Weekly Wellness Check-in #1!

We’ll start this week’s check-in with a confession: I started my own winter wellness challenge on January 2nd as I woke up on New Year’s Day with a hangover! I ended up throwing a New Year’s Eve party and all of my wildest/craziest friends (yup, gonna blame them!) attended so… it ended up being a late one. In fairness, I had originally planned on starting this whole thing next Monday, after we’d all had time to decompress from the holidays, but I thought to myself about how nice it would be to have a full three months of wellness… so, I did it. On Monday, I had a big bagel and lots of gatorade, didn’t even consider the gym, and loved every second of it. That being said, I hit most of this week’s goals pretty nicely this week and as I write this, I’m feeling pretty great.

Before we dive in!!! Don’t forget to comment below with how you did for the week. I will pick five commenters and send them each a little treat.  Also, I respond to all comments but feel free to cheer each other on in the comments section if you read a comment that inspires or motivates you! We’ve made it so that you can finally subscribe to follow-ups on your comments… just check that box when you comment, and you’ll be sent an email if/when someone replies to your comment!


Monday – laid on couch in misery. Movie marathon, which, if you are curious, included a rather eclectic mix of The Holiday, Bridget Jones’ Diary, The Florida Project and Bladerunner 2049.

Tuesday – treadmill workout at Equinox! I really, really LOVE Aaptiv’s workouts – they turn a regular old treadmill run into something more like a Mile High Run Club class. This is particularly important to me as I am bad at working out alone (at least as I get back into the swing of things), but sometimes miss the window for signing up for class. It’s nice to be able to take a “class” anytime you want to. I did the “Run One, Jog One” workout and it was pretty challenging for me. I was simultaneously proud and sad. Proud of myself for running for twelve minutes straight (twice!) but sad as that used to be super easy for me. Oh well, part of this challenge is owning up to our flaws so that we can move on and improve. Onwards and upwards!

Wednesday – took a lunchtime Alignment Flow Yoga class at Equinox. My hips and calves were TIGHT from running and this was just the thing. I felt amazing afterwards.

Thursday – i was so lazy with the snow! I had booked a spin class but ended up deciding against leaving the apartment so I did this (brutal) arms + abs circuit from BBG. For only 28 minutes (and all body weight), this circuit is TOUGH.

Today, Friday – barre class at Equinox!

Alarm Clock: I ordered this one!

Dry January Update: This week was a cinch. After the holidays with my parents (so much wine) and hosting a (rather epic if I do say so myself) New Year’s Eve party, alcohol looked gross. I did go out on Wednesday night and was delighted to see that Soho House has some really yummy virgin cocktails. I ordered one and didn’t feel like I was missing anything. The only time I was a tiny bit sad was last night, home alone in all the snow… so I took a bath and poured myself a big old goblet of pomegranate kombucha!

Try Something New: This too was effected by yesterday’s snow. I was going to do an infrared sauna treatment but I was stuck at home. Not sweating this too much as trying something new is going to be a consistent challenge for us, every week – it’s the key to staying consistent!

Protein Packed Breakfasts: I did great with this one! Greek yogurt + honey + raspberries every morning.

This Week’s Wellness Links:

(Back when I did my old “Fit Files” column, you guys loved these… so I thought it would be fun to reference articles I referred to/loved this week.)

  • A new wellness website you’re going to be obsessed with!
  • While I’m not doing the Whole30, these recipes are great as they are a) nutritious and b) can be made in advance.
  • My go-to broccoli/arugula soup. I love it because it’s basically like eating pureed salad. And it’s so good – even if you decide to eat it cold!

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Leave a Comment


  1. You did great! A few stumbles along the way are fine, as long as you get back up on your feet. Very inspiring! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    1.5.18 Reply
  2. Sarah Rogan:

    Love your real ness! I think we set expectations so high sometimes but then life (or a hangover!) get in the way. My intention this year is to be more positive and less hard on myself. I started my first week of 2018 with 2 reformer Pilates workouts…… but then came the blizzard and a snow day where It was pretty much a free for all when it came to diet and activity. I have to just let that go and move on to making the best choices for today. Love this series!!!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Haha thanks Sarah!

      I love your intention for the year – I need to do the same – I can be really, really brutal to myself!

      AMAZING job with the reformer… those are so hard!!! Good luck making better choices today! xx

      1.5.18 Reply
  3. Megan:

    Good work Grace!! I too am obsessed with Aaptiv workouts (I downloaded the app a few months back because of you!) I hate running on the treadmill because I am constantly looking at my distance and thinking about when I can stop, but with Aaptiv I’m distracted enough by the instructor and the variations in the runs.
    This week I did 3 treadmill runs and even made it to the gym yesterday – which took all of my willpower because I live in NYC.
    My goal for next week is to incorporate strength training into my workouts. The 3 workouts this week went great but I need to tone up!
    Do you think BBG is worth the price?

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Thank you Megan!

      So happy to hear you found Aaptiv through me!!! And good job with making it to the gym yesterday – you did better than I did!

      As for BBG, I bought the PDF YEARS ago. Like before it was a thing. I don’t subscribe to the app so I don’t know if it is worth the money… but I have Aaptiv and an Equinox membership so… I’m sort of tapped out on fitness spending (especially if I indulge in a boutique workout once or twice a month).

      Good luck with incorporating more strength training!!!

      1.5.18 Reply
      • ALSO – I think Aaptiv has strength training workouts! So maybe see if you like those before investing in another app? Just my $.02!

        1.5.18 Reply
  4. Rebeccca:

    I had a really good week, and I’m feeling the positive effects on my routine. I went to the gym Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and today, tried out a spin class for the first time and went back for a second go two days later. My gym has a really positive, welcoming atmosphere, and I’m thrilled to have finally tried out a spin class. They offer a 15-minute “Intro to Spin” before the real class begins, so the instructor has time to help newbies, like myself, set up their bikes. It’s a small moment on the schedule, but I thought it was such a thoughtful touch, especially because spin can be intimidating if you have never tried it before.

    P.S. Keep it up, Grace!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • I have been wanting to take spin at Equinox! I used to be a big Soul Cycle person but it just got to be way too expensive!!

      Congratulations on an amazing week and keep up the great work! xo

      1.5.18 Reply
  5. Love your honest/realistic wellness challenge. I too am a huge Aaptiv fan and got back on the bandwagon yesterday after being on vacation for the holidays for the past week and a half. I did Jaime’s Full Body Fun treadmill and Mike’s tricep trimmer for strength training. Actually looking forward to today’s workout as well, it feels good to be moving again. Also, after you recommended Goop’s broccoli soup last year, I have made it so many times. It is so delicious, especially with homemade croutons! I actually wrote all about it here as well. http://www.organicallyemily.com/weeknight-broccoli-soup/

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Oh my gosh I love that! It really is the best soup. I love it so much. And am so glad you are an Aaptiv fan as well!!! xx

      1.5.18 Reply
  6. Lucia:

    I love this challenge! I needed a kick in the butt and the online community to hold me accountable.

    This week, I did three BBG workouts in my apartment and ran on the treadmill in between. Will ever walk again?!
    I also am doing dry January (maybe longer?) and my funniest moment was definitely convincing my friends I’m not expecting.
    I actually got an alarm clock for Christmas, but I found out this week that I’m just as likely to ignore that as my phone but I can only set two alarms so it’s risky. Hopefully I can slowly convert from 15 phone alarms to getting my @$$ out of bed with only the alarm clock (and the snooze button )

    Looking forward to next week’s challenge!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • BBG is seriously NO JOKE!!!! Happy Friday, Lucia!

      (Hilarious your friends think you’re expecting!)

      1.5.18 Reply
  7. Elle:

    Yay great work on week one Grace! I was also so proud on how you were going to go out to the gym on Thursday but the snow got in the way and then you ended up doing an at home workout! That sure is dedication. My week was good here too! Made it to the gym and tried a new class at Equinox! Maybe the classes will motivate me more to go to Equniox than the amazing smelling towels (haha!). Had berries and greek yogurt for breakfast too..such a yummy and healthy treat to jumpstart the day. Looking forward to week 2! xo elle

    1.5.18 Reply
  8. Susan:

    Yay go Grace! Way to get things started off on the right foot (and having the grace to share that bit everything goes as planned—it happens to all of us!). I did 3 this week as well—a hot yoga class in New Year’s Day, a treadmill workout Wednesday, and a yoga sculpt workout yesterday at CorePower. Today I think will be either treadmill or hot yoga and I’ve stuck with my breakfasts all week! Here’s to next week’s challenge!

