The Most Uplifting Podcasts!

I originally wrote this post a year and a half or so ago but wanted to freshen it up a little bit as a) it will be helpful for these trying times and b) I’ve gotten even more into podcasts...
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Etsy Cyber-Week Gift Picks!

Sponsored by Etsy and Shopstyle. I could not be more excited to team up with Etsy to share some INCREDIBLE gifts from small businesses! Getting to work with Etsy is a dream for me… so many cool one of a...
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My Favorite Gifts Over $100.

Happy Friday! Gift Guide week concludes, with my fanciest, most over-the-top guide. Gifts over $100 anddddd… some luxury gifts at the very end (think fine jewelry, gorgeous crystal – glassware has become one of my favorite indulgences – and more)!...
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