Your Favorite Blog Posts of 2023.

Your Favorite Blog Posts of 2023

Today, we finish recapping 2023. (See also: your favorite products of 2023, everything I read this year!). I say this every year but I really enjoy looking back on the year and seeing which blog posts received the most traffic. It was a big year of books and movies and TV (cozy things are my niche, haha). I love putting together those sorts of lists and you love reading them! Some of these posts are a few years old, thanks to SEO. This is based on pageviews (how many times the page was visited) and not comments, but I always love reading your comments too.

Your Favorite Posts of 2023

Ten: 33 of the Best Comfort Movies

This is a favorite post of mine too — I reference it whenever I want something nostalgic and familiar to watch. Lots of Nancy Meyers. The comments section is fantastic too.

Best Comfort Movies
Nine: 29 Books to Read on a Beach Vacation

I posted this list a couple years ago and add to it every summer with current fav beach reads. It’s a great list of books that are just fun and perfect for vacation.

Netflix Movies Based On Books
Eight: 18 Netflix Movies Based On Books

A favorite post of mine for sure! Watching a movie based on a favorite book is definitely just the best and Netflix has so many good ones. I just updated it yesterday to include Leave the World Behind.

Romance Book Recommendations | Your Favorite Blog Posts of 2023
Seven: 15 Favorite Romance Book Recommendations

I was kind of surprised to see this one rank as well as it does as I’m truthfully not a huge romance reader. But I think readers enjoyed this as it was a round-up of romance books for people who don’t typically love romance.

Birkenstock EVA vs Leather Birkenstocks
Six: Birkenstocks EVA vs. Leather

I honestly have no idea how/why this one ranked as well as it did. It is quite an old post! I am going to go ahead and blame SEO but I do stand behind these as a product recommendation.

Amazon Prime Day 2023 | Your Favorite Blog Posts of 2023
Five: My Giant Guide to Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day is always one of my biggest sales days of the year (and I always give half of the first day’s affiliate revenue to a charitable org). No surprises here that this post ranked as well as it did.

My Favorite Books of All Time
Four: My Favorite Books of All Time.

This was a really fun list to pull together!

The Correct Order to Apply Your Skincare Products
Three: The Correct Order to Apply Your Skincare Products

This step by step guide to skincare continues to rank well every year, thanks to SEO etc. It is also one of the most common questions I get in my DMs! Knowing that I would be linking out to it today, I gave it a big update yesterday with all my current skincare favorites. I do this every year to keep it current!

Best Drugstore Lipsticks | Your Favorite Blog Posts of 2023
Two: Twelve of the Best Drugstore Lipsticks

I loved pulling this post together as it was so much fun testing all of these different formulas and shades. It ended up being a decent amount of work and research (and remembering to try a different one each day and take notes), so it is really gratifying to see how well it ranked!

My Mom's Chocolate Cake Recipe
One: My Mom’s Chocolate Cake Recipe

This was a complete surprise to me. The most popular post of the entire year! It was a very off the cuff recipe post that I threw together as I was making a cake for my friend’s birthday party and a few people asked me for the recipe. Blew my mind how many people loved this post and shared it.

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  1. Rosemarie:

    Lovely list! Though a lot still says 2022, if you want to update for future SEO

    1.11.24 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Oh geez, oop! Thanks for the catch.

      1.11.24 Reply
  2. Christina:

    So I need to know, what does your mom win for favorite blog post?! Perhaps she deserves her own cake.

    1.11.24 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I know, I agree! Or some sort of present!!!

      1.11.24 Reply
  3. Jackie:

    I shop your links often (too often!), but I also love how so many of your top posts aren’t about shopping/items. It’s a testament to your voice and community. I appreciate still having places and people on the internet who I go to for all sorts of suggestions: Movies! Books! Recipes! Beauty tips! And yes, what the heck to get from Amazon.

    1.11.24 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Aw thanks, I agree! The heart of the blog is shopping and sharing great finds but I want to talk about other things too!!!!

      1.11.24 Reply