    1.5.18 Reply
  9. Emily:

    Love this series Grace! Really well put together and I think it will be great for keeping us all accountable. I didn’t participate this week but look forward to joining in the coming weeks!

    1.5.18 Reply
  10. Betsy:

    I did nothing this week (traveling with two young children) but plan to start Monday. Reading your posts this week helped me to formulate a plan for next week – something I wouldn’t ordinarily do. Oh, I did give up alcohol.

    I’m doing Dry Spring instead of Dry January. After a dry January last year I ended up dropped alcohol for three months and then I restricted myself to weekends only. It was a big shift, and then as I gradually slid back to my more regular wine sipping I realized I felt better without it. Plus, I always snack with my drinks so I got a calorie double whammy.

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Love that, Betsy! Good luck with your travels and happy you’ve made a plan for next week. Happy Friday!!

      1.5.18 Reply
  11. Brianna:

    This week was TOUGH with the weather coupled with getting sick, knocked me out! Will workout for the third time tonight (sub freezing conditions make it hard to get to AM spin) but that’s ok!

    For my something new, I’ve been waking up and reading in bed in the morning. I’ve always read before I fall asleep and found reading in the morning eases me into the day (again, since I skipped AM spin). Also trying to do a better job of asking how people’s days are, I often find myself complaining to my boyfriend and by the end of my rant, I don’t even know what he did all day!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • I totally agree – SO SO cold!!! Hope you are feeling better soon… and I love the idea of waking up and reading in the morning!!! I also like the idea of remembering to ask that… I can get that way too.

      have a great weekend, Brianna!

      1.5.18 Reply
  12. Emily:

    Workout #3 of the week happening tonight after work. I love that one of your challenges this week was to get a real alarm clock. I use an alarm clock radio that belonged to my dad 30+ years ago, it’s quite retro but effective! As suggested I took a “before” picture… you’re totally right, I’m motivated to see some progress!

    Thanks for your update, have a great weekend!


    1.5.18 Reply
    • Yay – great job!!! And good job snapping a before pic – I still need to do mine.
      Have a fantastic weekend! xo

      1.5.18 Reply
  13. Emily B.:

    I didn’t get as many workouts in this week as I wanted (work trip), but I did manage to bring my running shoes and hit the treadmill one morning in the hotel. I dug out an old yoga DVD I used to do religiously, so I’m hoping to follow your lead and incorporate more yoga into my fitness routine. I too get tight hips from running too much, and I want to be more proactive about taking care of myself now that I’m in my 30s. Thinking I might need to join you in a dry January too…

    1.5.18 Reply
  14. Kaia:

    Grace! Sounds like you had a great first week! I’ve been wanting to get an alarm clock, but unfortunately in my tiny bedroom, there is just no place to set one (besides the floor, and my pup would def think it’s a chew toy :).
    I made it to two yoga classes this week, and hitting a 3rd over lunch today…I got a massage last night (a pre-holidays gift to myself, post holiday), and have been good about bringing my hard boiled eggs to work for breakfast! Hopefully I’ll keep this healthy streak over the weekend, which is usually my downfall…
    Hoping to add some cardio workouts gradually, as I ease back into fit life.
    PS, I’ve been loving the food tips over on Pinch of Yum–she is doing a sugar free January, and all the recipes look awesome–in case you need some healthy recipe inspo!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Thank you Kaia! And great job!!!!
      Must check out pinch of yum – thanks for the suggestion!

      1.5.18 Reply
  15. sharon:

    Between catching my daughter’s brutal head cold and the very frigid weather, I did not get out as much as I was hoping but… I did play hockey on our outdoor rink with the neighbourhood kids ( evens cored a goal) and did get out for one long walk as well. I just downloaded the Aaptiv app and will use this tonight or over the weekend. Breakfast wise, I think I did great. had greek yogurt smoothies every morning! I was going to try a new spa treatment that included dry brushing but with this head cold, I may need to move that and maybe try 2 new things this upcoming week or next 🙂
    Love doing this challenge!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • The cold was such a hinderance!!! Hope you are feeling better soon! (And enjoy Aaptiv!)

      1.5.18 Reply
  16. Emily Ashton:

    This week got off to a slow start for me too! a little cold, but I made sure to hit the treadmill desk at work, and do some at home yoga flows at the beginning of the week. Then I was able to meet with my trainer on Wednesday, and then snowed in on friday I did a Beachbody on Demand workout and a half hour of yoga! Today I’m going to a new spin class!

    I also deleted instagram and facebook off my phone, after lots of encouraging myself for instagram, and i’m really excited and happy about that. It will definitely help with the use of a real alarm clock, etc.

    I’m not going completely dry January but am trying to be more conscious of what I’m drinking, but we have tickets to a comedy show Saturday in DC and I want to feel like I can not stress about it.

    Thanks for encouraging wellness in our lives!! Emily

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Good for you and love that you deleted the apps. I got rid of Facebook last year and never looked back!
      Have so much fun at the comedy show!

      1.5.18 Reply
  17. Monday – everyone was recovering from a hangover, I ordered $60 worth of Chinese food. No regrets

    Tuesday: I tried something new – yoga at home. I’m a big BBG devotee and they have a good Body and Mind work out option. I threw my hip out a week or so ago, this was a good alternative. Bonus, 2 kitties were “cheering me on”

    Wednesday – BBG calls it LISS – low intensity steady state – where you can either walk, jog or bike for 35 min. I walked from my office to the farthest subway.

    Thursday – snow day and hip was acting up, took a day off to binge watch Mr. Robot.

    Friday – planning on another yoga flow and LISS at the gym after work.

    I eat 2 eggs and 2 pieces of mutigrain every day for breakfast.

    I did not order an alarm clock yet though…

    My bf and I are trying a dry week, not a full January. It’s a struggle for sure, especially yesterday during the snow storm.

    Is it me or is the longest shortest week ever?

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Yesss… definitely no regrests!
      Awesome job this week!!!

      And YES – it is the longest short week ever! So happy it’s Friday!

      1.5.18 Reply
  18. Julie:

    Hi! Happy new year! Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who spent January 1st on the couch all day. I’m in NYC too — what infrared sauna were you going to go to? I have been wanting to try that!

    1.5.18 Reply
  19. My “new” thing was buying foods I have never bought/eaten at the farmers’ market (yes, there is one in Northern Virginia that occurs every Saturday even in winter) – I got kale sprouts (different than regular kale, you can look it up!) and rainbow carrots. I drizzled them with olive oil, sea salt, and pepper, and roasted them in the oven. They were delicious! Until this past year I never really tried new veggies and for the first 2 years of med school I basically ate white pasta and store bought tomato sauce 3-4 days per week. Starting in 2017 I really started to explore buying different foods at the grocery store and farmers’ market – my thought was that even if I didn’t like some, there were bound to be some new veggies that I would really like and that I would not have known about otherwise.

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Melissa:

      Ooh, I’m in NoVa–where is this winter market??? Love the idea of buying new things to try there!

      1.5.18 Reply
    • That is fantastic and also sounds SO yummy! Way to go.

      1.5.18 Reply
  20. Lauren:

    Way to go, Grace! You are definitely motivating me. I managed to work out three times this week – two barre classes and one Soul Cycle. I just downloaded Aaptiv thanks to you and some of the commenters and I’m planning on a treadmill workout tomorrow! I’m excited, which I never thought I’d say about running on the treadmill. My something new was cooking dinner 4 nights this week. It’s so easy for me to just stop at sweetgreen for a salad every day but I actually sat down on Monday to meal plan and it felt great to eat homemade, healthy food all week!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Thank you Lauren!!! (And great job.) Running on the treadmill is sooooo much more bearable with Aaptiv.
      Happy weekend! xo

      1.5.18 Reply
  21. Meg:

    You did so well! I got no exercise in, but DID find (and charge) my Fitbit, and drank close to a gallon of water a day! Craving pizza and beer, but staying strong!

    1.5.18 Reply
  22. Caroline:

    I too am doing dry January this month and also thought it went pretty smoothly overall…except for the first date I had last night! I was trying to give up dating this month but I met a guy on New Years Eve and thought I shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to go on a date with a guy I actually met IRL. We ended up going to trivia which is a solid sober activity, but I have got to say, making conversation with someone you don’t know without any sort of liquid courage is hard! I am proud of myself for doing it though!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Haha I hear you. I went out on Weds and it was a little weird at first but with practice you will get better at it!!! Great job!

