2021 in Review.

2021 in Review The Stripe

2021 in Review

2021 felt more hopeful.

I know everyone has been trashing 2021 but for me, 2020 was much worse. 2021 was frustrating at times, but still an improvement. I mean, anything would be an improvement vs. being locked down alone in Brooklyn. 2020 was flat out awful, which made me more appreciative of 2021’s bright moments. On a personal level, this year was actually pretty great. Better than great. I fell in love.. I moved to a city I’d always dreamed about living in. And I got/get to see my parents multiple times a week after being unable to see them for a year. I stayed mostly healthy (besides that month long cold from hell) and I felt extreeeemely lucky.

It was a sad year too. I had a lot of conflicted feelings over leaving New York (my home for 15 years). I missed my friends and my old home. And I lost touch with a few people who were once really important to me. And (especially over the last month or so) there was just so much uncertainty.

Professionally, it was only medium. Not bad or devastating, but not GREAT. Instagram grew a little, my email newsletter and Facebook group grew a lot, my blog traffic was down. I got feedback that my content was boring, and I get it because at times I just felt really unmotivated and exhausted. I wrote about a lack of stamina, and at times it felt like I was just getting by. Not being creative, not being strategic, just getting things done and then wanting a nap. The past couple years have been HARD. There are years of growth and years that lag, and this year lagged a little bit. It’s the first time that’s ever happened, and I absolutely don’t see it as a permanent thing.

If anything, it motivates me and next year things will grow again.

There are a few things at play. First of all, pandemic fatigue is real. Coming off of such a hard year, I just didn’t (and still don’t have) the energy to work 24/7. Also, a constant layer of stress about messing up, saying the wrong thing, or accidentally offending someone was added… and when you are anxious and nervous, it can be hard to be yourself.

We can also add to that list a rich personal life that is mostly offline (two of the biggest parts of my life are my boyfriend and my niece). So it was a little weird as offline, life felt good, but online I guess I was yes: a little boring. I do think that sometimes influencer content is more interesting when it’s coming from a place of struggle. Kind of awful but true: some of my best content has come right after breakups… or during the pandemic. A lot of people found me during lockdown, when I was really struggling – and talking about that.

I wasn’t struggling this year – I was happy but exhausted. I’m feeling a lot less tired… energized, actually – after a break.

It was like I took a week off and the creative juices just went into overdrive. I am particularly excited about this month’s content but also the year ahead. This year, a goal of mine is to keep this blog and my social channels interesting and fun for you, while maintaining my happiness and a level of privacy. The “when will you reveal your boyfriend” questions can be a lot. I totally understand the curiosity. That being said, he is not a new handbag to reveal; he is a human being who, while incredibly supportive of my work, doesn’t want me to post photos of him. Maybe that will change, maybe it won’t… I want to be respectful of his wishes.

Anyway! I am going to talk about personal and business goals in an upcoming post (next week, I think!) but this post is an annual report of sorts: your favorite posts, your favorite products, what platforms and projects were most lucrative for my business, ETC. I do this every year. It’s a good exercise for me to dig into the numbers and think critically. It helps me to set goals and think about future partnerships, plus areas of my business I want to expand, work harder at, or stop doing.

I share it with you as I like being transparent (and because I think it’s interesting!!!).

Everything I do here is done for a reason. It’s not always a financial reason (building this community and supporting small businesses will always come first) but I’m not running a non-profit. This is a business, and (well, most of the time at least), I try to be as strategic as possible.

Lastly: THANK YOU. For your encouragement, for reading and commenting here, following along on Instagram, liking and commenting on my posts and shopping via my links, listening to the podcast, subscribing to the newsletter, and of course – hanging out in the Facebook Group (my FAV!). YOU have been one of the brightest spots in a year that felt so uncertain and , and I am so incredibly grateful for that. A special thank you to those who still comment on the blog. As you will see below they were down quite a bit from last year (the industry is changing and most people prefer to DM). I cherish every blog comment!

Making New Friends as an Adult.



  • 315 posts published (vs 364 last year)
  • 4,495 blog comments (-50% vs. last year)
  • Blog traffic was down 6%

This was the first year where my blog traffic was down vs. the prior year. 6% is not the end of the world but it’s still a little sad. I feel like a bit of a failure looking at these numbers (especially blog comments – heartbreaking!!!) but this is also a factor of where the industry is right now. If there were a way to capture DM engagement, I’m sure that would be much higher than last year. People are spending more and more (too much if you ask me) time on Instagram. Even when I link a blog post in my stories, I’ll get a DM as opposed to a comment on the blog.

I know it sounds silly but blog comments are just so much more meaningful and easier to manage – I can reply easily from the computer, and a discussion can ensue. Nothing makes me happier than when I see a lively discussion in the comments of a blog post.

The decline in traffic was caused by a few things.

The main (and sad!) reason is that I didn’t focus on it quite as much as I have in the past. 315 posts in a year isn’t exactly slacking, but I focused a lot more on Instagram as that is where most of my partnerships (and frankly readers) were. Also, I was quite spread thin: a huge move, a long distance relationship, living close to family (and wanting to stop working many days at 5pm to go be with them), plus just having a lot of work to do between my newsletter, instagram, the podcast, etc. I don’t like that my traffic was down, but this was a big year in terms of life changes, so it does make sense. We will turn it around next year – I have faith!


  1. Organic Search
  2. Direct (direct traffic is when someone types in your website name)
  3. Instagram
  4. Pinterest
  5. Facebook
  6. Mackenzie Horan (thanks, friend!)
  7. Go Fug Yourself (thanks ladies!)
  8. Bloglovin
  9. Feedly
  10. Twitter

beauty products on shelf - 2021 in Review


#10 Making New Friends as An Adult

This is always such a popular question, be it on the podcast or in the Facebook group, etc. Making friends as an adult can be really, really hard – especially in a new city. I got some experience with that this year, so I wrote a post about it.

#9 Melissa Wood Health Review

This was SUCH a popular one and I’m glad as Melissa really got me through quarantine. 20 minutes a day was manageable, something I could stick to. While I am not currently doing her workouts any more I know at some point I will go back to them. Quick, effective, and not too hard.

#8 Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse Recipe

An older post, but a good one – such a simple way to add body and shine (while also getting your scalp super clean).

#7 The Correct Order to Apply Your Skincare Products

This comes up in nearly every Q&A. I wrote it a few years ago but keep updating it as I swap out favorite products.

#6 Goals for 2021

We love some goal setting! 2022’s goals will be on the blog next week or the week after.

#5 A Lack of Stamina

I was so nervous to press publish on this piece as it was raw and honest and I was worried about how people would respond/if they’d find me whiny and bratty. But it resonated with so many of you and I’m really grateful. On bad days I will re-read this (and the comments section!).

#4 Ice Roller Benefits

This post is a perma fav (and I sell at least a couple ice rollers every day!). It’s just such a great product. Crazy affordable, but also makes a difference.

#3 How to Deep Clean Your Scalp At Home

You guys are really into scalp health! Ha. This is a great post, written a few years ago. It always trends especially at the end of summer when we’re all having to deal with dry shampoo build up + sunscreen, salt, etc!

#2 Grande Lash Review

This was a very popular post (and product) – my lash serum. I started using it this summer and have had amazing results. I can’t get over how much longer and thicker my lashes look. Some days I even forget to put on mascara!

#1 Buying Your First Chanel Bag

This is also an older post but gets great SEO. There are posts that I write for SEO reasons, but this actually wasn’t one of them… I wrote it more as an answer to questions I’d been getting. It just got picked up by google and has been a top post for a couple years now.



Something that cracked me up a little bit is how similar this list is to last year’s list. 8 of the items are exact and then we have a different pair of faux leather leggings and a different pair of jeans (same brand, AGOLDE). Made me laugh – at least I am consistent: I tend to fall in love with products and talk about them over and over and over again!

1. Zella Shawl Cardigan

This is the coziest – I talked about it over the winter and then again during the Nordstrom sale. It is truly so cozy. I recommend sizing down, I have the medium and am tempted to give it away to a friend and buy a small as it’s just a little bit frumpy and big.

2. AGOLDE Jeans

My favorite jeans, period. Most of my jeans are from AGOLDE… I find them to be true to size, fit my body really well, and to be on trend without making me feel like I’m doing some sort of nineties cosplay.

3. Photophore

It makes me happy to see this rank as it’s a really cool small Etsy business. I love this thing. It’s a great gift and when you put it over a candle it emits such a cozy warm glow.

4. Vince Sneakers

These were a best-seller last year and again this year. I love these sneakers and have gotten my mom and my sister obsessed as well. I have (from over the years) four pairs – the tan, grey, navy, and white. They are so comfortable but I love that they have a little lift in them.

5.  Amazon Sandals

These are so cute… and so inexpensive. And one thing I realized this year is that during the rainier season it’s good to have an inexpensive pair of non-leather sandals to run around in.

6. Letterpress Stationery

I owe this find to Jen at The Fashion Magpie (a fav read of mine) as she led me to these and they are so great. The quality is very good and it’s reasonably priced for letterpress.

7. Ice Roller

Another repeat offender, this is a perennial favorite and as I mentioned above, one of the best inexpensive things you can do for your skin. It’s wild how effective it is!

8. Necessaire Body Cream

Also a repeat from last year. My favorite body lotion. I wrote a longer review of it.

9. Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream

The best face cream ever. A big splurge but my holy grail, most favorite skincare product of all time.

10. Biossance Lactic Acid Serum

Also a repeat offender. Another holy grail beauty fav. In fact, I use this a few times a week to keep my skin smooth and bright!

11. Molded Matter Body Cream

The sexiest, smoky body cream, from an amazing small business. They make it in very limited quantities so it sells out fast but I always try to post to Instagram when I see it restocked.

12. Amazon White Lace Blouse

This was such a fun find and so popular. I love this blouse, it could pass for Zimmermann or something fancy.

