The Weekly Distraction | 3.30.20.

Tiger King + The Weekly Distraction | 3.30.20.

Happy Monday. And also, happy second to last day of March? We’re back with what may be my new favorite column… the weekly distraction! Catch last week’s here, if you missed it.

Oh man. Quarantine is really bringing out my worst crazy. I lost my sense of smell for five days last week (it’s more or less back now) and it was so bizarre. I feel like I’m constantly like, “is this just allergies, or do I have COVID-19.” “Do I have shortness or breath or COVID-19?” and…. “Am I tired and achey from COVID-19 or am I just a little bit depressed from not going outside for several days?” These are strange times and also strange feelings. (For the record, I’m pretty sure it is just allergies – it rained on Saturday and all of my symptoms mysteriously vanished as the pollen washed away.)

There are days (yesterday was one) where I am super depressed.

Yesterday I slept til 11 and mostly just napped/watched TV. I made myself rally to take a walk and do my chores and do some work but it was not my best day. Other days are better (Saturday!) and I am struck by waves of productivity and creativity. So I’m just trying to be gentle with myself – to ride out those waves of productivity to get as much done as possible and then be gentle with myself when I’m feeling down.

I find myself getting irrationally mad, too. I’m not a very angry person and tend to live by the “good for her, not for me” rule BUT then I saw an influencer I’ve always respected and admired pack up her huge family and rent an RV to make a cross country road trip and was horrified and really upset. Of course when you’re already upset, things like this just magnify but I truly don’t understand how anyone could even think about leaving NYC after the shelter-in-place was put in effect. It’s selfish and puts others at risk, no matter how careful you are. As The Atlantic says, please don’t even think about leaving New York City right now!

Anyway, I digress. On a much lighter note, thank you for all of the TV recommendations! I had completely forgotten about Damages but it was one of my favorite shows years ago. So I started rewatching that yesterday which has been PERFECT. Also, over the weekend I spotted this cashmere blend hoodie and shorts. I didn’t have a shopping roundup to stick them in, but if you are looking for cute affordable cashmere loungewear; this is a good little set!

Tiger King

Tiger King

Whoa. Do yourself a favor and go watch this show. Tiger King is completely wild (literally and figuratively!) …a 7 episode mini-documentary series on the life of the tiger breeder / zoe owner Joe Exotic (and quite a cast of supporting characters). It’s got something for everything. BIG cats, cults, polygamy, a potential spousal murder, and murder for hire! Tiger King is probably the only thing I can think of that is crazier than real life. I watched the whole season of Tiger King on a Sunday afternoon… I had to stay up late to watch the whole thing! PURE GOLD.

Tiger King + The Weekly Distraction | 3.30.20.

Jessica Simpson’s Memoir

Okay honestly this is out of character for me as I’m not really an audiobook person AND I generally just do not care about celebrity culture. But everyone was talking about it and then Kate Kennedy talked about it on her instagram, talking about how much good gossip there was and how juicy it was (particularly about her relationship with John Mayer). So I downloaded it on Audible, and I have to tell you… I’ve been SUCKED in. Jessica keeps me company during chore time and walks… It’s called Open Book for a reason… she does not hold back.

This one is fun as an audiobook as she narrates the whole thing herself. I now feel like I’ve spent a good chunk of my quarantine with my dear friend Jess. Highly recommend this as a fun, lighthearted, incredibly juicy distraction!

Spa Water

Spa Water

It may be silly but little routines and luxuries are giving me life right now. When I was staying at the Four Seasons Surfside a few weeks ago, they had these giant dispensers of delicious flavored waters waiting for us in the lobby on the way to the pool. It was so nice – I’d just fill my water bottle up a few times every day.

My take has been using this infusion pitcher (I’ve had it forever!) to make my own. You can do just plain old lemon or get a bit more adventurous (I just got some fresh mint for my next batch).

My Favorite Cookbooks

This has been very requested so I also wanted to share my favorite cookbooks! (Would love for you to share yours in the comments!!) And if you missed it: my favorite Alison Roman recipes!!!

