Recent Beauty Empties!

Recent Beauty Empties!

I have been slacking off with beauty empties and my bag of empties was at maximum capacity – oops. Over the past two or three months, I’ve used up EIGHTEEN products. Yep. That’s kind of a lot, though it’s across bath, body, and skincare. And if you are a Bad on Paper listener you will laugh… three of them are body washes! I filmed a little video for you on IG TV which I hope you’ll watch!

Honestly, I think these empties posts are always the most telling; I try a LOT of things for the blog but these are the ones I used up to the last drop!

Here’s what I used up (in order of how they’re mentioned)!

  1. Glossier Body Hero Shower Oil (my favorite orange blossom heaven shower gel – read the full review here)
  2. Susanne Kaufmann Alkali Soak
  3. Meaningful Beauty Triple Exfoliating Scrub
  4. Goop Body Scrub
  5. Elemis Resurfacing Face Wash
  6. Glossier Lash Slick (read the full review here)
  7. Skinceuticals Custom D.O.S.E. Serum (read about how I made mine here)
  8. Necessaire Body Cream
  9. Dr. Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream (read the full review here)
  10. Oribe Body Scrub
  11. Susanne Kaufmann Detox Body Oil
  12. Kopari Deodorant (read the full review here)
  13. Aromatherapy Associates Body Wash in Revive
  14. Aromatherapy Associates Body Wash in Relax
  15. Beautycounter Moisturizer
  16. Susanne Kaufmann Herbal Whey Bath
  17. Weleda Skin Food Body Butter
  18. Tata Harper Oil Cleanser

Tell me what you used up this month in the comments! And also curious to know: do you prefer that I post these videos to Instagram or to Youtube? I am testing Instagram this month; but usually post videos to Youtube. I can’t do both so am trying to figure that out.

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photography by Carter Fish.


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  1. I need to try that Glossier shower oil — sounds heavenly!

    3.28.19 Reply
  2. I much prefer Youtube… I like to sit down and watch my videos on the computer, haha. No empties for me this month, just using Kiehl’s as always! 🙂 ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    3.28.19 Reply
  3. Amanda:

    Hi Grace
    Will you be trying out the new Vintner’s Daughter Essence?

    3.28.19 Reply
  4. Rachel:

    Hey Grace! Testing out Weleda skin food as a moisturizer this week at your recommendation 🙂 I prefer YouTube! Have a great Thursday!

    Rachel |

    3.28.19 Reply
  5. Alexandra F.:

    I definitely prefer Instagram for videos! I almost never go on YouTube.

    3.28.19 Reply
  6. Liv:

    Hi Grace, thanks so much for another great post. I love hearing about your skincare recommendations. I’m very interested in trying the Augustinus Bader cream after reading your previous review, but wondered how long your product lasted since this is an empties post. Thanks!

    3.28.19 Reply
  7. cy:

    love body hero! The Kopari deodorant did not work for me, but love their other products. I love the ice roller ( not on your list here) too! I prefer these posts so I can shop as I read and I can check anywhere, as I don’t always have my ear buds. Obviously videos are noisier. Didn’t you say that the Beautycounter shower gel is a good dupe for Body hero? Back to my ice roller now , love! 🙂

    3.28.19 Reply
    • THe only reason the Ice Roller is not on the list is because I didn’t use it up! 😉 it lasts forever!

      And yes, the Beautycounter is a great dupe for Body Hero (that’s what I’m using right now.)

      3.28.19 Reply
  8. They seem like amazing products. I actually haven’t finished anything lately, I don’t remember and if I did it was probably a brand that is only available in my country so there’s no point in mentioning it unfortunately because there are amazing portuguese brands that I wish more people could try. I prefer this type of content on YouTube because I rarely go on Instagram anymore so I can more easily check YT but I’d totally understand if Instagram was easier for you.

    3.28.19 Reply
  9. Norma:

    I think this month I only emptied my Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve eye cream and makeup primer (I used to buy Hourglass Mineral Veil but it is very hard to get it in Mexico, no stock in Sephora for a year maybe?, so now I use Benefit which I really like). I saw your video on IG TV this morning while getting ready for work, to be honest, it is the first IG TV video I’ve seen haha, I usually prefer YouTube but if Instagram is easier for you, that is completely fine 🙂 I’ll watch them either way 🙂 Have a great day, Grace!