      1.5.18 Reply
  23. Liv:

    Love love love this!! Definitely going to try that app At equinox! I had a strange turn of events where my hot water was out Monday so I had to workout (so I could shower at the gym!) Soul Cycle Monday, Equinox Run Tuesday (did the BBG HIIT then the arms and abs and it kicked my butt) and today I’m doing orange theory! Signed up for morning classes this weekend to keep my sober January going!! I felt the same way about the snowed in evening and now one and opted for the Mango LaCroix in a wine glass! Kombucha will def be my mocktaik this evening!! Can’t wait to see what week 2 brings!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Aw good! I hope you enjoy it – I’m such a fan! It sounds like you got some amazing workouts in – GOOD JOB!! xx

      1.5.18 Reply
  24. Kylee:

    The end of 2017 was a rough one for me. I had back surgery for a herniated disc on the 20th and had to cancel my Christmas trip to Chicago to visit my parents and instead spent a week and a half laying in bed hoping I wouldn’t cough (another delightful treat) and be in complete agony. Anyway, this challenge was extra motivation to try and be a fully functioning human again. I made it to the gym four times this week and just took everything really slow- lots of stretching and light walking or the elliptical.
    My try something new was Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. The day I didn’t make it to the gym that’s what I did. She has a cool January challenge, but instead I did a yoga video she had to help with sciatic pain. I turned 34 last month and I am really feeling it! I am hoping moving more and making some overall lifestyle changes will mean that I feel awesome when I get to 35!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Oh my gosh, that is a ROUGH year!!!! So sorry!

      I’m glad you are back on your feet again, though! I love Yoga with Adriene too – she’s amazing and the classes are so nice and accessible.

      Happy weekend.

      1.5.18 Reply
  25. Elizabeth:

    Awesome!! I’m pumped for these wellness challenges. Always nice to have goals to work toward! I took a barre3 class on Tuesday, a spin class on Wednesday and am doing barre3 again today at lunch! I meant to do something yesterday but work got in the way :/ I’m going to try to get in a class or two over the weekend as well!

    I’m not doing dry January but definitely trying to limit alcohol intake! My bff is getting married near the end of the month and I was only going to drink for that and her mini-bachelorette celebration tonight (we’re going to see Katy Perry!!) but I’ve already slipped up twice – but baby steps, right?!

    Have a great weekend, Grace!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • So happy that you are excited!!!!
      You did a great job getting those workouts in. (and so fun re: Katy Perry!)

      happy weekend!

      1.5.18 Reply
  26. Marissa:

    Grace, you’re off to a fantastic start! Love that you mixed it up with barre, treadmill and yoga.

    I signed up for a half marathon, something I wouldn’t have done without our fitness challenge here, so thanks! I started with 2 miles every other day this week. On Wednesday I climbed the Equinox rock wall (on a date!)

    Looking to up the mileage for week #2.

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Thanks Marissa!

      It sounds you are off to a great start as well! (And what a FUN DATE!!! Love the idea of doing something physical together.)

      1.5.18 Reply
  27. Gina:

    Being part of the mid-thirties club and the fact that Chicago is FREEZING, I started the new year with a Power Hour cycling class on Monday morning to warm up, I decided to take Tuesday off due to the bitter cold and then took back-to-back spin classes on Wednesday & Thursday evening. Goal is to go to the gym later on this afternoon for some kettlebells and stair master!

    Leaving the house when it’s so cold and snowy is difficult, but I never regret going to the gym or a workout class. Plus I reward myself with a donut or dessert for going knowing it would be too easy to stay cuddled up by the fire with my pups. Remember to treat yourself and let your body recover for at least one day each week. You’ve got this!

    My goal for this year is to incorporate some new exercise classes into my routine. I have been dying to try a reformer Pilates class and am going to bite the bullet and go for the first time in 2 weeks. I am stuck at a work conference Monday – Friday next week, so I am punished with a hotel gym for 5 days.

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Aw man!! SO COLD! I definitely have had a hard time getting outside too.

      I love that goal. reformer Pilates is SO hard, but it will give you great results. Good luck getting those workouts in during the conference!! xx

      1.5.18 Reply
  28. Erin Tenneson:

    I’m a little late to this week’s challenge, but that won’t stop me! Buying a new alarm clock today!! I am so picky though so this might take some serious time out of my work day. Ooops, sorry boss. I love that you posted this wellness challenge. It helps to have a group of people to join you to keep you accountable. Looking forward to all of the wellness challenges yet to come. Thank you for sharing!!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Yay!!! It took me forever to choose mine too. Happy Friday and cheers to a wellness fueled weekend! xo

      1.5.18 Reply
  29. C:

    This week went pretty well for me! I had a work event and a dinner with friends out, but I made healthy food decisions at both. I also got 3 workouts in and have two planned for this weekend, woohoo! I have a nice support group in real life also. My friends scheduled a workout class and brunch together this weekend instead of our typical wine and cheese or night out.

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Good job!

      Trying to do the same thing with my friends – healthy dinners and/or group workouts!

      1.5.18 Reply
  30. Meredith:

    Hi Grace!

    Thanks for putting this together!

    Workouts: (I’m marathon training so have to be a bit more intense than usual)
    Monday: 5 mile run
    Tuesday: 45 minute spin class
    Wednesday: 7 mile run with intervals
    Thursday: (also my something new – I tried a flywheel class – so good!) 45 minute spin class
    Friday: rest before a big long run tomorrow

    Alarm challenge: I only did this last night but really liked it! Definitely going to get a nicer alarm clock and make this a habit

    Protein packed breakfasts: A smoothie with kale, strawberries, and chocolate protein powder each morning, maybe some yogurt if I was hungrier

    I’m also going to try to do a dry January – I’m hoping it doesn’t make dating too hard!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Amazing job – I’m so impressed!
      I used to run marathons (like… 12 years ago!!!) and know how much work it takes – you have to be so committed!!!

      That smoothie sounds so good. xo

      1.5.18 Reply
  31. Rachel S:

    Way to go lady!! Thanks for sharing the Aaptiv app. I’ve been doing 30 sec on/off HIIT workouts on the treadmill, but it can get boring. Looking forward to checking out this app. I’m also excited to spend some time on HonestlyFIT.

    I had a great week, worked out 4 times despite an asthma attack!! Food wise I’m also doing well, although trying to curb my sweet tooth has proved to be a problem. I need to make the nighttime sweets a thing of the past.

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Awesome! Aaptiv has some great HIIT workouts too. I think you’ll enjoy it.
      Amazing job getting those workouts in!
      I have to do the same thing – I’ve been having a few pieces of chocolate every night instead of wine… I guess everything in moderation??


      1.5.18 Reply
  32. Bailey Lindgren:

    Love this!! Totally agree with you about Dry January being easy this week after all holiday festivities. I did it last year as well and one of my favorite hacks when going out while not drinking is to order plain soda water with a lemon or lime! Keeps you hydrated, plus looks like it could be a cocktail so you don’t get a bunch of questions from people. Another plus side of Dry January, my fiance loves always having a sober driver for the month 🙂

    Really loving this series and following along!

    1.5.18 Reply
  33. Nicole:

    That broccoli/arugula soup looks delicious! I wonder if it would be good with chicken broth instead of water.

    I made my three trips to the gym, which felt great after more than ten days away (I definitely fall into the camp of people who never make room in their suitcase for workout clothes). I was going to try a podcast walk around a new neighborhood as my ‘something new,’ but we’ll see with the cold…I might bundle up and do it anyway if it’s sunny!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • It’s SO good! I don’t know about chicken broth – maybe veggie broth?

      Great job getting your workouts done!!! Good luck getting that podcast walk in – my favorite!

      1.5.18 Reply
  34. Melissa:

    Love reading through your and everyone else’s progress! I am really good about working out regularly (my anxiety and stress go through the roof if I don’t get a workout in at least 5 days/week), so that wasn’t a problem for me! The new thing I did–bought that Get the Guy book and started reading it. Ugh, I am so anti-self-help, so it was tough for me to do this, but MAN. You were right. That book is great. I’m going to be 38 in 2 weeks (!!) and have never been married although it’s something I do want. I wish I had read this book 10 years ago, but I’m glad I’m reading it now!
    I’ve used an alarm clock for a long time because I love being able to smack it to snooze 😉 I am working on unplugging from my phone more. It’s a lot harder than it seems! I also ordered The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and I know less social media is one of the things he recommends. We shall see!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Isn’t it fun? I love it too!!!