My Favorite Cookbooks

The cookbooks I probably cook from the most are probably the Alison Roman ones (Nothing Fancy  and Dining In), the Oh She Glows one (her vegan cream of tomato soup is one of my all time holy grail favorite recipes) and It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow (especially the soups, the meatballs… well really all of it – lots of healthy comfort food!).

from top left: Cravings // Dining In // Cook Beautiful // Salad for President // Tasting Table Cooking with Friends // It’s All Good // Nothing Fancy // A Modern Way to Eat // Antoni in the Kitchen // Hungry for More // It’s All Easy // Oh She Glows Every Day

Beautiful Dried Florals

Beautiful Dried Florals

I noticed that East Olivia (she makes the most GORGEOUS dried flower/feather arrangements) just launched an online shop! Here in New York, she does the arrangements for a lot of the events I’d go to, and of course a lot of the best restaurants. I think it’s so cool that she has launched a storefront – now we all can own a little piece of her work. I always like to decorate with fresh flowers but the great thing about these arrangements is that they’ll last for a year, maybe even longer!

My personal favorite is the Kate – and at $45, including the vase, it’s a pretty good deal… they’re the perfect quarantine flowers since all my local florists are currently of course closed.

A Fun Way for Kids to Get Clean

A Fun Way for Kids to Get Clean.

Of course we all are washing our hands a lot more than usual, so my friend Chassity’s new business, Sohp Shop is more relevant than ever: it’s a fun way to get kids to wash their hands… cute soaps, with clever little toys hidden inside of them! I really love that Chassity launched this with her daughter Lilly – so cute. They’ve been working on this for over a year and I’m so proud of them. Obviously not a parent but my niece and nephews would love this!

Would love to hear your favorite distractions like Tiger King in the comments. It can be books, TV, movies, or even a fun shopping find. XOXO

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  1. Kathleen says 3.30.20

    Thank you for calling out the influencer who left NYC over the weekend in a RV with her kids. (The Atlantic article you linked to is well done.) I agree with you that it was a selfish decision.

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      Thank you. Again, not sure if I’m just overly emotional right now but it really upset me!!!

  2. Katie says 3.30.20

    The weather in the NY/NJ area I think did everyone in this weekend. Even if stuck inside seeing the sun outsude my window helps. I found the past 2 days to be my worst. Also, same about allergies!! Is it allergies/is it not allergies game is brutal. I’ve listened to Brene Brown’s new podcast and Maria Shriver’s Youtube Series Home Together. Also started reading the Jetsetters. Trying to remind myself this is temporary, but also acknowledging it’s really hard. Thanks for the distraction blog post.

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      I think it really did me in. I was SO depressed!!!! How are you liking Jetsetters? I was thinking about reading but Becca did NOT like. Sometimes we have opposite taste in books though.

      Stay safe and sane, hugs from BK! xo

      • Katie says 3.30.20

        So far I’m loving the Jetsetters. I’ve had a hard time readiing and I think the back and forth with multiple characters is a good distraction! My Dr Bader cream just arrived. I’m hopeful for a supermodel glow by May!

        • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

          OK that is good to know! Keep me posted!! It sounds really cute!!!
          And also keep me posted on how you like Bader!

  3. Emily says 3.30.20

    I appreciate your content during this time! It is really important to see someone speaking out about critical issues right now. Pretty disappointed to see how many people are fleeing the NY/NJ area even if they left a couple weeks ago. I don’t think it’s been a secret that traveling during this time is a terrible idea and it has been discouraged for a few weeks now. I’ve been really disheartened to see people like Hitha Palepu and Katie Sturino using their immense privilege to leave NYC and potentially spread the illness and infect people. I know there are many more that have done this too. I wish people would really take this seriously and understand why the Stay at Home order is dire.

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      Hey Emily!

      Thanks for the note, I really appreciate it. Just a quick thing. I take no issue with people who were responsible about this and left the city two or three weeks ago before the shelter in place etc were put in place (I think Katie left 3 weeks ago and Hitha, 2 – honestly can’t remember!). It’s more the incredibly stupid decision to do this now. Everyone needs to stay put, hunker down, and stay safe in their homes!!!!

      Sending you a hug, hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Xx

  4. Haley says 3.30.20

    Thank you for posting this. You have by far remained the best influencer throughout this whole thing. Most have lost my respect and following. Keep doing you!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      That’s so nice, thank you! (Also I do think it’s important to remember that everyone – at least most people! – are doing their best!!!) xoxoxo

  5. PB says 3.30.20

    Favorite new column! Woke up looking forward to it. 🙂

  6. Jessica says 3.30.20

    Thanks for this! Love this list. A cookbook that has helped distract me is Just the Good Stuff by Rachel Mansfield. I highly recommend! It’s all delicious food that is mostly GF, DF, refined sugar free, and paleo. I think it’s a great option for delicious baked goods/treats that are slightly healthier.

