My Stationery Collab is Here!

The Stripe x Joy Creative Shop

I am absolutely THRILLED to share that my stationery collaboration with Joy Creative Shop just launched today! This was a really exciting project for me to work on. I have been a life long stationery lover (nothing is better than sending and receiving beautiful *real* mail), and we put a lot of love into these products! I hope that you love them as much as I do.

The Stripe x Joy Creative Shop

I wanted to create something really beautiful and special (but not so special and precious that you asked yourself, “does this person / thing deserve a note card?”). I love malachite and wanted that to be a part of the collection. And besides loving note cards, I am an avid list maker and wanted to do some fun note pads! The line turned out better than I could have imagined. I am so thrilled with it: the quality, the designs, all of it: perfection!

And Joy Creative Shop (based in Dallas, TX) was the perfect partner. I loved the idea of doing this collection with a small (female-founded) business. And I have found that when possible, I prefer doing product collaborations (like this, or Nightire, or Chappywrap) with smaller (ideally female-founded) businesses. I love the idea of introducing my audience to these smaller companies, it makes such a huge difference to them, and it is more fun! It is inspiring and EXCITING collaborating with fellow creative women.

I will say that I took FOREVER to get Steph (the founder) my ideas for the collaboration (again, I wanted these products to be perfect and thoughtfully created… something I’d spend my own money on). Luckily, she was patient (and told me it was worth the wait which meant a lot to me!). Steph was literally a “joy” to work with and I think we both had a lot of fun bringing our ideas to life.

The Stripe x Joy Creative Shop

It is hard to pick a favorite piece from the collection.

I love it all so so much. The notepad trio is fun and just a little bit irreverent, and the gold foil note cards feel so luxe and special (I love how the striped liner looks against the malachite backing — photo below!). But it is all so fun. The malachite initial note cards are dear to my heart as that was a specific request I had for the team… they executed it so perfectly!

And I use the malachite note pad every single day to make my to-do list. I love the oversized square shape… it’s big, 8″ x 8″!

Grace Atwood stationery collab

We really wanted to toe the line between fancy and special (the quality of all of these items is SO nice) but also fun. Un-stuffy luxury, if you will. I think we did it!

The Stripe x Joy Creative Shop stationery Serums & Dreams note pad

 “Serums and dreams” actually came from a typo I made in an Instagram Q&A.

I had meant to say, “spend your money on serums & creams” (not face wash), but wrote dreams instead of creams!

I liked that typo so much that it became my instagram tagline. And I loved the idea of creating a “serums & dreams” note pad that you could put next to your bed as an idea dump. Anyone else wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea? My middle of the night ideas are generally not terribly brilliant BUT they do keep me up… having a note pad next to my bed insures that I will write down my idea and then fall back asleep as opposed to ruminating on it all night long!

Grace Atwood for The Stripe x Joy Creative Shop Grace writing a note

Joy Creative Shop stationery
Grace Atwood The Stripe stationery
Grace Atwood Joy Creative Shop collab
Shit List note pad
I want it now note pad
The Stripe x Joy Creative Shop stationery collaboration

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  1. Naomi Harris:

    DARLING! Absolutely love it, beautifully done!!

    6.14.22 Reply
  2. Katherine:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I wonder if they ship overseas. Congratulations Grace

    6.14.22 Reply
    • I believe they do! Thank you Katherine!

      6.14.22 Reply
    • Bonnie:

      I ordered the initial cards and trio! Love the idea for my office and wanted something pretty and personable for thank you’s! Gorgeous collab!

      6.14.22 Reply
  3. mary:

    “Better done than perfect” is a great reminder for all of our To Dos. Pretty collab!

    6.14.22 Reply
  4. Grace these are beautiful! Love the agate. It’s all so you. Congratulations!

    6.14.22 Reply
  5. Keirstan:

    Thanks for the intro to this brand- got the notepad plus a couple of other items from her shop!

    6.14.22 Reply
  6. katie:

    Love these and the malachite details! I think I need a set of the initial notecards for writing with my penpals from the Stripe FB group!

    ps- you have great handwriting!!

    6.14.22 Reply
  7. Gina:

    Love this! Perfect shade of green. Also, where is your dress from??

    6.14.22 Reply
  8. Jessica Camerata:

    The malachite print is SO good. Love it all. Stationary is always such a good classic gift too, love these!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    6.14.22 Reply
  9. Kate Lathrop:

    TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this collection and hits in so many of my sweet spots – gold! malachite! notepads! Personalized! BRB need to comfort my wallet it’s crying 🙂

    In all seriousness, this is the stationary I didn’t know I needed. LOVE IT!

    6.14.22 Reply
    • Oh my gosh, this comment makes me so happy – THANK YOU!!!! I am so thrilled that you love it as much as I do! If I didn’t design it and get my own set of samples I would be in the same boat, ha!

      6.14.22 Reply
  10. Emily:

    These are so beautiful! Congratulations

    6.14.22 Reply
  11. Lauren:

    Just ordered cards for my sister for her birthday next month and the notepad/thank you duo for me. Love this collab, Grace!

    6.14.22 Reply
  12. Jennifer:

    Just ordered a bunch of notecards for gifts (and one for me of course). Beautiful collab.

    6.14.22 Reply
  13. Amelia:

    Congrats on a gorgeous collaboration, Grace! I love Serums & Dreams!!

    6.14.22 Reply
  14. Renee:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Just ordered and can’t wait to use it. Love your choice of fonts and colors–so unique and classy while still being fun. THANKS!!

    6.14.22 Reply
  15. Melissa:

    It was hard to decide because all the items are so beautiful! I love sending cards and making lists so I ordered the initial stationery and lined notepad and cannot wait for them to arrive! Congrats, Grace!

    6.19.22 Reply