33 of the Best Comfort Movies.

33 of the Best Comfort Movies

This was a reader request from several weeks ago (and a post I feel we need right now!) but it took me a while to pull together the post as I have so many. A list of comfort movies. Do you have comfort films? The ones you watch when you are sick, sad, having a bad day, feeling a bit blue, the world is in turmoil, etc. I’ve been hibernating with my favorites so it felt like the timing was right for this post. A comfort film can be different for everyone. Some of these are Oscar winning classics, others are just feel good favorites and box office hits. It’s just about what brings YOU comfort! Whether it’s an old favorite like Good Will Hunting or one of your favorite romantic comedies, there is no right or wrong here!

Here are mine, please (please!) share yours in the comments!

Note from Grace – As the times change, some of these might not hold up as well anymore. I have tried to flag anything (like the weight comments in Bridget Jones’ Diary) I remember as offensive and I don’t think there is anything on this list that is terrible but wanted to make that caveat: sometimes there is just comfort in watching something old. I think you can cringe a little bit, give thanks that times have changed, but still enjoy the nostalgia of watching something older.

33 of the Best Comfort Movies

These films are all comforting to me for different ways. Clueless makes me laugh. The Princess Bride transports me to my childhood (same with Back to the Future). Love, Actually reminds me of all the different forms of love. A good comfort film can help you get through a tough day, distract you when you are sick, or just transport you away when real life feels like too much. No matter how bad things get, there will always be movies. I am not a big re-reader of books but love to rewatch old movie favorites. After a long day, for me, there is nothing better than a glass of red wine and a good movie.

I will say that putting these in chronological order made this such a walk down memory lane. I graduated high school in ’99 and remember blasting the Cruel Intentions soundtrack around that time. Then I graduated college in ’03 and remember fantasizing about Kate Hudson’s workwear wardrobe in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. After graduation, I was watching The Holiday and The Notebook on repeat.

PS – I didn’t put what streaming service these are available as that is ever changing and I own most of these on Apple TV but JustWatch is a great resource for that. Just input all your favorites and they will tell you where to watch it!

Also, you might enjoy the list I made of everything I watched when I was sick with COVID. It was quite a long list! Also, I keep a running highlight for both movies and TV on my instagram page.

Nancy Meyers is our queen.

Did anyone else notice themselves falling back in love with Nancy Meyers during the pandemic? The old(er) people romances. The cozy kitchens. The beach houses. Gah. She is our queen. I love her films so much.

Something’s Gotta Give (2003)

This is my all time favorite from Nancy Meyers. It’s Complicated is a close second but this is the favorite. Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton are just too good together. The meet-cute is hilarious: Jack’s character is dating Diane’s character’s daughter (played by Amanda Peet). The two wind up getting together, but he can’t settle down, and then Diane meets a younger man (played by Keanu Reeves).

The Holiday (2006)

Everything about this movie. The expected and the unexpected. Kate Winslet and Jack Black for example: a couple I’d never put together in my head, but it just WORKS! Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz both go through tumultuous breakups and decide to house swap for the holidays… LA and London! It is charming and sweet and one of my all time favorite movies anytime I am feeling sad.

It’s Complicated (2009)

My second favorite of Meyers! Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep have been divorced for years. Meryl is still single; Alec has a younger (nightmare!) wife, played by Lake Bell. The two wind up in bed together, sneaking around… but Meryl knows Alec is no good! Luckily, a good man is waiting for Meryl: her handsome architect, Steve Martin. This is just so charming.

The Intern (2015)

Robert De Niro is a little bit bored and decides to apply for an internship at a fashion start-up (think Net-a-Porter, with Anne Hathaway playing a loveable workaholic boss). There are so many good elements here: the friendship between him and Anne’s character, an “old person romance” (my favorite!) between him and a beautiful massage therapist… I just love this one. It’s sad to think that this may be Meyers’ last film… released with Warner Brothers in 2015, she hasn’t committed to film anything else, I hope she’ll do more!