13. Commando Faux Leather Leggings

I had always been a Spanx leggings girl (and I still love my Spanx) but these look like REAL leather. I love them.

14. Password book

This was in one of my gift guides and was wildly popular. So many of you bought it for your parents… ha ha!

15. Amazon Fleece

Also a repeat offender! This is just the best little pullover. The gold snaps, the slimmer fit, the longer length… it’s so PERFECT. Definitely an important part of my quarantine uniform.

16. Travel Jewelry Case

This little box is the greatest – it looks so much more expensive than it is, and I love that it comes in emerald green (amongst other colors!!!).

17. Hanging Travel Bag

My favorite. Honestly, this makes travel so much nicer, just having all my toiletries in one orderly place. I keep it packed at all times so that it’s ready to go when I have a trip.

18. Amazon Slouchy Socks

Also a fav from last year, and a best buy from quarantine for sure. These are the greatest. So cozy. I’m pretty much always wearing them!

19. Gold Birkenstocks

It is positively wild how much love this community has for the gold birks. And I can’t fault you for that. They were out of stock forever and then they came back and I posted them and you all broke the Internet.

20. Maison Louis Marie Candle

Favorite favorite candle. I always stock up during Sephora’s sale. This also made the list last year.


Last year, I added a revenue section to the post this year for the first time ever as I think there are a lot of questions about how bloggers make money. While I am not comfortable sharing dollar amounts,  percentages are interesting!


See that big yellow wedge? Yup. That’s Instagram.

That (and other things, I do love it at it’s purest form, I just hate the algorithm and the way the platform penalizes larger accounts (especially if, god forbid, you want to take a few days off!) is why I won’t be leaving Instagram anytime soon. Instagram ads were the biggest source of revenue this year. This is a bit disheartening at times as I prefer doing larger (long term) partnerships across all of my channels. (An example of that would be yesterday’s Briogeo post where we did a blog post, instagram reel, and stories).

I can be more thoughtful about it, I can put SEO behind it, and selfishly I charge more for it which means that I can run fewer ads (A sponsored blog post costs about 3x what a set of sponsored Instagram stories cost). This is just where the industry is right now, and I’ve had to adapt.

Affiliate revenue was second (this includes swipe ups, but there’s no accurate way to break out what’s from Instagram and what’s from the blog, newsletter, etc).

A lot is from swipe ups, making Instagram even more important (financially speaking, that is!). Sponsored blog posts were second, and the podcast + banner ads on my site were little baby pieces of the pie.

In 2022, I want my newsletter to become a piece of the pie (ideally meaning fewer ads on Instagram). Even if it’s only a tiny piece. I really like the idea of selling ads in my newsletter or doing dedicated newsletters. We will see. I like how pure my newsletter is but it would be fun to test some partnerships there and see how they perform.

affiliate revenue 2021

My affiliate revenue was down (as a percentage) from last year.

Last year, it was nearly half my income (48%), this year it was only 36%. The main reason for that is that in 2020, I did two Amazon drop collections whereas in 2021 I only did the one staples collection. The way that the Amazon drop partnerships are structured is that you receive a flat licensing fee + bonuses depending on sales, but the main revenue driver is with commissions. Since I did not do any big drops this year, my affiliate revenue definitely suffered. That is okay though!

The biggest chunk is “other.” That makes me really happy as it’s all those smaller brands I link to but were under 2%: Chappywrap and Etsy, Hill House and Farm Rio, ETC.

Also! If you’re not familiar with the term “affiliate revenue,” that’s the links on my blog. Most (not all!) of the links on my blog are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase from something I share here I will often earn a percentage of sales. Think of it like a finders fee. It isn’t much (usually around 5-10%), but it adds up and is a very significant to my business!

That about sums this year’s review up! I’d love for you to share what you’d like to see more of in 2021, if you have any content requests!

PS – Previous years in review: 2020 – 2019 – 2018 – 2017 – 2016


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Leave a Comment


  1. Mollye:

    Grace, Congrats on the success you had in 2021 both personally and professionally. I definitely enjoyed your content this year and am looking forward to what you have to share in 2022. I personally love the books, beauty, jewelry and bag/shoe recommendations! While I think it’s good to be open to feedback about your content that was not so positive, keep in perspective that other people are experiencing fatigue too and their input may be a result of that. Congrats again! Mollye

    1.7.22 Reply
    • AJ:

      Came here to say the exact same thing, and I would add that your art content has also been a highlight for me. Thanks for your refreshing honesty as usual, Grace!

      1.7.22 Reply
      • Erin:

        I second this! Your blog is my first stop in the morning to read with my coffee. Thanks for all you do!

        1.10.22 Reply
    • Rebekah Cohen:

      I want to second (third?) this! The Stripe is literally my “no talkie before coffee” blog, and I find you (Grace) to be refreshingly honest, relatable, engaging, encouraging (!), and inspiring. I originally found you for the book posts (and they’re still by FAR my favorite!), but I stay for everything else.

      Remember, most American’s only say things when they want to complain…rarely do we go out of our way for praise (let’s fix that, eh?). So, your feedback is likely skewed – and we fans can do better about boosting your positive feedback! I’m here for it. Be proud of yourself after such a fucking dumpster fire of a year (or two).

      1.10.22 Reply
  2. Katherine E:

    Since your blog comments are down, here you go! I adore your blog and podcast and am grateful for them since I don’t do Instagram. I can see how hard you work-you are like a one woman magazine providing content on a daily basis. Pretty amazing. Also, welcome to your 40’s, it’s great here. Keep up the good work!

    1.7.22 Reply
    • Carrie:

      “One woman magazine” is such a great line! Love your work, Grace!

      1.7.22 Reply
      • Katie:

        “One woman magazine” is so accurate and perfect! The Stripe and Cup of Jo both fulfill that for me, and both have amazing comment communities. Thanks for all you do, Grace!

        1.7.22 Reply
        • KJ:

          Agree! My 2 favorite blogs. Maybe it’s because I’m near 40, but Instagram just doesn’t have the same depth to me as these blogs. Keep up the great work, Grace!

          1.8.22 Reply
  3. Megan:

    Marketer here! I love that you do this post every year (with the graphs!!!). It is so interesting to me, and I appreciate your transparency.

    1.7.22 Reply
  4. Martha:

    Happy New Year, Grace! Thanks for sharing this beautiful reflection. I came here for the books and stayed for everything else you offer on your blog as well! I remember back at the beginning of 2021 you said your goals were mostly personal, not professional. Your happiness matters most and it’s so great to hear that this year was successful for you in that area in particular. Cheers!
    P.S. I think it totally makes sense why you would want to keep certain people private. While it is fun to hear about BF and Zoe here and there, I (and I’m sure others) have a ton of respect for this.

    1.7.22 Reply
    • Totally relate to coming for the books but staying for everything else. You’re an inspiration, Grace! I’ve also never thought you were boring – bloggers sharing the minutiae of life are honestly some of my favorite content pieces.

      Keep doing you!!

      1.7.22 Reply
    • Caroline:

      I echo both of these comments! Your voice is authentic, and I have always loved that most about whatever content you share through whichever medium. Thanks, too, for sharing the business annual report. While this may not have been your intention, it’s a truly wonderful example of the balancing act of it all — sometimes we need a year of prioritizing personal life and happiness to be refreshed and inspired again in other areas. Cheers to you and all you continue to accomplish!

      1.7.22 Reply
  5. Vanessa:

    This is one of my favorite blog posts that you do!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    1.7.22 Reply
  6. Sara:

    What an enjoyable recap. I always love when bloggers share information like this, it helps me be a more engaged (and helpful!) consumer. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and though I only check it to catch up a couple of times a week (I do this with any blogs I follow), I do go to your blog very often because of something I have seen in the past. I’ll be better about commenting and engaging here!

    1.7.22 Reply
  7. Allie N.:

    Loved learning more about your business, Grace! Thanks for sharing. And just wanted to tell you that I’ve felt empowered by how you make intentional life choices, like moving to be closer to your family. Best of luck for 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  8. I think your thoughtful and measured response to critical feedback. I agree with Mollye’s last statement- feedback can reflect more what the person giving it is feeling rather than the recipient. It’s great to take the feedback, evaluate how true it is, and make relevant adjustments.

    Also, I want to put out there that I LOVED your Austria trip recaps. And yes, a large part of that is I can’t wait to get back to Europe! Your mini-trips and hotel reviews are also quite good. Even though I tend to allocate less money to hotels when I travel, the hotel bucket list you profile is awesome. The decor and views are always swoon-worthy (or at least on the internet 🙂

    Finally, I was 100% influenced by you to buy Sarah Flint heels two years ago. They’re bright red, look great, and garner a lot of compliments at Christmas & Valentine’s Day!

    1.7.22 Reply
    • First sentence incomplete. Hazards of typing on the phone! “Think” should be “appreciate.”Oops.

      1.7.22 Reply
  9. Alicia:

    I don’t find your blog boring at all!

    If someone reads your blog through Feedly only and rarely comes to the actual website, does that still county as blog traffic? I see some bloggers only allow a paragraph to show on Feedly and then you have to open up the webpage to read the rest of the content. I just always thought that was to drive people to the banner ads and what not, but perhaps it drives blog traffic numbers up as well? I generally only use Feedly, but certainly don’t want to hurt someone’s number if it is bad for their business.

    1.7.22 Reply
    • Maggie:

      I also use Feedly and have wondered the same, thanks for asking!

