this answered the question as best I can. Have a great weekend!

          4.18.20 Reply
  4. Caitlyn:

    That Charlotte eyeshadow is in my cart, too! I remember when your friend Cassandra did your makeup on IGTV and she used the Bobbi Brown rose gold…it was so pretty with your blue eyes! The Charlotte palette reminded me of that look. I mostly treat the sale as restock: a beauty blender, foundation, moisturizer, also trying the clinique lash power mascara.

    4.17.20 Reply
    • It’s SO pretty!!!! I played with it in the store and love it. V excited.

      Enjoy your treats!

      4.17.20 Reply
  5. I have discovered, in #pandemicproblems, that the problem with purple shampoo is that brightening the blonde just makes one’s roots that they can’t do anything with much more apparent!

    4.17.20 Reply
    • Oh no!!!! I haven’t had that problem BUT I also always like to have a bit of root!

      4.17.20 Reply
  6. JCL:

    How do you compare the ilia tint to the beauty counter dew?

    4.17.20 Reply
    • Hi! There really really similar. I think from an ingredient perspective the Ilia has more actives (worth giving the product pages a full read!) but from a coverage / formula POV they’re a lot alike!

      4.17.20 Reply
  7. Mackenzie:

    Thanks for all the recs, Grace!! I loved looking through them. Going to add a few to my cart until I can shop the sale!!

    4.17.20 Reply
  8. Love the post and definitely helped me organize what I may purchase from the sale this year! I was wondering if you had a favorite product for dark spots or skin discoloration. I use retinol and also though it’s helped keep the wrinkles at bay, I still have some old acne scarring that’s just not budging. I was thinking of trying the honeymoon glow but wanted to know if you thought it would work for this issue. Thanks in advance!

    4.17.20 Reply
    • Oh good, I am so glad!

      So I have never personally dealt with dark spots so don’t know that I am the person to ask for this. That being said, I did some poking around and this product sounds amazing (and I’ve always had really good luck with Kiehl’s!!!)

      4.17.20 Reply
  9. Rachel:

    Do I need to own both the Tata mask and the Phat Glow or just one?

    4.17.20 Reply
    • I think you’d probably be fine with just one. They are pretty similar in that they both resurface and will work wonders for texture, brightening, and glowiness! If you’re going to get a second mask I’d say to get something hydrating, like the Summer Fridays mask maybe! I love doing something with acid/exfoliating ingredients followed by something super hydrating!

      4.17.20 Reply
  10. Betsy:

    Thanks, Grace! Think I am going bite the bullet on Pillow Talk – I feel like I am missing out! And of course scoop up a few more Bite lip products – they are my absolute fave ever since you first talked about them and I tried them. And of course need to reorder Jet Lag.

    SO interested to hear about the Dr. Gross LED mask. Thanks for reviewing!

    4.17.20 Reply
    • YAY – it’s my favorite lipstick! And the bite one too for special occasions if we can ever leave home again 😉 Have a great weekend, Betsy!

      4.18.20 Reply
  11. Toni:

    Hi! I’m in Canada and your links don’t work if Sephora Canada doesn’t carry that product. Interested in the retinol Sunday Riley serum…what is the name of the product and I can search for it that way and see if I can locate it. Thanks so much xx

    4.18.20 Reply
  12. Molly:

    AMAZING round up. Thank you so much for doing this!! Filling up my cart now 🙂

    4.18.20 Reply
  13. Lisa Autumn:

    The CT Hollywood Flawless Filter is a must have product for me x

    Lisa |

    4.19.20 Reply
  14. Molly:

    Your list isn’t showing up at all now 🙁 Just the comments!

    4.20.20 Reply
    • Not sure why that’s happening, no one else is having that issue! Maybe refresh your browser?

      4.20.20 Reply
    • Jamie:

      the same thing is happening to me! I’m on Chrome on my PC, I just tried it on Safari on my iphone and can see the post just fine there.

      4.20.20 Reply
      • Jamie:

        turned off my adblocker, duh! working fine now!

        4.20.20 Reply
        • M:

          Oh weird, it must be a browser extension! It does work fine on my phone.

          4.20.20 Reply
  15. Alyson:

    Hi Grace, always love all of your beauty picks so thanks for sharing 🙂 I looked at your review of the Pharmacy Honeymoon Glow and you said it was pretty strong. I have sensative skin, any recommendations for a resurfacing serum that is gentle yet effective? Thanks! Alyson

    4.20.20 Reply
  16. EJ:

    Hello Grace! If I already have a cart started, and then click one of your links and add that item to the cart, do you still get affiliate link credit for my purchase? I am not very blog-tech-competent and want to support your business since I am actually buying based off your recommendation but it is not always clear how exactly that works. Thanks! p.s. I look forward to your podcast every week!!

    4.20.20 Reply
    • Yes! Thanks for asking! As long as my link was the last link you click before checking out I will get credit. I so appreciate you asking/trying to help! xx

      4.21.20 Reply
  17. Melanie:

    Question on the Kosas concealer… what shade do you use? I tried and love the Ilia one (on your recommendation I think), and I recall that I ended up with one shade darker than what you said you wore. I’m eager to try the Kosas one! Thanks so much!!

    4.21.20 Reply
  18. Meg:

    Ok, finally getting on the Nuface train! Any reason why you use it at night? Since the effects are temporary, it seems like most users use it in the AM. Would love to hear your thoughts!

    4.23.20 Reply
    • Hey! So when I had my training with the brand, they told me to do it every night before bed because the microcurrent actually keeps working for 8 hours so you’ll wake up looking even more lifted and toned! The effects are temporary but if you use it 4-5x a week for 2-3 months (and then 2-3x a week after that), they will last!

      All of this being said I would totally do it before a big event if we ever get to see people again! 😉 xo

      4.23.20 Reply
  19. Courtney:

    Hi Grace! Love your blog and ALWAYS check here before I try any new beauty or skincare products; you’re my #1 resource! During this time I want to support all of my favorite bloggers, but don’t necessarily have the means to purchase new products as “wants”, only buying things I need, but from many of the same stores you link to. If I click on a linked product that takes me to the right store, but buy a product other than the one you linked, do you still earn a commission on that purchase? Thanks!

    5.6.20 Reply
    • Hey Courtney, That is so nice of you!
      For the most part, if you click my link and purchase something it doesn’t have to be the exact product. I so appreciate your thoughtfulness! Stay safe!

      5.6.20 Reply
  20. Amy:

    My picks from the sale were finally delivered and dare I say my life has been CHANGED?! This Tata Harper cleansing oil OMFG. Pulled the trigger with it and felt ill $$$$$ but wow. Worth every penny.

    5.9.20 Reply