26 Black-Owned Businesses to Shop and Support Now!

26 Black-Owned Businesses to Shop and Support Now
KNC Beauty Retinol Eye Mask

You’re putting in the work, you’re reading the books. You’re signing petitions, calling your government officials, donating money. And you’re committing to learning and being the best possible ally. So what next? Now, we shop. OK don’t be irresponsible but if you have the disposable income (and please don’t feel guilty if you can’t – there are many, MANY other ways to help!), please, please consider supporting these (or any!) Black-owned businesses.

Supporting Black-owned brands is crucial right now. Besides helping these companies in the middle of a pandemic and financial crisis, it sends a message. Carrying a handbag, decorating your home, or posting a selfie wearing a mask from a Black-owned brand shows that you stand with Black communities.

I’m personally committing to spending at least 30% of my discretionary shopping money on products from Black-owned companies. It of course (as “regular” content resumes, will take some time for that to be reflected here (I have not been shopping much to be honest… though as you’ll see below I definitely did a bit of shopping this week!)


26 Black-Owned Businesses to Shop and Support Now!

This is a pared down list of 26 brands. I received hundreds of small businesses to feature (which is so amazing!) and spent several days going through each and every submission to choose my favorites, becauseI think an edited list is more manageable… so here are some of MY personal favorites. But I’d love to hear YOUR personal favorites in the comments if you want to share, as I’m sure I’ve missed some. I will probably write another post like this in a few weeks with more recommendations as I find them.

The list is below but here are a few things I bought this week. I ended up buying this body oil from Klur (this is the thing I’m probably most excited about), this incredible shoulder-free sweatshirt, this candle (it just seems HAPPY), these retinol eye masks, and this exfoliating wash cloth. Oh and I also ordered these miso chocolate chip cookies from a local Black-owned bakery (YUM) thanks to Claire and Erica.

Again, this is my curated list of personal favs but if you want even more, two google docs to check out are here (an amazing list from Lingua Franca) + here! And this guide to 100 Black-owned indie beauty brands, too.

Also: this roundup of 11 more brands to shop!

26 Black-Owned Businesses to Shop and Support Now
klur beauty

Beauty + Wellness Brands

This is a pared down list of favorites that I personally plan to shop BUT if you want even more, please refer to this list! I would also recommend shopping at BLK + GRN. They feature only clean, Black-owned beauty brands. I’d also recommend checking out this list from Marie Claire.

Klur Beauty

Created by esthetician Lesley Thornton, Klur is a clean, ethical, inclusive beauty + wellness brand that makes oils and serums, all beautifully packaged. I love their minimalist aesthetic (and approach – the full line contains only 7 products). I’ve heard amazing things about their Elements of Comfort Body Oil and bought a bottle over the weekend and will keep you posted on how I like it. It has two of my favorite things (neroli orange blossom and lavender), I see it being addicting. The next thing I want to try from the brand is their Symmetry Fluid, which creates a (breathable barrier) on the skin to help fend off daily environmental assaults (pollution, etc).

Sonshine Bath

Sonshine Bath was created by Tuanieha Twanna. The inspiration behind the brand is her son Tristan, aka TJ, who is her “Sonshine.” When Tuanieha had TJ she started making his soaps and body butters at home as she wanted the products she put on him to be safe. And so began Sonshine. I love that they use a portion of their profits to give loans to support other small businesses. Personally, I am very intrigued by this mango & coconut bath soak (I live in the bathtub and this seems like something I’d want to eat!?) and this body butter.

KNC Beauty

I had definitely seen KNC around before because of their award winning (but also very instagram friendly) lip and eye masks (in the photo above!). I ordered the eye masks this week but will probably try the lip masks at some point, too.

Oui The People

Oui the People makes the most beautiful razors I’ve ever seen. I mean… this gold razor? It’s an actual objet d’art. Pricy for sure, but insanely beautiful.

Luv Scrub

Luv Scrub makes beautiful mesh exfoliating wash cloths to use all over your body and (in their words!) scrub yourself sexy. The textured wash cloth is meant to be used with any soap or shower gel for your softest skin ever. I’m excited about this one. I ordered one in “naked sunset” as that color best goes with my bathroom, but they are all really pretty.

