Goals for 2021.

Goals for 2021
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Today on the podcast, we are talking about New Year’s resolutions (or intentions, or goals… whatever you’d like to call them!). If you tune in and listen to our conversation, you’ll see that Becca and I are both treading pretty carefully. Basically: neither of us want to wind up feeling disappointed, but we still want to have a good year… sooooo… we both have quite a few personal and professional things we want to accomplish. I am a big proponent of writing things down so that I can go back and reflect, so I’m sharing mine here today!

Goals for 2021

This year my goals are more personal than professional. I am in a season of life where I am really focused on my personal happiness and “deep cleaning my life,” if you will. Of course, professional success is important too and I gotta pay my bills ETC but right now, my biggest focus is on my personal life – getting really clear on who I am, what my priorities are, what actually matters, and what does not.

As I’ve talked about a little (we talk more about it in today’s podcast episode) I have been working with Jackie Loughlin (a somatic life + career coach) and these are some of the things we are working on. I am hoping she will come on the podcast at some point to talk more about the work she does, and it it feels dramatic to stay this but she has completely changed my life. My friend Liz works with her as well (that’s how I found her) and has a great Q&A post with her!

Along with these goals and with regard to priorities (my family being number one), I have some life news. Many of you have seen this coming. I will be moving to Charleston in April. I think (I hope) I’ve finally told everyone in my life that I need to tell before sharing with the Internet. This was a scary and also very emotional decision to make but I know it’s the right choice. I promise to share more soon but it’s happening! I am overwhelmed and it felt easier to just slide it into my 2021 post than make some grand announcement. So I found an apartment over the holidays and signed the lease this week. I am wildly excited but also deeply sad. More to come.

Personal Goals for 2021

  • Listen to my intuition; but get better at discerning between anxiety and and intuition. This has been something I think about a lot and talk to Jackie about. Anxiety leaves us feeling stuck whereas intuition is that gut feeling you get and it’s empowering. But sometimes when I am stressed things get murky and I have a hard time telling the difference between the two.
  • More separation between me the person and me on the Internet. I don’t mean this in terms of authenticity or being two different people, I mean that I need better boundaries and to not always be on my phone or take comments from strangers quite so seriously. It was really affecting me earlier this fall which was the impetus behind working with Jackie.
  • More time to flow // less scheduling. I realize we’re in a pandemic so this has definitely been less of an issue this year (lol), but I am trying to better manage both my work projects and my calendar to make space.
  • Getting clear on priorities: what is important and what is not. Lots of list making and journaling with this one!
  • Dedicate a few hours every week to learning about something I’m curious about. (Masterclass, non-fiction).
  • Take one full day off from Instagram every week. I’m thinking Sundays.
  • Buy property (tail end!). I had originally thought next Fall but now that I’ve signed a one year lease I have more time/flexibility. I am a Libra and horribly indecisive, so a part of me is relieved and if for some reason I’m unhappy in Charleston I can always come back.


  • Grow blog traffic 25%. In 2020, my blog received 6 million pageviews so that would be 7.5 million pageviews. Yikes. That is scary number to write down, but when I consider that in 2017 my blog traffic was around 1.1 million pageviews, and it’s grown a lot every year, it feels doable.
  • Continue building long term relationships w/brand partners. 
  • More product collaborations. I really loved working with Amazon the Drop and then Nightire. Those were definite career highlights this year and I want to do more of that! I have something fun coming up with Amazon in March, and a fun home product collab coming next Fall.
  • More personal posts here on the blog (at least one a month).
  • Start thinking about what comes next. Do I write a book? Start a product-focused business? Another podcast? Something totally different? Right now I don’t have the bandwidth to add something else, but I think by 2022 I will be ready for a new venture.

Sorry if some of these are a little vague. It’s not intentional, I’m still figuring it out!

If you are comfortable sharing, I’d absolutely love to hear your goals for the year ahead!

photo by Clay Austin.

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  1. Mollye says 1.13.21

    Grace, congrats on deciding to move to Charleston. I loved seeing all of your posts with your fam over the holidays you seemed so happy and energized! Yay for you!

  2. Theresa says 1.13.21

    Congrats on the upcoming move Grace! I visited Charleston in 2017 and it’s such a great city, seems like a great fit for you. It has to be a huge decision but I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to hear more about it/follow along! I moved at the end of 2019 and the pandemic has made it hard to build a community, get connected in my new city – so hopes for this year include continuing to make my house a place I love to be (decorating, organizing etc) and figuring out how to put down some roots here (in a safe manner!).

  3. Elle says 1.13.21

    Congrats Grace on the move!! Will miss you in NYC! xo

  4. Jess Kirby says 1.13.21

    I think these are all so great Grace. I am BLOWN away by your growth on your blog (though not surprised because your content is always wonderful). I’m so excited and happy for you on this next chapter of life in Charleston. Looking forward to seeing what 2021 brings for you. xx Jess

  5. Abby says 1.13.21

    Thank you for being so open and honest! I hope you love charleston and can’t wait to follow on your journey this year!!!!

