My Melissa Wood Health Review.

My Melissa Wood Health Review.

This post has been highly requested and is something I talk about a LOT on Instagram stories and in the private Facebook groupMelissa Wood Health! I first signed up for her program at the beginning of quarantine last March. I got really into it for a few weeks. And then quickly abandoned it. I was kind of all over the place… those first few months of quarantine were really hard and I fell completely off of the workout train. It was also tough to get into working out at home. All of my everyday activities just sort of went to hell. I didn’t like it (at first but now I actually enjoy it), and I just wasn’t motivated.

There was a lot of laying on the couch and feeling sorry for myself… especially in June and July. But hey, it happens! Back in August (8/19 to be exact) I realized it was time to motivate and start working out again. And ever since then, I’ve been doing her workouts at least 4-5x a week… usually every day.

I really like that the workouts are manageable and easy to fit in. I think the best workout is the workout you will actually stick with and enjoy, and that is what MWH is for me. It’s now been a little over 3 months of doing her program almost every day and I feel really good.

Melissa Wood Health Review

Melissa Wood Tepperberg the founder of the Melissa Wood Health program. She’s certified in yoga and Pilates and follows a plant-based diet (note: I do not!). One thing I really love is her philosophy on self-love and accepting yourself exactly as you are. There’s no shaming or selling you on how good your life could be if you look a certain way… her approach is all about being kinder to yourself. She wants to make her students feel good, and that comes across so well. Also, her voice is so soothing!

Another thing I really like how open she is about her past: having struggled with eating disorders and her own self-confidence, etc. You can read more about her story on her about page. A big thing that has resonated with me is how she talks about how she once viewed working out as a chore. This big, time consuming thing you have to do… slaving away for an hour on the treadmill or taking a high-intensity bootcamp class in order to see results. That’s exactly how I used to feel and it led me to be really inconsistent with my own workouts… I’d either be on a kick where I was running 5-6 miles a day or taking classes like Tracy Anderson or Orange Theory… or doing nothing.

The program itself is $10 a month or $99 for the year.

In terms of equipment, I recommend a few things. The first is a yoga mat of course. The next would be bala bangles (as seen on Shark Tank!!) which are essentially wearable weights/wrist weights. You truly do not NEED these (in the beginning of quarantine I used water bottles or cans, and then graduated to some cheap ankle weights from Amazon). And she says this a lot too but you can also be fine just using your own body weight. That being said, the bala bangles arrived and I just love them so much. If you can afford them, I highly recommend making the investment. I even packed them for Charleston. I also have resistance bands, a Pilates circle, and a soft silicone ball… but you use those so rarely that you don’t really need them (I did not pack those things for my trip!).

Melissa Wood Health Workouts

Most of Melissa’s workouts are in the 20-30 minute range and they’re almost always a blend of low-impact yoga and pilates moves. This really resonates with me as I prefer yoga and pilates style workouts. I strongly recommend following her weekly calendar. It takes the guesswork out of it. I will never be the person (and it’s great if you are) who knows what to do every day, so I like to be told. Some days she’ll have you doing one longer full body flow (like a 30-40 minute yoga/pilates blend) and others maybe you’ll do a 15 minute arms series and a 15 minute abs series.

Beginner Workouts

I get asked if this workout is good for beginners and the answer is YES, absolutely. If you sign up, you’ll get your first week for free. I would definitely start out with her beginner workouts to get an understanding for her program and proper form. They are still very hard (trust me – I’m thinking of a day when I was a little hungover and chose a 30 minute beginner series thinking it would be easy and wanted to dieeee), but there’s more of an emphasis on form. She also has a lot of great pre and postnatal workouts in the beginner section, if that is something you are looking for!

Weekly Calendar

Like I said before, the weekly schedule is FAB. I absolutely recommend following the weekly calendar… it takes all the guesswork out. She posts a new workout every Monday and then builds out a calendar with existing workouts for the rest of the week. It makes it easy and streamlined and also lets you plan ahead!

Standing Series

Her standing series are in my opinion, probably the hardest – most MWH workouts won’t get your heart rate up but this will. But I try (even if they’re not included in the weekly calendar) to do one once a week as I haven’t found anything that gets my outer thighs, glutes, and obliques quite as well. It will be the most brutal but effective twenty minutes of your life!