      1.7.22 Reply
    • Cara:

      I always wonder that too! I usually click through to the blog post momentarily after I read it on Feedly just in case it helps. Ha

      1.7.22 Reply
    • Jen:

      I’m also wondering what “counts” as blog traffic so that I make sure I do it. Thanks for everything. Your blog is one of only two blogs I still read – and go to actual websites for (the other is Capital Hill Style). I love your content and how authentic you are. I would hope that your core readers understand that you are human, too, and not a content machine – and so if there are years or seasons where you are more or less inspired we are committed to riding those waves with you. xo

      1.7.22 Reply
    • I do not think it registers as a page view/session if you do not click from Feedly into the blog. You can set it in Feedly so that blog posts open directly in the blog (you have to go to each individual blog you follow to change that setting). Often times Feedly totally messes up the post formatting so I would definitely recommend changing that setting so that all blog posts open in their native website to get the best experience! 🙂

      1.8.22 Reply
    • If they use a RSS feed but don’t click through to read the full article, it won’t count as traffic. So if you use a feed reader, always click through to show some support!

      1.10.22 Reply
  10. kristin:

    Hi Grace! Long time follower here – years…!! I LOVE your content and posts. I could never work in this industry and admire those who choose to do so. But, I love to be a “customer.” 🙂 Your gift guides and shopping rec’s are remarkable and I look forward to them. Regarding the drop in followers – try to not worry so much about that. Because in any case, it’s not always regarding you. For example, a while back, I had a baby and didn’t check any of my fave blogs for a long time as I was going through such a period of exhaustion, life change, etc. Thank you for such incredible posts, for posting EARLY (I read mine every morning before my daughter wakes up), and please don’t ever give up the weekend posting either! Saturday mornings are my favorite time to sit with my coffee and go through the links. Look forward to this year’s content! XOXO!

    1.7.22 Reply
  11. Marissa:

    This is why I love you! And all your recs. I can’t even remember how I found you years ago but I appreciate your transparency and I feel like everything you do is open and honest! Can’t wait to see what I find from you in 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  12. Megan:

    this was so interesting and enlightening, thank you!

    1.7.22 Reply
  13. Emily:

    Happy new year, Grace! I’ve always appreciated you authenticity and approach to your blog and look forward to your content and seeing your creativity continue to blossom in 2022!
    P.S. – currently wearing my Zella Wrap Cardigan that I think I found through you, it’s a life saver on cold winter mornings!

    1.7.22 Reply
  14. Sarah:

    It also makes me sad that people are using Instagram more and more. I don’t use it and prefer real blogs (I know I’m the minority here!). It’s a real catch 22 for bloggers/influencers who want to invest more in their blog but also need to make a living. :/

    Congratulations on the success you had in 2021! Excited to see all of your new content in 2022!!

    1.7.22 Reply
  15. Leah:

    So interesting- thanks for sharing! I noticed blog posting (in terms of regularity of posting) take a dive this year in general. I always start my work day reading a few blogs, and I’m so thankful that you kept posting regularly!

    1.7.22 Reply
  16. Sarah R:

    Hi Grace! I love following you everywhere (the blog, instagram, the Facebook group, which is gold btw), but re: blog comments. So many times this year I have started a comment on a blog, yours and others, and just…deleted it. The pandemic fatigue brain fog is so real, and sometimes I can’t find the energy to put my thoughts into written words in the right way. I know that sounds silly as someone just commenting and not writing the posts, but wow, mentally last year was tough. I do love reading discussions in the comments section, and this year, I want to contribute more!

    1.7.22 Reply
    • Sara:

      Just have to say I agree about the Facebook group being gold. I have gotten the best recommendations from there!

      1.7.22 Reply
    • Allysa:

      Completely agree, Sarah! Actually just happened to me now when thinking of how I wanted to phrase this with pandemic fatigue I’ve tried to prioritize communication with friends/family, but even that has struggled.

      1.8.22 Reply
  17. Madeleine:

    Thanks for sharing this breakdown! I know you said that your business was medium this year, and honestly I think it’s great to have years where your personal life is more of a focus. That has been the case for me lately and I think for others too as the pandemic is shifting mindsets about how much time we spend working. That shift is just not as publicly noticeable when you’re not an influencer! Just a comment to say that I’m right there with you, happy new year 🙂

    1.7.22 Reply
  18. mary:

    My favorite thing you do as an influencer is your podcast. It’s my first listen of the day on Wednesdays and it always motivates me in some form and keeps me coming back to the blog. Keep up the good work, the book recs, the travel tips, the affordable fashion and self-care advice. Happy 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  19. You are not boring!!

    1.7.22 Reply
  20. Shana:

    I’m not on Instagram so I really enjoy the blog and the newsletter. Recap posts are fascinating for an engineer like me 🙂 I enjoy all aspects of the blog but the skincare (Dr Bader fan thanks to you!) and the fashion (Vince sneakers, give me all of the green and blue items) are my favorite. I really have not been able to focus enough to read a full book since the pandemic. My only full read has been A Promised Land which I enjoyed but I just can’t… hopefully it will come back as a focus this year. Also 100% getting the passwords book for my dad, brilliant idea!! Congratulations and looking forward to 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  21. Dana B:

    Glad to hear you’re not planning to leave insta anytime soon! I’ve been following Jess Ann Kirby’s relationship with the app, and honestly, I’m sad to see her leaving. I get it, but as a content consumer I love the real time interaction and videos that instagram allows. I am happy to swipe, comment and like for my fav bloggers – like you! So I’m not sure how that will change the way I follow her.

    Anyways, I love your more personal posts and transparency. This post is a great example. I’ve gotten great advice from you and love the sense of community you’ve built across platforms. Happy 2022, and I look forward to following along.

    1.7.22 Reply
  22. Sara:

    Grace, I’m a long time reader. I only read your blog via Feedly (I’m not on social media) and I live in Canada so I rarely am able to contribute to your revenue as many links are for Amazon US and other US only sites/products – but you have influenced me to buy a few things over the years! It helps when you say what the product is so I can search for it (vs a link saying something like “My new favorite hair product”).
    My favourite posts are your weekend link posts. I disagree with whoever said your content is boring, though I admit to wondering a few times last year if you were posting just for the sake of posting. Like, you were feeling pressure to put something out there just to stay relevant (which I get, cause the internet is tough and social media algorithms are brutal). I hope you feel energized and motivated for 2022!
    Please continue to spend time on your blog as it’s part of my daily/weekly reading! I enjoy your thoughtful, interesting content. Im going to sign up for your newsletter now too.

    1.7.22 Reply
  23. Rachel:

    Happy to have your blog, newsletter and Instagram! And I’m so glad you were able to focus on your personal life this year! I will be commenting more on the blog this year – I love your content! I have those Vince sneakers in 4 colors and couldn’t live without them! Thank you!

    1.7.22 Reply
  24. Rebecca:

    This is so interesting!! Thank you for sharing. My favorite part of your content is your newsletter and I look forward to getting it. I’m trying to spend less time on Instagram. I forgot about blog comments, I wonder if this year in review will increase those for you?

    Enjoy your weekend away!

    1.7.22 Reply
  25. Kari Sterling:

    I just want to share how much I love your content. I always read and open the things you share. Just wanted to let you know! ❤️

    1.7.22 Reply
  26. Ana:

    Hi Grace! Thank you for your content- I definitely do not find it boring! Curiously I am on your channels but Instagram right now (taking some time off from it)! I am happy to be able to read your content here and in the newsletter and looking forward to the podcast being back! I wish you an amazing Year!
    Best from Brazil

    1.7.22 Reply
  27. Thanks for sharing Grace! I used to be a huge blog reader but over the years I am guilty of switching to IG for content. My goal for 2022 is to more proactively go back to reading blogs because honestly, I’m tired of the scroll. (Not to mention the creative rut.) I follow a lot of creative small business/social media marketing resources, and I’ve noticed there does seem to be a lot of talk about “return to blogging” – which I really hope is true. I LOVE blogs. But I do think you are right “on the money” about your email newsletter. I agree that selling ads in an email newsletter is the next frontier so to speak. Can’t wait to see your 2022 content!

    1.7.22 Reply
  28. Dallas:

    I feel like I have brain fog and I’m exhausted — and that’s reflected in how I’m engaging with content, even content I really love. Better days ahead!

    1.7.22 Reply
    • Jessie:

      Yes! This right here – I often struggled to engage deeply enough with content over the past year to click through to a blog post or leave a comment – not just here, but on other blogs that I used to follow avidly and read every post. I think my energy is a bit renewed after some time off for the holidays, but we’ll see if that keeps up through 2022! I just wonder if people who say your content was “boring” were people who were burned out with online content and life in general, and it really wouldn’t have mattered what you were posting – they still would have been bored. If you asked me to describe Grace Atwood in 2021, “boring” wouldn’t be the word I would have used – “happy” seems much more accurate 🙂

      I also think a lot of people tried to disconnect from internet stuff and revel in some real life experiences after vaccines became widely available this past summer – pent up energy for irl, if you will.

      It’s so hard to predict or analyze these last 2 years – anything we would have anticipated seems to have turned out the opposite (stock market boom? housing boom? pandemic babies???), and while hindsight is 20/20 on some of those things, people are just complicated and we can’t possibly predict how the world will react with 100% accuracy. You just do you, Grace, and I promise your devoted fans will love it just because it’s you doing it.

      1.7.22 Reply
  29. Betsy:

    I am so glad you love your blog because I love it, too! Thank you for all of your hard work – I always enjoy your year in review – and I hope you have a great 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  30. Katelyn:

    Love following you, and I have so many new favorite items (Bader! Candles! Loeffler Randle! The hanging travel bag!) but even more I enjoy your voice. Looking forward to hearing more of your observations on the world in 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  31. Sarah:

    I loved reading this recap! Thanks so much for taking the time to put it together and share so openly. I enjoy reading your content so much throughout the year and appreciate that your share helpful ways to engage…like commenting on the blog. Hoping 2022 is a great year for you and everyone reading!