  6. Leah says 1.13.21

    I love that you’re working with a coach! I’m one too, and it’s my favorite thing to hear that a coach has totally changed someone’s life. Congrats on the move, too! xo

  7. Alexa P says 1.13.21

    So happy and excited for you and your upcoming move!! You seemed so happy being near your family. I recently bought a home and moved away Brooklyn. As much as I will always love Brooklyn and know I will miss aspects of NYC life, I am so happy we did this to live closer to family and have more space.

  8. Catherine says 1.13.21

    Congrats on the move! Very happy for you. Also love what you said about clear priorities. I’m hoping to find more of that in 2021, as well.

    • grace at the stripe says 1.13.21

      Thank you!

    • grace at the stripe says 1.13.21

      Cheers to clearer priorities!

    • Zara says 1.13.21

      Definitely see that coming hehe but still congrats Grace!!

      Can’t wait to follow along the process..of packing …moving…settling down..decorating new apartment etc hehe.

      Excited for you!

  9. Alexa says 1.13.21

    Great post, Grace. And the move! I took a similar trip out to my parents in California this year from the South (long road trip and lots of Covid testing/quarantining) and my partner and I made the decision to relocate to California – why wait when we want to end up there? 2020 has definitely caused a lot of people to reshuffle their priorities. Congrats on the next chapter 🙂

  10. Mary says 1.13.21

    Yay!! So happy for you.

  11. Kelly says 1.13.21

    Congratulations on your decision, Grace! I love your line “I’m wildly excited but also deeply sad”. I’ve had those moments, too, but never expressed them clearly. I feel like it’s such a sign of wisdom to have those feelings at the same time.
    I was reading your Q&A this week and I want to express my gratitude to you, Grace. You have normalized so much for me and your conversations about happiness, careers, love, children, etc. make me feel so much more grounded and normal. I don’t get upset about being single and not wanting kids until someone makes me think I should be upset, and now I come back to you and the other women I know who are also living extraordinary lives. Thank you for sharing so much with us, and I am rooting for you on your goals!

  12. Susan says 1.13.21

    Grace congratulations with all of the success in 2020 and all to come in 2021! I’ve been a blog reader since 2012 and it’s been so fun reading your journey and how life has evolved for you. Being close to family is the absolute best and I’m so glad that your trip was able to give you a taste of that, making it a very easy decision. Sounds like 2021 is going to be your year! I haven’t set too many goals–I was supposed to run a marathon in 2020, so I’m going to try that for 2021. I want to join a running group this year, nurture my friendships, love on my family a lot and just keep making good food!

  13. Kristen says 1.13.21

    Hurray! So happy for you and your next chapter. I moved back to my hometown after living in NYC for 10 years and I can honestly say I don’t miss it a bit. 20’s me and 30’s me need different things (namely space, money, quiet, convenience). Everything is just SO much easier! I look forward to reading all the new content your move will inspire. Keep up the great work!! xx

    • grace at the stripe says 1.13.21

      Quiet was a big one for me too! I felt like it was so much easier to focus while I was in Charleston… my apartment never seemed that loud until I got back here.

  14. Jess says 1.13.21

    Congrats Grace! Very excited for you!

  15. Stacey says 1.13.21

    So excited for you!! Your parents must be over the moon! While I’m in a very different career and my life is different, your goals really resonate with me. I need to start trusting myself and listen to myself. Can’t wait for all the Charleston posts!

  16. Kim says 1.13.21

    So happy you decided to move to Charleston! One of my goals for this year is to read a book a week (it’s a repeat goal from last year but it really helped remind me how much I love to read). Have gotten so many great book recommendations from you so thank you! I’m also working on it shying away from difficult conversations.

  17. Rachel says 1.13.21

    Congrats on the big decision and I’m excited to see your new adventure in Charleston. ❤️

  18. Jill says 1.13.21

    Congrats on your decision to move! I’m so happy for you! It will be lovely to be near family. Can’t wait to follow along!

  19. Jo says 1.13.21

    Congrats on the move, Grace! What an exciting new chapter. Charleston is lucky to have you!

  20. Lily says 1.13.21

    Congrats, Grace!! You seemed so energized by being in Charleston over the holidays – I hope the move will be refreshing and energizing for you! Excited to continue to follow along in 2021 🙂

  21. CM says 1.13.21

    Grace, how exciting! I have a feeling you will not regret the decision one bit. I hope you found the cutest apartment with laundry and lots of indoor and outdoor space! Can’t wait to see how you decorate. As for your long term goals, I could totally see you getting more involved in advocacy or politics. Whether that be expanding Bad on Politics with more guests/more frequent episodes or starting a web-based movement for a cause you care about, that seems like a natural pivot for you! Also, with your new home base in the South, it seems like it could be even more impactful.

  22. Sarah R says 1.13.21

    New follower here! (Found you when I was looking for some more socially responsible bloggers/influencers to follow after dumping pretty much every one I was following before for refusing to stand up against white supremacy.) Anyway, the goal about figuring out the difference between intuition and anxiety kind of blew me away, because that’s totally my problem too but I’ve never been able to verbalize it before. Are you an Enneagram type 6 by any chance?? Lol I hope you’ll share more as you figure it out!