    3.28.19 Reply
  10. Ericca:

    omg. I love a good empties post and using up full size products in months is a feat. Good job. I have finished up personally a discontinued makeup remover gel (full size), fresh rose toner (full size) and a couple body shop bar soaps which I love. I love youtube videos but I also love instagram.

    3.28.19 Reply
    • Right!? It definitely ebbs and flows but I had a huge PILE to get through this week!

      3.28.19 Reply
  11. These are some REALLY good ideas.

    3.28.19 Reply
  12. Marty:

    Hi Grace. My empties thus month include 2 Tara Harper products: The regenerating cleanser & the resurfacing mask. And I just replenished my sister’s Weleda Skin Food cream.

    Also, I prefer the YouTube version of these segments. Thanks!

    3.28.19 Reply
  13. kate:

    I have a Dr. Bader specific question. I know you’re not supposed to use serums under it, but I also know you usually use it in the morning. So my question is do you use Vitamin C and if so, when? Because I like the beauty counter (and want to next try the Kiehls) vitamin c oil but i also like dr. bader in the AM. What to do?! such problems, man.

    3.28.19 Reply
  14. Shana:

    I enjoy the empties posts 🙂 It means it was good until the last drop and maybe you don’t buy it again but you stuck with it for the entire contents which is quite a feat in some cases! I recently emptied and repurchased lavanila (pure vanilla scent) natural deodorant, fresh’s black tea firming eye serum, and supergoop’s unseen sunscreen. Dr Bader’s is on my list when I finish my current cream – I’m so excited!!

    3.28.19 Reply
  15. Jill:

    Have you ever used Sara Kaufman’s eye cream

    Not sure you really need an eye cream if you moisturize well…what do you think?

    3.28.19 Reply
    • Do you mean Susanne Kaufmann? If so YES – and I love it, though most of the time I just use Dr Bader as my eye cream. As long as you use a face cream that is safe for that eye area I don’t think you really need it.

      3.29.19 Reply
  16. Call me old fashion, but I prefer the videos on YouTube! Is there a way for them to post to both so you don’t have to choose? Thanks for sharing!

    3.28.19 Reply
    • Hi Katie,
      Ugh I wish there was! But because of the cropping there is not, I have to choose. Unfortunately IG TV gets 7, 8x the views (which is crazy) so I’m probably going to do more videos there but I’ll always link to them; you can still watch them on your computer!

      3.29.19 Reply
  17. Lisa Autumn:

    Really want to try elemis products!

    x Lisa |

    3.29.19 Reply
  18. I always look forward to your beauty posts, Grace! As my resident Dr. Bader expert, does the consistency change when you get to the bottle of your bottle? Mine seems to be more watery and I assume I’m getting to the bottom of it.

    P.S. Congratulations on the Sephora Squad, you are a natural choice!!

    3.31.19 Reply
    • Hey Erica,
      Thank you!!! I haven’t had that problem!!! That’s super interesting though. My one gripe with Dr. Bader is that I can never tell when I’m running out!!!!

      3.31.19 Reply
  19. Is there anything more satisfying than using up a beauty product to the very last drop? Maybe I have an issue because I use up at least 5 a week, and every time I take my bag full of empties to L’occitane for recycling at the end of the month, they always look at my bulging bag in horror. Haha!

    And seconding that Glossier Body Hero duo which you got me hooked on (I’ve been using different ones for winter – like you I always have at least a few on the go – but I can’t wait to dive back into it for spring!).

    Briony xx

    4.2.19 Reply
  20. Nicole M.:

    Lately I’ve been buying so many products based on your recommendations, and the latest is Body Hero. Just ordered it yesterday. I also *just* ordered the Follain body scrub. I am so excited for both to arrive! Also, I love that the Follain scrub comes in a TUBE! I’ll keep you posted on how I like both products!

    4.20.19 Reply
    • So glad to hear it!

      AND YES TO TUBES – I hate sticking my hand in a jar of scrub!

      4.20.19 Reply