      YES to the book! OMG I am the exact same. I hate self help books etc etc. but so many people told me to read it and it’s totally changed my life! Really happy you’ve picked it up! Have a feeling you are going to love Mark Manson’s book just as much!

      Happy weekend – keep me posted on how you like both books! XO

      1.5.18 Reply
      • Lauren:

        I checked Get the Guy out from the library – I read a couple chapters on compatibility/attraction from the middle section before a first date last Saturday but need to start from the beginning. (The date was a dud, so need all the advice I can get at this point!)

        1.5.18 Reply
  35. Stephanie:

    Oof! This week’s challenge didn’t go so great. Only one workout out (making up for it this weekend counts right??) and skipped breakfast a couple of days. Need to do a better job of planning around my long work hours.

    On the upside, no sugar and more water this week. And I finally bought a brush for dry brushing for my new thing! Been meaning to get one since your last post about it!

    1.5.18 Reply
  36. Lauren Shaber:

    Great job this week!

    I started a 30-day yoga challenge and am on day 4. I’ve been putting it off until the last second, so I want to get better at doing it first thing in the morning. I did that this morning along with a kettlebell routine and it felt so good to get it out of the way!

    I have an alarm clock in my room already and have plugged in my phone downstairs. I’ve even been sleeping without the alarm to let my body get the rest it needs.

    I started a strict protocol this week and, so far, so good. I stocked my fridge and tried Thrive Market for the first time. I switched between yogurt (homemade coconut yogurt with berries and pomegranate seeds) and breakfast tacos — yum!

    Not sure if this is what you meant by try something new, but I made a doctor’s appt, which I’ve been putting off for months. It feels good to at least have it on the calendar!

    Also… BBG is intense. I started it but ended up hurting my knee because of all the plyo workouts. Good for you for keeping it up!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • I have heard such good things about Thrive Market!

      And YES – a doctor’s appointment absolutely counts. So important! xx

      1.5.18 Reply
      • Rachel S:

        Definitely recommend Thrive Market. It’s especially great for spices.

        1.5.18 Reply
  37. Molly:

    Way to go! Love this series! I got 3 work outs in (also using Aaptiv!) and am hoping for one more this weekend. I felt pretty good until I had to pull an all nighter in a conference room and all the food ordered was fried (and I was starving and not prepared with other foods). My goal this year is to learn how to balance healthy living with a job that often demands very long and unpredictable hours and I think this challenge will be a really good start!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Awesome job!!!!

      Oh no an all nighter at work is the worst!!! It’s all about balance… don’t beat yourself up too badly about that. If I’m running low on sleep I tend to reach for richer foods.

      1.5.18 Reply
  38. Kelly:

    I ran five days in a row this week! I’m doing a whole30 so I’m doing a dry January too!

    1.5.18 Reply
  39. Erika:

    Love this challenge for holding me accountable. I squeezed in a total of 3 NTC workouts this week, including: basic endurance, abs & butt, and a run (planning on running an 8k in April)! I’m going to try something new tonight & am planning on doing a yoga class at home. I really NEED to order an alarm clock and stop sleeping next to my phone. For the most part, I’ve been eating pretty healthy, and read a pretty lengthy article that motivated me to try the whole30 diet (thanks for the recipes)! Not going to be super strict with myself, but going to try to stay whole30 for the most part. How is BBG? I hear people rave about it, but I think it might be a little overpriced.

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Lauren:

      I re-downloaded the NTC app – SO many great workouts and like that they have a variety of levels.

      1.5.18 Reply
      • Will have to check that out!

        1.5.18 Reply
      • Erika:

        Agreed! & you can choose the workouts by muscle region, difficulty, equipment available. Love it!

        1.8.18 Reply
    • Amazing job!
      I just have the BBG PDF, I don’t pay for the app or anything!

      1.5.18 Reply
    • Amazing job!!!! Yoga at home is one of my new favorite things. Good for you, it sounds like you are doing great! It’s all about balance.

      I use BBG from time to time. I’m not die hard or anything but it’s great for an at home workout. I bought the PDF years ago but they have an app – the app is $20 a month which feels like a lot.

      1.5.18 Reply
  40. Carolyn:

    I really love this series! My schedule makes it hard to team up with others, so having a little online community is keeping me motivated (one week in, that is…). I was still home for the holidays in Portland, Oregon, this week, so I went for a couple long hikes, ran outside, and did a barre class with my mom. My mom is doing an “all in” challenge at her barre studio, and it was fun to help her whip up some healthy snacks from her challenge cookbook. I also made my parents dinner while they sat on the couch watching “The Great British Bakeoff” (we are obsessed). Helping others out helps you feel good yourself, right? Thank you for all your hard work with this wellness series—can’t wait to see where it goes!

    1.5.18 Reply
  41. Lindsay:

    I downloaded Aaptiv on Tuesday after seeing your Instagram story about it. I’m currently doing a free trial and thinking about an annual subscription! I like that I can do the workouts on my own time but have a trainer to push me…without ACTUALLY having to have a trainer. 🙂 This week I went running twice, and am doing my third run after work today. Thank you for this wellness challenge and the Aaptiv recommendation! I think this is just the push I needed to step up my workouts. I’m thinking about joining a gym and am excited to try out the different classes on Aaptiv!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • YAY! I really really love it – makes such a difference.
      Good job getting all your workouts in! xo

      1.5.18 Reply
  42. I worked out four times this week at Orange Theory and have been on track with healthy eating and avoiding alcohol. I leave for Finland next Friday, where I’ll be for 12 days, so I’m really trying to set myself up for success! Going to try and squeeze some workout clothes into my suitcase as the hotel I’m staying at has a gym!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • I really want to try Orange Theory. Once I’m feeling like I’m in a bit better shape, it’s on my list!!!

      1.5.18 Reply
    • Chloe:

      LOVE OTF! Also, don’t know about you, but this week’s power workout was a killer. A membership was my treat this month, I’m home from school for a month on winter break and working. (Grad school budgets unfortunately do NOT account for the membership fee.)

      1.5.18 Reply
  43. Ashley Perault:

    Great progress, Grace! It’s unethically cold in the Boston area this week, so I was counting a long walk with my puppy on Monday (concluded by slipping downhill and making her jump 5 feet), hours of shoveling yesterday (especially since as soon as I finished up the snow was right back!), and yoga class today as my three workouts for the week. I have a hard time making workouts happen at home, but protein-packed breakfasts happened thanks to lots of eggs and yogurts this week!

    I tried a new recipe that left me frustrated and stained my shirt, so all in all here’s to next week and new challenges!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Unethically cold is the perfect way to describe it. SO brutal!!!!!

      Next week is a brand new week. 🙂

      1.5.18 Reply
  44. annie:

    I too hosted an EPIC NYE party, and was a waste of a human on Monday. Instead of movies, I got through the entire first season of Gossip Girl (that show doesn’t get enough credit IMO).

    I live in San Francisco so it’s been easier for me to get outside this week:
    Tuesday I swam one mile, and ran 4 miles
    Wednesday I biked 15 miles outside
    Thursday I did a Pop Physique class
    Friday I swam one mile, and am hoping to get a 35 min yoga video in before EoD (I use the free subscription on doyogawithme.com and love it)

    A few websites have your alarm clock in a dark green/brass color, and I’m debating ordering!
    Dry Jan, protein breakfasts, check. Trying something new – thinking of what to do for next week. Thanks for starting this! xx

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Hooray for epic parties!!!!

      YOu did so well! A 15 mile bike ride? That’s amazing! Love how much cross training you are accomplishing.

      1.5.18 Reply
  45. Workouts: Wednesday I made it to a butt & legs HIIT class in the morning and followed it up with hot yoga that night (because I may or may not have had a Monday Funday with friends in celebration of the New Year…even after celebrating the night before! and that carried over into my Tuesday..oops). Thursday I took a full body HIIT class and this morning I took a cardio & core class. I’m already looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, doing some light stretching, and generally just taking it easy!
    Alarm clock: I’m going to start by charging my phone in the living room at night! Baby steps for me…
    Dry January: I’m not sure I’ll do the entire month (I made it about three weeks last year), but I’m definitely going to be more aware of what I’m drinking. Luckily event season has died down which helps! I’m supposed to go on a first date next week and I’m nervous to go without my security blanket (an adult beverage) but I’ve gotta rip the band-aid off sometime! I’ll be sure to report back.
    Try something new: I went to a deep stretch class and it felt incredible after back-to-back classes this week! I also tried a new face mask 😉
    Protein packed breakfast: I’m one of those people who wakes up starving, so getting breakfast in is never hard for me and I usually always have two eggs along with something else! This week it was baby red potatoes that I sliced, sprayed with avocado oil, baked in the oven, and then topped with salt and pepper.