Hanahana Beauty

Admittedly I have WAY TOO MANY lotions and need to work my way through my personal inventory before adding any more to my stash but this brand makes body butters that sound incredibly creamy and… delicious. I love anything eucalyptus so this eucalyptus shea body butter is on my list. The shea butter comes straight from Ghana!


Briogeo is another more mainstream brand (suggested by so many!); they’re sold at Sephora! They make clean hair care products. I am currently testing this avocado hair mask (it’s really really nice) and I have become very curious about this scalp revival scrub/shampoo and am planning to order and try it as soon as I finish up with my current scalp scrub (I’m currently using the Christophe Robin one!)

Honey Pot

Honey Pot makes plant-based feminine care products – everything from wipes and washes to tampons and menstrual cups! I already have a menstrual cup (and that’s kinda the point; once you buy one you don’t need to buy another one) but if you are in the market, please consider buying from them.

26 Black-Owned Businesses to Shop and Support Now
aliya wanek sweatshirt

Clothing Brands

Aliya Wanek

Aliya Wanek creates comfortable, stylish clothing that is both ethically and sustainably made in the Bay Area. She is a speech therapist by day and is committed to working only with natural fibers, paying a living wage to her workers, using small batch production, AND using zero waste packaging. Wow. She has a lot of gorgeous clothing (how cool are these stonewashed pants!?) but maybe it’s a sign of the times that what I’m most intrigued by are her cozy looking pigment dyed sweatshirts made from an organic cotton/hemp blend. They just look SO soft. I ordered this one (love that it has no shoulder seams) and will report back.


Designed by Liya Kebede, I have been a HUGE fan of LemLem for ages. The prettiest coverups and kaftans, etc… perfect for your next vacation (or hanging out on your patio/in the yard as vacations aren’t going to be a thing for a while!).

26 Black-Owned Businesses to Shop and Support Now
brother vellies lamu sandals

Handbag + Footwear Brands

Agnes Baddoo

Remember purses? And “work bags?” My next nice bag will likely come from Agnes Baddoo. Her bags are BEAUTIFUL. I am personally coveting this one: it’s simple and polished for work but not so precious that you couldn’t throw it around or bring it to the beach or the park. And I love this little one too. I am not in the position to buy a new purse right now but in the meantime I’ve followed Agnes on Instagram and will be stalking her site.

Zou Xou

I fell in love with Zou Xou shoes just from their tagline: “shoes designed for women who dress for themselves.” They are a slow fashion brand, consciously handmade in Buenos Aires. Unsurprisingly, my favorite pair is these simple gold strappy sandals. CHIC.

Brother Vellies

You’re probably familiar with Brother Vellies (founded by Aurora James) by now. I’ve been coveting a pair of their beautiful fuzzy Lamu slides for a long time now but all of their shoes are incredible and so beautiful. I’m also dying for this tiny rattan clutch. I have too many rattan bags but I want this!

Petit Kouraj

Petit Kouraj has some absolutely incredible handmade fringe bags. I know I’m highlighting a lot of handbags (which is weird as I haven’t used a purse in months!) but I’m bookmarking all of these companies to support when things get “normal” again and I’m leaving my house! And I have my eye on this mini fringe bag; I love the combination if caramel and dusty pink.

oma the label
oma the label



Edas makes stunning, simple pieces that manage to be both minimalist and statement-making, all at once. I love the Angie earrings, made from simple brass plates.


Mateo makes stunning minimalist jewelry (and candles and bags!) and WOW it is beautiful. I love these simple gold ear huggies, these little diamond huggies, and I very much want this emerald green handbag.

Oma The Label

Oma The Label sells a lot of things (they have great bodysuits too!) but I was particularly enamored with all of their beautiful gold jewelry. I LOVE these pave hoops! From what I gather, they put things on their site in small batches so the best approach is to follow them on instagram for updates (waiting on these safety pin earrings!!). The next jewelry collection is launching 6/6 so definitely bookmark that!

Conversations over Chai

This brand only sells their jewelry on instagram but how fun! They make fun letter jewelry which is somehow both whimsical and just plain cool. I loved this set of Brooklyn earrings!

linoto linen bedding
linoto linen bedding

Home Brands


Oh WOW am I glad I found Linoto, founded by Jason Evege…  though it looks dangerous for my wallet. Linen everything: sheets, towels, napkins… even boxers. It’s not cheap but their products are sourced from the finest mills in Italy and Belgium and made in the USA. I am thinking about this linen fitted sheet (I don’t use a top sheet)… I love that you can shop by mattress depth. Also, linen spa towels: I thing I never knew I really wanted?