    1.7.22 Reply
  32. Liv:

    Thanks Grace for your transparency! Your recommendations have been a huge part of my post divorce glow up the past two years and I really value and trust your work. So many of my tried and trues have come from you (biossance, necessaire, nuface, luv scrub, gold birks, I could go on!). As well as the amazing Facebook group and your taste in books and movies Just wanted to say you’ve enriched my life and I will continue to support you!

    1.7.22 Reply
  33. I always love reading your year in review posts. It’s fascinating to see what posts and products resonate with people and I selfishly enjoy a glimpse into the financial part of your business.

    While your blog views may have declined slightly, you have one of the most engaged communities of any blogger that I follow! I look forward to your newsletter every week!!

    1.7.22 Reply
  34. MIchelle:

    Grace you blog is one of the few I follow that is my go to to read when I open my email. I don’t always comment. I am not a makeup person but enjoy all of the other things you post about. How anyone could say your blog is boring is beyond me. I love the book recommendations especially as I am an avid reader. There is something for everyone on your blog.

    Thanks for the great posts1

    1.7.22 Reply
  35. Brittany:

    Hi Grace! I DM’d but after reading this post I realized I should comment here too. I wanted to say that I have enjoyed your content over the past year more than ever! Your clear happiness at some big life changes, to me, made your content more genuine and natural and full of joy. I’m not a big blog or newsletter reader (although I am subscribed) but I will make a point to do it more and engage in different ways to support you. It’s easy to just think about how I enjoy it but not do anything proactively to support your business – Insta is good at making you forget you are, in fact, running a business. Anyway, just wanted to say keep doing what you’re doing – it’s great, fun, engaging work and I’m really glad you’re in this space. Keep rocking girl!

    1.7.22 Reply
  36. Lyndee:

    Thank you for sharing this! I always find it so interesting, as most bloggers/influencers don’t have this level of transparency.
    Congrats on a successful year and thanks for all of the great content and recommendations!

    1.7.22 Reply
  37. LeeAnne Lower:

    I’ve been a follower for years and initially found you via the blog. I’ve especially enjoyed following along this year since you moved to Charleston and have been visiting LA a good bit. I used to live in Charleston and now currently live in LA, so it’s been fun for me to follow along as you explore both cities as a local. Thank you for sharing and creating content! I love your travel and city guides as well as your weekend email update.

    1.7.22 Reply
  38. Linda:

    Thanks for sharing this information. Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! I look forward to visiting it every day.

    1.7.22 Reply
  39. I am always so fascinated by these recaps! When I blogged more, I was so inspired by your growth 🙂 I remember seeing such massive growth numbers in the past that it makes sense your traffic would be down a little bit. Given how little time people unfortunately spend on blogs now, I still think only being down 6% (even though of course you’d rather grow) is still really impressive! That means you’ve retained so many people through that growth.

    And…yup to readers loving struggle. A lot of my highest traffic/engagement was when I was at my lowest.

    Also related to your Farm Rio mention—all of these brands I’ve been less familiar with but learned about from you are popping up on Abbot Kinney!! (in Venice, if you haven’t gone there yet with your bf) First Farm Rio, now Naadam.

    1.7.22 Reply
  40. Jess:

    Congrats on a successful year! Love the insights and honesty as it helps us be better consumers of your content as well

    1.7.22 Reply
  41. Marcella:

    Love your blog Grace!! Sometimes I want to comment but then I feel like I always comment, haha. I really do trust your recs and as someone in their late 20s I look forward to being your age, you make it look easy! Personally I deleted IG last year and it’s great, it was bad for my mental health. I do miss getting a lot of creative ideas from there (like meal ideas, outfits etc.) but now I mostly use Pinterest. Looking forward to your content this year and also love the BOP podcast! I always listen when I’m cleaning my room and it’s helped me get back into reading more.

    1.7.22 Reply
  42. Raq:

    Longtime reader and this kind of post is why I love your blog! Obviously love the skincare, product recs, peek into your life but your honesty and engagement are really the best and I appreciate the transparency so muchn!

    1.7.22 Reply
  43. Kayleigh:

    I loved this post and am using it as my inspiration to write my own personal year-in-review! Cheers to 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  44. AND:

    So interesting to see this! Thanks for sharing!

    1.7.22 Reply
  45. SK:

    Hi Grace! Wanted to leave a comment (my first) to say that you were one of the highlight follows of mine in 2021 – recommended to me by another creator I follow whose content I love for many facets but also because she (and you) are rare examples of content from someone who is childfree by choice and I really needed more voices and representation like yours in my feed. As someone who will always also be #blogsfirst, I wanted to assure you there are plenty of us out there who still love a daily blog read with our morning cup of coffee!

    1.7.22 Reply
  46. Tay:

    I honestly had no idea blog engagement was so pivotal a stat! I’m certainly guilty of the DM over comment move, and will make a concerted effort to move engagement over to the blog. Thank you for sharing that.

    I appreciate the work you do for all of us, the transparency you share, and the privacy you maintain! I’m on a strict influencer diet and try to harshly limit my consumption — but I just can’t quit The Stripe 🙂

    1.7.22 Reply
  47. Julie:

    Thank you for sharing, Grace! I find this all so fascinating and like others here, really appreciate the transparency. It’s great to see you so happy and thriving in your personal life!

    1.7.22 Reply
  48. Lauren:

    Love your blog and Instagram, and I so appreciate your transparency!

    For everyone who loved the Amazon fleece, this one by the same brand is also a must-buy! It is a cozier version with pockets (!), but has the same great length and slim cut as the one you posted (which I also purchased).


    1.7.22 Reply
  49. Cara:

    I love this recap, and just want to share that I really appreciate your blog, podcast, Instagram presence, and most of your partnerships! I definitely don’t find your content boring. I concur with one of the other commenters that I like the Weekend Reading a lot, and really think your links feel more authentic that many other bloggers. You’ve totally changed my skincare routine, caused me to buy so many henley shirts, and I just booked a Tarot reading with Modern Mystic.

    Re: your #’s, I could be wrong but I think you may have said you expected to take a step back in hours & income to spend more time with family in a podcast ep this year? While it can be hard to realize that your #’s aligned with that at the end of the year, it may just need some mental and emotional reframing so you can appreciate that you planned for it and that was OK! I know that almost every influencer I follow is talking about the algorithm and disliking Instagram, and I’m sure that can add to your feelings about it. Maybe take some time to take stock of how much of your feelings are your own and how much are other people influencing you?

    For 2022, I’d love to continue to see more of your journey into doing your own hair and makeup now that you’re out of NYC, some fun vacation clothes (a girl can dream), and maybe do posts introducing us to other bloggers you admire!

    1.7.22 Reply
  50. Laura:

    Love your transparency Grace! You are one of my favorite people to follow. Thank you for all that you do!

    1.7.22 Reply
  51. Catie:

    Thank you for your hard work! I love your content! I follow many people on Instagram, but I can honestly say your blog is the only one I read! I love it, love your style and really enjoy following you!

    1.7.22 Reply
  52. Jordan G:

    I enjoyed seeing you thrive in your personal life and thought your blog content was excellent. I appreciate you pulling the curtain back because it’s fascinating to see what others engage with. Here’s to a fulfilling and balanced 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  53. Mandy Stewart:

    Hi Grace! I’m a new follower, I think I started following right around your move to Charleston. I also turned 40 last year and I just love having someone to follow who’s in my same demographic. I’m sad I didn’t find you sooner! I absolutely love your newsletter. I’ll be sure to click into the blog more and try to comment since that’s such a big part of your success measure.
    More than all of that though, I wanted to say that you have built THE BEST FACEBOOK GROUP I have ever been part of (and I’ve tried my fair share). The women there are the most sincere, helpful, thoughtful group of people I have ever experienced online. I don’t know how you did it, but kudos, and thank you!

    1.7.22 Reply
  54. Lindsay:

    I think it is so cool that you break this down every year. I am sorry about the decrease in blog traffic and blog comments, but for what it is worth, I have been following your blog since its inception and it is still the first one I check when I do my blog check in (which admittedly, is not daily as it used to be due to a hectic schedule). Also, I finally tried Biossance this year after one of your posts/partnerships and LOVE it. The vitamin C and lactic acid products are my favorites, and I am also enjoying the eye cream. So thank you for the recommendations!

    1.7.22 Reply
  55. Katie:

    I love the podcast and await your book reviews on here every month! Can’t wait to see more!

    1.7.22 Reply
  56. Brooke Lane:

    I’ve been trying to make an effort to get back to daily blog reading. It is easy to get lost in the scrolling on social, but I find that reading blogs is a more fulfilling way for me to consume content.

    1.7.22 Reply
  57. Carter:

    Obsessed with this post! So interesting. And love your recs.

    1.7.22 Reply
  58. Allison:

    Hi Grace, I found your blog through looking for book recs (and also from a shout-out or two from Abra at Capitol Hill Style). I found myself coming back to it for more and more things, especially trying to figure out skincare as a newbie when I turned 30 and realized that was a thing I should be doing. I joined the Facebook group, I following your brave choices and big moves via Instagram, I discovered your weekend reads… it’s all just snowballed. This place (and to a lesser extent insta), is now one of my favorite check-ins, and one of only two blogs I love and recommend to all my friends, Abra is the other.
    I trust your reviews and your partnerships. I love the community you’ve built. I enjoy cheering you on, even from afar, in my own mind.
    I can’t wait to keep coming back, and I wish you a fulfilling 2022! Thank you for everything.

    1.7.22 Reply
  59. Kristen C:

    This is a super interesting breakdown! I have a question about affiliate sells- if I click on your link in Instagram but think click the button to open in safari, does it carry your link over? I hate checking out within the Instagram app because my auto fill doesn’t work but I try to make sure the influencers I follow get credit by using their link.

    1.7.22 Reply
  60. Amanda:

    Just a comment to let you know, I will be commenting more in the future ❤️.