Does the Melissa Wood Health Method Work?

This is the question that I get asked most. Does it work? Is it effective? And so on and so forth. The quick answer is YES. I don’t post before and after photos because frankly I was lazy and wasn’t really thinking of it when I started, but I also want to put the emphasis on how I FEEL.

When someone asks this question I think they’re really asking if I have noticed a difference in how my body looks and how my clothes fit. And the answer is absolutely yes. It’s incredible what you can accomplish in even just 20 minutes a day. Melissa’s workouts WORK. Do them every day and you’ll see those long lean lines throughout your entire body. After a little over three months of doing the MWH method consistently, the pre-quarantine jeans fit again. I have started to see more definition in my arms and abs than I’ve ever seen in my life. And my butt is definitely more lifted.

Melissa Wood Health Review Weight Loss.

I do not think this workout (alone) is going to help with weight loss. It’s the best toning workout I’ve EVER tried… but it’s more about lengthening and strengthening your muscles, to create long lean lines. Note: long lean lines can exist in all body types, not just the “long, lean” bodies we are constantly shown in the media. I am not big into talking about weight loss. I’m here to talk about feeling longer and stronger, and feeling good in your skin – no matter what size you are. If you are looking to lose extra weight, that’s going to be your diet and getting your heart rate up with cardio.

But besides the physical stuff and it goes much deeper than that. I stand taller. I feel STRONG. My body just feels good after completing one of her workouts. There is a definite mind and body connection. For every little muscle I’ve toned, what it’s done for my MIND is amazing. Her meditations are incredible too. On days when I am feeling anxious I will do a meditation before my workout, but most days I meditate afterward. And probably most importantly, I’ve found a workout that I really, really enjoy. If I don’t do it, I feel off… which is new to me as (in all honesty) I’ve never really been someone who looks forward to working out. Add to that how I feel both physically and mentally and you have a winning combination.


photo by Allie Provost.


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  1. Katie:

    Great post! I found MWH through you and I’m forever grateful. I’ve experienced the same changes and just feel better.

    12.2.20 Reply
    • Aw that makes me so so happy. I am truly fanatical about her/her workouts!

      12.2.20 Reply
      • Katie:

        I am, too! She’s calming, positive and the workouts are so effective! I’ve tried a few of her recommended snacks and they are all so good. It would be so fun if she was on the podcast. Thanks again !

        12.2.20 Reply
  2. Shana:

    I’m glad you found something that works for you! During this time of life that is so important – my go to is headspace and down dog – they have both improved my mental health in 2020 🙂

    12.2.20 Reply
  3. Stacey:

    I love MWH. I used to teach barre and I find her flows more effective. Also my body and mind just feel good, I don’t feel depleted after her workouts. That’s most important to me!

    12.2.20 Reply
  4. Brooke:


    I totally agree. MWH has changed my life. I once worked out to “look” a certain way, MWH help me let go of all that andjust …BE. She is a dang treasure.

    ETA: Doing it daily for 3 months, is the only thing that toned up my saddlebags! I wasn’t going for that, but it’s a nice bonus.

    12.2.20 Reply
    • That is the perfect way to describe it. She’s a TREASURE!!!!! And yes to the saddlebags. I didn’t realize that area could ever be toned for me… and, it is!

      12.2.20 Reply
  5. Nicole:

    I’ve had a very similar experience! Definitely the most consistently I’ve worked out as well. Agree that it’s not necessarily for weight loss but I definitely feel more toned than I ever have. Maybe tmi but my butt muscles are so much bigger! My pants are tight haha.

    12.2.20 Reply
  6. Kris:

    I typically do CrossFit-style workouts. I started MWH in the last month or so and have really enjoyed the lower impact workouts. I scooped up the bala bangles for 30% off from Anthro over the weekend and am excited to get them. But seriously, her workouts are SO hard even without weights. And she often recommends doing them without the weights to help with form! Thanks for sharing about MWH, I wouldn’t have found it otherwise!

