The Weekly Distraction, 5.25.20.

The Weekly Distraction 5.25.20
Worthy Threads Sweatsuit

Happy Memorial Day! We are back with our weekly list of distracting things but first – a check in!? What was your Memorial Day like? Has your city opened back up? We are still quarantined AF over here in Brooklyn but I had a really nice weekend. Becca and I went for a walk and got lobster rolls yesterday (well actually it ended up being a walk and then delivery lobster rolls as nowhere was open!) which definitely made it feel a little more like MDW!

Today I’m kinda working? I have posts to write and a few deadlines and podcast edits to review but I’m mostly making it a true holiday/long weekend! Planning on a long walk and lots of reading! I’m so boring, that’s what I’d want to do even if I could go out, but a nice calm weekend makes me happy. Anyway, I hope all of you were able to enjoy a true holiday weekend and that it was as normal as possible. Let me know how you’re doing in the comments. XO

Also: if you are looking to do a little shopping, these are the best Memorial Day Sales!

The Weekly Distraction 5.25.20

Sweet Magnolias

Media Consumption

OK so I got really into Sweet Magnolias on Netflix. I watched the whole series in just a couple days. Sometimes you want something sweet and cute? If you loved Virgin River or Gilmore Girls you will like this. To be honest, shows like this (small town, nothing really happens) aren’t usually my thing but quarantine seems to have changed that a bit. It’s just sweet and cute and has a fun cast. I love Joanna Garcia Swisher (she was Bree Buckley on Gossip Girl, amongst other things) and Chris Klein (remember him from American Pie? I had such a crush back then) plays her ex-husband… and her love interest (the high school football coach natch) is an absolute dreamboat. It’s a cute fun show. Lighthearted and very sweet.

On the podcast front I listened to this podcast about J.Crew and thought it was pretty interesting. Only 20 minutes long and a thoughtful look at the brand + what went wrong.

The Weekly Distraction 5.25.20


I did this puzzle over the weekend and I just had such a good time doing it? It’s pretty hard with those curved edges and so many color variants but it was the most satisfying thing ever and I felt legitimately sad when I finished it as I’d had so much fun doing it. I’d love your suggestions for other puzzles (that are actually in stock, hahaha).

I tend to prefer at least 750+ pieces, ideally modern art but whatever I am not picky!!!!

Metal Polishing

The obsessive chores continues. I was joking around that quarantine has been one big exercise of seeing things in my apartment and realizing how dirty they are. Oops. I think it’s probably more of a factor of just being home so much – you notice it more, but whoa. The latest is that I can’t stop polishing all of my metal surfaces. From chair legs to my pill boxes to my middle finger statue, NOTHING has been spared. Things I Bought and Liked suggested this metal polish, I ordered it, and now have been just polishing ALL THE THINGS.

I love my Aerogarden

I love my Aerogarden!

I am so excited about my little aerogarden. This was a suggestion from the Facebook group (you guys have the best ideas!) and I’m so glad that I got mine. The idea of having fresh herbs on hand to make salad dressing, pesto, mojitos… it’s amazing. But also, it’s a super fun distraction and science project! Every morning one of the first things I do is check in to see how it’s doing. I will have a longer blog post up about it once it’s in full swing. But I wanted to give you guys a little update now as it’s bringing me so much joy!

I have the Harvest, which has six pods (I did gourmet herbs). I did this exact one but they have a lot of fun options! It’s perfect for my kitchen as it’s not too big, but it’s also substantial enough! Aerogarden is having a Memorial Day sale so if you’ve been thinking about getting one now is the time to do it!

PS: my favorite pajamas, some good Amazon finds, and last week’s list of distractions!

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  1. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday! No wonder I haven’t been seeing any blog posts today, haha! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    5.25.20 Reply
  2. Sharon:

    Happy MD Grace! I wanted to come on and suggest Buffalo Games brand puzzles. I prefer 1000 pieces. This brand has the best pieces that all fit together perfectly. As you get into puzzles, THIS is my #1 requirement. My favorite artist is Charles Wysocki because the scenes have lots of details – ie not as hard. I have always enjoyed puzzles, but quarantine has really pushed my hobby up a notch. I love to listen to an audio book while I work on a puzzle. I have found on Amazon, but agree it’s been hard lately to get anything in stock.

    5.25.20 Reply
  3. Lillie:

    I really like Michael Storrings puzzles. You van find some of them.

    5.25.20 Reply
    • I will check him out!

      5.25.20 Reply
    • Helen:

      His puzzles are my favorite! I’ve done a few of his 1,000 piece puzzles and recently did his 2,000 piece NYC puzzle and let’s just say I’m going to stick to 1,000 pieces from now on.