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      Oooh thank you so much for the rec!!!! I need that as I have been on an Alison Roman cookie bender and have probably had a bit too much sugar!!!!

  7. Becca says 3.30.20

    For some more lighthearted shows:

    Lego Masters (I think fox) — “builders” from around the country create Lego structures and try to win $100k. Judges are 2 people from Lego (kind of a lego ad but really fun to watch)!

    The English Game — Netflix historical miniseries about the origins of modern football (aka soccer) in England. Guy/gal friendly and some cute actors with accents!

    Small biz to support: ChappyWrap
    The blankets are $$$ but so soft and will last forever. Also animals are obsessed, my cat will only sleep on the bed on the blanket and she’s got a weird texture issue lol

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      Thank you for the recs! I have a ChappyWrap and you’re right, it’s so soft! I use mine for outdoors but maybe I’ll take it out!!!

  8. Molly says 3.30.20

    I really think headspace is everything – when I saw that post with the RV and the note about choosing it to not stop/stay in hotels I thought “oh wow, what a responsible way to get out of town”. But I happened to be in a good mood at that time! I don’t know if I would have felt that way had I been in a different headspace, because I find myself getting irrationally mad at people complaining about staying inside when I’m getting texts from my RN sister (in a major NY hospital, on a COVID floor) telling me how sick her patients are and how many bodies she’s done postmortem care on in one shift alone. If anything, I think that right now everyone is in a day-by-day, hour-by-hour mood and that’s ok!

    Anyway, LOVE the idea of doing spa-infused water and will have to try that. Thanks for keeping this corner of the internet real and bright – reading your blog is always a treat of my day!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      I could not agree with you more! I think that’s such a good point. Yesterday was a particularly bad day for me and when I saw that I lost it. But had I been in a different mindset it probably wouldn’t have bothered me.

      I hear you – I am so grateful for my health and ability to stay home when others (doctors, nurses, etc) are putting their lives at risk every day. It’s so sad. Thanks for sharing your perspective!!!

  9. marisa says 3.30.20

    This might be the first time I have ever commented on a blog post, anywhere, but I just wanted to thank you for your extremely genuine content during all of this. You have truly struck a balance between wonderful distractions and recognizing that things can be hard – and that it is ok to feel that, too. This is so minor, in the grand scheme of things, but as someone who is also single and quarantining in an apartment with just a pet, it feels wonderful to see someone else do it too (and not run away to a vacation home!). I feel like I am hearing from a friend when you post (blog and insta) and I am just really thankful for your social media presence at this time!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      Oh my gosh thank you so much for the nice note; it really means so much right now. And sending you a big hug – quarantining as a single person is really hard!!!

    • shanghai says 3.30.20

      Totally agree! You’re striking the right balance. Thanks for using your platform for good–modeling responsible behavior, but also giving us some lighthearted relief and well-chosen picks.

    • Wendy says 3.31.20

      Agreed! I love this particular column. I imagine it is difficult to strike a balance as an “influencer” right now and man are so failing at that- no one NEEDS $300 lounge sets and fancy self tanners, and to apply 17 different makeup products right now. It feels like a good mix coming from your content. It is disheartening to see people disregarding guidelines regarding staying in place and even worse, a few influencers who received COVID tests, and almost seemed disappointed for the results to be negative. No one should be using getting a test as content.

      • grace at the stripe says 3.31.20

        Thank you! It’s definitely a hard line to straddle which is why you’ll never hear me say “need,” but if someone is in the position to buy something like that I want to be here to provide the best one!

  10. Glad to hear you’re hanging on! We don’t need to self-quarantine here in Hong Kong, but I think we should. The number of cases are going up because we are out and about!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  11. Belinda says 3.30.20

    As a healthcare worker, I really appreciate all of your content right now. Thank you for being incredibly blunt about social distancing…it is very important! The article in The Atlantic that you posted in stories has a video link from a doctor at Weill Cornell Medical Center. It is VERY informative and empowering. Everyone should watch it! Thanks for posting!! Wishing you peace, calm, and all good thoughts! ❤️

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      YES, I watched it! Thank you for highlighting it (and I’m so glad my posts can be helpful to you right now…) please stay safe and thank you for the work you do!!!! XOXO

  12. LP says 3.30.20

    Thanks for being such a measured, lovely presence in the midst of so much anxiety and internet chaos! I think I may be much more fragile than usual because I got about 11 min into Tiger King and couldn’t handle all the imagery of baby animals on leashes being passed around to gross tourists. I’m not terribly sensitive normally, so this may be a symptom of the times, but does that wane at all? I read the NY Mag piece on this story last year and it’s wild, but I couldn’t get over the zoo aspect!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      This is so nice, thank you.
      And I can see how Tiger King could have that effect. I think we are all feeling a little more sensitive and vulnerable right now; it’s definitely a sign of the times.

