Small Business Love, Vol. 1.

Small Business Love Vol.1

I say this a lot but one thing I really miss about the early (2010-era) days of blogging was the thrill of the FIND! The joy and excitement I’d take from discovering a new-to-me brand. I’d like to get that back, and am aiming to do more dedicated posts about my favorite small businesses, new and old.

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Small Business Love, Vol.1

I used up a bottle of this cleanser from Klur and was reminded of how much I love their products. Klur is a small Black-owned business valuing clean, ethical, inclusive beauty. I’ve been a fan for a while now. Their Elements of Comfort body oil is also (orange and neroli blossom!) heaven and is one of my favorite luxe gifts to give. Speaking of body oil, I had to include my friend Emma’s amazing Everyday Oil – perfect for face, body, hair… you can even use it to wash your face. The smell is incredible (palo santo!) and it really is so versatile.

This sweater from Kilte is a favorite. Kilte is a female-led small business (their cashmere is incredible) valuing sustainability and responsibility in everything they do. Speaking of sweaters, another female-founded (New York City based!) brand I love is Le Lion. I ordered the puff sleeve crew with MEOW embroidery and love it so much.

One of the coolest finds of all is Beelove. I love honey and this one is particularly delicious. But I love what the company stands for even more. They are a (Black-owned) small business based in Chicago that trains former prison inmates to be beekeepers. Making the world a bit sweeter, in more ways than one. I like the honey but they have a slew of other products too… balms and salves, shower gel, and more!

Lastly, there is Woo Ceramics Shop. AAPI founded and owned, making made to order ceramics at what I find to be quite reasonable prices. I have been debating a set of these mugs; I love the glaze and the simple shape. They sell gorgeous ceramic jewelry as well!

Henry Holland - Small Business Love Vol.1

Henry Holland

My sister sent me a link to these and I literally gasped. Wow. Henry Holland is a made-to-order handmade ceramics collection based in London. How gorgeous is this chalice? Everything on the site is incredible, but I especially love that they have an entire “green and white” category. I cannot stop thinking about these plates, they are just pure magic.

Joshua Tree Coffee - Small Business Love Vol.1

Joshua Tree Coffee

Oh wow, this coffee is really good. I love good coffee. My boyfriend got a bag for me for Christmas knowing a) I’d love the branding and b) Joshua Tree is special to us as it was the first trip we took together but now I am hooked. I’m glad they have a subscription service!



An epic quest to find the perfect laptop case for my new (slightly larger) laptop led me to Leatherology. Oh boy. I want everything. Their 13″ laptop case fits the 14″ MacBook Pro perfectly (as it’s a newer style, it was hard to find the perfect case for it). I really love this train case as well. (image credit)

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.

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  1. Mollye:

    Love how you support small businesses! There are some great finds on here- thanks for the ideas!

    1.21.22 Reply
  2. Marcella:

    I have loved everyday oil for years!! So cool that your friend makes it.

    1.21.22 Reply
  3. I am going to have to check these out, thanks for sharing sweetie!

    Danielle |

    1.21.22 Reply
  4. Alexa:

    Joshua Tree Coffee is great! I tried it when I was there for a visit last year and it’s on my rotating coffee delivery list now. (Along with Proud Mary, Onyx, and Luminous)

    1.21.22 Reply
    • It’s so good! My boyfriend bought it for me for Christmas and just brought me a second bag.

      1.21.22 Reply
  5. Thank you so much for the kind words! This has been a hard week but your post lifted me up. You’re amazing and I am sending you so many hugs!!!!

    1.21.22 Reply
  6. Zoe:

    Everyday Oil is simply incredible. Thanks for introducing it to me a few years ago!

    1.21.22 Reply
  7. Hilary:

    Looking forward to this series! There are so many gems out there, but it can be hard to find when you’re competing with the big businesses on Google. Looking forward to checking out your picks!

    1.22.22 Reply
  8. Jessica Camerata:

    Oooh that Henry Holland brand is VERY cool. Loving the colors!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    1.26.22 Reply