    1.7.22 Reply
  61. Sam:

    It’s shocking how tiny the wedge of the pie for the podcast is considering I’m such a fan! I love the casual breezy-ness of the podcast, it’s like chatting with good girlfriends for an hour. Even if I haven’t read the monthly book club choice, I’ll download the episode just to hear the beginning catch-up and the end matter. Even if the podcast isn’t that profitable in a direct sense, it’s a big part of why I read the blog and shop your links!

    1.7.22 Reply
  62. Monique:

    This blog was so interesting to me, thank you for sharing. It must have taken ages to write! And yes I agree 2021 was better than 2020, but this year didn’t start out hopeful to me – so much uncertainty.

    1.7.22 Reply
  63. Kris:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s all very interesting. I read every blog post, but never comment. So here I am! I’m the type of reader who clicks on a product link, checks it out, but might wait until later to buy. Sometimes I just go directly back to the brand. Do brands track that back to you or is it only the direct link to purchase activity? I really enjoy your content and hope you have a great year!
    BTW, my son decided to uproot himself last year, leave behind his Boston life and move to CHS, so I especially enjoy all your CHS recommendations!

    1.7.22 Reply
  64. Emily:

    Congrats on the year Grace! I love these posts and I love finding out where/ how you make your income. It’s interesting and I like knowing how I can best support you! I also LOVE your transparency. I really appreciate it and it’s one of the reasons I’ve consistently followed you. I don’t “trust” a lot of other influencers because they aren’t always transparent about their motives, their money, their partnerships, etc.
    My favorite posts of yours are the “small business” highlights. You have introduced me to many new, unique businesses which I really adore. I also love when you post recipes, drink recipes, etc! Cheers to a wonderful 2021 and on to the next year!

    1.7.22 Reply
  65. K Murphy:

    Thanks for a great year grace! I love following and seeing how happy you are ❤️

    1.7.22 Reply
  66. Rebecca:

    Thanks for sharing this info! It’s interesting to see your take on the business and I do appreciate your recommendations. Since you said you like blog comments, I thought I’d drop a note here to say thanks and keep up the good work!

    1.7.22 Reply
  67. Congrats on all your successes in 2021! Your blog is consistently one of my favorite places on the internet. I have found so many of my favorite products through you and truly appreciate your honest recommendations and the work you put into your influencing! xoxo

    1.7.22 Reply
  68. Kirsten:

    I appreciate you telling us that blog comments are better. I’m usually too much of a chicken to DM someone, but I love leaving comments. So here I am. 🙂 I can’t even remember how I found you, but your skincare recs have been amazing for a novice like me. I now tell everyone about the Biossance lactic acid serum, it totally changed my skin. Anyway, this is just a thanks and a congrats on a great year, I look forward to what you share in 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  69. Kelly:

    Hi Grace,

    I’ve never commented before however want you to know I visit your blog daily and truly appreciate the time and effort you put in to ensure the content you deliver is interesting and timely. Makes my morning so much better!

    1.7.22 Reply
  70. Samantha:

    This is so interesting! I also didn’t realize how many items you “influenced” me on!! Haha. Love your blog. One of the few I make a point to read.

    1.7.22 Reply
  71. Krystal:

    Agree, I love the blog! I quit all other social media for mental health reasons a few years ago. Sometimes I Google your Instagram to see more content but if you don’t have an account you can only look at two posts at a time.

    1.7.22 Reply
  72. I so appreciate learning from you about what the influencer industry is like, how it’s changing, etc. I’d like to come here and comment more on blog posts. It sucks – for a lack of a better word – that pandemic fatigue hurts from every angle. IG stories seem to be all that I have the energy and desire to do beyond a quick scroll. But I want to engage more consistently and thoroughly to better support you! Been following for a long time, and as a public scholar (I’m a podcaster who has co-written pieces for Time, the Guardian, LA Times, etc) who went through that awful incident of sexual harassment I posted on the FB group, I learn a lot from you about how these industries are changing, how people are modifying their consumption of info and content, etc. So thank you for all that you do!!

    Also: HUGE congrats for all that you did in 2021. Setting boundaries, prioritizing life & yourself, etc. Please know that you are inspiring many, many people.

    1.7.22 Reply
  73. Katie:

    This is so interesting! It’s a goal of mine to be on IG less this year, and I’m going back to visiting your blog daily. I hope I don’t feel like I’m missing too much by missing most of your IG stories, but have always loved your blog!

    1.7.22 Reply
  74. sarah:

    Hi Grace,
    Thanks for such a thoughtful detailed post. I am curious when you say IG ads, do you mean sponsored content that you do on feed and stories on Ig, or do you mean you pay IG To run ads that then convert to let’s say affiliate revenue. If you have a moment I’d love to know. Thanks again.

    1.7.22 Reply
  75. katie:

    I look forward to this post from you each year! I honestly think all bloggers/influencers should do it!
    I know you wrote that you may feel like your online life was “boring” while your personal (private!!) life was flourishing but as a reader and follower, I actually see it the other way! I had many times where I was happy to see that you were out in LA/with your BF or out with your family and new community in CHS. Even though the glimpses were short and sweet (again, private life!!), I knew you were off doing things that mattered to YOU and were bringing you happiness, which reflected back in your work! I didn’t at once think, “oh Grace totally writes her mandatory post and then goes and sits all day on her couch staring at the ceiling.” lol

    1.7.22 Reply
  76. Erica:

    Hi Grace – I appreciate you sharing this recap and breakdown of your year! It sounds like 2021 was a year where you focused primarily on personal goals (as opposed to previous years, where perhaps you invested more heavily into professional goals) and I think it’s not only inspiring to see how well that panned out for you, but probably very comforting for many readers who also spent 2021 focusing on personal goals (finally getting married after multiple COVID-related delays, raising a child amid a pandemic) and temporarily side-lined professional milestones. I encourage you to own the shifting of that perspective, because every year doesn’t need to be a total professional knock out!

    This post also makes it clear that your brand is a business, and I would love more business-focused content!

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2022 from this long-time reader 🙂

    1.7.22 Reply
  77. Rachel:

    I love your blog (and the podcast)! I vist the blog almost daily but never comment. I enjoy and appreciate the content you share, going forward I’ll be voicing that in the comments section! 🙂

    Happy New Year!

    1.7.22 Reply
  78. Sal:

    This is so interesting, I’ve never seen another blogger publish something like this. And as a big data nerd, I appreciate it! I only found you this year, but I love the blog! Good luck for 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  79. Lori:

    This is such an insightful post. I love your blog, how thoughtful you are and your recommendations are always on point! I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings. ❤️

    1.7.22 Reply
  80. Shelley:

    I don’t think I’ve ever read one of your year-in-review posts, but you put in such incredibly thoughtful work which results in my personal entertainment so I thought I could at the very least contribute to your blog engagement by learning more about HOW you do what you do. I found you through someone posting your weekly newsletter nearly 3 years ago and have been an avid reader and ‘fan’ of your work since. The original reason I clicked was because someone posted that link to the James Clear newsletter—you had stated how you enjoyed his succinct newsletter. I have stayed with you as a top contender in my daily story watch and such because you’re relatable, while still running a business that speaks to the masses. Many of the things you share are pieces I can afford OR I can place on a ‘wish list’ as I save for life pieces. When you decorated your home, some of the finds in your beautiful space were things I could afford right now. I hate that has to be a thing, but I find many bloggers to have homes filled *only* with the wish-list pieces and, while stunning, I simply can’t afford their lifestyle on the daily and their content becomes one I look to only on inspiration days and not everyday. I love love love your approach as high/low— it’s reminiscent of old Domino to me (as an ex Domino marketing gal). I miss that place of beauty and awe and inspiration combined with relatability and (a somewhat) affordability that came with the early blogging days (we partnered with many of the old school bloggers). Thank you, Grace. For everything—the hard work, the sweat and tears, the pouring over content into the wee hours, the time. Wow, the time. You are appreciated.

    *ps. I am an active member of the FB page and I NEVER thought I’d be an active member of ANY organized FB group—it simply doesn’t align with my nature. Yet, it is THE place I turn to for advice, product recommendations and empathy for more difficult topics.

    1.7.22 Reply
  81. Jenna:

    Thank you, Grace, for your authenticity and transparency. I love getting a behind the scenes peek at the business of influencing. Half of my closet and most of my bookshelf are filled with your recommendations. I truly appreciate all that you do. Looking forward to 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  82. Melissa:

    Hi Grace, thank you for this! I appreciate your transparency and the peek behind the curtain of the influencer industry.

    I am so curious to see where the industry is going next, especially with regards to Instagram. I’ve noticed a LOT more discussion recently, especially this week, about how we engage with Instagram. I will say as a content consumer I have become increasingly disillusioned with Instagram because my feed feels like one giant ad, all the time. Maybe it’s who I choose to follow, maybe it’s the algorithm but I can barely stand to go on the app now. I’ve decided this year to be more intentional with how I support my favorite content creators and its been interesting to see how many are going “back to their roots” if you will and putting more emphasis on blogs, newsletters, etc that to me have more of a lasting community and connection.

    1.7.22 Reply
  83. Katie:

    Grace, I always enjoy your presence and want to thank you for forming a great community, especially in the FB group! Happy new year!!

    1.7.22 Reply
  84. Rosie:

    Just wanted to say that I don’t think blog readership has much to do with what you’re doing right/wrong, but more with the audience. For me at least, I’m on Instagram ALL day (which I hate btw) but my attention span is near zero and has been this whole year. It’s hard to read an entire blog post, news article, etc anymore (just ask my 6 month backlog of New Yorkers). Maybe it’s just me, but I am just having such a hard time focusing on anything or getting excited about things, and I think reading blogs requires the ability to do a little bit of both.

    1.7.22 Reply
  85. This was so helpful and interesting for me to read! Coming from someone who is just starting a little small business and complementing blog, I really appreciate seeing how your income was split up. Gives me a good sense of what direction I should be heading in! Thank you!