  23. Cathy says 1.13.21

    Congratulations on your big move and just making the decision, Grace. Wishing you lots of joy and happiness in 2021!

  24. Kayla says 1.13.21

    Thank you for sharing! Also I kind of love that you’re moving to the South! We could use more non-idiots down here:)

    My goals are to look for a more fulfilling job with actual growth potential (I work as a contractor at the CDC and was not allowed to work on the Covid-19 response, even though they were desperate for data people), get the Covid-19 vaccine, be firm with my Trumper family about boundaries, finally go on European honeymoon, get into meditation (I like the 10% happier app because it’s not SO woo woo and serious), and figure out which friends I want to continue to focus on.

  25. Betsy says 1.13.21

    Grace, I am so excited for you as you move into this new chapter! How exciting! I am really happy for you.

    My goals are to learn to cook better for my family as my kids age out of “kid food” into “real food”, and to learn to do cool braids for my daughter who loves braids.

    Things I would like to do but aren’t formal goals are: exercise more, stretch more, do more outdoor activities with my family.

  26. KL says 1.13.21

    Congrats! But Grace, gently – your fb group is out of control. Ex. You have people lecturing pregnant women on how to ask for baby items in a correct* manner. It has reached peak wokeness and it’s getting quite…radical? I love the group but won’t participate any longer, it’s madness. I would comment this in the group but frankly I’m worried about stalkerish behavior and even retaliation from a few of the most active members, that I have seen been done to others.

    • grace at the stripe says 1.13.21

      Thanks for the feedback. I spent the better part of my day yesterday working on some things around this. It may take me a bit of time but I’m hopeful we can get it back to a better place.

      • Midwest Gal says 1.13.21

        I think the comments in Facebook group are beyond Grace’s control. I appreciate that Graces wants to get it back to a better place, but she shouldn’t take what’s happening personally. It’s been a hard few months (well, almost year!) for everyone, and we can all work on being more respectful and patient with each other.

        • grace at the stripe says 1.13.21

          Thank you. To be honest I have been taking it personally, and yesterday was extremely upsetting to me. I’ve been talking to a lot of friends who have Facebook groups and you’re right, it’s gotten out of my control. I am hoping it will all blow over, but in the meantime working on a plan to get mods in place… but it’s complicated setting up rules. Hard to differentiate between tone policing and wanting everyone to speak to each other with decency and compassion. I’m a little lost here so have been talking to other influencers with Facebook mods. Other groups have come under fire for silencing voices (and then have had to shut down their groups!) which is not something I want to do. Trying to figure it out. :-/

    • Cathy says 1.13.21

      I recently joined the FB Group and quickly quit it. It wasn’t what I expected at all. Thought it would be more “grace” like, books general discussion. If you get it cleaned up please post about that so I can join again but I think yes it is out of control.

    • B says 1.13.21

      I saw that comment and my jaw dropped. For now I have blocked the people with the loudest angry voices to avoid backlash. Thank you Grace for working on this to get things back to a better place as I am sure it is incredibly stressful!

    • Molly says 1.13.21

      I’ve been in the Facebook group for a while – it has definitely changed a tad but I think that it’s been a healthy part of the reckoning of 2020. I just don’t think that we can have spaces that are “free” of politics or social justice and I don’t think that’s a bad thing! There will always be people who love to stir up trouble but I think for the most part many of the conversations have been productive.

      Grace, I wouldn’t take any of it personally. If anything, I would be proud that you’ve cultivated a group of smart women who truly care about not just their world, but THE world (borrowing that line from Kate Kennedy).

  27. Sarah says 1.13.21


    Congratulations on the new move!!! Excited for you as you embark on this new chapter.

    Thank you for sharing!!

  28. Lauren says 1.13.21

    Congrats! I moved to my home town 6 years ago to be near family and I have never regretted it! And now I’m thinking about doing another stint away from home for a while (so, as I’m sure you know, but it doesn’t have to be permanent or forever)

  29. Sarah says 1.13.21

    I am so happy you are moving to Charleston! Living by family is something I have never regretted.

  30. Samantha says 1.13.21

    Hooray! Congrats on the upcoming move! Can’t wait to see more of Charleston this year!

  31. Lauren says 1.13.21

    So happy for you! You were absolutely glowing and so happy in your posts in November and December. Good luck with the move!!

  32. I love how specific and thorough you are with your goals! So inspiring – I’ll go make mine now! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  33. Tara says 1.13.21

    Dear Grace,

    I am so excited for your move to Charleston! You seemed so happy there – it shone through your voice in the podcasts, your stories, and your posts. Eek!! I loved Charleston content and I hope you find tons of joy and love there.

    As a New Yorker, Ill miss your recommendations a ton. Maybe you’ll be able to do a NYC roundup before you leave? Like a highlights reel of your time in NYC.

