small businesses

My Glassware Collection.

One thing I have really grown to appreciate is nice glassware. It started with a few things from Felicia Fferrone’s Dearborn collection. Then it got more serious when I tried my first Zalto wine glass (I blame my friend James…...
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Small Business Love, Vol. 2.

Happy Monday! Hoping you had a wonderful weekend. Nothing makes me happier than the thrill of a really good find, and in this month’s round up of small businesses, I have a lot to tell share! From gorgeous glassware (and...
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Small Business Love, Vol. 1.

I say this a lot but one thing I really miss about the early (2010-era) days of blogging was the thrill of the FIND! The joy and excitement I’d take from discovering a new-to-me brand. I’d like to get that...
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