    1.7.22 Reply
  86. Robyn:

    This is such a fantastic look behind the scenes of your business. Hats off to you for the transparency and your honesty regarding this review with yourself. Those of us who are not influencers but spend time in the space as consumers of your brand and ‘influence’ find it as a fascinating way of making a living. You are extremely strategic and thoughtful while maintaining your authenticity is so refreshing in this space, so thank you! Cheers to your successs in life and with your business. It is rare for people to recognize happiness as a success marker in business but toast to yourself tonight, cause you’re a badass!

    1.7.22 Reply
  87. Breana:

    I think those revenue charts are so interesting! Thanks for sharing

    1.7.22 Reply
  88. Darbg:

    Always love seeing this! It helps me to know where to support you more. (Like more good comments on the blog posts I love )

    1.7.22 Reply
  89. Interestingly, this is the year I got REALLY into your blog and content on all channels, and it was such a bright spot in my year. We have a lot of mutual friends, but I hadn’t paid so much attention until now, and it’s been so I found so many good products, so many posts I resonated with, and so many things I enjoy. It’s a really hard time to be a public person, and I think that many people feel more aggressive than normal, and tend to forget or simply not care that there’s someone behind the content with human feelings. All this to say: I’m grateful for your voice and presence in my world, and I find your intelligence, candor, and FUN spirit so wonderful. I hope that 2022 brings you wonderful things.

    1.7.22 Reply
  90. This was such a lovely post to read sweetie!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

    1.7.22 Reply
  91. Beth:

    I’ve consistently read your blog for years and want to thank you for the insightful writing, fabulous and trusted recommendations, and honest candor. In particular, I love your book and beauty recs, travel content, and general reflections on life. You are super strategic with your partnerships and that is appreciated as a reader. Wishing you continued success in 2022 – I know I’ll be reading the blog, as well as following along on Instagram, for your valued insights!

    1.7.22 Reply
  92. Vickie Price:

    Hi Grace. This blog post was fascinating. You are one of the first influencers I started following. I had such a negative image of what an influencer was. You have shattered that image! I love your posts and your recommendations. I admit I follow you almost exclusively on Instagram. I originally found you on Amazon drop, which I saw wasn’t listed as a place most people find you. I’ve bought quite a few things based on your recs: the nap dress, Agolde jeans, popsicle earrings, Bioessence face care products, and just yesterday I bought the dress you were wearing in a post! I am officially influenced: )
    You are doing an amazing job! I can only imagine how hard it is to be “on” all the time.
    Thank you! I’ll be here next year!

    1.7.22 Reply
  93. Kat:

    Haapy New Year Grace! Longtime follower, and I always look forward to all of your posts/recommendations! There are very few influencers that I find as authentic as you, so thank you for all of the favorite things you’ve brought to my life! Continued success in 2022 – I will make a concerted effort to comment more via the blog (guilty of too much Insta!) & So excited for your chappywrap drop next week ❤️

    1.7.22 Reply
  94. Carly:

    Happy New Year, Grace! Such interesting statistics and reflections. Congrats on all your successes!

    1.7.22 Reply
  95. Regina Sperry:

    Hi Grace,

    While I don’t normally leave comments, I felt compelled to do so. I was introduced to you by my husband when he was planning our first trip to Mexico. He found your blog on Tulum and thought I would appreciate your style, writing, etc.. He was not wrong and I have been hooked ever since! While I am about 10 years older but whose counting, I love your tips, travel guides and appreciate you sharing who you are. Maybe your numbers this last year didn’t reflect your intentions, but remember these have been strange times for everyone so I say keep up the good work, pivot your intentions to drive what makes you happy because that happiness will come across to your readers. I am wishing you all the best for 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  96. Maura:

    Congrats Grace! This is such an interesting look.

    1.7.22 Reply
  97. Emily Weir:

    Long time reader but rare commenter here. I just want to say that even though it felt like a “medium” year for you professionally, I have continuously enjoyed the content that you put out. I feel like you are one of the few people on the internet who consistently shows their authentic self and that is so rare these days. I can’t begin to image what it feels like to constantly have to put your life out there for the public, but I appreciate how real you are about where you are at. And I’m sorry our society has made you feel like all that you are doing still isn’t enough.

    1.7.22 Reply
  98. Marissa:

    Thanks for sharing all of this, Grace! I really appreciate the transparency and find it fascinating. Just wanted to drop a comment now that I know how treasured they are! 🙂 Here’s to a great 2022!

    P.S. I was just marveling at your Books page on the blog the other day – the user experience is excellent and I’m obsessed! Kudos on that!!

    1.7.22 Reply
  99. Lauren Heath:

    This was such a cool “peek behind the curtain” post! I enjoy following you on Instagram and reading your blog posts – I find you refreshing, positive, self-secure and literate (!), which is quite a departure from some others in your industry. So happy you are nearer to your family and that things are going well on the relationship front! Cheers to a great 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  100. Susan Yau:

    Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re doing an amazing job!

    1.7.22 Reply
  101. Julie:

    Such a great, transparent post! I found your quest for balance last year (and this year) so refreshing! As someone who also finds it hard to take a break from work (#lawyerlife) I love reading about how others are trying to find balance, however that may be!

    1.7.22 Reply
  102. Jess:

    Longtime follower and still always enjoy your blog! It’s one of my favorites. Have a wonderful 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  103. S:

    So interesting! Thank you for sharing!!

    1.7.22 Reply
  104. Shelby:

    Such an interesting breakdown of your year! And encourages those of us who really value your content to be more engaged. We want you to stay successful!

    1.7.22 Reply
  105. Katie:

    Just want to point out that asserting your worth by charging your value is NOT selfish- it’s smart 🙂 I feel like women are conditioned to not negotiate, ask for more etc and it deeply bothers me. I work in a female dominated field that offers not great pay in comparison to corporate America etc (nursing oh yes…. In case you wondered how much the system/hospitals value us- pay increased by 14 cents hourly compared to pre pandemic, with 4x the workload (arguably the worst in history minus Spanish flu).
    This is excluding travelers who are making their worth at 65-145/hour, and get paid via govt grants/tax write offs/diff buckets of the budget {raises are permanent which is why hospitals offer a sign on (requiring you to tolerate bad working conditions) bonus in place of adequate pay. It’s not a nursing shortage, it’s an artificially created 100% changeable shortage of well paid, safe healthy work environment nursing roles}.

    I want my peers to see their value and not settle.

    1.7.22 Reply
  106. Allie:

    Your site is one of my favorite places on the internet! Reading your posts is one of my favorite things to do in the morning. Thank you for providing such valuable (and not at all boring!) content!

    1.7.22 Reply
  107. Meg:

    I had no idea how meaningful blog comments are, but now I will make an effort to leave more! I personally hate DMs and have nooo idea how you keep up with them! Your blog is one I visit every day and I love how much content you publish that always feels “on brand” and not salesy. So, thank you for doing what you do and sharing so many incredible finds (at all price points) with us! Happy to keep supporting you in 2022!

    1.7.22 Reply
  108. Wait I love this post so much. You crushed it last year and I’m soooo excited to see what’s to come for you in 2022. Also, my blog traffic went down as well but please don’t beat yourself up over it — you’re doing AMAZING!

    1.7.22 Reply
  109. Jessica:

    This is so interesting, Grace! Thank you for sharing. I love that (and am fine with the fact that) your boyfriend and niece are not featured on here, but are such an important part of your life- I think balance is so important.

    1.7.22 Reply
  110. Abbie:

    Loved this!! It’s cool to see the breakdown and so nice/transparent if you to share that.

    1.7.22 Reply
  111. Taylor:

    Love this in depth reflection.One of my goals for 2022 is to sit with my coffee and read blog posts again!

    1.7.22 Reply
  112. Kim Struglinski:

    If you can share, I’d love to know more about what monetizing your newsletter would look like! I’m a fan of yours and excited to support you no matter what. You’ve influenced me in so many ways (I own 3 of your drop dresses, bought a Nap Dress, the Maison Louis Marie candle, my mom references your skincare posts for info when she buys esp from Biossance….and that’s just off the top of my head!) and as a 32 year old single, solo business owner, it has been empowering and uplifting to follow along. Ok enough gushing – excited to hear what newsletter changes might be coming and overall just curious what that might look like!
    Love from Nashville!

    1.7.22 Reply
  113. Lauren:

    I love that you are not trying too hard to be someone you’re not. I get so tired of seeing the same thing from one influencer to the next especially when it feels like we’re being overtly sold something. So keep not trying too hard because it’s refreshing!

    I also love that you have your own unique style and don’t seem to be on the bandwagons that a lot of others are. I actually became a more regular follower of you this year because of that. Tired of the same. And your sarcasm and homebody-ness get me.

    1.7.22 Reply
  114. I have to wonder if readership is down because people were back to work more and doing things more in 2021 than in 2020 when we really were locked down a lot more? It may not be a reflection of you and your work so much as the times?

    1.7.22 Reply
  115. LD:

    Hi, I just became a follower this year! Overall, I really prefer long form blog posts to instagram but I guess I am in the minority based on the metrics you posted. That said, my favorite kind of blog posts are those that are personal in nature versus product roundups. I realize those must be important for you and other blogs from a financial standpoint but more “diary-like” posts resonate more deeply with me. Given that there is only so much of your own personal life you may be willing or able to offer (rightfully so!) maybe you could feature CupofJo-esq interviews or other features with people you find interesting? Happy New Year!

    1.7.22 Reply
  116. Mini:

    This was super interesting to read. Thanks for sharing! I just subscribed to your newsletter, and I look forward to it!

    1.7.22 Reply
  117. Laura:

    Thanks for sharing this! I still love reading blogs more than anything else and then secondly love newsletters! There’s something so fun about getting them weekly! Can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!

