Gift Guide: F*ck It.

Gift Guide: F*ck It

CW, you might this find this offensive (but it makes me laugh). You know this is always my favorite gift guide. I do this every year and it seems to be YOUR favorite, too. A reminder: this is all in good fun and meant to be silly! I will always just love the combination of pretty profanity.

This rounds out this year’s eight gift guides so in case you missed them: the best hostess gifts, gifts under $100, gifts under $25, gifts that will get you favorite auntie status (for the kids), gifts for the indoor kid, for the cat mom, and of course: my favorite luxurious gifts. Gift guides are always a big undertaking (but a fun, enjoyable one!!!). Until next year!

Gift Guide: F*ck It


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Leave a Comment


  1. ms:

    Fucking love

    12.5.22 Reply
  2. Emily:

    I bought that snowglobe when you posted it a couple of years ago and it’s ALWAYS a conversation starter! I’m so happy you include it each year so I can send the link to people! Also, I really need that middle finger brass statue to complement it

    12.5.22 Reply
  3. Charlotte:

    I laughed so hard at this post! Even showed my hubby and he also loved it! Thank you for ending my very busy Monday with a some great, always good for you laughter!!!

    12.5.22 Reply
  4. Jessica Camerata:

    That rich bitch moisturizer is the perfect little gift! Also have always admired the middle finger sculpture. Such a fun list.

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    12.6.22 Reply
  5. Vicky:

    I really respect this gift guide, very necessary for life and can be good gifts for the right crowd/myself 🙂

    12.8.22 Reply