Infrared Sauna Blanket Review.

How to Use the Infrared Sauna Blanket

You might remember that last year I got really into going to HigherDOSE for their infrared sauna, and going to Shape House to lay in their infrared sauna blankets. Truth be told, it was expensive and also a pain in the butt, scheduling wise. After the sauna you are so sweaty that you really have to go straight home… it wasn’t something I could do before events or meetings and I don’t like making multiple trips in and out of the city in a single day. So like with many other awesome but inconvenient things, I stopped going.

More recently, HigherDOSE got in touch to see if I’d want to review one of their at home infrared sauna blankets and I was so excited – the idea of being able to do it at home, from the comfort of my couch sounded incredible. Still, I had questions. Would it be as effective as going to Shape House or HigherDose? Would it smell bad? Would it be easy to clean? Etc. etc. I was already sold on the benefits of using an infrared sauna blanket but the at home element was new to me.

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Why I Love My Infrared Sauna Blanket

It gives you all the benefits of going to the sauna – but at home. I can lay on my couch and SWEAT (I put down a towel, don’t worry!) without leaving my home (no sweaty subway ride home afterward). Also, while it’s expensive, it will pay for itself in a month or two if you do it a couple times a week (a 10 pack at Shape House is $400!)

How to Use the Infrared Sauna Blanket

The blanket is a large rectangle that folds together sort of like a sleeping bag (velcro panels). It is pretty simple. You plug it in, lay it flat down (I take the back couch cushions off, lay a towel down underneath, and put on my favorite show), and SWEAT for an hour. The blanket is a high quality waterproof PVC with infrared technology and a remote control to control the temperature. I usually keep the temperature around a 7 (it goes up to a 9); that’s all I can handle!!! You can work up as you become more comfortable with it.

When you are in the blanket, it’s recommended that you wear loose cotton clothing that you don’t mind getting really sweaty: a long sleeve tee, socks, and long pants. Be sure to drink a lot of water during and after your sauna session – I fill up a large mason jar and keep it next to me during my session… I try to drink the whole thing over an hour.

You will sweat a lot. The clothing that you wear will be soaked and there will be sweat in the blanket. I had been worried about cleaning it but it is actually very easy- immediately after my sweat I unfold the blanket, lay it flat, and just wipe it down with these cleaning wipes from 7th Generation. You just want to do it immediately! (Whatever you use to clean the blanket; I’d definitely be sure to use something natural/organic!).

Infrared Blanket Benefits

Infrared Blanket Benefits

There are so many health benefits to infrared sauna treatments (this post that I wrote last year is a great resource!) but here are a few of my personal favs. Infrared technology is really cool!

More energy

You will definitely notice more energy after you sweat.

Weight loss

I’m hesitant to include this as you do notice an immediate slimming effect but that’s all water weight. So you will of course temporarily lose water weight which is great in the short term. That being said, it does burn a lot of calories. According to Shape House, a single sauna session in the blanket burns upwards of 800 calories.

It’s great for your skin.

Sweating is great for your skin – it helps you detoxify and boosts collagen levels. I notice that when I’m using the blanket 2-3x a week (or getting a good sweat at somewhere like Tracy Anderson), my skin is so much softer.

Reduced stress + anxiety.

While the blanket is not comfortable at times (you get really hot!!!) it is incredibly relaxing. It’s great when you are feeling anxious or stressed.

Infrared Sauna Blanket Review

I love my infrared blanket. It is just as effective as going to a sauna to sweat, but I can do it at home. This is big for me as I live in Brooklyn and am a bit of a homebody.

For a discount on the blanket….

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HigherDose review Infrared Sauna Blanket Review

photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. I seriously applaud you for always trying out things for us! So interesting! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Helen says 7.24.19

    I’ve been thinking about getting a sauna blanket but the thought of wearing clothes in one makes me feel overly hot. Have you ever tried it without wearing clothes or is that not recommended?

  3. Andrej says 7.24.19

    Did you measure EMF though?

    • Nicole Z says 7.25.19

      They say it’s low EMF 🙂

  4. Laura says 7.24.19

    Is this more like a sleeping bag or a blanket? Also, how compact does it get for storage?

    • grace at the stripe says 7.25.19

      It’s a blanket that folds up like a sleeping bag with velcro. It’s big but compact enough to fit under my couch!

  5. Louis Botha says 7.25.19

    What is the wavelength composition of the infrared produced by this blanket?

  6. Nicole Z says 7.25.19

    Oh wow, I live in Los Angeles and just bought this blanket about a month ago! We have a place here called Shape House where you lie in a similar blanket (I refer to it as a sleeping bag), watch TV for an hour and chill. (They unfortunately don’t sell their proprietary blanket.) I have had some health concerns/struggles and a few different practitioners had recommended getting an infrared sauna at home. (My parents have a full box sauna at their house, but it is so big. I wanted something more compact.)

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH! It is worth every penny. (And, when you compare it to a Biomat or other healing device, it is affordable.) I use it almost every day on my bed. It is so portable and compact.

    Glad you like yours as well. Happy sweating! xx

    • grace at the stripe says 7.26.19

      Yes! I loved Shape House. It’s great but it was expensive and a hike to get to; so I’m really psyched to get to do it at home!

  7. Wendy says 7.26.19

    Nothing detoxifies your body but your liver and kidneys. It’s bad science to say you can detox via your skin!

    • Todd says 10.17.19

      While the Liver is the main detox organ of the body as current science understands it, there most certainly are not only two detox organs. Generally, the liver removes metals and metabolizes drugs, kidneys filter the blood, lungs handle airborne particulate matter, the lymph nodes filters viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, the colon reabsorbs fluid and excretes waste, and the skin excretes waste as well via sweating. If you doubt the skins role in detox, search for ‘NIH sweat detox’.

  8. Lisa Autumn says 7.27.19

    OMG this sounds dreamy!

    x Lisa |

  9. Tina | TBR etc. says 8.5.19

    Just bought one for my husband for Christmas!! I CANT WAIT!