What to Pack for a Winter Weekend in New York.

jacket // jeans // boots // hat

One of the questions I get asked most is from readers who are planning a trip to New York… asking me what they should pack! First of all, if you’re planning a trip here, this page has all my recommendations for what to do from restaurants to art galleries to Broadway shows and more. I’m trying to be better about updating it every month based on new places I’ve tried. The Polo Bar is my all time favorite place in the city for dinner… it’s fancy and you probably need to make a reservation about a month in advance. For a fancy lunch I am a big fan of the new rooftop restaurant at Restoration Hardware (in the meatpacking district – it’s gorgeous!!!). They don’t take reservations so I’d recommend arriving 30-45 minutes ahead of schedule. I also love Le Coucou, and a new place I’m really loving is Her Name is Carmen. The decor is on point and the food is so good. As an added bonus there’s a gorgeous lounge downstairs. And drinks at Bemelman’s (at the Carlyle Hotel) are always a good idea.

For something more casual: Almond, Pizza Beach, The East Pole, or (my favorite turkey burger!) J. G. Melon.

Also, for planning purposes: the Eater Heat Map will never steer you wrong. I am a big restaurants person and check in on it at least once a week.

Outfit Details: Canada Goose Parka // Vineyard Vines Sweater + Hat (c/o) // Good American Jeans // Sorel Boots // Chanel Purse // Polaroid Sunglasses

Outfit Details: Canada Goose Parka // Vineyard Vines Sweater + Hat (c/o) // Good American Jeans // Sorel Boots // Chanel Purse // Polaroid Sunglasses

What to Pack for a Winter Weekend in New York:

You’re going to want to pack lots of warm, comfy layers. Cozy sweaters, jeans, and warm coats + outerwear. There are a lot of ways to do a weekend in New York but I’m just assuming you will be out a bunch, running around and taking public transportation.

  • These boots. Honestly, these are the best. They are so comfortable but have a nice wedge to keep you comfortable. You can wear them with jeans but they’re just as cute with tights and a mini dress at night. Oh and on top of that they are also weather proof – you can wear them in rain, snow, etc. and be fine. (I have the rain boots too for when it’s reaaaallly raining.)
  • Sneakers (if it’s temperate, otherwise just stick to winter boots!)
  • A good parka. I actually have two good parkas: my Canada Goose and also this one. Either are great. Honestly, right now a parka is the NYC uniform. We’re all just frozen.
  • A camel coat at night or for more dressy daytime things. But honestly you’re going to want that parka so if you are only bringing one coat, stick to that.
  • Warm gloves + hat (a given but honestly you’ll be so sad if you forget them!)
  • A chic oversized scarf in a neutral color. Wear it during the day, bring it to dinner, you’ll be glad you have it.
  • Big sunglasses because duh.
  • Sensible heels that you can actually walk in. (I recommend Sarah Flint or Margaux.)
  • A crossbody bag that’s dressy enough to wear to dinner. You’ll want to have your hands free and keep your belongings safe. Something like my Gucci Soho Disco, For something more affordable I love this!
  • A portable phone battery.

Some outfit ideas:

  • Cute short dresses (like this one or the dresses in this post) + thick black tights. I love Express tights, they’re nice and opaque.
  • A sweater tunic + faux leather leggings (these are my favs!)
  • I want to suggest a blazer but they’re annoying under coats. If you’re able to make that work you can’t go wrong with a blazer, simple tee, and boots.

During the day you’ll be cozy and warm in something like what I’m wearing above. Jeans, a big sweater, a cozy scarf, big sunglasses. At night, you can wear the boots with tights and a short dress – or even a fun maxi. I am someone who definitely prioritizes being warm, so this may not be the most fashionable packing list ever, but you’ll be comfortable! (Though I will note… if you’re doing Polo Bar, go all out. Take a taxi and wear your favorite cocktail dress, skip the tights, put on your favorite stilettos.)

What to Pack for a Winter Weekend in New York:


Outfit Details: Vineyard Vines Sweater + Hat (c/o) // Good American Jeans / Polaroid Sunglasses Outfit Details: Vineyard Vines Sweater + Hat (c/o) // Good American Jeans // Sorel Boots // Chanel Purse // Polaroid Sunglasses  Vineyard Vines Sweater + Hat (c/o) // Good American Jeans // Chanel Purse // Polaroid Sunglasses Vineyard Vines Sweater + Hat (c/o) Vineyard Vines Sweater + Hat (c/o) What to Pack for a Winter Weekend in New York:

photography by Carter Fish.


