The Weekly Distraction, 4.6.20.

SXSW Film Festival + The weekly distraction 4.6.20

How is everyone doing? Last week was a real mixed bag for me. I think it’s probably the same for all of us – good days and bad days. Motivated days, unmotivated days, days where I felt great and optimistic and days where I did not want to do a damn thing besides cry. I have found the crying is directly correlated to watching the news and reading sad stories so have been limiting my news consumption and avoiding it in the mornings (when I am trying to start my day and be productive) and evenings (when I’m trying to wind down!)

I have been throwing myself into making funny videos for Instagram. It’s helping me learn a new skill set (I edit them on iMovie on my computer) and it’s fun, and entertaining. It takes me a while to make them but it’s fun. My first video was a music video and then I did a funny play on girls night. Thinking maybe girls night should be a regular thing.

Besides my new found penchant for cinematography I have been pretty boring. Yesterday I just stayed home and watched Damages reruns and worked. And did a lot of chores…. so many chores. It’s funny as I definitely have MORE cleaning and housework to do since being home full time. More laundry because I’m not wearing any of my nice things that I’d ordinarily dry clean or hang up after wearing… and more vacuuming and chores and dishes because I’m cooking most of my meals and home all day.

Lastly, my new favorite at home uniform. Naadam very generously gifted me one of their cotton cashmere sweatsuits (sweatshirt + joggers, I chose light grey) and it is DIVINE. 95% cotton, 5% cashmere so it feels like extra velvety lush cotton. I find Naadam to be very true to size – I take a medium in both pieces.

PS – check out last week’s distractions, and the week before, too!

SXSW Film Festival

SXSW Film Festival on Amazon Prime!

It was obviously a huge bummer when SXSW was cancelled but they’ve gone and made lemonade from lemons and done something really cool and thoughtful (and FREE!).

Later this month, the SXSW film festival is going to be streaming via Amazon! Here’s an article with more information, but essentially here is what’s happening:

They are creating an SXSW Film Festival Collection that will stream movies from the festival on Prime Video for 10 days, completely free in the US — you won’t even need a subscription to watch! They’re targeting a late April launch, and it will be over a ten day period. I just think this is so amazing; and personally CANNOT WAIT for all of the remote film festival fun from home. I’m excited for the lineup to be announced and am planning on researching each of the films and seeing at least one film a day during the festival!

SXSW Film Festival + The weekly distraction 4.6.20

A digital book festival!

Wordplay is a major book festival, put on by the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. As they cannot hold an in-person gathering, this year they’ve collaborated with the literary community to bring you live video conversations, podcasts, visual arts, author Q&As, playlists, social media takeovers, and other creative content.

Pretty cool as you can tune in anywhere, without making the trip to Minnesota. They have an incredible lineup planned (including Samantha Irby, Alison Roman, and Emma Straub). See the full lineup here, the schedule here (things kick off April 7th!), and of course, if you are inclined, make a donation!

Some recent beauty favorites

Some recent beauty favorites.

I posted this to instagram yesterday but figured I’d share them here too!

one // The Coqui Coqui orange blossom fragrance. It’s summer in a bottle and makes me think of their beautiful hotels. Happy fragrances like this one are really wonderful when you feel stressed!

two // Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream. Always. always. I feel like a broken record but I am not testing anything right now so using this morning and night. It’s truly the BEST. Read my full review here!

three // Olehenriksen PHAT glow mask. Longer review in this blog post but this is gentle and makes you GLOW! My skin has been looking so dull and this helps a LOT.

four // Bobbi Brown bronzer in “Aruba”. Haven’t been doing much makeup but my friend Cassandra got me onto this and it’s so pretty.

five //The Jillian Dempsey gold sculpting bar. I bought this a few months ago when I interviewed Jenny Han with Sephora – she was raving about it so I ordered it as soon as I got home. I’ve been playing around a lot with it and am shook by how much more lifted my face looks after using. LOVE. Will work on a review but in the meantime recommend watching YouTube tutorials, whoa!

breakfast sandwich from The Butcher's Daughter

Sunday Brunch

I mentioned this on Instagram stories but one thing I’ve started to do is give myself weekly treats. On Tuesdays I order Dunkin for delivery, and every Sunday, I order in brunch from a fav local restaurant.

Last week I did the breakfast sandwich from The Butcher’s Daughter (and some yummy juices) and this week I did 12 Chairs… their breakfast shakshuka is something I love and CRAVE. It’s something nice to look forward to and a good way to support my fav restaurants (in a small way).

(Plate is from Scargo Pottery on Cape Cod and spoon is our family silver.)


And here is a photo of Tyrion, just for fun. Portrait mode is just the best.

Would love to hear your favorite distractions in the comments!

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  1. Sounds like you had a relatively good week, Grace! Stay strong! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.6.20 Reply
  2. Olivia:

    What’s the pattern on the family silver? It’s beautiful!

    4.6.20 Reply
  3. Sharon:

    Hi Grace! I had a question on skincare. I read through all your Dr. Bader posts and know how much you love it. I also know that all skin is different etc, and you cannot tell me what would work for mine. But I was curious if you had tried Vitner’s Daughter oil and could compare? I have very sensitive skin and have to be very careful with any active ingredients and am super selective in adding new products. However, I know I need to up my moisture game. I love the idea of one quality product vs a bunch of items. Vitner’s has a similar philosophy. I know Becca has mentioned she uses it. Just curious your thoughts on how the two compare. Is Vitner’s gentler?

