11 Summer Spritzer Cocktail Recipes.

All hail the summer SPRITZ! I love a good summer spritzer. It’s light and refreshing, easy to drink, and lower in alcohol. Perfect for drinking outside in the sunshine; the ideal summer cocktail. The spritz has definitely been one of...
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How to Give Yourself a Facial Pressure Points Massage.

It’s a newer thing for me, but whenever I feel stressed (or puffy), I have been doing a little facial pressure points massage. It’s amazing. As background, I have gotten really into facial massage over the past couple years… it...
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My Easy DIY Ice Cream Recipe.

Is there anything better than homemade ice cream!? I think not. It is fun (and shockingly easy) to make and just so delicious. I made mine with peaches but you can do any fruit… or opt for something like chocolate...
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