Home Again (2017)

This is adorable. While Meyers did not direct this, she produced it and her daughter directed it, so we will still count it. Reese Witherspoon returns “home” to LA after a split with her husband. Somehow along the way, she winds up “adopting” three younger guys in their twenties, who temporarily move into her guest house (she’s hooking up with one of them). It sounds like a mess but it’s great and oh-so-heartwarming, plus Candace Bergen plays her mom and of course (true to Nancy Meyers form) the house is absolutely beautiful.

The Stripe comfort films

And Tom Hanks is King?

Big (1988)

I will always love Big (and also, 13, going on 30, which was the female version). Tom Hanks plays a teenager who wishes to be big and then suddenly there he is, living in New York and having to fend for himself. It’s charming and cute and so nostalgic.

Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

Another old favorite. I grew up watching and loving this. Just so much nostalgia… plus that Empire State Building moment. I love this.

Forrest Gump (1994)

I watched this when I had COVID and forgot how much I love it. It’s truly epic (spanning childhood all the way through middle age, a war, etc.) with such great characters. I could watch this again and again and again!

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Tom and Meg forever… plus bring in book shops? Love. This is a forever favorite for me.

Other favorites

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

This is one of my all time favorite old school films. It’s just… iconic. I mean, Sean Penn’s performance alone is just everything. I could watch this over and over again.

Back to the Future (all 3 of ’em! – 1985, onward)

Just a classic. I love love love these films and get happy just thinking about Marty McFly on his hoverboard or Doc and his time-traveling DeLorean.

The Princess Bride (1987)

Takes me back to my youth! It has been a little while (a long time!) since I last watched this, I think that needs to change. It’s an epic saga and just so delightful. Robin Wright dazzles as Princess Buttercup. It’s hilarious to compare her to Claire Underwood when you think about it.

Beaches (1988)

I remember as a kid not being allowed to watch this because it was too sad. Once I watched it, I understood. I sob every time I watch this film. It’s incredible, and so is the soundtrack. Bette Midler forever.

Mystic Pizza (1988)

This is another one of those feel good films I always reach for when I am sick. Pure nostalgia. It’s about three young waitresses working at a pizza shop in a small town… Julia Roberts is divine!

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

An absolute classic, another one that I could probably quote line for line. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. I love that it spans from graduating college and moving to the “big city,” all the way through adulthood and relationships. It is just… the best.

Steel Magnolias (1989)

Another classic (with old school Julia Roberts AND Sally Field!) Julia plays the bride-to-be and Sally is her mom. Dolly Parton is their hair stylist and Daryl Hannah is an aspiring beautician who is helping out. Does the cast get any better? This is sad, but heartwarming, and an ode to the bond between women.

Dazed and Confused (1993)

Along the lines of Fast Times (a great binge would be this and that for all the old school high school nostalgia). Just a wonderful old favorite. I haven’t watched this in a little while. Directed by Richard Linklater (a favorite!), with a breakout performance by Matthew McConaughey, it’s just a wonderful classic. I love this one!

Clueless (1995)

I just love this movie so much. It is cheesy and campy and utterly quotable. Alicia Silverstone plays Cher Horowitz, a spoiled but utterly lovable teenager growing up in Beverly Hills. This + Legally Blonde + Mean Girls = a dream Sunday.

Good Will Hunting (1997)

It’s hard to believe that this came out in 1997. It’s still one of my absolute favorite films. Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Robin Williams… what a cast! I think for me there is an element of nostalgia having gone to school outside Boston and lived in Cambridge for a handful of years after.

Cruel Intentions (1999)

This is not exactly comforting, but it IS! Ryan Philippe, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, Sarah Michelle Gellar.. it’s just so vicious and good. Before there was Gossip Girl, there was Cruel Intentions. It’s just the most fun to watch and rewatch over and over again. Like I said above, watching this transports me back to my high school experience. Not because mine was anything like theres, but because my friends and I were so scandalized by it… and… that soundtrack!

Legally Blonde (2001)

“What… Like, it’s hard!?” This may be one of my all time favorite Reese Witherspoon films… Reese is also my queen, I love her so much. Reese plays Elle Woods, determined to get into Harvard to win back her boyfriend (Selma Blair plays his new, brainy but mean fiancé.) It is campy and fun, and I think this is when I developed my crush on Luke Wilson.