    New Years resolutions also on point – especially dedicating time to learning.

    With love,

  34. Valerie+DiStefano says 1.13.21

    Congrats on your decision to move to Charleston! You will thrive and grow there. Also you need to take this year as a personal cleansing year & I think all of us should incorporate it in our journey through 2021. I fully believe that if our headspace is not “right” then we are not living at our fullest potential.

  35. caitie says 1.13.21

    congratulations, grace! you were definitely radiating a different kind of light during your time in charleston and i’m so happy for you!!

  36. Jenn says 1.13.21

    Congratulations on this big news! So bittersweet, but happy for you that you will be close to your family in a place you absolutely adore.

  37. Emma says 1.13.21

    Ah congrats!! I feel like my internet pal is moving and I’m so excited for you. What an incredible opportunity. In the midst of what will be one of the most life-changing times for all of us, I do think 2020 and the pandemic has brought up what is truly important to many of us. Congratulations on taking this next step – I can tell you were so happy every day in Charleston! Being with family as we get older is the best. I’ve been a reader for at least 5 years and can say I always look forward to your blog posts, IG stories and LOVE being part of the Stripe FB group. What a testament to the incredible community you have fostered and I only see more people around the world wanting to be a part of that with you!

    Goals for myself are also personal this year – your post really resonated with me. Moving 4-5x a week with walking and yoga (even 30 min a day), more water and sleep, working with my therapist on unrealistic expectations of myself and just taking every day as they come are some of my goals I’m looking forward to honing in on. Simple but ultimately going back to basics for 2021 is enough for all of us I think. Cheers to the new year! Xx

  38. Angie says 1.13.21

    Congrats on all the big changes. It is a new year and so many great things are happening! I can’t wait to follow you on your new journey and see all the exciting things to come. You have always been a favorite follow and I still spend each day reading your blog with my morning coffee! Things can only begin to go up for everyone in 2021!

  39. Zoe says 1.13.21

    I hope you have a lovely time in your new space! My husband and I moved from DC to Chicago and I tell people how awesome it is. Yes I’m sad to leave friends but our space is so much more comfortable and it was really fun to have a new space to make our own. Plus lower cost of living!

  40. Amanda W. says 1.13.21

    Congrats on making the decision to move! My 2021 personal goals are very similar to yours, and I really respect your openness about changing priorities (change is my #1 enemy as I’m a Taurus through and through lol). You inspire me to be my best self daily!

  41. Joellen+Randall says 1.13.21

    I’m so happy for you! Moving to Charleston is so exciting and I miss that part of the country so much! You’ve inspired me to make a list of goals that I can work towards this year.

  42. Lindsey Walker Corriher says 1.13.21

    Congratulations!!! I’m sure your parents are ecstatic! I can’t wait to see to see what you do with the new place. I also hope T has some outdoor space so he can continue with his lion training!

    I’m with you in that I’m creeping into 2021 with some apprehension on the goal front. I have always had really great jobs, but never felt like I had a career. Instead of forcing something because I feel like I need a certain trajectory, I’m giving myself a break this year to enjoy the patchwork quilt that I’ve created in my professional life.

    Good luck on your move and kudos to scheduling it at the start of beach weather!!

  43. Anna says 1.13.21

    Congratulations, Grace, you really seemed so grounded in Charleston and I think it will be an awesome new chapter for you! I’m sure you’ll be back to NYC quite a bit once things return to “normal” too. Are either of your sisters moving, too? Can’t wait to see the new place!

  44. Anastasia says 1.13.21

    Definitely saw your move coming a little bit haha but so happy for you!! It definitely seemed like you were really happy in Charleston and I hope the move is great for you!

  45. Katie says 1.13.21

    So exciting and so happy for you! I will live vicariously through you enjoying warmer temps and being by the water. Congrats!

  46. Meghan says 1.13.21

    So happy for you Grace! What an exciting chapter for you!

  47. Becca says 1.13.21

    Congrats on your upcoming move to Charleston. I love how close you are with your family. I am very close with my parents too and sometimes feel like the “odd woman out” as many others in my “cohort” (I’m 31) are not close to their parents/couldn’t care less and maybe talk to them every other week, didn’t mind not having Christmas with them etc. But I too made the decision to live close to my parents and it was the best decision!

  48. Erica says 1.13.21

    Congratulations on your upcoming move, Grace! Your happiness the 6 weeks you spent in Charleston was evident on every post during that time. I also love what you said about understanding the difference between intuition and anxiety. It hadn’t occurred to me before, but I think I get stuck in that space as well.

  49. Erin says 1.13.21

    I also spent 6 weeks with my family over the holidays and it was wonderful. I’m happy for you – isn’t doing what works best for you the best form of self care? Also selfishly, I love Charleston and have a best friend there so I can’t wait to see what you share so I can come down and try those things when I visit my friend. ♥️

  50. Monica says 1.13.21

    Congratulations!! So happy for you and excited to follow along!

  51. H says 1.13.21

    I’m so excited for your move! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see what you do with your new place.