    Love that you’re doing this challenge (you did great this week!) and I can’t wait to keep following along!

    1.5.18 Reply
  46. Alexandra:

    Awesome job! I’m in my first week of a Whole30, plus adding back some exercise after a month off. My biggest win this week was adding in lunchtime workouts! It’s not something I’ve ever done before, but with a long commute for a new job I’m excited about incorporating more movement into my day regardless of my crazy schedule!

    Have a great weekend!

    1.5.18 Reply
  47. Amy:

    I think it is totally fine for weather, work, life… to occasionally change our plans. If you can’t be a little flexible your wellness goals might need to be to become a more flexible person!

    This week I got to the gym with my trainer (something new for this decade!) twice, walked my dog countless times, and I will be enjoying yoga tonight! My fridge had all kinds of healthy goodness (it typically does), but I tossed so much bad stuff in the trash! That was hard, but having almost zero (do not deprive me of dark chocolate covered almonds) made it easier to not shop and bring any more bad stuff in. Another first was more for mental wellness than physical. I have spoken numerous times about being a liver transplant recipient and shared my experience with high schools, other nurses, physicians, med/health care students, and other recipients, but this week was the first time I spoke as the family member of an organ donor! It was such an amazing experience to honor my cousin and help in my grief process.
    Stay warm!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • I love winding down the week with yoga!!

      Your goals are great. Good work throwing out all the bad stuff away.

      1.5.18 Reply
  48. Rachel B.:

    I totally feel you about dry January. I’ve been drinking LaCroix out of a wine glass and it’s helped.

    1.5.18 Reply
  49. Rachel:

    Great start! This week was a bit rough, but slowly and surely I think i’ll get there.

    I only got to the gym twice this week (counting today) to see my trainer. I go to him about twice a week, but my goal this year is to go more on my own. Last year I started the year off pretty well, but by summer I pretty much abandoned all good habits, so looking to get back on track. I finally got a Brita water pitcher, so that’s definitely helped my water intake at home. I’m also doing a dry Jan too. I went to a rangers game Wednesday, and didn’t drink. That was fine cause I was just with my dad, but I do worry more about when I’m in social settings with friends, but hopefully I’ll stay strong! I also booked a trip to Florida for the end of the February, so hopefully that’ll increase my motivation. Can’t wait for next week!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • I think it just takes practice (not drinking in social settings). You can do it!!!

      A trip is always great motivation!

      1.5.18 Reply
  50. Catherine:

    Love reading everyone’s accomplishments! I went to two hot yoga classes this week. I’m doing a Whole30 and my energy completely tanked this week, so workout #3 is waiting until tomorrow. Instead, I took the time I would have spent working out to take a long shower and go to bed early.
    I love my alarm – it’s a light alarm, which makes a huge difference in my ability to get up before the sun. For my new thing, I’m practicing getting up at the same time every morning regardless of my schedule, and if that time is open I’m reading. I’m a lawyer and sometimes don’t have the mental power to read at night, but I’m so much happier when I’m reading books I love.
    Breakfast all week has been two eggs + a squash/apple/brussel sprouts/sausage hash I made at the beginning of the week. It’s so nice not to have to think about breakfast, and this way I got a ton of protein and vegetables first thing in the morning.
    Looking forward to next week’s challenge!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Lauren:

      My light alarm arrives today! I like your goal of getting up at the same time daily – it’s so easy to change the iPhone alarm each night but maybe I will stick with it if it’s an actual alarm clock.

      1.5.18 Reply
    • I love reading them too… it’s so inspiring!!!

      Your breakfast sounds delicious!! xx

      1.5.18 Reply
  51. Lauren:

    My new alarm clock was delivered today and I’m SO excited to give it a shot this weekend and breakup with my phone in the bedroom. I made a VERY detailed January workout schedule that hopefully I will stick to.
    Cardio: Need to do my third Couch to 10K “run” after work today – wasn’t feeling it this morning. I’m on week five. Also took one spin class and got my 10K steps every day.
    Strength: I’ve done four days of Lauren Gleisberg’s workouts, too – she breaks it down by muscle group and they take about 30 minutes. Super doable in my apartment gym.

    I’m doing Dry January until my ski trip on the 18th and tomorrow will be my challenge day – hometown team playoff game (Go Chiefs) and friend’s birthday dinner!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • You are doing an amazing job Lauren!!! Love the idea of making a more detailed plan.

      1.5.18 Reply
  52. lauren:

    Your week sounds awesome Grace – nice work!

    I finally got up the courage to go to the new gym I joined. Gyms always seem intimidating to me, but my old one stopped offering classes and I know myself enough to know I need someone telling me what to do! So I finally went to a Group Power class on Tuesday, tried a yoga/pilates fusion class Wednesday and another group power class Thursday. By that third class the gym wasn’t so intimidating anymore! yay!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Oh my gosh it can be so intimidating! But it sounds like you did great!!! Good job! Happy weekend! xo

      1.5.18 Reply
  53. Jessica Brown:

    Not only am I trying to get back on the general wellness wagon in 2018 but I had a baby in October so I’m also trying to get fit & healthy to have more energy with my babe & 2 year old son! This week was my practice week with food so I did just ok- made a couple healthy lunch choices/not so healthy dinner choices. I did get out for 3 days of Bootcamp which is my goal, so high five to that! Love this wellness challenge & the accountability it fosters!

    1.5.18 Reply
  54. Lisa:

    Love this wellness challenge and also following along with the comments! I also downloaded the Aaptiv app this week so I’m not just mindlessly working out on the elliptical. I completed 2 workouts and really like it so far! The time flew by and I definitely worked a lot harder than when I’m listening to music or watching a tv show. I also did an ab workout from Fitnessblender. They have the BEST workout videos and 100% free! My goal is to increase my green veggie intake and have been making savory grain bowls for breakfast with added baby spinach. Filling and warm for all this cold weather. Now let’s see if I can keep it up next week when I have my first work trip of the year, always so much harder when traveling… tips for staying healthy on the road would be awesome! Thanks for organizing and excited to follow along 🙂

    1.5.18 Reply
    • It really helps to pass the time AND keep you motivated.

      I am going to have to check out Fitnessblender, thank you for the suggestion! xx

      1.5.18 Reply
  55. So inspiring! I’ve been working out more and this week I hope to work on my eating habits! It’s going to be difficult but I can do it 🙂 … also I need a new alarm clock, thanks!


    1.5.18 Reply
  56. Cassidi:

    I think a lot of us started on January 2nd! Haha! My phrase for this year is little by little. I’m trying to take a step back and look at the progress I’m making rather than trying to get overnight results! And this wellness challenge is super inspiring!! Also can’t blame you for the snow and not wanting to go out. It was 30 in Florida this morning and I can’t even imagine it being colder!! Haha

    1.5.18 Reply
  57. Congrats to us ALL! Every bit of effort counts, right? My week of wellness was up and down. I did the “leave the phone in the other room to charge” thing, and was surprised to see how happy my husband was about that. Apparently, I’ve gotten into the habit of reaching for my phone in the morning (instead of reaching for him) and he’s been feeling a bit put out. Needless to say, he was much happier this week! (BTW, does that count as exercise? ;-).

    As far as workouts went, I did a podcast walk 3 of the days (fairly low impact, but hilly) and kept having to put off my planned runs because of the weather. Did a BBG Legs workout and I got a jump rope! So fun. I do it in my driveway and watch the construction guys across the street laughing at me.

    Dry January? Day 5, Baby! Last night was HARD, but I reminded myself that it was temporary and that I when I woke up in the morning, I would be proud that I hadn’t succumbed to the temptation.

    Protein for breakfast? I have been alternating between two pieces of Ryvita topped with scrambled eggs and red pepper flakes and yogurt with fresh passion fruit.

    Looking forward to week 2!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • YES go us!!!!

      That is so sweet. Reach for your man instead of your phone!!!! And cheersing you (with Lacroix) to Day 5! Go us!!!!