Bridget Jones Diary (2001)

These movies will always be so comforting to me. Maybe because they make me feel better about myself (and like no matter how messy life can seem, things always work out okay!), but vintage Hugh Grant, Renee Zellweger, and Colin Firth are an absolute yes for me. (Though I will say I do find the weight comments bothersome; Bridget weighs all of 130/140 pounds and is considered chubby. Ah, okay, right… I just ignore those bits.)

School of Rock (2003)

This is so cute. Jack Black plays an overly enthusiastic guitarist who is kicked out of his band. Desperately in need of work, he finagles (lies) his way into a job teaching at an elite private elementary school. It’s an uptight environment and he teaches his students about the rock & roll gods he idolizes. It’s adorable watching these precocious and polite kids get into rock music.

Love, Actually (2003)

A classic. It’s one of my favorite Christmas movies but just like with The Holiday I will happily watch it any day of the year. The Hugh Grant dancing scene, Colin Firth getting a second chance at love.. there’s just so much goodness in this one.

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days (2003)

I definitely have a thing for romcoms set at magazines. Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are working in the media biz (her at a top woman’s mag; him for an ad agency). He strikes a bet that he can make any woman fall in love with him (while she is simultaneously writing a feature on how to lose a guy); chaos ensues.

Mean Girls (2004)

This is another one I could quote all day long. We love a high school drama, and this is beyond fun. Lindsay Lohan has just moved to the suburbs of Illinois (after being home schooled by her her parents in Africa). High school turns out to be really clicque-y, including a “cool” group of girls dubbed “the plastics.” Rachel McAdams plays the queen bee Regina George so brilliantly. This is an all time favorite.

13 going on 30 (2004)

So charming and nostalgic; and yes, another romcom set at a magazine. Jenna Rink (played by Jennifer Garner) just wants to skip her teenage years and go straight to being thirty. When that actually happens, she wakes up in New York living the dream: an insane closet, a great job as a magazine editor, and a beautiful apartment. Of course, she soon learns that it’s not all as it seems and she realizes that the popular kids actually weren’t all that great.

The Notebook (2004)

Gahhh, a classic! For me, this is the ultimate love story. Is this what started my crush on Ryan Gosling? I think so. I feel like I don’t need to tell you about this as we’ve already seen it a million times but I always reach for this when I am sick or feeling sad. It’s so romantic, plus the Charleston scenery makes me happy.

Hitch (2005)

Another fun New York one. Will Smith is New York City’s best matchmaker (I particularly love the match he makes in Amber Valetta + a schlubby but sweet accountant). Eva Mendes co-stars; I loved the chemistry between the two of them!

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

A forever classic, I feel like I (and probably most of you) can quote this movie line by line. Anne Hathaway stars as Meryl Streep’s assistant at a prestigious fashion magazine. It’s a job “a million other girls would kill for,” but at what cost!?

Midnight in Paris (2011)

This is one of my favorite movies. I have my opinions about Woody Allen but can put them aside for this. Just the fantasy of being able to transport back to the age of Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald… the fantasy is too much! Plus major wanderlust with Paris (I have not been in years and miss it!)

Wonder (2017)

I can’t remember what prompted me to watch Wonder but I loved it. Somehow, Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson work as a sweet married couple and are just the best parents to their son. Augie Pullman was born with facial differences that had prevented him from going to a mainstream school. When he starts fifth grade, his family and new classmates discover their compassion and acceptance. It’s heartwarming and a tearjerker… I loved it so much.

The Hustle (2022)

This is a newer one (I watched it a month or so ago on Netflix) but I had to add it to the list as I found it really comforting. Adam Sandler and Queen Latifah play an adorable couple (turns out they have a longstanding friendship). Adam Sandler plays a basketball scout, taking a chance on a talented newcomer. I loved this. It helps that I have a massive soft spot for Adam Sandler.

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  1. Katie:

    Great list! I love Rudy for the underdog theme and sticking with a dream. I also love Ed Burns movies. I love seeing NY in his films and how he captures the fun and not so fun parts of dating.