      Hang in there and stay healthy!

  13. Jen says 3.30.20

    Thank you so much for posting! Your blog has become my new daily routine, I read it while I have my morning coffee. Being indoors the last few days have completely put me off my routine: going to bedvery late from binge watching, not tired enough and waking up so late (11:40AM today… !). Feeling so moody lately – i blame this to the lack of fresh air and my allergies! I ask myself daily if whether I got the Covid-19 or it is just my allergies. My husband was suggested if we should rent a place outside the city and i sent him the same article you posted of The Atlantic. It is tough to stay indoors, but I also believe that staying at home is for me the most comfortable I can be. Thank you again for posting, specially during these times! Stay safe and healthy!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      Aw you are so welcome, I am really happy it can bring a little levity to your day!!!! And thank you so much for staying home. XO

  14. Shana says 3.30.20

    We’re trying to shop small and support local however we can right now down here in Texas! I work in the digital space and I love how people are putting together websites or doing video chats to shop in their stores. Simon Sinek shared a great zoom call on how people who adapt right now will be stronger coming out of this. Realizing not everyone can but you are a great example of adapting and keeping it real!

  15. Kate says 3.30.20

    Going on an RV trip right now is just wrong and somewhat selfish. It seems like a difficult time to be an influencer, tbh. Quarantine does not really equal beautiful instagram photos and whatnot. But that is just not as important right now. Thoughtful content is important. And emphasizing that this is about the whole, not the individual. So many people have had to cancel travel plans. Creating travel plans is NOT a good idea. I am heartened by your response and thank you for your thoughtfulness and honesty!

  16. tea says 3.30.20


    Thanks for speaking on this.
    That blogger is one of several who are not taking this pandemic seriously. I can’t tell if they are selfish, or doubt the scientific data that is presented hourly?

    Stay safe and God Bless.

  17. Jenny says 3.30.20

    Hope you’re hanging in there! I’ve been feeling depressed lately too, so I’m sorry you’re feeling that way. It’s suddenly become daunting to have a full weekend full of nothing to do (in the past, I relished in these types of weekends). I read Jessica Simpson’s memoir last month, and it’s honestly one of my favorite reads so far this year. Like sitting down with a friend! PS, thank you for continuing to post regularly – reading your blog has been a self-care activity for me!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      I know, I was laughing at how a weekend of nothing used to be my most favorite!!! Funny how all of that can change! STAY WELL!

  18. Leah says 3.30.20

    Hang in there Grace! It’s so tough. I’m at home in lockdown, 15 weeks pregnant with a two year old son with asthma and when I see people not social distancing it makes me F*cking crazy. I’m trying to focus on the small things that bring me joy whether that’s a walk around the block, a long bath or supporting local businesses remotely. I also text my sister things I’m grateful for each day, which keeps me accountable. Some times it’s that I don’t have a temperature LOL but it really does help focus on the positive. I’m also binging on Ozark. I love your cookbook suggestions. I also enjoy the Run Fast East Slow cookbooks.
    Hope you stay well xo

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      Oh my gosh that sound horrible. Sending you a big hug!!!! Ozark is great!!! Stay well! xx

  19. Melissa says 3.30.20

    Grace, I want to echo what some other commenters have already said and thank you for your very genuine content right now, both on the blog and on Instagram. It has been frustrating to see bloggers suddenly pop up in a different house or apartment or leaving the city entirely. I’ve also gotten really irritated with influencers who continue to post only their stylized outfit pics on Insta with some captions here and there about what’s going on as it comes off very inauthentic. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  20. Pia says 3.30.20

    Love your content and it’s been keeping me sane – thank you for your viewpoint and your attitude: both ups and downs.