      BBG legs is brutal. Brutal. I can never walk for days afterward!!!

      1.5.18 Reply
  58. Chana:

    The first week is the hardest but it sounds like you’re doing great! As is everyone else 🙂
    I made it to the gym twice for a circuit training class that I like and tried to take long walks with my 2 year old in the stroller the other days. I take what I get as a stay at home mom! I also love Greek yogurt for breakfast and am trying to remember to keep it around more.

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Good for you! I said this to another commenter but as a stay at home parent I have a lot of respect for you – I can barely take care of myself!!! 😉

      1.5.18 Reply
  59. My first week of 2018 also started with a monumental hangover and what I’m now referring to as the bombosickness, (#bombogenesis #bombcyclone) but here’s to self care and a little bit of compassion while we strive to reach our goals!

    Despite not being able to work out this week, I’ve made sure to pack my meals full of super clean fruits and veggies. Can’t wait to feel 100% and be back to movement!

    Brava for avoiding using the word “detox”– we don’t need to rebuke ourselves for the past year. I think we’re strongest when we’re balanced, not rigid. Perfection gets us nowhere, but practice helps us create positive habits. Cheers to everyone on their own journey!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • HAHA yes I had the bombosickness as well!!!! Hilarious.

      They say diet is most of it, so you did great! And yeah, we’re not into extremes in these parts. I’m being extreme with the Dry Jan as my liver just really needs a break, but TOTALLY agree on balance vs. perfection!

      Have a great weekend!!!

      1.5.18 Reply
  60. Kellie:

    All resolutions start on Jan 2nd – New Year’s Day is a fake day that doesn’t count, so you’re perfectly on schedule! My husband and I started whole30 (but really whole20 because we can commit to each other for life but not a grain and wine free diet for an entire month) on the 2nd and although he claims he is malnourished and dying (he definitely is not) it does feel good to kick off the year super clean and without alcohol. Love the soho house mocktail tip!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • YEs, totally agreed. Laughing out loud at your husband thinking he’s malnourished and dying. That’s how I feel every time I restrict my diet… ha! xo

      1.5.18 Reply
  61. Allison Conrath:

    Thanks for keeping it real! I’m excited to to follow along! Have you heard of Gretchen Rubin’s 4 tendencies? I learned about it in the fall and realized I’m an ‘obliger’ Meaning I need some sort of external accountability to help keep me on track (with Fitness and otherwise). I’m using this challenge as just that! I have to laugh because as a January birthday (today!) I kind of hate dry January! Nobody wants to do anything haha! Happy New Year to you and Tyrion!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • I have not! I am going to have to check it out.

      Happy birthday to you – hope you gave yourself a break from Dry January today!!!! Have a great weekend!

      1.5.18 Reply
  62. Kate:

    Well, January 1st started with leftover homemade fried chicken (and homemade bread!) from our NYE feast – but that was still “vacation” so I don’t mind it at all! Sometimes it’s just worth it, you know?
    My Dry January is in full effect – I’ve already gotten one “oh, so I can’t trust you for a full month” reaction from a coworker, but all in good fun. I’ve also eaten almost entirely Whole 30 for four days – did a big grocery run on Tuesday and made a new delicious recipe (crispy smoky chicken thighs & veggies with green olives & pickled spicy peppers).
    Went to my first yoga class of the year on Weds and in Warrior 2, she told us to look over our back hand and think about what we wanted to leave in 2017, then look forward and think about what we want to lead into in 2018. Such a nice way to start the year!
    Headed to another gym session tonight, followed by the steam room & making weekend cooking plans. Keep it up!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Based on everyone’s comments, January 1st was totally still vacation!!!

      I did the same as you today – gym sesh followed by steam room – the BEST reward! Have a great weekend!!!

      1.5.18 Reply
  63. Happy New Year! I love all of your content and am psyched about the wellness challenge. Also love the link you posted a couple weeks ago but upcoming wellness trends. I totally agreed with it!

    1.5.18 Reply
  64. Liza:

    I think I did pretty well this week! My gym was closed Monday, but I made it in every day Tuesday – Friday and managed to get two workouts with my trainer in, too. My big goal for this year is to spend more time stretching at the gym, and I was able to do that too. Full disclosure: my biggest life secret is to take the first week of January off work to recover from the holidays, so I had that going for me.

    My other wellness goal this year is to take better care of my skin, and I’m already feeling the effects of starting to dry brush before my shower and use micellar water on my face at night. At 36, it’s time to stop playing around with having healthy skin.

    Thanks for leading this wellness challenge – just typing this out has made me feel like 2018 is off to a healthier start!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • I am the same with stretching! I love Aaptiv’s stretching workouts, they are guided and help me do it when I really don’t want to!!!

      Cheers to a healthier 2018 – happy weekend!

      1.5.18 Reply
      • Liza:

        I downloaded it today! Already loving it. And don’t respond to this—enjoy the weekend (which my idiot phone autocorrected to The Weeknd?! I’m 36, I barely know what that is, come on phone).

        1.5.18 Reply
  65. Nicole C.:

    What a great week, everyone!! All these comments (plus your posts, Grace!) are keeping me inspired & motivated. This week started out slow since I was still on a beach vacation at the beginning of the week, but managed to get to yoga for my workouts this week. Next week I hope to add some more variation to my workouts and try my first spin class (eek!). I loved reading about all of the at-home workouts you guys tried this week. Downloading Aaptiv ASAP and going to look into BBG as well. I would love to hear about everyone’s favorite wellness & fitness apps. I’m always looking for new ones to try! I love Asana Rebel and Youtube (Yoga with Adrienne) for yoga.

    My “something new” was going to be an aerial yoga class on Thursday, but the snowstorm had other plans for me, so I’m planning on trying it next week! As a replacement, my “something new” was trying out a new face mask a friend got me for Christmas (for those curious– it was the Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask from Kiehl’s and I LOVED it!). Skincare kind of falls under the wellness umbrella, right?! 😉

    This week was harder than anticipated since I am still at home (parents’ house) for break (any other college readers here?) and have been surrounded by the laziness of winter break & savory home cooking. I ordered an alarm clock and shipped it to my apartment so will start using it this weekend.

    Even though my wellness goals weren’t met 100% this week, I did a ton of 2018 planning and goal-setting which was crucial before my semester starts on Monday. Can’t wait to get fully back into the swing of things/ into my 2018 groove once I’m all settled back in my apt this weekend. Can’t wait for week 2’s challenges! Keep it up everyone 🙂

    1.5.18 Reply
    • I tried Aerial yoga a while back and loved it!!!! I think trying a new mask totally counts. 🙂
      Thanks for dropping in and sharing, Nicole! Happy weekend!

      1.5.18 Reply
  66. Danielle:

    Love this series! It’s so motivating to read about everyone’s goals and progress.

    I logged four workouts this week – even with two snow days in a row! I also started on Tuesday because that felt more like a Monday with back to work and all. I tried the Nike training app as my something new and really enjoyed it. It was just what I needed when I started to go stir crazy from being snowed in yesterday. I’d love to say that I’m all in on dry January but these freezing temps are really tempting me to open the bottle of red wine sitting on my counter…

    1.5.18 Reply
    • YAY – good job!!!! I have heard great things about the Nike app!
      With you on the freezing weather making me want a glass of wine. I’ve been turning to chocolate instead…. :-/

      1.5.18 Reply
  67. Taylor:

    Thanks for putting this together! I had to go from a New Years trip to a work trip but managed to squeeze in some BBG workouts at the hotel gym. Along with Aaptiv, they help me stay focused when I can’t make a group fitness class. Also did a body exfoliation treatment at the spa for the first time ever as a nice snow treat — great way to get my winter skin glowing and soft again. If you need some more stay in inspo, check out Girls Night In, which was just featured on Vogue.com this week.

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Good for you! BBG is perfect for that!

      My body needs a good exfoliation!!! Where did you go? xx

      1.5.18 Reply
      • Taylor:

        Lush has a spa attached to their UES store location near Bloomies. Nice and affordable!

        1.6.18 Reply
  68. Meredith:

    I think I managed to do OK this week. On Tuesday morning I did my usual Bar Method class, Wednesday I was stuck home with my son who had a stomach bug (so no workout), Thursday I did a treadmill run with Aaptive (thanks for the recommendation… this app is a GAME CHANGER), and this morning I took another barre class. Planning on another barre class this weekend too. Looking forward to starting next Monday for a full week of this challenge. Have a great weekend!