    I really loved this blog post and would love to listen to a podcast with Jackie. My life is wildly different from yours but so many of your goals about boundaries, happiness, and purpose resonated with me.

    I deleted Instagram for the rest of the month for mental health reasons (I find myself getting addicted more so there than other social apps) and signed up for Feedly to make sure I can still follow my favorite blogs. I was so happy to see a new post from you this morning!

  52. Stacy says 1.13.21

    I haven’t even gotten to your list of goals yet, because the news of your move to Charleston is SO exciting! I’m sure it was a hard decision to make, but it really seems like the right move! I’m also hoping/planning to relocate this year, and reading this made me that much more motivated to put in the work to make it happen. Congrats!

  53. Becca says 1.13.21

    Congrats on the move, that is so exciting! 2021 I really want to focus on getting myself into a better place financially. I still have a lot of student loan debt to pay off and so I have been in serious talks with my boyfriend about us moving south to save money and set ourselves up for our future. Scary to make the change but I am still in a place I can be selfish (no property or kids yet) so I feel like now is the time to do it!

  54. April B. says 1.13.21

    That is so exciting that you are moving to Charleston! Can’t wait to follow your adventure and hear your perspective on the change.
    As for listening to your intuition and prioritizing, I completely agree and am trying to do the same this year. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we need to focus on the things that are most important to us and let go of the noise!

  55. Sam says 1.13.21

    Grace, I love this post about goals/intentions rather than resolutions (this time is stressful and scary enough, let’s not add additional expectations please) and am so excited for your move! You seemed so happy and at ease in Charleston and, as someone who unexpectedly left Brooklyn as a result of the pandemic and is now much closer to family, I think you’ll love it. I love Brooklyn dearly but there’s a time for everything and this seems like a great decision for you. Can’t wait to follow your new adventure and see all the fantastic food you’ll get to eat in Charleston!

    You inspired me to think of my own intentions and one is to do little things to make people smile and stay connected: send a text or a card for any reason or no reason (support the USPS!), write a nice blog comment, high five someone during a Peloton ride, etc. We all need some kindness right now, so thank you for the inspiration. xx

  56. Katerina P says 1.13.21

    Congratulations on your upcoming move to Charleston!! I started following you almost 6 years ago b/c we had a trip to Charleston and you had a great guide + your book recs. Have to say I’ve loved following you ever since! Good luck with your move, I’m sure you’re family must be so happy with the news!
    Also, loved all of your Charleston walks pictures, so I’m looking forward to more of those. ❤️

  57. Meghan says 1.13.21

    A million congratulations! We are all so excited to follow along in your new adventure and get to know a new city through your eyes.

    As someone who moved from a city I love (Washington, DC) with great friends and a cool, fast paced job to Phoenix, AZ to be closer to my parents, it was a tough move. I will always miss DC but so, so wonderful to have my parents in my life on a weekly (and often daily!) basis.

  58. Leeza says 1.13.21

    Congratulations! You’re a delight to follow along with wherever you live- looking forward to seeing you continue to blossom in Charleston!

  59. Katy Boettcher says 1.13.21

    Congratulations on your move!!! This seems like a wonderful choice for you.

  60. Jeannie says 1.13.21

    Congrats Grace! I’m so excited for you. It’s scary to put your intentions/goals out in the world, get out of your comfort zone, etc. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  61. Kristen says 1.13.21

    Grace, thrilled for your news! Before reading here I listened to the pod this morning and what a soothing listen it was. You and Becca truly radiated hope and joy for the future and it is appreciated. Again, congratulations on knowing what you want and where you feel peace and doing it. Living your life. Onward!

  62. Lisa G says 1.13.21

    Grace – I’ve been a reader for a long long time and I’m SO excited for you and this new chapter. I made a similar decision years ago and it was the best thing to happen in my life. Can’t wait to follow along!

  63. Melanie says 1.13.21

    This is exciting – congrats on the move! I totally resonate with the personal goals – appreciate you sharing for inspiration 🙂

  64. Molly says 1.13.21

    Omg congrats on the move!!! I haven’t listened to the pod yet (saving it for a long walk!) but I loooove intentions/resolutions. Your goal about doing something to learn for a few hours each week is something I had not thought of but I love!

    Thanks for being one the bright spots in an otherwise gloomy year – looking forward to what 2021 brings for the blog and for you! (And I’d be lying if I’m not hoping decorating your new apt will be part of it!)

  65. Madiha says 1.13.21

    Oooo SO EXCITING for you Grace!!! (I’m responding as of we talk and text ALL the time! Haha).

    Is it insensitive for me to say that I am not only excited for this move and your well being (a given) but SO SO SO how you decorate the place and make it your own?! Will you be continuing your vibrant and eclectic taste (which I LOVE) or has your tastes changed with age even more than already had?

    Also excited for Tyrion!!! How was his adjustment back to NYC? .he seemed to be livin it up in Charleston! So he must be excited.