      5.26.20 Reply
  4. Lori in Toronto:

    Welcome to the world of Aerogarden! I’ve had mine up and running since mid-January, and it’s great for having herbs and even lettuce available (romaine grows nicely).
    Word of caution from my experience: watch out for Thai basil and mint. Those suckers grew like the Incredible Hulk, and started choking the roots of the others. Keep ’em trimmed, and move to solo pots once they’re bigger, if you can.

    5.25.20 Reply
  5. Gena:

    Look for puzzles on FB marketplace or the equivalent!! Cheaper and faster than ordering one rn.

    5.25.20 Reply
  6. I have become OBSESSED with puzzles! I put on an audiobook and can work for hours. It’s so relaxing. I don’t have any suggestions though as I’ve just been working my way through puzzles in a family member’s vacation home (basically squatting here until next week…).

    5.25.20 Reply
  7. Jeannie:

    Hi! I DMed you but thought I would comment here so others can shop as well- I picked up the Jonathan Adler rainbow hand puzzle and it’s been so fun to put together! There’s a lips one and another one similar to what you made called “new house”. They are sold out online and Galison puzzles isn’t taking orders either, but I called my local JA store in SF for curbside pick up (and they applied 20% off as well!). So even if they don’t waive shipping or your local store doesn’t have it, then the memorial day sale helps offset the cost of shipping from a diff store.

    5.25.20 Reply
  8. Brianna:

    Sweet Magnolias – I need another season!! It was so enjoyable but the ending had me in tears.

    I started Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist this morning and am loving it as well.

    5.25.20 Reply
    • AGREE! And thank you for the reminder on Zoe’s playlist – that’s on my list!!!!

      5.25.20 Reply
  9. Kate:

    You’re the best blogger, period. I never in a million years would have thought I’d follow influencers, but your blog and insta genuinely make me happy. ❤️

    5.25.20 Reply
  10. Dana:

    Grace, I got the gold Birkenstocks thanks to your IG (and the reader that told you about it)! I was planning to get another pair of Birks but was so indecisive about color until I saw the gold, which I’m obsessed with! Whoohoo!!! My new Birks are an excellent distraction! Other distractions are:
    – We’re Here in HBO (love, love, love)
    – The Splendid and the Vile (AMAZING book about leadership in times of hardship – so good!!)
    – When Breathe Becomes Air (I FINALLY listened to the audiobook and cried so hard. One of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever heard.)
    – I built two big raised beds for a victory garden!
    – Pilates workout with Melissa Wood Health (I love her!)

    5.25.20 Reply
    • Thank you for this list, I love it!!!! Must check out We’re Here. SO excited for my birks to get here!

      5.25.20 Reply
  11. Sara:

    Love this blog post. Thanks for keeping it real through quarantine! Sending love from DC!

    5.25.20 Reply
  12. I’m in grad school, so my MDW was a lot of homework, which is fine, because I don’t love weekends in quarantine with so much unstructured time. That said, I still got some socially distanced friend time and am really happy about that and getting a good long beach walk in.

    5.25.20 Reply
    • It’s funny how working on the weekend can provide a bit of structure – I don’t mind it either!

      5.25.20 Reply
  13. Lisa Autumn:

    YAY I love these posts!

    Lisa |

    5.26.20 Reply
  14. Cathy:

    I’m such a Grace Atwood fangirl these days! I can’t stop using my steam mop- there’s something very satisfying about using my Dyson and then the steam mop. Yesterday it was very rainy here so I binged most of Sweet Magnolias. Does anyone else think the actress who plays Maggie is just like Amy Adams?

    5.26.20 Reply
    • Haha I love it!!! The Bissell is EVERYTHING. It’s so satisfying when I finish and the mop pad is filthy… lol 😉

      Hope you had a great weekend. And yes I’d agree they do look similar!

      5.26.20 Reply
  15. Grace McCrocklin:

    If you’re looking for puzzles but coming up empty, one place I’d suggest is online museum gift shops! They usually have some of their most iconic pieces (I’ve finished Las Meninas that we got at the Prado and Napoleon’s Coronation that we got from the Louvre). Shipping may take a little longer, but worth a look! ;

    5.26.20 Reply
  16. Ellen:

    My mom JUST told me about the J.Crew podcast – I’m so glad you linked it! So interesting

    5.26.20 Reply
  17. Meghan:

    I got this gorgeous houseplants puzzle on Terrain but it’s sold out…looks like World Market has it though! It was really fun and the colors are so pretty it inspired me to start painting again 🙂

    5.27.20 Reply
  18. Tara:

    I just loved Sweet Magnolias so much. The set didn’t look anything like Charleston (ik it’s not set there, but Serenity is supposed to be nearby)! I am crossing my fingers for a second season! Those last 15 minutes were insane!

    5.28.20 Reply
    • Haha I know, I wonder where they shot it! Such a fun show, I hope there’s another season.

      5.28.20 Reply