K’era Morgan is an incredibly talented artist (I would def recommend following her instagram page!) and she sells the most beautiful tapestries, throw pillows, notebooks, and more. (If you sign up for her emails she will give you 15% off.)

colored glass
estelle colored glass

Estelle Colored Glass

This brand makes the happiest rainbow of hand-blown colored glassware. From sets of wine glasses and champagne flutes to beautiful cake stands and beyond… it’s all so pretty. (Also: I wish my cabinets looked like these!). I think it’s so fun that you can do a mixed rainbow set of glasses… that way when you have friends over everyone gets their own color. The founder, Stephanie Summerson Hall, named the brand after her grandmother Estelle, “a jewel of a person that instilled in me an appreciation of the pastime of  treasure hunting for beautiful finds — especially for the kitchen which was the heart of her home.”

Bolé Road Textiles

Bolé Road (a Brooklyn-based brand founded by Hana Getachew) makes stunning, gorgeous textiles. Airy pillows and table linens, gorgeous towels and bath sheets…. you will want to move into their website. I personally love these leather coasters… against a wooden or marble table they look like bold, colorful polka dots!

Boutiques / Concept Stores

Sincerely, Tommy

Sincerely Tommy is a Brooklyn-based concept store, located in Bed-Stuy. Once we’re allowed to venture farther away from home I am planning to pay them a visit. They also have a coffee bar and focus on emerging womenswear and lifestyle brands.

notecards from Greer
notecards from Greer

Gifts, Stationery, Fun!

Greer Chicago

Ok I freaked out a little bit when I found Greer (founded by Chandra Greer), as they have the COOLEST stationery ever. If you like bright colors and fun prints, or are obsessed with finding the perfect card (I love this Wake Me Up When It’s Over card!) they are for you! Be prepared to get lost in their site and want everything.

The Sensual Candle Co.

These candles look heavenly, and I love how they pair each scent with what to do and what to listen to. I ordered this one (described as fun, explosive, delicious) as it sounds like burning it will be the mood-elevator we all need right now. By day, Sentrell (the founder) is also an interior designer. I found the rabbit hole that is her blog and I am a little bit obsessed. Her taste and overall aesthetic are both stunning.

Flex Factory

Flex Factory has such cool things! We are all doing puzzles right now so why not grab this one!? Also, the “not pregnant just eating good” plates cracked me up. They’re currently sold out but I’m sure they’ll be back.

Tell me your favs in the comments!

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  1. CM:

    This is a gorgeously curated list! The colored glassware is epic and I’m very intrigued by linen towels too, Grace.

    I hope everyone is excited to order from these and other brands, and also recognizes that this sudden influx of orders could put some undue pressure on the small businesses in the short term. Many of the business owners and employees may be grieving, protesting, and focusing on family right now, so we should be patient when it comes to shipping speeds.

    6.4.20 Reply
    • Brianna Rooney:

      Fantastic point!

      6.4.20 Reply
    • That is such a good point. I’ve been giving everyone a lot of shipping grace the past few months with COVID but you are totally right. I really hope that these businesses are overwhelmed with orders!!!!

      6.4.20 Reply
  2. Brianna Rooney:

    Love this list, Grace! Carly also shared the Estelle colored glassware and I am so obsessed, I sent to SO many people yesterday. I am going to see if I somehow can register there and know the gifts I’ll be getting people in the future.

    6.4.20 Reply
  3. Brianna Rooney:

    Love this list, Grace! Carly also shared the Estelle colored glassware and I am so obsessed, I sent to SO many people yesterday. I am going to see if I somehow can register there and know the gifts I’ll be getting people in the future.

    6.4.20 Reply
  4. Maggie:

    Just ordered some cards & the Beautiful Books print from Greer!! Thanks for all you do Grace!

    6.4.20 Reply
  5. Stacey Hoffman:

    Thank you for sharing these! I really appreciate your content this week. You are walking the walk. Can’t wait to check all these out!

