My Chappywrap Collection is Here!

My Chappywrap Collection

I am so excited: today is the day, my collection with Chappywrap is finally here! I say “finally” as I looked back on old emails and we started working on this in August of 2020. And I am SO happy with the final product – they make me happy. I wanted it to be joy-inducing, bold, and bright… but classic enough to stand the test of time and not be too niche or crazy. This collection was designed with one thought in mind: sparking joy via bold, happy colors, and summer memories. I drew inspiration from my favorite places (particularly my childhood home of Dennis, Massachusetts  on Cape Cod). 

When we started working on the collaboration, the pandemic was in full swing. I think we were starting to go back to restaurants (outdoors) but I was pretty anxious and felt sad a lot. I was craving happy things and the nostalgia of home. Nothing is better than curling up with my Chappy and a good book at the end of the day, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to put my personal stamp on a collection of blankets with bold stripes, fun colors, and (slightly unexpected!) contrasting bindings.

These blankets will be just as at home on your couch curling up with a book or your latest Netflix binge as they will be picnicking at the park, or lounging on the beach.

Grace Atwood x Chappywrap Collection

The Howes Street

Nothing is more classic than blue and white stripes, and we added a fiesty pop of red! This blanket is named after my favorite beach on the Cape, Howes Street Beach. It’s the residents’ beach right next to Corporation Beach (in Dennis, my hometown) and is still one of my favorite beaches in the world. The house I grew up in was about a mile away so from this beach and I have so many happy memories from my childhood and teenage years… from building sand castles and playing in the waves to bonfires and parties once I got a little bit older.

Color can be so powerful. During quarantine I read Joyful, by Ingrid Fetell Lee. (I talk about this book constantly, some of you are probably tired of me! I wrote a review of the book here, if you’re interested in learning more).

The book is about the power of ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness. There’s a whole chapter about the power of color and the science behind how and why bright colors can bring us joy and I found myself nodding my head in agreement as I read (all the while thinking about this collection!). A pop of color, an unexpected contrasting binding… a bright stripe, a splash of orange in an otherwise neutral home… these things give us more energy, revitalize us, and give us a feeling of delight. Don’t be afraid of color – embrace it!!!

My Chappywrap Collection is Here!

The Cabana

I had to include a forest green stripe here as it’s my favorite color. This almost feels a little bit more Beverly Hills Hotel (another favorite place!) but the royal blue binding is a nod to my New England roots. The Chappy team describes it as a “Cape-to-Côte d’Azur cosmopolitan vibe,” which I just love. When we did our influencer gifting, we let each person choose their favorite blanket and this one was far and away the most popular!

forest green Chappywrap x Grace Atwood forest green Chappywrap x Grace Atwood

red and white Chappywrap

Thxe Hot Dog

This blanket is in my opinion, the most playful of the bunch. The combo of bright red and pale yellow is such a good one. It is inspired by backyard grilling and picnics, and it’s just pure FUN. The colors make me think of a hot dog and mustard, the perfect summer treat. 

creamsicle blanket

The Creamsicle

Growing up on Cape Cod, the unofficial drink of summer was the orange freeze! (Ideally from Captain Frosty’s in Dennis, about a mile down the road from where I grew up).  The creamsicle blanket is inspired by my favorite creamy drink… I still have one every time I go back. I will tell you, when we put together the initial blanket concepts I was sure that The Cabana would be my favorite – and I do absolutely love it… but this one ended up being my number one favorite. It’s just so, so happy!

orange and white Chappywrap orange and white Chappywrap

photography by Laura Saur.

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  1. This is the perfect time of year to daydream about Summer. I love the stories behind your inspiration, especially when they result in such a beautiful product!

    1.12.22 Reply
  2. Laura:

    Congrats Grace! I love them all!

    1.12.22 Reply
  3. Elizabeth:

    Ordered my first ever Chappywrap today, and I cannot wait for my creamsicle blanket to arrive in the mail! They’re all so beautiful!

    1.12.22 Reply
  4. Kate:

    Congrats! It’s a beautiful collection

    1.12.22 Reply
  5. Emily:

    Congratulations!!! All the colors are beautiful, and I’m excited to have the creamsicle blanket draped over our indigo blue couch…it’s going to look so good!

    1.12.22 Reply
  6. Cristy:

    I love them all! So festive and fun. I have the lemon stripes blanket and it’s my favorite. I just ordered the Cabana for our living room and screen porch! Congrats.

    1.12.22 Reply
  7. Emily:

    Congrats!!!! But also waaah, I went to order the Creamsicle and it was already sold out!! Will there be any restock?

    1.12.22 Reply
    • Aw man, I knew that would happen – unfortunately this one went quickly. There are no plans to restock at this point, but I’ve asked the question!

      1.12.22 Reply
      • Emily:

        Aww – well thank you! The website let me sign up on a waitlist so fingers crossed 🙂 Congrats again!!

        1.12.22 Reply
  8. Karen:

    So pretty! Is there a promo code for these?

    1.12.22 Reply
  9. Shana:

    LOVE the green! Frist chappy wrap purchase for me as well 🙂 Congratulations, love the simplicity, attention to detail, pop of color, really well done!

    1.12.22 Reply
    • Thank you SO much for the kind words, I am so glad you like it and hope that you love it for years to come!

      1.12.22 Reply
  10. Molly Schulz:

    Congrats! Love your shoes in top pics! Who makes them? Thanks!

    1.12.22 Reply
  11. Sandra:

    Congrats Grace! Are these more like blankets or towels? I can’t tell…can they get wet? Thanks!

    1.12.22 Reply
    • Hi Sandra!
      They’re blankets.Think of fleece but the softest, thickest, highest quality fleece imaginable. Like a cloud, haha! I wouldn’t get them wet but they’re fine if you do get them wet (totally machine washable and dryer-friendly too!).

      1.12.22 Reply
  12. Congratulations, Grace!! So excited for you… and for my Cabana blanket 🙂

    1.12.22 Reply
  13. SV:

    Beautiful colorways & perfect for so many occasions- adding to my wish list! Congratulations Grace!

    1.12.22 Reply
  14. Melissa:

    Congrats! I treated myself for my birthday (in 2 days!) to the Howes Street and I’m so excited to receive my gift to myself. Let the summer vibes begin!

    1.12.22 Reply
  15. Brianna Rooney:

    congrats! also all of these pictures are stunning!

    1.12.22 Reply
  16. Alisha Conkling:

    I think these new blankets are beautiful. Sadly, the orange was already sold out when I went to buy. Do you think they will come back in stock?


    1.12.22 Reply
    • Hi! Right now there is no plan to restock the orange but I’ve informed the team of the demand!!!

      1.12.22 Reply
  17. Wow, the colors you selected are beautiful! Congratulations on such a fun collab!!! (And I’m glad you keep bringing up Joyful—I added it to my TBR list on Storygraph so I don’t forget!)

    1.13.22 Reply
  18. Denise Atwood:

    Love love love these!!

    1.13.22 Reply
  19. Katerina P:

    Congrats Grace!! They’re beautiful. I was really looking forward to ordering one from your collection but they don’t ship to Puerto Rico. So bummed. Hope they change that soon!

    1.14.22 Reply