    7.15.22 Reply
    • Amanda:

      Princess Diaries, Parent Trap, Crazy Rich Asians, Pride & Prejudice (2005), Sound of Music. So many good comfort movies!

      7.15.22 Reply
      • Ann:

        Love the list! One of my go to movies is “Blue Crush” which is about girl surfers in Hawaii. I finally visited last year and was delighted when my tour of Oahu included sites from the film.

        7.17.22 Reply
        • Lee:

          Have you seen The Endless Summer (1966)? Documentary about two guys chasing the perfect wave across the globe. It’s hysterically funny, is gorgeous, and has the best music.

          7.15.23 Reply
      • Tiffany:

        These are great additions. Basically any movie that a 13 yo girl would like is a comfort movie for me.

        7.18.22 Reply
    • Janine:

      Love this list!

      I would add 10 Things I Hate About You (love a modern twist on Shakespeare!)

      Also, While You Were Sleeping — Sandra Bullock in oversized sweaters and Bill Pullman as a furniture-maker, I meeeaaannn…

      7.15.22 Reply
      • Tina:

        Oh Yes!! While You Were Sleeping is top of my list too. My sons also love it, which is a testament to how funny the characters are and the themes of family and loneliness. But yes, definitely come for Sandra Bullock’s sweaters and Bill Pullman as a furniture maker. Bonus — it also works as a holiday movie.

        7.16.22 Reply
  2. RKM:

    Yesss Nancy Meyers *is* queen! Only thing I would have added to Nancy’s list is Father of the Bride 1 & 2.

    7.15.22 Reply
  3. Allison:

    This is a great list! For me, I’d add The Breakfast Club and Fellowship of the Ring.

    7.15.22 Reply
  4. Vivian:

    Add Terms of Endearment for a good cathartic cry along with Beaches and Steel Magnolias!

    7.15.22 Reply
    • Kathryn:

      Father of the Bride, Parts 1 + 2
      10 Things I Hate About You
      Marie Antoinette
      Fever Pitch

      7.15.22 Reply
  5. Rene:

    Great list and thank you! Will def be refering back to this! I’ll add: Stepmom, My Best Friends Wedding, Pretty Woman, French Kiss (Meg Ryan is Queen?) As Good as it Gets

    7.15.22 Reply
  6. Ryan Dawkins:

    This is a really good list, but for me, no comfort movie list is complete without The American President and Ocean’s 8. (My eight year old self also wants to add Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music to the list.)

    7.15.22 Reply
  7. Maria:

    I love French Kiss, Only You, and Serendipity!

    7.15.22 Reply
  8. Megan:

    League if their own and Now and Then!!!

    7.15.22 Reply
  9. Chrissy:

    These are great recommendations but The Blind Side gets me every time!

    7.15.22 Reply
  10. Molly:

    A majority of these movies are on my list but there is one desert island favorite missing. Fever Pitch with Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. Its silly and sweet and I just love it, never gets old!

    7.15.22 Reply
  11. Kim:

    I came here to make sure How
    To Lose A Guy in 10 Days was on the list haha. I agree with all of them, but I’m also going to add Remember the Titans. I don’t know what it is about that movie, but I can always watch it when it’s on.

    7.15.22 Reply
  12. Judy Barker Shappley:

    About Time! Heartwarming and family-affirming. I never tire of it and I love the Ben Folds song at the end.

    7.15.22 Reply
    • CD:

      YES!! I bought this movie I love it so. Just love! The Brits do the genre so well – funny through tears (Love, Actually; Four Weddings & A Funeral, About a Boy, Notting Hill)… but just love this movie so much (and I bought the soundtrack, too ;-))

      I love it when someone lists it on a faves list ♥
      in harmony,

      8.20.22 Reply
  13. bg:

    This is not a criticism, but something to think about:

    this (lovely! full of movies I also enjoy!) list is overwhelming dominated by movies made by and featuring white people. Some of these films include no people of color at all.

    I am NOT saying voices of people of color were intentionally excluded, but it is this sort of unintentional/unthinking exclusion (that happens all the time! That white people do without meaning to all the time!) that perpetuates systemic racism.

