My Giant Guide to Amazon Prime Day 2023.

Amazon Prime Day 2023 Guide

My Giant Guide to Amazon Prime Day 2023

Happy Prime Day! This is always a big shopping day over here! As an Amazon affiliate, I was given early access to what this year’s deals would look like and I have to say, I think they are really, really good!!! I spent a very long time perusing every category (literally: hundreds of pages of deals – no complaints, this was fun!) to find you the best of the best. I am really excited to share what I think are going to be this year’s best deals across every area.

As with years past and: per your vote in the Facebook group, (I did a poll a few weeks ago and this was far and away the winner), I am donating 50% of today’s affiliate revenue to Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP).

The Best Beauty Deals

So many great beauty deals to share. I started with beauty as that is what I tend to stock up on personally. The deals are really really good! First of all is this mascara from The Honest Company. It’s Amazon’s number one clean mascara for a reason. The primer gets lashes so so long and thick! But also: our favorite snail slime serum (read the post I wrote about this ages ago), and the best lip mask. (The lip mask was my number one best-seller from Prime Day for a reason last year: it’s goooood!)

This liquid lipstick is amazing (I have several colors; rosy nude is my fav!) and so is this already very inexpensive lip gloss (Butter Gloss is the perfect name for it… it feels like buttery!). I was excited to see Good Genes + my favorite plumping and hydrating serum from Biossance also included at 30% off. Last but not least is this goop scalp scrub. I’ve tried so many scalp scrubs and this is my fav. It smells fantastic and gets your hair really clean. It lathers like a shampoo? I’m also grabbing a baby foot peel to do when I get home from my trip. I don’t care if I need to wear socks for a little bit; my feet need it!

A last minute addition: our favorite lactic acid is 20% off!

But also: my favorite toiletry bag. This blog post has more info on why I love it so much!

The Best Clothing and Accessories

Next up, fashion! There are a lot of great staples on sale today… be it clothing, shapewear, jewelry, and especially sunglasses (you know I’m a big fan of Amazon for sunglasses!). I was excited to see that Spanx has a deal (now that I am in my forties I just embrace shapewear). I have and love several of the pieces featured (like this knit cardigan/jacket, this lightweight jacket (fav but def size down!!!), and this white blouse). In my cart are this striped dress, this vibrant red blazer, and these green sunglasses!

Everyday Favorites

This category is sort of a catch all for my favorite things that I use everyday. Weird to want to stock up on Popcorners during the sale but they are so yummy! I’m of course very happy that Red Clay is doing a few good deals (have to represent Charleston; it really is the best — I keep these little sets on hand to give as gifts, especially to out of town friends!). If you do not already have an onion chopper I can’t recommend it enough. I use mine multiple times a week and also use it to chop up carrots and celery when making soups.

Tech, Books, Home, Etc.

Last year, this carpet cleaner was a reader favorite. It is honestly the best. This thing has gotten coffee out of my couch, and cleaned up the worst most disgusting pet messes from my carpet. I could not love it more. If you have a pet, it’s a must! But also: the Vitamix (I love mine, use it every day for the creamiest soups and smoothies). Two smaller favs are the best hangers (these are all I use), and my favorite bath tray!

But also, an Apple Watch and Airpods!

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.

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  1. Shana:

    Great list, thank you for narrowing it down and I added a few unexpected things to my cart like magic erasers 🙂

    7.11.23 Reply
  2. Terra:

    Grace! GREAT roundup. I love how many things this covers! Question about the Peripera lip tint: Do you think it could work on cheeks, too? I almost always multitask my lipwear, so it’s important to me that the colour isn’t prone to patchiness on my lips (as I already have dry skin) and has a bit of buffer drying time so it can be blended. Thank you so much!

    7.11.23 Reply
    • Hmm I don’t know. I wouldn’t put a matte liquid lipstick on the cheeks but I prefer my cheek colors to be a different color and also more sheer/buildable. But that’s personal preference. I will say I also have dry lips and had no patchiness with this!

      7.11.23 Reply
  3. Today is so stressful! You make it look so easy!

    7.11.23 Reply
  4. Yari:

    Great lineup of products! Love all these picks! Thanks for sharing.

    7.15.23 Reply