    1.7.22 Reply
  118. Kristen:

    Congrats on 2021! I’m looking forward to your upcoming blog and podcast content; and hope for continued success in all offline life happenings!

    1.7.22 Reply
  119. Regina:

    Grace, I love your blog! Like some others, I started following for your books and stayed for everything else. Your truthfulness and transparency are why I stay. You feel like a friend I haven’t met in person. I trust your recommendations! I’ve found so many things I wouldn’t have discovered without your suggestions. In fact, I bought the white Amazon shirt in this post and have gotten so many compliments on it. I have been delighted to see all the good things that have come your way this past year, and I wish you all the best in 2022. Thank you for all your hard work – it’s appreciated!

    1.7.22 Reply
  120. Laura:

    Love this blog and post. Thanks for your transparency. The graphs are so interesting! Looking forward to your 2022 content.

    1.7.22 Reply
  121. Stacey:

    I find this fascinating! Thanks for putting it together. I love your blood for all the skin care tips and product suggestions. You have helped me get into a regular skincare routine.

    1.7.22 Reply
  122. Joelle:

    Happy New Year, Grace, and thank you as always for your honesty in this space. That’s the reason (besides your awesome taste) that I’ve been reading your blog and following along on your journey for literal years now. Keep doing what you’re doing!!
    Ps. I used to comments on blogs allllll the time back in the early days of blogs and got out of the habit, but maybe that’s a good 2022 goal, to better support the bloggers I deeply appreciate. 🙂

    1.7.22 Reply
  123. SV:

    What a wonderful year end report Grace and your efforts are admirable, even with a few bumps. Thanks for being so thoughtful about sharing this report and details with your community- I learned a lot and gained better understanding of your field and career. May 2022 be everything you dream and more.

    1.7.22 Reply
  124. Allie:


    1.8.22 Reply
  125. Ronnie:

    Hi Grace – I appreciate your transparency. I agree that 2021 wasn’t that bad, but it also wasn’t wonderful. Good side- i got married, went on a honeymoon, lockdown wasn’t as bad. Bad side – work was toxic (but the good side is I quit and the end on 2021 and had a job interview recently). Mental health is much better now. I Always think it’s best to be realistic, admit that you’re doing well (I’m glad you are!) but in the end there is always room for improvement.

    1.8.22 Reply
  126. Elizabeth:

    I think I can add some color to the “boring” feedback without its harshness. I’ve been following Grace for a while and have purchased many of her recs (Augustinus Bader, Rhode, Loeffler Randall). I really enjoy her blog and content.

    I am happy that she is fulfilled with her private relationships and completely understand it (I myself don’t post on Instagram much because I’m a private person). With that being said, with Grace unplugging more and more, it has started to feel like the dynamic has changed with her followers to be more professional.

    I can try a comparison: the first person is someone you work with professionally (who you admire, have a good rapport with, and respect) versus your good girlfriend that you know everything about her life (the good, bad, and ugly). You commiserate with your good girlfriend and just feel like you know her on a different type of level. One is not better or worse. Just different!

    (No shade intended!)

    1.8.22 Reply
  127. Rebecca:

    I recently disabled my Instagram, and made a list of influencers whose content I can still reach through their blogs. I find I prefer it, and that I’ve been enjoying the internet so much more now that my interaction is strategic instead of mindless. So I’m personally very glad that you make your blog such a priority.

    1.8.22 Reply
  128. I love this post, Grace! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I’m probably one of the only people that follows your blog, is on the newsletter, and part of the FB group but doesn’t follow you on IG. As a blogger myself, it’s kind of a bummer that IG is the most lucrative right now. It seems as though more and more brands care more about IG than blogs (which it sounds like you see too), and I have a much stronger blog presence than IG presence. Like, hello brands, SEO blog post >>> one IG post any day! I don’t get it. Wishing you the best for 2022!!!

    1.8.22 Reply
  129. Crystal:

    Love this post, Grace! The work you put into it really shows, and it’s heartwarming to see the respect and gratitude you have for your audience. And hopefully that feels like a two-way street.
    Happy New Year and all the best in 2022.

    P.S. I think this is my first time writing a blog comment. Thanks for reminding us that it’s an important way to support bloggers.

    1.8.22 Reply
  130. Tiffany:

    Like many others have commented already, I read your blog regularly through the week, but never comment. I also did not realize the significance and value to your personally and professionally.

    Regarding your blog, your content, and your 2021 in review – I found you a few years ago through Jess Keys. Since then you’ve become my favorite to follow on here, IG, newsletter, and podcast. I find your transparent mix of business, products, lifestyle (food, ART!, skincare, fashion, travel) humor, and personal stories refreshing. While I still follow many influencers, your blog is the only one I still read. I don’t think of you as an influence, but as a blogger. I actually refer to you and your blog as “the blogger I follow” to my bf. Maybe I should finally introduce him to you on a first name basis . Even though I have clearly been influenced by you – I have so many of your recommended products. I think this is because your blog posts expand on your story posts, reviews, and commentary in a thoughtful and expansive way that many others’ do not. You have a clear writing and editorial voice. I find that most others read as the exact same product reviews, collages, and links that are already posted on their IG feeds and stories. So, while I also shop through their story links, I don’t go to their blogs.

    I am not sure what others may have meant by “boring,” but I agree with some of the commenters that that may be more a reflection of their own state of mind and the current world. It was/is still difficult and strange to be back in the world this year, doing the things that make the highlight reel. I wonder if many readers felt drained and uninspired this year and the “boring” reflects the collective wish and fantasy to a return to the more exciting and novel of the world before the pandemic. I actually appreciate your content as it matches real life in all its regularity and rhythms. Life really is about how we take care ourselves – what we eat, buy, and surround ourself with in our homes and daily lives – so, basically all your content! I also think, perhaps, more engagement with your times of struggle is a different sort of reflection of readers and not you. Struggle and challenge are provocative because they resonate with the parts of ourselves we like these least, the parts we are working on and working against. Maybe you being “boring” was because you gave us less to latch on to and reassure ourselves with as we see our roughest edges in that content. Maybe you being “boring” was really just you being content.

    Finally, I really do think listening to you (and Becca!) has helped me accept aspects of me and my life (39, almost 40 and unmarried and aggressively all about Aunt Life) with pride and peace.

    Thank you!

    1.8.22 Reply
  131. Katherine:

    Really enjoy your blog and find this article fascinating every year. Thanks so much for sharing yourself and your life with us – it can’t always be easy being in the public eye but you have such a fantastic time of voice, style, sense of humour etc and we all get to benefit from it! Here’s to a content year ahead.

    1.8.22 Reply
  132. Patty:

    Always appreciate your transparency and authenticity. This is so fun to read through, even if it’s not “fun” for you to see the numbers and trends. However, as a loyal reader/”consumer” (of your content) – THIS is why I come back. It motivates me to engage with you the way you like to be engaged with. Knowing that blog comments are something you appreciate (for conversation, not just traffic) makes me feel more inspired to engage here because you’re asking us to connect with you. It’s a huge relief.

    As a reader (of several blogs), I often think blog comments feel like a guest book so it deters me. I like commenting here because you engage, and others do as well. You build a community through blog comments, FB, and sharing blog content/blog comments on your IG. I feel less like I’m being influenced, and more like I’m being guided.

    I’m in the world of leadership training for global brands so here’s my analogy :D. You’re the fun, reliable brand that people are loyal to (Madewell, Nike, etc.) I trust your recommendations and your content. If one piece doesn’t “fit” (say, it’s not relevant to me or whatnot), then I know that I’ll still return tomorrow because, on the whole, you’re a go-to brand. There are other influencers I appreciate but they’re more fast fashion. I follow them for their clothing round-ups and seasonal decor and filler pieces. I’m not as loyal to them – I don’t read everything they write and find myself skipping their stories every now and then – because even though I’ll find a gem every now and then, they’re not consistently reliable.

    As a content creator, you’re doing it right. You’re evolving. You’re focusing on YOU and ultimately, that’s what we’re here for! Honestly, after two intensely shitty years, I’m inspired by your “boring” life! It seems calm and peaceful :D. Change is hard on any brand, but the more you stick with your gut and evolve – the more we’ll be loyal and along for the ride.

    1.8.22 Reply
  133. This was so interesting, Grace – thank you for sharing and giving us a peek behind the curtain! Hope you know you were definitely a bright spot for me and so many others over the last few years… it always made me happy to see you had new IG Stories I could watch and escape with. Cheers a great 2022!!

    1.8.22 Reply
  134. Rachael:

    Thanks for sharing, Grace! I love these end of year roundups and the data you summarized was eye opening! I’m also headed over to Amazon now to buy that travel jewelry case 🙂

    1.8.22 Reply
  135. Katie:

    Thanks for this recap, Grace!! A loyal follower here who is sooo impressed by what you do daily. I find myself sighing with happiness on Wednesday mornings when a new BOP drops and use your gift guides and guidance so heavily!! You’re an absolute powerhouse and you more than deserve all of your personal happiness this year — take your days off, we’ll be here when you’re back!!

    1.8.22 Reply
    • Katie:

      Oh also! You and Becca are a huge reason I’m reading for fun again which has been a MAJOR bright spot in the past few years!!