  66. OM says 1.13.21

    Congratulations, Grace! Your posts from Charleston made me so happy during my first Christmas away from home (I stayed in NYC). I totally get the allure & am mentally planning a post-vaccine visit! Wishing you all the happiness in the world down south!

  67. TARA says 1.13.21

    Good for you, Grace! I am a NYer who has family in Charleston and am there often (OK, not right now!) and go back and forth. It’s a wonderful city, so much to do and see and the weather cannot be beat. Plus, real estate is more affordable, so it is a win-win for you for buying and being near family. I look forward to your updates on the doings in Charleston! Best always!

  68. mss says 1.13.21

    I am so happy for you! I think you are going to love having a change of scenery and a change of pace at this point in your life. I am really looking forward to following along as you discover new things in a new part of the country. I too left New York for the South after craving an easier, more nature-inspired lifestyle and even though it was adjustment, I can honestly say that visiting New York rather than living there is so fun for me now. I wish you the best of luck with your move and lots of delicious Charleston meals and coastal sunsets in your future.

  69. Theodora says 1.13.21

    So excited for you for your move to CHS! You just looked like you were GLOWING there and you’ve talked about it being your happy place for so long. That was why I finally took the jump to move to LA—it was my happy place, and I had the flexibility to move to my happy place, so why not?

    Something one of my friends said to me when I was making the decision: even if you end up moving back to NYC, you never will have regretted giving it a try—you might regret *not* trying it. But I’ve now been here almost two years, and I am so so happy I made the move. LA is still obviously a huge city but having access to more outdoor space/the ocean has made a huge difference for me, especially during the pandemic! Also, post-pandemic, it will be so easy for you to zip back to NYC when you miss it! LA is obvs a longer flight but I made the move telling myself I was still just a flight away.

    My benign unsolicited advice: EAT ALL THE NYC FOOD YOU CAN NOW. I miss bagels and NYC pizza so much. Bring bagels with you when you move and freeze them, if you can.

  70. Danielle says 1.13.21

    Congrats on making your decision! So looking forward to new Charleston content to come, and I hope this ends up being a great move for you. xoxo

  71. Lisa says 1.13.21


    So excited for your move! We spent a week outside of Charleston in the fall and are returning for 3 weeks next month. We have vacationed there for years, and while we are not yet at a point where we can move there permanently, I know we will try to spend as much time there as possible until we can! It is my happy place and it was so evident that it is yours as well.

  72. Jessica says 1.13.21

    Love reading these, really makes me think about my goals too. Personal – buy property. Professional – get to that ever elusive 50k page views a month!

  73. Coeli Danella says 1.13.21

    congratulations grace! I am looking forward to seeing how the blog evolves throughout 2021 as well as your transition to Charleston !

  74. Maggie says 1.13.21

    Yay, I’m excited! I really enjoyed the Charleston content in December and I’m really looking forward to following your moving journey! I’ve never been there but it really looks like a great place! Sorry for all the exclamation marks, I’m just really excited for you & Tyrion!!

  75. Meghan says 1.13.21

    Really excited for you for this next chapter! Congrats!!! NYC and I will miss you but I can’t wait to visit you!

  76. Rachel says 1.13.21

    Congrats on making the decision to move! As someone who is single, and lives in a studio apt in the city, making the decision to go stay with my parents out on Long Island was definitely a good one. I never thought that almost a year later I would still be out here, but I definitely think it has saved my mental health! I miss the city, and doing normal things, like just going out to a restaurant and seeing friends, but there’s still so much uncertainty about when things will “get back to normal.” Excited about the rest of your goals too! I loved your Amazon Drop collection, and excited to see what you’ll be doing next!

  77. Amy McLean says 1.13.21

    So excited about your move! I live in North Carolina but am really excited to see Charleston content— plus you looked so happy there! I love your blog and also appreciate that you take a stand on matters we can’t be silent on (racism, namely). Sorry that people can be mean sometimes. You’ve got lots of supporters! ❤️

  78. Nikki says 1.13.21

    A whole new chapter awaits – Congratulations Grace!

  79. Casey says 1.13.21

    Grace! Congratulations on your decision, when will you be moving? Also, how will it affect your podcast (if it does?) Good luck to you!

  80. Mimi says 1.13.21

    Congrats Grace! So excited for you – and us, as beneficiaries of all the great things you’ll get to share now about Charleston and that local area! (It’s on my “To Visit” list – so definitely excited for recommendations!!!)

    ^came here from your IG stories and you were wearing the Cornell shirt and REALLY thought you were announcing getting your Master’s

  81. Jackie says 1.13.21

    Congrats on deciding to move! I live in my hometown and definitely do not take for granted the time that I am able to spend with my parents and siblings!
    I took a page from Carly Riordan back in 2019 (I think?) when she had the goal of sticking to new healthy habits and breaking bad habits. I’m starting with a few morning and night, and tracking them in a notebook, while reflecting monthly on how I’m doing. I feel pretty good about it, but I’ve always been pretty bad with keeping habits going, so we’ll see how 2021 goes!

  82. Vickie says 1.13.21

    Congratulations on moving to Charleston! I lived there for a while and loved it, except for 3 things – June, July and August!

