The Best Travel Bag for Toiletries.

The Best Travel Bag for Toiletries | NISHEL Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

The Best Travel Bag for Toiletries

This is just a little blog post but it’s a good one. This travel bag! It is the GREATEST. Such a small thing (and an inexpensive thing… it’s only $27!) but so good. I bought it after seeing it on my friend Megan’s instagram stories and ordered immediately as it was exactly what I was looking for. It reminded me (shape-wise) of a Vera Bradley I had in college (but gave away when I grew out of that phase) and honestly, it’s perfect.

It holds all my things (I keep my makeup separate but it holds everything else), it doesn’t take up much space, and I love that I can hang it up when I get to my destination and easily access all my things without rummaging around. I have the pink (which is really more of a dusty blush – my photos are true to color) but it also comes in a pretty blue color and black! On top of that, it’s water resistant. The individual compartments have clear PVC panels, so when my conditioner exploded, cleanup was v v minimal… it was easy to contain and didn’t get all over my other things.

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The Best Travel Bag for ToiletriesAmazon hanging travel bag

Photography by Allie Provost.

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  1. meghan:

    I have the exact same one… I think I found on TIBAL? But, yes, it’s everything. So easy, fits everything, no need to worry about messes, and several of the compartments zip off if you need to make room. THE BEST. I also bought a different shape one from the same company for makeup.

    8.11.21 Reply
    • Oh fun! I don’t know how I missed it on TIBAL – huge fan of her and regularly influenced!!!

      8.11.21 Reply
  2. OK, I’m a little creeped out by how much you’re reading my mind right now . Was flying yesterday and realized how ratty my makeup bag was and that I had meds in a janky ziploc and I needed a cute travel sitch. Boom.

    8.11.21 Reply
  3. Jen Ward:

    I love your recs and advice. I swear I consult your blog posts before purchasing any new skin care items. Speaking of travel, I’m looking for an XL weekender type bag. Something bigger than a traditional weekender, but not a suitcase. Think accommodating a 4 day weekend. Any recs?


    8.11.21 Reply
    • Cathy:

      I just bought a Baboon To the Moon Mini Go Bag after hearing Caroline Moss rave about hers. I’m taking it this weekend. I will say the Mini seems huge, I can’t imagine wearing the Small as a backpack. But I wanted something I can wear as a backpack because sometimes you need to be hands-free when you travel.

      8.11.21 Reply
    • So I usually just take my small roller bag suitcase! But if not, I love my Very Troubled Child Bag.

      That being said, that is very expensive. I was just served an ad for this weekender from Paravel and I thought it was SO chic (with the tan leather and a monogram!) I LOVE the shape and may end up buying it.

      8.11.21 Reply
    • Also, that is the nicest of you to say… THANK YOU!

      8.11.21 Reply
  4. Katerina P:

    This is THE BEST travel kit ever! I got it a couple of weeks ago on a TIBAL rec and used it this past weekend. So good! I’m ordering a couple more and gifting it to my mom and friends.

    8.11.21 Reply
  5. Karen:

    Grace!!!! I had to order this – I’ve been using multiple large and small ziploc bags and it’s a nightmare amd causing me undue stress lol. I’ve been looking for a hanging bag – perfect! Thx!

    8.11.21 Reply
  6. Lisa Autumn:

    Oh this one looks GORGEOUS and so practical!

    Lisa |

    8.13.21 Reply
  7. Jenn:

    I bought this 6ish months ago after you recommended it and it has been life-changing! I recommend it to everyone I know because it can hold a truly absurd amount of toiletries so neatly.

    2.9.22 Reply