      1.8.22 Reply
  136. I love your year-end review! It’s so interesting, and I appreciate that you share how your performance was on all of the mediums you utilize, I wish more influencers would share a recap like this (it’s just so curious!). As to your mention about blog comments being down & how that saddens you, I think that’s good for all of us to hear! Personally I’m never sure anymore if bloggers read/care about blog comments? But knowing that you DO cherish blog comments and that they matter definitely encourages me to respond here and the handful of other blogs I read. It’s more intentional than quick responses via instagram, etc but I think that’s what makes the conversation here much more genuine. Again thanks for sharing! Looking forward to what 2022 brings for all of us! xx

    1.8.22 Reply
  137. Cait G:

    Hi Grace, just came to say your blog is important to me and now that I know you like comments, I’ll be sure to do so

    1.8.22 Reply
  138. Lynn:

    I just wrote an entire post and it erased so I’ll be short . So annoying . I love your content and I don’t find it boring at all . I love everything about it . So here’s to next year and may it be brighter and kinder and healthier . I’m so glad you fell in love . It’s the most magical time of life ❤️

    1.8.22 Reply
  139. Molly:

    This is SO interesting. Sometimes I feel like a bad blog reader because I really only read blogs but I’m a grad student with no income (hello loans!) so can’t click through affiliate links – I just don’t buy that much! I’ve had this conversation with many friends who feel similarly, but the comparison game on instagram really got to me this year and so I cleaned out my following to people I know personally and news accounts…and even then, I rarely check the app anymore. So it’s a little wild to see the power of instagram is still so strong!

    Your lack of stamina post was my favorite this year because it put words around so much of what I was feeling. It also really helped my mom who was getting down on herself for feeling blah for so much of 2021.

    I’ve only been reading your blog since late 2018 – although that feels like just yesterday, it’s now been 3 years! Over the last 3 years checking this site has become part of my morning routine, and I cherish my Saturday morning (or sometimes Sunday morning) cup of coffee that I always read over your weekend reading posts. Thanks for being such a bright (both literally and figuratively!) corner of the internet!

    PS – re: comments, your blog is one of the few I check that gets comments regularly! But it seems like across the board (even on Cup of Jo, the like gold standard for blog comments lol) the comment sections are just not as active!

    1.8.22 Reply
  140. Becca:

    It sounds so frustrating to have to participate in a media that does not meet your values, I so appreciate the kind heartfelt energy you put into all your work. I wish there was a way for you to not have to do Instagram.

    1.8.22 Reply
  141. Diane:

    Grace, I found your blog I believe during lockdown in 2020..#whatyearisthis…and I love your content. I agree with the other comment about you being a “one woman magazine”!. You cover such a wide variety of topics and I love being introduced to brands both big and small that I had never come across. That and your book recommendations are awesome for someone like myself who can be a bit lazy about searching out my next book. Always put your health first and the rest will follow. Here’s to a brighter 2022! Sending hugs from Seattle

    1.8.22 Reply
  142. Angie:

    I love these posts. I look forward to them every year and not because I care who much you make because I know how thoughtful and intentional your are with your content, but because I feel like as a reader and follower, I enjoy the perspective of a business owner. I feel like most bloggers or Instagramers only care about the final dollar amount and if they did lack in revenue they will only post most to get it up where I feel like you are intentional with how to want to grow your business and platforms. I still visit your blog either daily or weekly when I am catching up on life outside of my responsibilities.

    Your content is great and I love having someone to turn to as I am entering into my mid 30s and I want to see other women thriving and working hard, it motivates me even though we are in completely different industries. Whether its your blog, IG, or podcast, I am always looking for ways to be influenced by you! I guy at least 2 books a month you recommend and you never steer me wrong.

    But most importantly congrats on all the success on the things we don’t get to see. Living close to family is so important and as someone who lives thousands of miles from mine, I love the energy you have when you are with them. And falling in love, what an absolute wonderful thing! We don’t need to see everything in your life and I love that we don’t because that means its private to you and that is something that brings you joy. Keep up the great work and be proud of the success you had and will continue to have!

    1.8.22 Reply
  143. Keirstan:

    Congrats on a great year! I discovered your blog this year and am a near daily reader! And for better or for worse, you got me hooked on the Bader cream!

    1.8.22 Reply
  144. I loved your recap. I have been following you on IG for awhile, I think from seeing Allie take pictures for you one day. But I recently found your podcast right after Christmas. It’s been so fun to binge most of the episodes and super crazy to listen to the beginning ones up to before COVID, which is weird at times to think about.

    I am so happy to finally be partaking in the book club this month! I’m 34, single AF, quarantined alone in Costa Mesa (and actually loved it like that), moved back into my parents august 2020 due to still not having a job, now I have a job (multiple really) and am planning my move out this spring (and now im actually terrified and excited for it). It’s been wonderful to gain a community of like minded individuals 🙂

    1.8.22 Reply
  145. Melanie:

    This is so interesting, I love seeing data broken down in this way. Also, I have you to thank for my good skin this week: I saw the Biossance Lactic Acid for 50% off at Sephora and snapped it up because I know you love it so much! Congrats on a good year; I will always visit the blog and enjoy your newsletter as much as a Instagram!

    1.8.22 Reply
  146. Sandra M:

    Thanks for sharing this, Grace! I came to your blog from the podcast about a year (or year and a half) ago and I check it every morning. I love that you took the time to share this with us and I hope you feel even more optimistic about things in 2022. It’s so hard to run a blog by yourself (I know you have assistants, but still)! Don’t let things get you down. I appreciate your voice and honesty so much.

    1.9.22 Reply
  147. Cathy:

    Thank you for sharing this, Grace. I love the breakdowns. Also just have to say some of my favorite posts are about art and books you’ve read. I think you are doing a great job with variety.

    1.9.22 Reply
  148. Allison:

    Thank you for posting this Grace and always being real and sharing what is on your mind. I read your blog regularly, but usually check in on weekends and go back and read the weekly posts and savor them – its something I look forward to after the work weeks.

    1.9.22 Reply
  149. Nina:

    Hi Grace + Stripers! Hope everyone is aware of Nordstrom’s 20% off on their Zella brand right now 🙂 Grabbing Grace’s suggested top!

    1.9.22 Reply
  150. Abby:

    Love this post!! I feel a bit badly as I don’t read your blog as much since getting a new job. I love your newsletter though and need to get back in the habit of reading your blog in the morning!

    1.9.22 Reply
  151. Happy New Year. The best part of 2021 (for you) was falling in love and being near your parents/family. That’s so great.

    1.9.22 Reply
  152. Caroline:

    Grace, congratulations on a great year. I love your blog posts and Instagram content, and swear by your skin care recommendations. Thank you for all of the excellent content- you’re a gem. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.

    1.10.22 Reply
  153. Christina:

    For me, its your blog and podcast that provide the most interesting and relatable content – although I do follow you on IG (sad to lose that FB group after abandoning FB all together!). I’ll admit, that I have tried to become a very conscious consumer over the years, shopping second-hand, focusing on staples, and so not all of your posts resonate with me because they are very shopping/consumer heavy (no shade! that’s your brand!). I do understand that partnering with Amazon, etc. allows you to also support the small businesses you promote, and I have been introduced to some cool new-to-me small businesses through you. I did get my first nap dress thanks to you and omg those Estelle Colored Glasses make me so happy :). As a social worker, I’m also in a lower spending category than it feels you/many of your readers are in, in general, but overall I find you to be aspirational and yet weirdly down-to-earth and relatable as a human.

    I would love to hear what research you do around brands you partner with and if their ethical/sustainable practices have anything to do with it? As someone who is such a *valuable* and influential voice in this space, I’d be interested in your thoughts about how far you go to uncover who is ‘greenwashing’ based on current trends and who is truly paying their workers a living wage, focusing on minimizing their environmental impact, etc (have you seen the “goodonyou_app” account on IG? I was recently introduced to them).

    I’m also a full-on decades-long bibliophile, yet have been inspired by you to try some more fun, fast thrillers!

    Thank you for sharing such a thoughtful breakdown of your year with us! Clearly I’m not the only one that it resonated with 🙂
    (…and I will try to make an effort to add more to the comments in the future!)

    1.10.22 Reply
  154. Lauren:

    As a business professional, I appreciate your honesty and effort in putting this post together. I will be sure to comment and like your blog and insta posts more, even if I don’t end up buying the product. Good luck in 2022! You are a class act!

    1.10.22 Reply
  155. Kristen:

    Hi Grace! I sent myself your post after my first reading so that I could come back and comment:) You add so much to the lives of those that read your work. A friend and I were just sharing “GA’s rec… so it must be good!” You do you. We are all here for it. And will likely be commenting more. 🙂 Happy New Year!

    1.10.22 Reply
  156. Annie:

    I’ve been checking back for this post every couple days. Always a favorite of the year. Thanks for your transparency!

    1.10.22 Reply
  157. Christina Salvato:

    As I am reading this, I was thinking “wow I am shocked that the ‘I don’t want kids’ post wasn’t one of the most popular” — and then realized that one was from 2020. I don’t think anyone has any concept of time anymore!!! I agree with someone else’s comment below that the lack of comment engagement can be attributed to general and/or pandemic fatigue as well. I think of it like that meme where people think they’ve responded to a text but actually haven’t, just thought about it outloud or in their head – I bet a lot of readers do the same.

    I really enjoy your content and totally respect your decisions in regard to privacy. Happy 2022!

    1.11.22 Reply
  158. K.C.:

    315 blog posts is still SO INCREDIBLY IMPRESSIVE! You are only one woman – that is what, like 6 days / week?? You are still incredibly hardworking – though I am glad you felt you had some more work / life balance this year. There are years for growth and there are years to rest. Love your blog throughout!

    1.11.22 Reply
  159. Erika:

    Hi Grace! I loved your content this year and appreciate how real you are without sharing your whole life. It’s great to see influencers have strong boundaries around their personal lives. You have always been an inspiration to me and have allowed me to entertain and pursue different paths for what life could look like (i.e. childless and happy being an aunt!). Plus most of the books I read come from yours (and Becca’s) recommendations! Can’t wait to see what you create this year!

    1.13.22 Reply
  160. Gigi:

    Grace, I’m curious how did you meet your boyfriend? Any advice on dating during these weird times? The pandemic has left me super single, introverted, and a homebody- really not in the mood to put myself out there but I know I should. I remember you also felt this way in 2020- so its exciting to see that you met someone great!

    1.14.22 Reply