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  • Sunday scaries but make them fashion. 🍷
  • Reading is my therapy, but if we're being totally honest, TV is, too! I am SO excited to watch @ModernLoveTV this weekend (it came out today). Modern Love is the new @amazonprimevideo series, and each episode is inspired by a real-life personal essay from the beloved New York Times column “Modern Love. It's raw and relatable, with an all star cast (including Tina Fey, Dev Patel, and Anne Hathaway!) This is going to be GOOD. #ModernLove #IworkwithPrimeVideo
  • We had the best time in Philly last night!!! It’s already time to go home but we need to get back and explore (eat) more! We did not have nearly enough time but I learned what a Trinity house is (a death trap!!) and had a great post show dirty martini at @butcherandsinger. Also fun fact: my dress from last night is the exact same style as my sequin dress from Tuesday! I liked the green one so much that I tracked this (older) rainbow version down on The RealReal! Thanks to everyone who came out last night, to our amazing guests, and to @punchlinephilly to being so good to us! ❤️
  • Doing the most. 😉 Our time in DC was too quick (we didn’t even have a full three meals, which is how I tend to measure time) but we had an absolute blast last night and loved our hotel! Thank you to @hamiltonhoteldc for hosting us for the night. We will be back, hopefully for longer! Now it’s off to Philly! ❤️🚊❤️
  • Who wore it better: New York Grace or DC Grace? 8 live shows done and starting to repeat outfits. Thanks to everyone who came out last night, we had a blast! Now it’s off to Philly for number 9! ❤️
  • Very excited to team up with @olay this month to test their new #Retinol24 collection. Retinol is one of the best things you can do for your skin but can be so expensive. I'm excited to have an under $30 option to recommend. I will be using these products (as my night routine) exclusively for the next four weeks and am documenting my experience on the blog! Head to my stories for the full unboxing, and stay tuned for a blog post in the coming month! #olay #ad 📸:
  • Off to DC and Philly for more podcast live shows! 🚊❤️ Today’s episode (AND blog post!) are both all about travel. My blog post is all about my travel essentials (beauty, tech, fashion) and on the pod @beccamfreeman and I discuss (debate?) our very different travel philosophies (spoiler alert: I’m an uptight monster!!) it’s a fun episode! And if you’re in DC or Philly, come to a show! (Tix still available for both shows; link in bio!!!!) 📸: @carterfish
  • biggest congrats to the @galmeetsglam team on launching coats! I love my new pink coat (gifted) and can’t wait to see the rest of the collection tonight ❤️#gmgcollection #gmgonme #gmgcoats