    7.15.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      You are totally right, I was thinking about this as I made the list – there was such a giant lack of diversity in films… even just ten years ago. I am really glad that moving forward that is not the case.

      7.15.22 Reply
      • AT:

        So many shared favorites, but also noticed the lack of diversity. Just something to consider- if you thought of this lack as you were making the list, was there an opportunity to take a beat and add more black/brown stories before posting? Thinking about ways to be more proactively intentional!

        7.15.22 Reply
        • bg:

          For real! It’s not that non-white-centered comfort movies don’t exist, it’s just that they weren’t chosen.
          Which, ok, it’s a personal list. But again, this kind of unintentional exclusion is the insidious, unthinking stuff that powers white supremacy. Maybe consider why there are so few voices of color (or other minoritized populations like LGBTQ+) on this list and expand the types of films/media you engage with and celebrate.

          7.16.22 Reply
          • Anna:

            um, it’s a bit heavy, the connection that someone’s favourite movies shower white supremacy. you say in the comment its fine to have a personal taste and make this list of favorite movies. but then you kind of degrade it. so is is okay or is it not then? is someone free to like what they like? nowadays it’s not allowed to admire black people’s culture because its quickly named likd “fetishizing” them or appropriating their culture, but it’s also frowned upon to share things that have not much diversity. you gotta admit that lot of things used to be toxic , like 90s movies of smoking everywhere, even pregnant. it’s just old times. not everything is a personal offense. now about comfort movies one of mine is: the intouchables. for me, except for the Nancy movies, this is quite a great list, i was especially impressed with “wonder”.

    • Molly:

      Let’s share some here! I bet we could get a great list (and Grace might even want to do a follow up?). Some great comfort movies with at least one POC as a lead that:

      The Farewell (If you haven’t seen this you HAVE TO. It’s so underrated. You’ll ugly cry but it’s uplifting too.)
      Love and basketball
      Twinsters (a documentary that made my sister and I happy-ugly-cry)
      The Big Sick
      Deliver Us From Evil
      Late Night
      Focus (pretends to be an action move but the romantic plot always gets me)
      How Stella Got Her Groove Back
      Just Wright
      Oceans 8 (best of the oceans movies! Love the girl power feels)
      Waiting to Exhale
      Dash and Lily (xmas rom com that even my husband LOVED)
      Always Be My Maybe
      Bring It On (We all know the Clovers should have been the main characters. This is ripe for a remake with Gabrielle Union as a hot cheer mom. Who can I call about this?)
      Memoirs of a Geisha
      To All The Boys I Loved Before
      Crazy Rich Asians
      Turning Red
      Bao (a 7 min pixar short but really good)

      What am I missing yall??

      7.15.22 Reply
      • Cy:

        Love all these too. Bao was so adorable, I made everyone watch it!

        7.16.22 Reply
      • bg:

        Oh my GOD! LOVE The Farewell and love your enthusiasm to add to the list!

        Directors that are not white that have made comfort films that don’t center white stories:

        Zhang Yimou (his movies are so beautiful, but specifically Hero and House of Flying Daggers)
        Wong Kar Wai (In the Mood for Love is one of the great masterpieces in the history of film)
        Hiyao Miyazaki (all of them. all his films)
        Ang Lee
        These are all Chinese/Taiwanese/Hong Konger/Japanese directors, and all men, but they were the first to come to mind.

        Some more to add to your great list:
        Coming to America
        Akeelah and The Bee
        The Wiz
        Real Women have Curves
        Meet the Patels
        Bend it Like Beckham
        and for LBGTQ+ ones (although these mostly feature white people):
        The Birdcage
        To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

        There are SO MANY comforting movies out there that are not just the same old story of: cis-het white couple has problems but figures it out in the end. Enough. No more. We’re at capacity on those. I want better more interesting stories!

        7.16.22 Reply
      • Tina:

        Love your new sublist — I’d add Plus one. Hilarious and romantic.

