10 Top Women’s Winter Coats.

Top Womens Winter Coats

Having just been in New York (and bundled the heck up for that winter weather!!!) I wanted to write a little post about favorite winter coats. This is also a big reader request. Admittedly, I am not shopping for coats as much as I used to now that I live in Charleston (though it’s been colder the past few weeks), but still: Now is definitely the time to give your winter coat collection a little upgrade… a lot of coats are on sale right now and you’ll still get a lot of use out of them through the end of March and even early April.

I personally love coats that are oversized and cozy, classic in style, and (mostly!) high quality. After all, coats are expensive — I never invest in overly trendy coats as I know I won’t wear them for very long. I will spend less money on trendier styles but with the classics, I invest — they’re something you’ll own forever if you take good care of them. There are plenty of great choices available in the market but today I’m sharing a roundup of my personal favorites so that you won’t have to spend a lot of time scouring through every store to find the perfect winter coat. It was also really really fun to go through old outfit posts here…! There are so many different types of winter coats… whether you want something dressy, casual, (or just want to stay warm in freezing temperatures), I have you covered.

10 Top Women’s Winter Coats

Classic camel coat - Top Womens Winter Coats

The Classic Camel Coat

If I had to choose a favorite, most worn coat, it would definitely be my Polo Ralph Lauren camel hair coat. I bought it pre-pandemic and it is one of the best things I own; I brought it with me to New York this past trip. The coat above is similar to that from Vince, I’d had it for ten years and wore it until the buttons had been replaced multiple times and it was a little ragged looking. My exact coat is sold out but I’ve put some similar ones in the widget below. I especially love this Tuckernuck one and this Rag & Bone one — both are on sale! In my opinion, a camel coat is where you invest the most. A classic camel hair coat will last you for years and never go out of style.

Teddy coat

The Teddy Coat

I absolutely love a classic Teddy Coat. It’s trendy and fun but also provides extra warmth. Mine is from Stand Studio and it is several years old (also: if you manage to track it down, size down two sizes!!!) but Amazon has a really good one for under $100.

Green winter coat

The Colorful One

I love a colorful coat and highly recommend buying a fun coat in your favorite color. You will smile (even on the coldest days!) every time you reach for it. The one above is from LK Bennett from several years ago — I love the combination of green + faux fur. This year I sprung for this incredible green coat from Ganni — it’s amazing, the color is just perfection… planning to shoot it SOON!

Top Amazon Womens Winter Coats

The Amazon Coat

Remember this viral Amazon sensation? At one point, you could not take a walk in Manhattan (especially the Upper East Side) without encountering at least a few sightings of this coat. And for good reason. It’s $150, it is CUTE, it is WARM, and it comes in a gajillion colors so even if all your friends have it, you can get one that it is at least slightly different. These coats are basically very cute sleeping bags. Bonus points for the insulated hood.

Woolrich Parka | Top Womens Winter Coats

The Serious Parka

What is the warmest coat? Definitely my Woolrich Parka. It is extremely high quality and the best when winter weather strikes and you really need extra warmth. Freezing temperatures? You bet I’m in a parka.

A coat like this is an absolute must for colder climates, especially if you walk a lot and need something with wind resistance. I still have my Woolrich Parka from my New York days and while it isn’t something I need here in Charleston it is a packing must for colder trips! I love the quilting, the removable faux fur collar… it is such a warm coat. The removable hood is also great… I don’t always want a hood but if it is snowing or sleeting, you better believe I’ve got that hood on, along with a hat! The outer shell is water resistant which helps battle all types of weather (and ensures that snow and sleet stay out, not in!).

You could also go with a classic Canada Goose parka as I did in these New York Winter Outfits. Or, for something a little bit more affordable (but still super warm and definitely classic!) the North Face arctic down puffer!

Canada Goose parka | Top Womens Winter Coats

I have sold my classic Canada Goose parka (outfit details here) since leaving New York (you really only need one super warm parka anyways!) but it was a favorite.

Classic Navy Pea Coat | Top Womens Winter Coats

A Classic Navy Pea Coat

This is a current wardrobe hole for me. I wore the above J.Crew double breasted peacoat (outfit post from 2016!) until it was a hot mess and falling apart but I still think about it often and really miss it… I haven’t found anything I like quite as much since! This Sezane coat has been in my cart for way too long, I am thinking of pulling the trigger this weekend!

Topshop plaid coat

Something Plaid.

I still have and love the above Topshop double breasted plaid coat. The quality is medium at best but it’s a favorite because the color combination is really classic and it’s a lighter weight, making it perfect for Charleston. I really love this Isabel Marant one and this DKNY menswear version is pretty fab.

A Tailored Black Coat

This is another wardrobe hole for me right now. Mango has so many good ones, all really well priced. I love this one, this one, and this one.

faux fur coat

Faux Fur

I love a faux fur coat! The one above is my fancy lady coat and it has little bits of tinsel woven in! This post from last year details some of my favorite faux fur coats. If you have a lot of events and live somewhere cold, I’d say that a dramatic faux fur coat is an absolute must!