    1.5.18 Reply
    • So happy you love Aaptiv too!
      I give SO much credit to all the parents doing this challenge – I would imagine it’s really hard with kids, especially if they get sick! Good job and happy weekend!

      1.5.18 Reply
  69. Amy:

    Great job this week! I also did well with my goals. Worked out 4 out of 5 days this week. I also started the Keto diet so that has been an adjustment, but so far, so good!

    1.5.18 Reply
  70. Clare:

    I started Whole30 this week and am honestly pretty proud of how well I’ve stuck to it a nd how much food prepping I’ve done. Hope I can stick to my guns this weekend…but I just have to remember how good this is making me feel already! I have myself the week off of working out but next week I plasn to start trying Aaptiv. I also go in for my annual gyno exam next week, which I skipped last year. I have horrible insurance that no doctors take, but determined my health is worth the out-of-pocket cost.

    1.5.18 Reply
    • It sounds like so much meal prep!!! Good for you! I need to get back on track with doctor appointments as well.

      1.5.18 Reply
  71. Lourdes:

    Gave myself a pass this week to recover from the holidays but starting next week.

    1.5.18 Reply
  72. Lara:

    So many inspiring posts! started using the Nike fit training app and it’s great! The workouts are challenging and you can set up a regimen to get in shape/lean. So far it’s really nice! I have been drinking fan four smoothies for breakfast and they are surprisingly filling. I’m going to try cutting back on sugar. Thank you for encouraging us to stay on track!!

    1.5.18 Reply
  73. Kelly:

    Hi, Grace!! So excited about this wellness challenge. I’m 24 weeks pregnant and haven’t had the easiest pregnancy- I was diagnosed with hyperemesis (same as Princess Kate!) and lost about 25 pounds in the first 18 weeks of my pregnancy because I couldn’t keep ANY food down Not even toast! I’m a labor and delivery nurse too at one of the busiest hospitals in the country (over 10,000 babies a year!), so I work crazy long shifts, and it was super exhausting!!! I’ve been feeling better recently though- thank goodness! I had to ease into week one of this wellness challenge- I’m still trying to maintain a healthy pregnancy but also trying not to lose weight. I LOVE the AAptiv app and use their maternity strength training and yoga, so I did that a few times before work and once on one of my days off!
    I already use an alarm clock because I don’t trust my phone- I’ve had it not go off one too many times so this was an easy one for me!!! I can’t sleep with my phone in a completely different room in case I get called into work on a day off, but I did plug it up by my dresser, which I have to get out of bed to access!!
    For trying one new thing- instead of when I get home from work and just going straight to bed after eating a quick meal, I actually took the time to sit at my table, eat, and then wash my face before bed. I know this is probably something I should be doing all the time but sometimes when I’ve been on my feet all day it’s so hard to stand in front of the sink and wash my face!!! I just want to crawl into bed.
    Can’t wait for next week’s challenge!

    PS- In a fun coincidence, in 2016 you featured my cousin-in-law (Mariel Goodson) of Brass Hill Design and that’s how I found your blog! I’ve been reading ever since 🙂 🙂

    1.5.18 Reply
    • Kelly:

      Oops! Forgot to mention the breakfast- I didn’t do as well with this- sometimes I just have a crazy sweet tooth, but on the days that I worked, I made a delicious egg sandwich!

      1.5.18 Reply
      • That sounds so yummy! I think I’m going to do an English muffin with eggs this coming week.

        1.5.18 Reply
    • I am so happy that you are excited!!!

      That sounds so scary (and exhausting). I am glad you are feeling better… DEFINITELY ease into this!

      And I love that Mariel is your cousin in law – she is great!

      Have a great weekend and take care of yourself!

      1.5.18 Reply
  74. Joan:

    I tried a few new healthy recipes this week! I stuck to ny New Year’s Resolution of bringing lunch everyday and not buying takeout! And despite the below freezing temps in Boston, I roused myself to go to three spin classes! So I’m proud

    1.5.18 Reply
  75. Angela:

    I made it to the gym 4 times this week and am going tomorrow! I did however fall off the eating wagon and make a frozen pizza one night…it’s a frozen tundra in the south. All other meals were planned and on point! I call it a success!

    1.5.18 Reply
  76. Chloe:

    Loving all the comments!

    Alarm clock: It existed on my nightstand, and is now being put to use!
    Breakfast: Could do better, flavored Greek yogurt, so some added sugar. Tomorrow planning on eggs and whole wheat toast!
    Dry January: Not a thing for me. I’m not a big drinker–I only had a beer and a glass of bubbly on NYE, for example–so don’t feel the need. I average one-ish drink per week, and I am perfectly content with that amount!
    Workouts: Monday was my rest day for the week, as I’d worked out during the prior 5 consecutive days. Did Orangetheory Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Today, I slept through it. 🙁 Mid-December I flew to my parents’ home from finals and immediately started doing temp work at my old job, and frankly I’m pretty burnt out and exhausted. Today was my last day working and I’m home for another week, so looking very forward to sleeping and resting and recovering. And to my 90-minute 5:30 a.m. Orangetheory class tomorrow! My favorite Saturday ritual in Michigan is a 5:30 a.m. 90-minute class followed by a shower, sweatpants, a protein-packed breakfast, and back to bed!
    Something new: I’ve been drinking Sleepytime tea prior to bed, and it really has helped! Or maybe it’s placebo effect. Who knows.

    Loving this community you’ve built and the the honesty and challenges that come with it. Keep it up, Grace!! xx

    1.5.18 Reply
  77. Anita Carol Gambrell:

    My week started on half a day Thursday back to work at the office. Still weak but out and about!
    Friday- started at 5am. Ended up in bed knocked out! From 3-5! ….but got a lot of walking and moving around done!

    1.5.18 Reply
  78. Woo hoo! I surprisingly did make it to 3 workouts. Today’s was ROUGH but I got it in. My alarm clock should arrive tomorrow 🙂 I also started whole 30 and am feeling good on day 5! And currently sipping my new mocktail – lemon, lime & grated ginger with La Croix. Zesty and delicious! So far, kicking 2018’s ass 😉

    1.5.18 Reply
  79. Melissa:

    Go Grace!

    We got a Peleton in December, so I got in 4 cycle classes this week. Game changer for me. I have a toddler and working out has been impossible. So far I love it. I can bitch and moan, and not worry about any one else. Lol. The snow days actually helped me out this week because I did my rides during nap time instead of the planned early morning rides.

    I’m doing Whole 30, so this week is going alright food wise/not drinking.

    I also mediated everyday this week for 5 minutes when is my longest streak so far.

    Lastly, I brought one of those Philips sunlight alarm clocks 3 years ago and haven’t used it in two years. I plan to get that working to help me get up for my early rides next week.

    Looking forward to checking in next week!

    1.5.18 Reply
  80. Loren:

    Classes are so needed for me but this app makes me want to give it a try! Would be nice not to have to plan my time around a class but to just go whenever. I’m proud I tried a new boxing studio, and realized I’ve been missing out on a studio so close to my apt. Great first week, cheers as I soak in my tub with ginger kombucha.

    1.5.18 Reply
    • I know how you feel! Between getting the booking made (Equinox has an app and it’s so hard to get into my favorite classes) and then moving my schedule, it feels like another job!!

      1.7.18 Reply
  81. Sharona:

    Thanks so much for the inspiration, Grace!! I was able to get in 4 hot yoga sessions, and two swims even though the gym pool was a little, ummm, frigid after a holiday closure — I was so resolved to get in my swim workout, I got in the pool anyway. Might’ve been a crazy decision at the time, but I felt SO much better afterwards! I think that feeling is the best motivator.

    Also, I’ve been trying to make better choices for snacks — usually I reach for some sort of pretzel/cracker, but I’ve done a really good job this week of keeping fruit/trail mix handy for when hunger strikes!

    1.6.18 Reply
  82. Betsie:

    I have never been so excited about a challenge before and the sense of accomplishment it provides. Love that this challenge is attainable for all. I’m going to be setting weekly goals for myself along the way. This week’s focus was on commitment and preparing myself to be successful. Ridded my pantry of all the junk, stocked up on healthy foods and spent New Years meal prepping. Purchased new sports bras for better performance during high intensity workouts. In keeping my commitment of completing 4 workouts this week, altered my work schedule to squeeze in a lunch time class on Wednesday in light of the impending storm. Got creative with my at home workout on Thursday. Who knew your coffee table could serve so useful with tricep dips. Rewarded myself with hot Epsom salt baths at night. Drank half my body weight in water each day. My something new is an infrared sauna treatment today. Next week’s focus will be on breathing. It’s an area that I need to improve on that would help me greatly during workouts.