    12.2.20 Reply
  7. Connor:

    I love MWH! This year, I switched from high-intensity workouts (running, OT, etc) to pilates and power-walking. I feel stronger than ever and truly love the energy Melissa brings into my day. I definitely notice a difference in how I stand and sit!

    12.2.20 Reply
  8. Rachel:

    I started Melissa Wood Health workouts about 3 weeks ago, per your recommendation. I absolutely love her and her workouts! I already feel stronger. Before quarantine I went to a Pilates studio and I really missed it. I think Melissa’s workouts are just as good (or even better) then 60 minutes at a Pilates reformer class. The power of using your own body weight for resistance and working out is life changing! Highly recommend! Thanks for sharing!

    12.2.20 Reply
  9. Regan:

    This is a super helpful and timely post as I was just thinking of signing up for the free trial. It’s been really difficult to workout since the pandemic. MWH might be the solution for me! Question – do you think you’ll go back to Orange Theory once it’s safe? I was just getting into OT last winter and I miss it lot. I tried going a few times when my gym reopened, but haven’t felt safe (not their fault, they took lots of precautions, I just don’t think any gym is truly safe unless it’s outside.) My whole idea of going to the gym has totally changed now and wanted to know your perspective!

    12.2.20 Reply
    • Probably not! To be honest, the pandemic made me realize how much money I spend on fitness. I’ll probably stick to this and my yoga studio.

      12.2.20 Reply
  10. Sounds like a great programme for you! Would love to try it one day. I’m currently budgetless when it comes to gym plans, just been running outdoors! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    12.2.20 Reply
  11. Tess:

    Hi! Question–were you able to verify that she is definitely certified to teach yoga and pilates? I keep looking and haven’t found her actual certifications anywhere. Not that it’s a big deal! I just have back issues so I try to be really careful with Pilates, especially now that I’m working out at home without an instructor. Thanks for the review!

    12.2.20 Reply
    • Hey Tess! It says she is on her about page. I tend to take what people say at face value, I can’t imagine she would lie!

      12.2.20 Reply
    • Lauren:

      I’ve actually wondered the same thing too. I’m not super into yoga but I go to a Pilates and yoga studio (now virtually) and every instructor lists their specific certifications (certified STOTT pilates, core mat I or II from xyz place) so I’ve always found a bit odd that Melissa’s website is so vague. I’ve also tried to google it before and never found an answer. Just something for the consumer to be mindful of!

      12.3.20 Reply
    • Ana:

      Jumping in here to say that I’ve also looked into her certifications, and agree that she is purposefully vague about them! Based off of interviews she’s done, it looks like she enrolled in health coaching programs (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and maybe a yoga teaching certification ( but I haven’t seen anything to indicate she is Pilates certified. Apparently it’s something that has been brought up in her IG comments but no clear answer has been given! Lia Bartha and her B the Method program is another option if you’re looking for someone with clear certifications, although I did find her classes a little too slow.

      That being said, I do want to say that I’m a big fan of MWH! I stopped and switched over to Peloton classes recently but I agree that MWH works! I do wish she’d be more transparent though.

      12.18.20 Reply
  12. Leeza:

    Hi! I’m so glad you did this review because I have a question about MWH that I’ve been dying to ask for ages (it isn’t address in their FAQ and I commented on their IG but didn’t get a reply):
    Are all of the workouts silent but for her instruction? I did the trial video that she has on her site, and while it was a GREAT class, but I found the quiet with just her voice kind of…dull? Would love your take!

    12.2.20 Reply
    • Hey Leeza – Yes, they are! I oftentimes will put on a playlist in the background to add music as I like to workout with music.

      Funny you find her voice dull – I actually find her voice to be really relaxing and soothing.

      12.2.20 Reply
      • Leeza:

        She’s very lovely and soothing indeed, just the experience overall with the silence and her voice was much less stimulating than I’m used to. Picking your own playlist could be very fun too!