    6.4.20 Reply
  6. Anna:

    Hi Grace! Another beauty line I’d recommend is The Lip Bar – a handful of items are carried at Target, but there are a lot more options on their site. Cruelty-free, affordable, and really fantastic quality 🙂

    6.4.20 Reply
  7. Thank you for speaking out! I may not be able to support some of these businesses directly since I don’t live in the US, but I’ll definitely keep them in mind! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    6.4.20 Reply
  8. Rosie:

    Great roundup! I’m swooning over the Estelle glassware. That lilac cake platter is one of those objects that i look at and instantly imagine a dinner party, a menu, an outfit, an alternate life where my hair isn’t frizzy… but those wine glasses are equally gorgeous and sure to get some use in my real life.

    6.4.20 Reply
    • Right? It’s BEAUTIFUL. Now you have me dreaming of dinner parties and actually looking cute again. 🙂

      6.4.20 Reply
  9. Julia:

    I love this list!! I also really love Arrey Of @arreyof which makes beautiful headscarves, scrunchies, and headbands in a variety of luscious fabrics.

    6.4.20 Reply
  10. Nicki F:

    Thanks Grace! I love this and really enjoy this list. I am also trying to shift my budget to support Black owned businesses especially BWOC. Another shop I think you’d love that I found this week, and quickly purchased a print, is Blue Byrdie. She sells prints, art, and other decor. I love her aesthetic, and seriously want everything she makes. Her instagram is really wonderful too. https://www.bleubyrdie.com/

    Thank you for doing the work to make it easier for me to support the Black community economically. XO

    6.4.20 Reply
    • Oh my gosh wow thank you – her work is STUNNING! I’m working on a roundup of artists for next week… planning to include her now!

      6.4.20 Reply
  11. Chrissy:

    Thank you for this wonderful round-up Grace. I have been visiting Greer Chicago for over 10 years. Chandra and her team are not only amazing at curating, but they are such a necessary small business in our community. They promote connection, civility, and kindness through their goods and incredible customer service. Now onto checking out and frequenting the others…those colored glasses are calling…cant wait.

    6.4.20 Reply
    • Thank you so much Chrissy. It’s great to hear that they are such amazing people, too! I am hoping to get back to Chicago once COVID is over with to do a podcast live show (or just visit friends) and it’s going to be a must on my list.

      6.4.20 Reply
  12. Beyond supporting black owned businesses and lifting black voices, maybe you could shed light on things we can do that would help change the law. For years, the Supreme Court was used to perpetuate systemic racism, so the only way to make lasting change is to change laws.

    6.4.20 Reply
    • Thank you Rebecca! I will be honest, I don’t think that is my lane, but as I continue to learn and put the work in, I will share my experience.

      6.4.20 Reply
    • Wendy:

      this is a great idea and way more impactful than shopping. Supporting small businesses is obviously super important too, but for society to change, our laws need to change.

      6.4.20 Reply
  13. Emily:

    HANAHANA BEAUTY!! Just ordered that body butter and lip balm. could not be more excited 🙂

    6.4.20 Reply
    • Let me know how you like it! I want to order it but have SO MUCH lotion to use up first.

      6.4.20 Reply
  14. Erin:

    Omg I love this! The oui razor is incredible. I didn’t even know it was black-owned brand that makes me even happier!!

    6.4.20 Reply
  15. Jessica:

    I ordered a Luv Scrub yesterday after seeing them on the Allure list! Can’t wait for it to arrive- such a cool concept.

    6.4.20 Reply
  16. Evie:

    Thank you for compiling this list, Grace! Looking forward to discovering some new businesses to support.

    Another business I would recommend is Freres Branchiaux Candle Co.: https://freresbranchiaux.com/pages/about-us. I met the founders last year and can tell you that their candles smell out of this world amazing. Plus, they donate a portion of their profits to DC-area homeless shelters.

    6.4.20 Reply
  17. Rebel:

    Just bought myself a luv scrub and some seriously cute linen boxers!! Thank you so much for this list Grace!!

    6.5.20 Reply
  18. Amy:

    This is a GREAT list!! Thanks for sharing.

    You asked for recommendations so If you have a moment, take a look @artisanbrian. He’s a wonderful baker and just published at beautiful book on sourdough bread. 🙂

    6.5.20 Reply
  19. Katherine:

    Thanks for sharing! Bookmarking several of these. I’ve become instantly obsessed with Zou Xou…would wear every pair. So gorgeous.

    6.5.20 Reply
  20. Mercy:

    GlowRXskin – amazing line for skincare. Founder is a doc by training and sources directly from Rwanda and Uganda for some of her products.

    6.14.20 Reply