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  1. You look so chic, Grace! I love how simple your outfits are. Perfect for a weekend in NYC (I’m still jealous!)! 🙂 ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.10.19 Reply
  2. Leah:

    Cute outfit Grace! Question for you – do you have any tips for getting a reservation at Polo Bar? When I’ve called before I’ve been put on hold and wound up hanging up. Do you just have to hang on for a while? Do you find it’s easier to get in on weeknights or off times? I really want to try it!!

    1.10.19 Reply
    • Hi Leah, It can definitely be hard – I would say just be persistent! It’s worth it! Weeknights are definitely easier!

      Full disclosure, one of my best friend’s best friends is the maitre d so I usually make a reservation through her BUT I have made reservations on my own several times now!


      1.10.19 Reply
  3. Cory:

    Just stop! Who looks this cute in a matching sweater and beanie?!?!

    1.10.19 Reply
  4. Anne F:

    I ended up buying these Sorel boots after seeing your original post about your wedge Sorels. They are also weatherproof, but they are basically flat, so you can walk all day. Another great NYC winter choice! I wear them almost every day


    1.10.19 Reply
    • Oh I love those! I actually prefer a wedge (oddly my feet are less sore in them vs. flats) but love this option too!!!

      1.10.19 Reply
  5. Bridget:

    Thank you! Confirms that all the things in my suitcase are right! Waiting for our plane right now! NYC here we come!

    1.10.19 Reply
  6. Samantha:

    Such a good post! I feel like I always see tourist wearing these thin coats and NOT prepared for a NYC winter!!


    1.10.19 Reply
  7. dana mannarino:

    Couldn’t agree more with this list! Cozy sweaters, shoes, and warm accessories are a must!

    The Champagne Edit

    1.10.19 Reply
  8. Annie:

    Grace – do you have a post suggesting different scarves? I find “oversized” ones often look like you’re wearing a blanket but many seem too thin (like the Everlane cashmere one I’ve been looking at). What do you think?

    1.10.19 Reply
  9. Meems:

    I recently had several trips over the past month to NYC. Any suggestions on figuring out the subway because it is confusing AF. I am not a stranger to public transportation and UBER is a splurge but I had to cave for one excursion. I stayed in Williamsburg @ The Huxton (cool hotel) during my last trip and discovered the ferry. So cool and only $2.75! I used disposable hand warmers each day and carried a small canvas tote for a bottle of water, tissues, phone charger and my map. I felt like a bag lady. I have all the cool clothes and bags and there I was in SOHO shelping around with a canvas tote. Practicality wins. Thanks for the eating app rec. I love all the different coffee shops. Maman and Devicion are my favs and the Cafe @ the 1 Hotel in Dumbo. A hurdle is finding exercise classes. Kudos to @kristarobinso for recommending Barre3. I also took a yoga class @ Sky Ting. It would be awesome if my fav bloggers would collaborate on a more intense NYC guide. @carly, @carlyahill, @kristarobinso (covering the bases), @hithaonthego, @dana.mannarino (champagne edit). I am so grateful for everyone’s posts on NYC. Thank You again!!!

    1.10.19 Reply
    • Thanks Meems! I know, the subway can be so confusing! I really rely on the google maps app – it gives pretty good directions for what trains to take and when, etc! I would say that it takes time and experience.

      And laughing at the bag lady comment – that’s me right now. I am staying in the city for a blog project and schlepping so much stuff.

      As for workout recs and more comprehensive stuff, check out my city guide! It literally has every restaurant, workout class, etc etc. that I love! If you hover over each title more info pops up. https://thestripe.com/travel/new-york/

      1.11.19 Reply
  10. Mary:

    I also hate being cold and uncomfortable, so I always pack a black sweater dress, tights and boots for dinner out in NYC. I’ve never felt over dressed or under dressed in that ensemble and it works in the snow and rain. It’s also the most comfortable thing to wear to a Broadway show. That said, I’m ALWAYS looking for the next best sweater dress.

    1.11.19 Reply
  11. Caitlin Barrett:

    Yessssss!! I’ve been wanting this and I’m so happy to finally have it lol. Thanks so much 🙂

    1.14.19 Reply
  12. Elizabeth:

    Really don’t like seeing someone whose blog is a daily read for me wear Canada Goose. They are a garbage company with a history of terrible animal abuse. I hope you can take some time to research their practices for yourself and find some alternatives. There are tons of warm, cute, cruelty-free jackets out there.

    1.14.19 Reply
  13. Great advice!

    1.16.19 Reply