Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask Review.

summer fridays jet lag mask review | the stripe

Cream masks are having a moment right now and I could not be happier. After washing your face you apply a medium thick layer, let your skin soak up all that goodness and radiance, and then just tissue them off. That’s right – you don’t wash them off, you just tissue off the excess which makes them really nice for before bedtime as you don’t have to get up and wash your face; you can just tissue off the excess product and drift away to sleep. My (dry, sensitive) skin responds really, really  well to these sort of masks. They’re great for when your cream doesn’t feel like enough, for when you are tired or jet lagged (hence the clever name of this one), or when you are just feeling like (forgive me for saying this) you’re looking a little old and haggard.

I was so excited when Mariana Hewitt and Lauren Gores launched Summer Fridays – and their new Jet Lag Mask. For one thing, it’s cool to see a fellow blogger create a really awesome product. For another, I was deeply curious as to how good it actually would be. Whenever a product gets a ton of hype I always raise an eyebrow. I ordered the mask with my own money and put it on the second it arrived in the mail (after washing my face, of course). I’ve now used it four times (the tube is half empty – half full?) and I can say with confidence that I really love this product. It reminds me a LOT of my beloved Sisley Black Rose mask (which is amazing but really expensive). Worth the money, worth the hype, and I can see why it keeps selling out at Sephora! This will make your skin feel very, very happy… especially if you’re feeling dry, dehydrated or dull. I should note that it also did an amazing job plumping up the fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes. A temporary effect, but a verrrry welcome one. Skin is soft, glowy, and radiant. I joke that it makes me look like a Glossier model – fresh faced and dewy, the ultimate compliment. It’s become my new favorite for before a party or an event.

This mask is the first product from the brand and I truly cannot wait to see what comes next!

summer fridays jet lag mask review | the stripe

photography by Trent Bailey.

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  1. Brianna says 4.18.18

    Thanks for reviewing this, I was waiting to see if you tried this since I trust your opinion here, I have to get!

  2. A jet lag mask? I’m intrigued by the name alone! I really appreciate your review, thank you! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. briana says 4.18.18

    Obsessed with this mask! I’ve been using it non-stop to combat the horrible skin effects of my overheated radiator.

    briana |

  4. Kiara King says 4.18.18

    So, I’ve heard many amazing things about Summer Friday’s skincare and the Jet Lag Mask sounds like it’d be perfect for my skin (especially as I do travel a lot!). Well, it official; I need this mask in my life.

    Keep up the amazing reviews!

    Love, Kiara ❤️

  5. Natali says 4.19.18

    Everybody has been raving about this mask and I just have to test it, esp. now reading that you said it reminds a lot of the cult one by Sisley.

  6. Logan Christine says 4.19.18

    I was SO impressed by the product! I love using it at as a daytime and nighttime moisturizer when my skin is specifically dull. I can’t wait to see what their next product is because the expectation is high!
    xoxo Logan

  7. MarciaMarciaMarcia says 4.21.18

    Thanks for the recommendation Grace, I’m definitely going to try this! I too have dry, sensitive skin, so I’m very careful about the products I use on my face. I thought I’d never find a vitamin c serum that wouldn’t make my skin inflamed, and on your recommendation I tried Kiehl’s line reducing concentrate … I love it so much! So thank you, both for the recommendations and for being someone whose skincare reviews I can trust. 🙂

    • grace at the stripe says 4.21.18

      So so glad you like it!
      And you’re going to love the Summer Fridays mask; sounds like our skin is similar.

  8. laura says 4.22.18

    Love the post. Any other tissue off masks that you like? I wanted one I could use on the plane and not have to wash it off. Thanks

    • grace at the stripe says 4.22.18

      Yes I love all the Sisley ones! But this one is much more affordable which is why I’ve been suggesting it… it would be great for the plane!

  9. Sahony Natasha says 4.24.18

    i’m so into this product. I apply a thin layer under my makeup for a fresh glow.

    xo. SN |