  83. Marcella says 1.13.21

    So excited for you and Liz Adams!! I currently live in TX – I personally love the winters here (well not LOVE love because the sun goes down earlier ha) but it’s perfect weather for running most of the time (mid 50s and sunny today). It did snow in Austin this weekend but that is RARITY and people lose their minds. I don’t think I could do the extreme winters in the Northeast/Midwest!! For me March is my favorite month with all the trees blooming here. Anyways my goals for this year – pay off another of my student loans, and keep that debt snowball going (thanks dave ramsey lol). I’m 27 and would like to be debt free by the time I’m 30!! most importantly, I enrolled in interior design classes which has literally been a passion of mine since like elementary school (I would always check out interiors books at the library and draw floor plans after reading the PB teen catalog) and this year I’m finally deciding to try it out and take that step in the right direction. I currently work in tech consulting but am really wanting to do something I love that’s more creative like me. As always I’m always inspired by you and Becca doing more creative things!

  84. Laura says 1.13.21

    Love all of these 2021 goals! So excited for your new move! Exciting times coming ahead for you and the blog! As for my 2021 goals, we’re keeping low expectations with all that is going on and adding another baby to our family in early spring so keeping a realistic expectation of what that transition will look like and not putting too much pressure on ourselves to get a set # of things done this year.

  85. Phyllis says 1.13.21

    Congratulations on the move! Your posts with your family were great, and I’m so happy you’ll get to be closer to them!
    Reading your post was a refreshing look at New Years goals while managing the unexpectedness of 2021. I cannot wait to see more!

  86. Sarah says 1.13.21

    So excited for you! Your joy in Charleston was so obvious and I wish you all the happiness in the world with your upcoming move. One of my goals is to make a career shift. I know I’m no longer happy in my current role but don’t know what else I would do, so want to spend this year working through that.

  87. Laura Iverson says 1.13.21

    So exciting and so happy for you and Tyrion! Wishing you an uneventful (read:few problems!) move! Enjoyed your posts from the holidays and can relate to that feeling of wanting to be close to family. And I’ve been waiting anxiously for the link to where you stayed in Charleston…maybe I missed it? I’d like to put it on my list for future travel. Thank you ans wishing you the best for 2021!

  88. Rhonda says 1.13.21

    Congratulations Grace! This is wonderful! Long time reader here and wherever you are I will be following along. I loved seeing all your Charleston content and look forward to more. How exciting!

  89. Madison says 1.13.21

    This is a wonderful goals list and it encouraged me to make one, as well. A preliminary welcome to South Carolina! It’s a beautiful state and I love calling it home. Happy New Year!

  90. Evie says 1.13.21

    Hi Grace,
    Thank you for your candidness. My goals are somewhat similar to yours. 2020 marked me as a person and I turned more to spiritual things, such as taking more care of myself, doing what makes me happy, paying attention to what actually matters and so on. 2021 it’s not that much different, I do plan to continue doing more of what’s important to me and growing my small candle business.


  91. Jessica says 1.13.21

    I am sure this is not your only reason for moving, but just a comment that when I was about your age (I’m like…seven or eight years older?) I also moved closer to my parents, to whom I am very close, and it was honestly a blessing and the best decision I have ever made. (It was also to a location where I could have a better standard of living, so in addition to being able to spend more time with my family, I have a washer/dryer and a fireplace! THE DREAM!) Congrats on your move!!

  92. Paula G says 1.13.21

    some inspiration for my own goals here, not always sure how to phrase them! also, wherever you are, we’re going to be here so, yay Charleston.

  93. Samantha says 1.13.21

    So happy for you! Charleston is one of my favorite places. I found both your blog and podcast this year and they have been such a highlight of 2020. I feel like you and Becca are my besties & look forward to catching up each week. Thanks for being such a ray of sunshine in this cloudy year.

  94. Carrie says 1.13.21

    I LOVE that you are doing what is best for you and can’t wait to see your updates from Charleston! As a reader who has followed along before The Stripe was “the stripe,” I’ve really enjoyed seeing you and your content evolve while remaining real and accessible, especially as a fellow single female in her later 30s (who just made a big move for similar reasons a couple months ago – you know this already, but SO worth it). Wishing you all the luck and joy as you make your move!

  95. Heather says 1.13.21

    Oh my gosh, Grace! That’s such incredible news about Charleston. For all I’m sure you’re sad to leave behind in New York, I can’t imagine how much richer your life will be surrounded by your family! Can’t wait to follow along for your sunny adventures in SC!

  96. Cassidi says 1.13.21

    Yay! I’m excited for you. This has to have been a tough decision to make.
    On another note, definitely taking some cues from your goals and taking some ideas!!

  97. Robin says 1.13.21

    Yay for Charleston! I loved looking at your pics when you were there. Seems like a great choice for you! Can’t wait to follow along.

  98. Jen says 1.13.21

    Congratulations on your move! While it will be bittersweet, I’m so glad to know you’ll be closer to your family. Can’t wait to follow you on this new adventure!