        7.16.22 Reply
        • AT:

          All about the sublist! Such great additions. One of the most feel-good, lovely romantic comedies ever is Brown Sugar

          Agreed, we must do better in sharing and seeking out more stories. Hopefully, Grace will do a follow-up post with the sublist. Xo

          7.22.22 Reply
  14. Kristen:

    Love this list! Pitch Perfect is one of top comfort movies. I just love it! Also, Remember the Titans and The Blind Side. Set It Up on Netflix, I’ve watched 100 times, love Glen Powell!

    7.15.22 Reply
  15. Shelby:

    The best list!! We have so many of the same favorites- Something’s Gotta Give (all time best), The Intern, Home Again, and HTLAG in 10 days (classic)! My absolute favorite is Sweet Home Alabama! I’m pretty sure I have that on an every three months rotation! Such a fun and lively post! Thanks Grace!

    7.15.22 Reply
  16. Ellie:

    So many of my go tos are on this list! I would add 27 Dresses and I have recently revisited some of the Mary Kate and Ashley movies like Passport to Paris, Winning London and Billboard Dad

    7.15.22 Reply
  17. A.B.:

    27 Dresses
    Love & Basketball
    How Stella Got Her Groove Back
    Pride & Prejudice (movie or BBC miniseries)
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    My Father, the Hero
    Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead
    Ever After
    French Kiss
    4 Weddings & A Funeral

    7.15.22 Reply
  18. Melissa:

    Love so many of these! My all time favorite comfort movie is The Big Wedding. Incredible ensemble cast, absolutely hilarious, I can quote the whole thing. The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan version), Pitch Perfect, Sleepover, Pride and Prejudice (2005), Father of the Bride, She’s the Man… I feel like I could go on and on. You’ve inspired me to actually write down my own list!

    7.15.22 Reply
  19. Geena:

    Definitely have to include My Girl, I and II. This is embarrassing but also Dennis the Menace and Beethoven I and II. The nostalgia!!

    7.15.22 Reply
    • Katie:

      Not embarrassing, most of my comfort movies are kid movies! Homeward Bound anyone???

      7.15.22 Reply
      • Sharon:

        my top 7:
        the wedding singer
        Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy
        Romeo + juliet
        willy Wonka (with gene wilder)
        Disney’s princess and the frog
        Lego batman
        Muppet Christmas carol

        7.17.23 Reply
  20. Tamara Kennedy:

    Have you seen “The Sweetest Thing”? Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair and Christina Applegate are really funny in this movie. Three friends try to find a man one had met while mischief keeps getting in the way. It’s a fun movie.

    7.15.22 Reply
  21. Mary:

    Great list. Two of my go-tos are Julie and Julia and Gosford Park.

    7.15.22 Reply
  22. Cy:

    Fun list! I just recently re-watched “In her shoes” with Cameron Diaz ,Toni Collette and Shirley Mclaine, love that movie. Mansfield Park (1999), The Wedding Date (2004) a destination wedding in the UK? Yes please! I also always love “The Jane Austen Book Club”.
    I like old classics too: Laura (1944) Gene Tierney is so beautiful and I love a film noir. Most any Hitchcock movie, but my favorite is “Rear Window” (1954). They’ve tried to remake this movie many times with different titles, they are never as good.

    7.15.22 Reply
  23. Cy:

    I guess I’m dumb trying to navigate your new site; How do go back to your posts chronologically for last week? I was out of town and didn’t have time to read them. I don’t see any link. What am I missing? Thanks!

    7.15.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Hi Cy, maybe try reading it this way – thestripe.com/blog ! Or they are laid out chronologically on the homepage.

      7.15.22 Reply
      • Brenda:

        Super good list so far. I’m loving all the additions in the comments. 2 major takeaways: I found a NM + RW movie I had never heard of (Home Again) so I am so excited to watch. And I can’t believe no one has added The Family Stone. Heartwarming, funny, a tiny bit diverse, holidays & a stellar cast.

        7.16.22 Reply
      • Cy:

        Duh! Thank you, can’t believe I missed this. Super stressed these days and need to stay in the moment. Ugh. 🙂

        7.16.22 Reply
  24. Cy:

    I found it. I had to put yesterdays date in the search bar. You used to have a “previous posts” with an arrow. Did you get rid of that? And why? Sorry to be a pain.