Women's animal print coat

Something in an Animal Print

This leopard coat from J.McLaughlin (seen in this blog post!) is so fun. I reach for it whenever I have a party. This Ganni leopard coat is an amazing price and will do the job nicely. I love it!!!!

Winter Coat Styling Tips! How to Style a Winter Coat

Honestly, anything goes when it comes to styling a winter coat. The coat makes the statement and the rest of the look follows suit! I find that with a great coat I can get away with jeans and sneakers. Just add a fun beanie!

Monochromatic Styling

I feel like Kat Jamieson is the queen of this. She is always in some sort of neutral ensemble, looking chic as heck. She inspires me to wear more neutral and monochromatic pieces.

With Sweatpants and Sneakers

Honestly, my uniform. Again, when you have on a great coat, nothing else really matters.

Winter Coat Outfits

Just for fun, let’s go through a few favorite winter outfit ideas. Again, it was really fun to dive into the blogging archives. There have been a lot of misses from over the years but some hits as well. Staying warm but looking cute. That is our goal here!

How to Style a Winter Coat
A pop of red

I love accenting a classic coat (especially navy or camel) with a pop of red. In my book, a red beanie is an absolute must! Keep it simple; I love this organic cotton one from The Gap. A red bag will also work (this blog post is from 2017 and is kind of a lot of look), these days I would do one pop: beanie, shoes, socks, or bag. Not all at once!

How to Style a Teddy Coat
Matching Your Teddy Coat to Your Bag

This look was actually a surprise. I had just got this bag and paired it with my teddy coat in the same color (this one was from Blair Eadie’s Nordstrom collab, remember that?). I love how the textures are so different but the color is the same.

Red coat outfit
Red + Leopard + Graphic Tee

This was such a simple but fun combination. Red coat, leopard heels, graphic tee. Just add distressed denim, you are good!

Top Womens Winter Coats

Another take on red + leopard! Bonus points: the chunky red scarf adds extra warmth.

Long coat with jeans
With a Simple Bodysuit and Denim

This is a nice easy one — it creates clean lines and always works, no matter the situation. This is my favorite bodysuit right now!

La Vie Rebecca Taylor Coat // Saint James Tee // Paige Jeans // Gucci Belt
Plaid + Stripes

Keep things in the same color family but this always works. This is a Saint James tee with an old Rebecca Taylor coat.

Winter white Top Womens Winter Coats
Winter White

I love pairing a lighter (in color) winter coat with tonal cashmere and white denim. The look (seen here in a blog post from 2019; I still have and wear every single item featured!) is classic and chic.

Top Womens Winter Coats
Loafers, Cashmere, Denim

Another easy outfit recipe. I have had my Gucci loafers for years and years and they just get better. If you can’t stomach the pricetag, this Sam Edelman pair is equally cute!

Puffer coat styling tips
Brighten Up Your Puffer!

A puffer coat can feel so boring. This is an older outfit but I love the fun hat + red shoe laces. It takes the look from “I am freezing my ass off” to “I am having some fun!” This is a fun outfit for a winter day.

It was fun revisiting past looks… which one was your fav?

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  1. Shana:

    I love the oversized teddy coat!! My favorite coat is a long black double breasted JCrew coat I bought in college 20+ years ago and I too will wear it until it falls apart 🙂 I added a pretty lilac boiled wool coat to my collection last year for an unexpected winter pick me up!

    2.13.23 Reply
  2. Katie:

    Completely irrelevant to this post – but did I miss your 2022 blog wrap up post? I seem to recall something like this last year where you wrote about trends of the blog and where things are headed etc., I remember finding it SO fascinating! I realize it might be on the way as it likely takes longer to compile, so just curious 🙂

    2.13.23 Reply
  3. Jennie:

    Obsessed with that plaid coat! For anyone seeking exceptional puffer coats, I just had my seven year old Patagonia puffer jacket repaired by Patagonia FOR FREE for an issue that was entirely my fault… they will do this for all their products! They also just became a certified b corp with all of their profits heading back to support environmental causes, which makes me feel better about the price tag

    2.13.23 Reply
  4. Christina:

    Such a timely post! What are your thoughts on sizing? Looser to fit a sweater/bulky top underneath and still be able to button a coat closed or more fitted and leave it unbuttoned?

    2.13.23 Reply
  5. Heidi:

    Team Serious Parka. Function > fashion, there is no other way when living far north.
    The camel coat is strictly reserved for nice dinners when I know I’ll be going straight from the car to inside, no walking around!

    2.13.23 Reply
  6. m:

    I sadly had to give away two of my favorite classic cashmere coats I’d owned for decades. They no longer fit my middle-age body but I really did get so many wonderful wears out of them. They just don’t make them like they used to–at least not under $1000. I had put them in storage hoping I would magically get my 25-year-old body again, but time marches on. I had to do the Marie Kondo move, thank them for their service and send them on their way. This post makes me excited to look for something new to replace them. There’s just nothing like a great coat.

    2.14.23 Reply
    • YES – it is time to replace them with something that makes you feel amazing!!! Always sad to let things you loved go but you are making space for the new. 🙂

      2.15.23 Reply
  7. Nancy Bailey:

    Wonderful site!

    2.16.23 Reply