    4.6.20 Reply
    • Hi Sharon! I absolutely love Vintner’s Daughter. It’s so different from Bader though (cream vs oil, etc). I don’t find it to be irritating but I also don’t find Bader to be irritating, either!

      4.6.20 Reply
  4. Amy:

    I commented on one of your insta videos but just wanted to reiterate – you are rocking it. I am trying to figure out what I want to buy from your site to support you via affiliate links. Really really impressed by how you are approaching this strange time. You were always a must visit for me but dang girl, you have cemented legend status.

    4.6.20 Reply
  5. Caroline:

    I feel like I am doing more housework and laundry now too. I cried yesterday a few times but I am just going to blame the news. But sometimes it just hits me that things are not normal right now. 🙁 Anyways!! That breakfast sandwich looks yummy and thanks for sharing that mask and cream that you have been using. Have a good day!!

    4.6.20 Reply
  6. Jessica Camerata:

    Shakshuka is my FAVORITE and you’ve inspired me to whip it up at home. It’s so so simple. And always delicious with some sourdough bread. I’m a mixed bag too of emotions right now. Hoping this all ends SOON!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    4.6.20 Reply
  7. Mackenzie:

    I’m doing pretty well all things considered! I have tried to distract myself as much as possible. I agree the news makes me depressed because there seems to be no end in sight for this. I did a ton of chores this weekend and also watched The OC so a nice mix of productivity and relaxation. I’m still adjusting to working from home everyday. I find it hard because the days never feel like the end. Previously, driving home from work signaled the day was over, but since I’m working from home I don’t have that anymore. So I feel drained from feeling like work never ends (even though I do log off every evening) and all the stress and anxiety with covid19. That was long winded but felt good to type out Loving these weekly posts.

    4.6.20 Reply
    • Oh the OC sounds so good right now!

      Maybe try putting everything work related away and then taking a walk as you finish work? Then, when you get home from your walk, that could substitute that car ride? Just a thought, an idea that I should probably take!

      4.6.20 Reply
  8. Joan:

    Honestly? The last week has been strange and surreal and sucky. I lost my job. I live alone in NYC and am starting to go stircrazy. I liked your video about having “friends” over though.

    4.6.20 Reply
  9. My roommate, which for the first time ever I am grateful for one, has me doing yoga which is phenomenal and cooking. I HATE the kitchen but have been getting better, eggs are my new favorite thing to make ( stupid simple) I say.

    I’ve always lived alone and prefer that but now I’m ok with a roommate.

    Also, love your Sunday brunch plans. We are making them . Tomorrow is my birthday so I’m gonna order brunch from a local restaurant to support them!

    As someone who “follows” you and gets glimpses on Instagram I think your rocking it. Again, we don’t see the whole thing but you have always inspired me in one way or another.

    Hope you have a great week!

    4.6.20 Reply
  10. Before starting work every day, I avoid reading anything news-related and pick a baking recipe for that afternoon. I’m trying to not work my typical hours… so around 3, I start to bake whatever I picked out that morning. Then get bust in my craft room using up any leftover ribbons, cellophane, baskets, etc. to come up with cute packaging for the treats. My exercise is either jumping on the bike or walking the dogs to drop off the concoctions to my friends and neighbors…it’s working for the time being!

    4.6.20 Reply
  11. Leah:

    Just wanted to say that your blog and your IG (and Tyrion) give me real joy, so thank you 🙂 You’re such a light.

    4.6.20 Reply
  12. Kristen:

    Hello Grace! Newish listener and reader and wow what a fan! I’m here to tell you the Open Book emergency podcast this morning MADE MY MORNING! Thank you! You had the conversation I could have with no one 😉 Your space is a genuine joy. The light and the real hard. Thank you!

    4.6.20 Reply
  13. Em @

    Last week I gave myself a break. I enjoyed some silly movies, played with our landlord’s pup and things like that. Also, I limited my news intake – felt so much better!
    Hang in there Grace, and everyone else. We’ll get through this! (This reminds me of the queen’s speech – was so moved by it – you should watch it if you haven’t yet, it’s very contrasting to, well, others not to be mentioned…)

    – Em |

    4.6.20 Reply
  14. Heidi:

    I am so very lucky that I live in Australia and we are not in lock down, just practising social distancing. I am still going to work (essential industry) so I can’t relate to all the talk about having lots of spare time and being bored – I’ve never been busier! Hang in there, my thoughts are with everyone in your wonderful city.

    4.6.20 Reply
  15. H:

    Thanks for this post! I’m enjoying the weekly distractions.

    4.6.20 Reply
  16. Shana:

    We’ve been ordering breakfast from a local cafe on Wednesday and Sunday to break things up a bit as well and it’s been v nice! Loved the girls night out video 🙂

    4.7.20 Reply
  17. Ali:

    I’m almost embarrassed that I live in downtown Minneapolis and had no idea about Wordplay! I’ll definitely be tuning in and can hopefully attend next year 🙂 Love the new weekly distraction!

    4.9.20 Reply