    7.15.22 Reply
  25. Danielle:

    Wow, so many of my favourites!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

    7.15.22 Reply
  26. Kayla:

    LOVE this list with so many of my favorites. I feel like I tend to watch my comfort movies on planes and I always go for a Nancy Meyers or Nora Ephron.

    7.15.22 Reply
  27. Kristine:


    Cutting Edge is top of my list.

    7.15.22 Reply
    • Liz Cobrador:

      OMG, I concur! I love Cutting Edge too! I also want to add The Birdcage.

      7.15.22 Reply
      • Annie:

        YES!! Cutting Edge is so good!

        7.15.22 Reply
  28. Megan:

    But have you read Wonder?! The book is even better! Highly recommend!

    7.15.22 Reply
  29. Sahra:

    We have so many similar favourites comfort movies. My favourites that i watched over and over with my sisters were: Grease 1 & 2, Empire records, Ten things I hate about you and Save the last dance

    7.15.22 Reply
  30. Molly:

    Life Happens (2012) IMO is an excellent comfort movie and vastly underrated rom-com. It’s the kind of movie where the focus is far more on the female friendships and their dynamics than the romantic relationships which I love.

    So many kids movies are sweet and nostalgic but I get bored. The exception is definitely Ratatouille which I absolutely love and always cracks me up.

    Sex and the City movies: are they “good”? No! But are they great comfort watches? Yes.

    7.15.22 Reply
    • Karen:

      Great list- I love Breakfast Club & Pretty Woman. I want to live in a Nancy Meyer set.

      7.15.22 Reply
  31. Kristi:

    Crazy Stupid Love is my go to feel good movie. It’s funny and sweet and a little heartbreaking. And absolutely worth it for Ryan Gosling doing the Dirty Dancing move ❤️.

    7.15.22 Reply
  32. Annie:

    Such a great list and I’m loving all the comments!! I definitely second what I’m seeing in the comments with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (I loved all three!), Set It Up, Crazy Rich Asians, The Big Sick, and Love Simon. One that flies pretty under the radar but is so cute is What If with Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan.

    7.15.22 Reply
  33. taylor:

    love this list! would add “the parent trap” as my go-to comfort movie. have probably watched it 300 times because it never gets old

    7.15.22 Reply
  34. Gina:

    The Family Stone is at the top of my list! Love a good holiday movie, plus it has a great cast!

    7.16.22 Reply
  35. Steph:

    Notting Hill is on my comfort movie list, along with pretty much every one on yours!

    7.16.22 Reply
    • KayJay:

      Love Notting Hill!
      And Dan in Real Life

      8.20.22 Reply
  36. Judy:

    Wow, what an amazing list. I will keep this as I am always looking for something to watch. I can’t seem to remember any of the greats but this will help! Thank you. xo

    7.16.22 Reply
  37. Ll:

    Leap year. Could watch every day. And also
    Sing along to chorus line. Mamma Mia
    Shows. Laws of attraction. Letters to

    7.16.22 Reply
  38. Naomi Harris:

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned Rumor Has It! A lot Jen Aniston movies are go-to comfort flicks for me, actually. Also surprised What Women Want hasn’t made the list yet!

    7.17.22 Reply
  39. Laura:

    Great list! Have you seen Senior Year on Netflix? It was the most fun movie I’ve seen in awhile.

    7.17.22 Reply
  40. Nicole:

    I feel warmer and happier just reading this list! I would add to it Notting Hill, My Best Friend’s wedding(love Julia as villain and everyone is so so charming), Bring it On, Working Girl, and Ocean’s 11(hot men in suits being funny will always be a thing).

    I also adore the classics when I need to be comforted, especially Singing in the Rain, It Happened One Night, and The Philadelphia story. Also any Jane Austen adaptations usually make me smile- if you want a week of comfort the 1995 Pride and Prejudice is wonderful!