  99. Rachael Stone says 1.13.21

    So excited for you and your move!!!! xxxx

  100. CG says 1.13.21

    I’d love to hear more about your journaling goal! I keep wanting to start but then just stare blankly at the pages.

  101. Kathy says 1.13.21

    Grace – So very happy for you & wishing you all the best in this next chapter of your life! ❤️

  102. Carrie says 1.13.21

    Congratulations, Grace! Looking forward to reading along on your next journeys.

  103. Alyse says 1.13.21


    Congratulations on your exciting next adventure! I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision, but it’s going to be so great. I can’t wait to follow along on your Charleston adventures! Always enjoy your posts and podcast episodes!

  104. Judy Werner says 1.13.21

    So happy for you. Change is scary but exciting. I am excited to see how things evolve for you. You got this! ❤️

  105. Ali says 1.13.21

    So happy and excited for your move. Looking forward to following along. Maybe you do have to open up that Dunkin franchise now!

  106. I’m so incredibly excited for your move AND impressed by how much your blog has grown—wow! That gives me a little bit of hope, as one of my goals this year is to get back to 20k pageviews per month (hit it once a few years ago and it’s been downhill since then). Do you still work with Influencer SEO? I think I may need help in that area; it’s all so daunting!

  107. Katie says 1.14.21

    Congratulations on the big (tough) decision to move to Charleston! I love the city and am excited to follow along on your adventures. You really glowed with happiness when you were there over the holidays – sounds like a great fit!

  108. Stephanie says 1.14.21

    Congratulations on your upcoming move Grace. With everything that happened in 2020 and the start of 2021, there’s no better time to follow your heart and do what you think you need to do. I look forward to following your journey as you settle into your new apartment in April.

    I’m still trying to figure out if I want to make any goals for 2021 or not. I decided to give myself the month of January to really figure things out, and what’s important to me right now.

    xo Stephanie

  109. Molly says 1.14.21

    Congrats on the move – so exciting! I know social media doesn’t show everything, but you seemed genuinely happy when you were there and being near family is so nice (not to mention the weather!). I love Charleston and can’t wait to go back when it’s safe!

  110. Danielle says 1.14.21

    Girl, yay! Good for you. I’ve been following you for a bit now, and I’m so happy to hear you’re making a move that makes you happy and brings you joy!! Wishing you all the best and can’t wait to see some Charleston content 🙂 xo

  111. Shana says 1.14.21

    Congratulations! so fun and you and Liz are moving to Charleston 🙂 As part of working with my coach I’ve committed to working on the “marriage to self” portion of the 3 marriages (self, work, others) in 2021. I’m V good at the other 2 and self V not great. Having a coach in 2020 legit got me through the pandemic. She has been an amazing add to my work and person life. I’m only 14 days in but I’ve got a buddy partner and we are checking in with each other daily and it’s going well – cautiously optimistic for 2021!

  112. Meg says 1.14.21

    Congrats on the move! That is very exciting! One of my goals is to work out 3x a week and cook at home 2x a week.

  113. Wendy says 1.14.21

    congrats on the decision to move! Totally get that it is bittersweet. 4 years ago, I moved away from a city I loved back to my home state. While it was my choice and a great job opportunity, I was still sad, and some people were perplexed by that.

  114. Jess Milcetich says 1.14.21

    After reading about your move, I saw this article in the Atlantic about how good it is for your mental health to live in a place that feels like home. Seems like Charleston might be that place for you right now. Here’s the article if you wanted to see it: https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2021/01/what-moving-house-can-do-your-happiness/617667/

  115. Jenn J. says 1.14.21

    Congrats on the impending move, Grace! So excited to see how you decorate and get settled into Charleston. 🙂

  116. Diana says 1.16.21

    Congratulations on making the decision to move! Sometimes deciding is even more labor intensive than actually moving, ha! As someone who moved away from NYC (in2019, nothing to do with the pandemic) after living there 13 years I’ll tell you it was hard but just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s the wrong decision. There are a lot of moving pains (like growing) when you uproot your life. Take it slow and be kind to yourself. I also wrote a goodbye NYC letter and it helped me mentally and emotionally close that chapter of my life. Would love to read yours if you decide it would be helpful.

  117. Elizabeth says 1.16.21

    Congratulations! I am so excited for you, when you you moved there for the 6 weeks I thought you might decide this after being so close to your family again. I am sure it it wonderful to be with them.

    I am excited to follow along on your new adventures and goals! Best of luck.

  118. stu says 1.18.21

    welcome to the best little city! i’ve been here for just over a year and there is something magical about charleston and you truly cannot beat living 15 mins from the beach. hope you love it here! xoxo

    PS I work at a very cute bookstore in the old village called the village bookseller! come visit us!

  119. Betsy says 1.20.21

    My cousin just moved to Charleston in June. His wife is a physician, and found her perfect job there. They are both loving it so much! They weren’t really sure about it, since they were moving from California. But both of them are incredibly happy with the move. They aren’t missing Cali too much.