    Can’t emphasize enough what has been helping me the most was finding a gym buddy. We started working out together in November and what a difference it has made. She keeps me motivated and accountable and hope that I do the same for her. It helps that we share similar goals and fitness levels. It’s not always easy finding that right person, but I’m so grateful I did.

    As an added incentive, I’m treating myself with fresh cut blooms for my desk each week I complete at least 4 workouts. Thanks again Grace for championing this challenge!

    1.6.18 Reply
    • Allie C:

      Breathing is something I’ve been working on too, for Cardio workouts, I’ve found that a three count inhale through the nose three count exhale through the mouth helps me best, if you were looking for something to try!

      1.6.18 Reply
      • Betsie:

        Thank you so much Allie for sharing this tip! I didn’t really know where to start so I’ll definitely be trying this.

        1.6.18 Reply
    • Aw I am so glad you are as excited as I am!!!

      I love the idea of a gym buddy. What’s keeping ME accountable is having to report back to all of you guys… I feel like I have hundreds of gym buddies and if I mess up I will have to fess up!

      1.7.18 Reply
      • Betsie:

        Yes, you’re our role model. No pressure or anything..

        1.8.18 Reply
  83. Allie C:

    My intention this year was to set goals that weren’t so out of line, I would give up on them two weeks in. I told myself I’d workout at least twice a week at the office (check) and that I would signup for another year of marathon training. (Check) I made some great gal pals last year in running group and can’t wait to hang with them again while getting our fitness on!

    You insipired me in one of your stories by saying you pay for a nice gym so you don’t do boutique fitness classes. Last year I spent so much money on those special classes, you encouraged me to switch to a nicer gym with more offerings and boot those boutique fitness classes to the curb (unless they’re offering free weeks )

    1.6.18 Reply
    • Yes!!! I was spending SO MUCH MONEY on the boutique classes. I really love Equinox as the classes are good, and it’s really really nice. The eucalyptus towels and steam room are my favorite amenities.

      1.7.18 Reply
  84. Danielle:

    Proud of my start to the new year! I, too, was hungover on Monday and was gentle with myself and laid on the couch all day 🙂 but beginning on Tuesday I’m proud of my consistency! Took 3 Equinox classes, and 1 long walk with my dog despite the frigid Chicago temps. I’ve also amped up my breakfasts- been trying oatmeal with peanut butter or protein powder, chia, and flax!

    1.6.18 Reply
  85. Dragana Bozic:

    You’re doing so great!!

    I’ve been doing whole 30, which is turning out to be much easier than anticipated. I made a bunch of egg muffins on Monday to have this week – eggs, salmon, spinach, and nutritional yeast with some spices and stuffs (i added flax meal and turmeric to the mixture) and have been eating for breakfast with some avocado – it keeps me full until like 1pm.

    I’ve been feeling so good working out 3x this week and eating a protein packed breakfast. By the way, I like the pursuit classes at Equinox the most if you do spin there. I still go to Soul 1x a week (nothing compares for me) but the pursuit is a fun option at equinox if you like the idea of a competitive class (though I never win, sad!)

    1.6.18 Reply
    • Thank you! So many whole 30-ers around here, I love it! Motivating me to maybe give it a try at some point!!!

      And thank you for the rec at Equinox. I want to try their spin classes, but haven’t known which to do!

      1.7.18 Reply
  86. Sarah:

    Oh man, this Bomb Cyclone/Bombogenesis really screwed up my plans this week, but still got in 3 workouts: Tuesday–Spinning class, Wednesday–MetCon3 class at Equinox, Thursday–I spent 1.5 hours digging my car out of the snow (this counts right???).

    My “new” thing isn’t really related to physical health, but more mental health. One of my goals this year is to start using a bullet journal to stay more organized (read: sane), and to journal. I’ve struggled to maintain a journal (multiple years worth of resolutions) and so incorporating it into a bullet journal that I use as a planner keeps the expectations lower, making me more willing to actually write down notes about what happened that day, how I felt, etc.

    1.6.18 Reply
    • Haha it really messed with everyone!!!

      I think snow shoveling definitely counts.

      I love your new thing! Mental health is just as important, maybe more!

      1.7.18 Reply
  87. Morgan:

    I was so excited to start all these challenges this week. I am doing Whole30 so meal prepped a ton, booked my workouts, ordered my alarm clock on Amazon…and got diagnosed with a kidney infection. Whoops! Spent most of the week in pain, sleeping, or not eating from nausea. Have recently made the move from bed to the couch and started reading or watching TV (wild and crazy girl!). Looking forward to feeling next week and being able to hit the ground running!

    1.6.18 Reply
    • Oh no!!! I hope your infection heals quickly – you poor thing!!! Next week is a brand new one. xx

      1.7.18 Reply
  88. Emily R.:

    I am SO excited about this challenge! I was so happy to read you are doing it. This week was tough for me because I was traveling. I was on a ski trip in Utah, so I count that as a workout since I skied on New Year’s Day. I am also counting that as my something new since I had never been to that resort before! I spent two days traveling back, which made it hard to have good breakfasts but I tried! I also got in lots of steps walking around. I was only able to get one other workout in – a tone it up workout after a red eye back to the east coast. It was great! I wasn’t able to get a third workout in because of my travel schedule. However, I am looking forward to being home this week, getting back on track and using my actual alarm clock. Thank you so much for doing this and keep up the awesome work! We can do this!

    1.6.18 Reply
    • Your enthusiasm makes me so happy!

      It’s so hard when your traveling… just be kind to yourself and do the best you can. We can do this!!

      1.7.18 Reply
  89. Awesome challenge which helped push me through the week. I exercise Mon-Fri. – 3 days treadmill; 2 days bike + weights. My new thing was figuring out an exercise schedule that worked for me – which is to work out in the evenings at 7PM. I hate rushing in the mornings – and by 7PM – I’ve done family, meals and am ready to hit it.

    1.6.18 Reply
  90. Angie:

    Love hearing about what everyone else is doing – great ideas and motivation! This week, I got in 4 workouts – 2 runs, an Orangetheory class and a barre class. I was against trying the real alarm clock and no phone in the bedroom part, and after reading the comments, am thinking about trying it next week. I’m not willing to do a dry January, but have made an effort to not have a glass of wine on the weekdays unless I really need it (ha!) so it’s more of a treat instead of a habit. For something new, I scheduled a reflexology and infrared sauna session. While I couldn’t get in this week, having something to look forward to is almost as good as actually doing it!

    1.7.18 Reply
    • Amazing job!!! I am dying to try Orangetheory – have heard such good things!!

      Please let me know how the reflexology and infrared sauna go – I’m so intrigued by both.

      PS don’t feel bad on Dry January – def not for everyone!

      1.7.18 Reply
  91. Kristy:

    It’s been below freezing temps all week in Toronto, so just leaving the house is exhausting But I managed to workout everyday! 4 Barry’s Bootcamp classes, 2 spin classes and a much needed stretch and release. I also started Whole30 with my sis on January 1; I was desperately in need of a pizza, wine, sweets detox and establish some more healthy habits haha. I’m using Sunday to meal prep and relax (aka cuddle w my dog, read, watch football). Didn’t get around to buying an alarm clock ‍♀️ But I’ve been disconnecting before bed; turning off social media app notifications.

    Love this little challenge! We got this!

    1.7.18 Reply
  92. Lisa Simpson:

    My first spin class was cancelled due to icy conditions tonight. So over winter! At least I went to my gym at 5am before work today !

    1.8.18 Reply
  93. Nicole:

    SO I’m a little late to reading and posting my progress for the week, but you did fantastic! 4 days of workout does not go unrecognized! Thanks for posting this inspiration!

    My progress: I went running twice last week! It was really cold out (for Dallas weather that is) so I was glad I was still able to get out and get fit!

    Your alarm clock idea is so spot on! I’ve actually been doing that for a year now, with my phone in the other room. It feels nice going to bed and reading a book instead of aimlessly scrolling. I think I sleep better too.

    I didn’t try anything new last week, but I did pick up an old habit from long ago- I went bowling! I haven’t been in so long and it was nice to try and do that again

    1.9.18 Reply