    7.18.22 Reply
  41. mimi:

    If I need to cry, I watch Song One with Anne Hathaway or Beaches with Bette Midler.
    To remember, we’re incredible women, Hidden Figures or the Holiday or Secretariat or
    Ocean’s 8.
    To see the Autumn season, You Got Mail.
    To experience Rome, Roman Holiday.
    To enjoy 60s music, the tv series, American Dreams. (yay, for American Bandstand).
    My all time favorite musical to movie, Hello Dolly with Barbra Streisand.
    To remember God’s got you, Facing the Giants or Overcomer.
    For Thanksgiving, The Sun is Also a Star.
    I’ll stop there. So fun to see everyone’s favorites! Thanks for posting this Grace.

    7.19.22 Reply
  42. Kacie:

    OMG Grace! I loved this list so much and there were so many classics that I still need to watch! I actually put together a similar list of “35+ movies to watch in quarantine” back when the pandemic started. We have quite a bit of overlap lol.

    Some quick additions to your list:
    The Parent Trap (no explanation necessary)
    Bad Moms (& the Christmas sequel!)
    What Women Want (probably a ton of comments that didn’t age well, but still, classic classic classic in my book haha)

    Here’s my full list in case you (or anyone) is interested 🙂

    xx, Kacie | theprettylittlehustler.com

    7.26.22 Reply
  43. Lee K:

    I loved “Midnight in Paris” (I think I’m reincarnated from the Belle Epoch era). But there was one thing I just could not get past. You’ve made it clear you’re a fan of Owen Wilson. Let’s just say I’m not. If they had put any other actor in the role, this would have been a near-perfect movie for me.

    8.20.22 Reply
  44. Soph:

    Hi! Thanks for your post.

    One question- would you consider removing the Harry Potter series from the list please? I found them very comforting myself as a child. But as I’ve grown and recognized my trans identity and J.K Rowling has dug her heels into writing tropes of trans women as psychotic abusers transitioning purely to get closer to their victims.. it would mean a lot to your trans readers if you showed your support for them by not giving Rowling any bigger of a platform than she already has.

    Thank you for listening and thinking about this.

    PS. here is an hour and a half long video essay (very campy, but also very dark) about Rowling, Terfs, transphobia, and “the bathroom problem” if you haven’t heard of this issue before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gDKbT_l2us

    8.20.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Oh gosh sure I will remove – thank you for taking the time to share your experience and feelings on this. I’m so sorry. Xx

      8.20.22 Reply
  45. Mary:

    Moonstruck anyone?

    8.20.22 Reply
    • Robin:

      Oh my goodness yes !!
      Moonstruck !!

      7.15.23 Reply
  46. CD:

    Love your list!! I’d add: Benny & Joon (early Johnny Depp & Mary Stuart Masterson), Fried Green Tomatoes, About Time, About a Boy, Four Weddings & A Funeral, Notting Hill, Mamma Mia, The Lake House, The Blind Side, Jerry Maguire, Dave, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and a recent one, The Starling.

    It’s been fun reading through the comments and seeing the additions… I’ve got a lot of catching up to do 😉

    8.20.22 Reply
  47. Ann C:

    I love the lists! I sat and set my dvr to record any available I hadn’t seen.
    One of my favorites that I never see on lists is Passion Of Mind with Demi Moore. I had to watch it twice just to settle my mind. Then bought on vhs then a cd.
    SomewhereIn Time also with Christopher Reeve.
    The Lake House.
    Regarding Henry
    Turner and Hooch
    August Rush
    Autumn in New York
    Nights in Rodanthe
    The Shack
    Mr. Church
    Message in a Bottle
    It Happened on Fifth Avenue

    8.30.22 Reply
  48. Lee K:

    I loved everything about Midnight in Paris, with one glaring exception. I can’t stand Owen Wilson! His nasally whining voice and inability to act get on my nerves. His brother Luke is great (ever seen Idiocracy?).

    7.15.23 Reply
  49. Robin:

    From the 90s, comfort movies from my colleges years
    Next Stop Wonderland
    Sliding Doors
    Anyone like these ?

    7.15.23 Reply
  50. Christina:

    Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead and She’s Out Of Control are on this list for me! I also love Because I Said So, and absolutely need my Julia Roberts fix with Pretty Woman and Erin Brockovich — one of my all time favorites.

    1.11.24 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Oh my gosh YES!

      1.11.24 Reply