        12.2.20 Reply
  13. Kerry:

    Like so many others I found MWH through you! My god it is the best. She is the best. Before March I was at the gym all the time doing as many hiit classes as I could each week and thought I was the epitome of fitness, but once I started doing MWH I learned what kind of workouts I genuinely love to do, and what my body truly loves back. I’ve never felt so comfortable and happy in my own skin, so thank you thank you thank you for sharing ❤️

    12.2.20 Reply
    • Kerry:

      Also omg the weekly schedule!! It’s genius! Everything I never knew I needed, such a game changer

      12.2.20 Reply
      • Right!? It is almost like having a personal trainer. I can motivate, I like the workout once I’m doing it… just need someone to tell me what to do!!!!

        12.2.20 Reply
    • This comment makes me the happiest, because I feel the EXACT. SAME. WAY. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      12.2.20 Reply
  14. Val:

    Hi Grace, I hadn’t heard of Melissa Wood Heath Method, thanks for the post! I am definitely interested. I work out with a trainer 3x a week (outside) and run/hike on the off days but this might be something fun to mix in, especially if you don’t need equipment. As always, thank you for providing fun, relevant information! XO

    12.2.20 Reply
  15. Lauren:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I love reading all the comments too. I just signed up for the 7 day trial and did my first workout. I have NEVER had a consistent workout routine, and I truly mean never, so I’m really hoping this helps me establish one. I have a two month old and am trying to feel comfortable in my body again (note: not trying to “bounce back” as I think the pressures to look like you never had a kid is so toxic), I just want to feel strong and like me. Thank you again!

    12.2.20 Reply
  16. Jana:

    Could not agree with this more! I’ve been doing them hard core since early January and I’m sold and can’t imagine not doing them.

    12.2.20 Reply
  17. Sarah R:

    I started her on your recommendation, and now I’ve been seeing her mentioned more and more throughout the internet. Once again, Grace, you are ahead of the curve! 🙂 I think you get a lot for a very affordable price. I love how efficient she is – not a lot of unnecessary chit chat. Plus I love that each move is only 10 reps per side because I’m ready to die with some of the moves. In the summer, I tried her pool workouts, and they were fun!

    I also do Barre3, which isn’t really a barre workout at all. They range from 30, 45, and 60 minute workouts and are more cardio-based than Melissa’s. I find they complement each other well. Barre3 is $29/month.

    12.2.20 Reply
  18. I love how you answered “does it work” in terms beyond weight loss. <3

    12.2.20 Reply
  19. Sarah:

    Hi Grace! Is the yoga mat you linked the one you personally use? I’m in the market for a new one 🙂

    12.4.20 Reply
    • Yes, sort of! I bought it for CHarleston so not to lug my one at home (a magic carpet yoga mat that I’ve had for like 10 years) with me. I’m not fussy about yoga mats but like it.

      12.4.20 Reply
  20. Taylor:

    Love MWH, feeling stronger only 3 weeks in thanks to your rec and realizing that consistency (even if only 15 minutes a day) is key to incorporating movement into my every day life. I’m definitely a workout yo-yo-er, so this is a mindset shift. It’s helping me think about daily exercise and movement as a key to better mental and physical health, and not just as an athletic challenge to quickly get into shape and look a certain way.

    12.4.20 Reply
  21. Kaylee:

    Hi Grace,

    Thank you for your review! I am very interested in trying Melissa Wood Health – especially as things are locking down again.

    For the Bala Bangles – what weight do you recommend?

    12.4.20 Reply
  22. Lacey:

    Great post! Do you have one or two sets of Bala bangles? I’m just getting into Melissa Wood Health and am hopefully getting one set of Bala bangles for the holidays, but I’m wondering if I’d ever want to use one set for my legs and one set for my arms in a workout.

    12.5.20 Reply
    • That’s a great question. Just one! Melissa never has (at least so far!) us using more than one set at a time.

      12.5.20 Reply
  23. THANK YOU FOR SUCH AN AWESOME REVIEW!!! I just saw her on Today and her legs alone said..”GIRRRLLLL GO GET THE SUBSCRIPT.!!” After losing over 100lbs on keto, I’ve been learning to love to move my body and I think this will help tons with not only toning, maintenance, but also with accepting my body as it is. loose skin and all. Keep up the great reviews & be GREAT sis! @sugarfreeeketo

    5.12.21 Reply
    • sorry for the IG tag.. auto complete 🙁

      5.12.21 Reply