    I read In Five Years by Rebecca Serle as well as Before She Knew Him by Peter Swanson, which I really enjoyed. Romance and thrillers – the flip sides of reality to get you away from what’s happening out there.

    Stay safe and healthy.

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      Thank you!!! I’m so glad to hear that.

      Not sure if you saw but we announced In Five Years as our April book club pick! I loved it SO much. Excited to chat about it on the pod.

  21. Kelly says 3.30.20

    I’m so angry with her decision to pack up her family too. As someone who lives between NYC and where she is going, I can’t imagine the devastation to the smaller towns along the way if more people do this. So selfish.

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      It’s really upsetting. I feel conflicted like I’m not sure if I am overreacting or underreacting. It’s wild. I just can’t imagine doing that.

  22. Rebecca says 3.30.20

    Thanks Grace for putting it forward everyday. I look forward to your content here and on Instagram, along with BOP with Becca. I appreciate how you are supporting NYC and small business owners. I too was shocked/disappointed in the influencer leaving. I’m no one to her, but I unfollowed. Wish her well. But…..
    Anyway be safe. Keep us in the loop as you see it.

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      Thanks Rebecca! Really happy my content can be helpful. Stay safe and healthy. xx

  23. It surely is a tough time for everyone, but when thinking of all the frontline workers risking their lives these days, it sure makes my stay-at-home much better and easier.

    Also, I might have to jump in on Jessica’s book – I’ve certainly come across a few people talk about it.
    Stay safe everyone, and most importantly, #stayhome.

    -Em |

  24. Nicole says 3.30.20

    This is my new favorite series during these strange times we’re living in!! I feel the same way as you – sometimes I have a surge of creativity/ productivity (the other day I painted for 3 hours), while other days I am so lazy and bummed out. I graduated college 2 weeks ago and don’t start my FT job until August so while I feel lucky to have this downtime (was supposed to be traveling for a bit), I’m starting to go crazy without “real” responsibilities and not leaving the house! Hopefully we get some sunny weather back this week to lift our spirits!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      I’m so glad you’re liking the series!!!! Hang in there… stay safe and HEALTHY! xo

  25. Dana says 3.30.20

    New York – I am sending you LOVE AND STRENGTH!!!

  26. Linda G says 3.30.20

    Hang in there! We’re all riding an emotional rollercoaster. Question for you, where is the painting (wallpaper) from which is in the background of your water pitcher photo? I love the colors, the feathers and birds. Do tell! I always enjoy reading your blog and knowing what’s on a “to buy” or “don’t bother” list.

  27. Catherine says 3.30.20

    I have to echo the other comments – I have really appreciated your approach to all of this (gestures wildly at everything). You have really done a great job at treading a line between acknowledging what’s going on, but not letting it devour every little thing.

    I’m also struggling a lot with watching people make horrible decisions that endanger so many other lives and find it especially frustrating when people with big public platforms do it. So I don’t think you’re overreacting at all. My new challenge is to do what I can (unfollowing people who make decisions that are incredibly dangerous to others) and then let it go – I can’t fix all of this or force people to do the right thing.

    Stay safe!

  28. Haley says 3.30.20

    I’m also curious how you feel about people like the blogger who is going between Chicago and her parent’s lake house in Wisconsin? Seems so irresponsible and I don’t get why people think they are above the common good. We are all struggling!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      Hi 🙂 I just want to say that I am not here to start a witch hunt and start pointing fingers, I was only sharing how I felt about the NYC influencer, which IMO was astonishingly stupid and reckless. I almost didn’t post my thoughts for this very reason, in that it would start a whole “well what about this person, and what about this person!?” (i.e. New Yorkers who left 2-3 weeks ago before it got really bad.)

      I am in my little NYC bubble and what’s going on in New York is so dramatically terrifying (and i’m not trying to downplay what other cities are going through – it’s terrifying ALL AROUND). But New York has about 66k cases right now and is considered to be the epicenter of the virus – we’ve been told to STAY PUT and I think it’s just terrible for anyone to leave right now.

  29. Charlotte says 3.30.20

    Thank you for being so honest! I had the same weekend as you. I felt so bad about myself for not doing anything yesterday, but I couldn’t motivate at all. We can get through this!!

  30. Lisa says 3.30.20

    To anyone watching Tiger King: I swear there are normal people in Oklahoma. We just finished that and are starting the new season of Ozark tomorrow. Just finished reading the Throne of Glass series and One of Us is Next, and tomorrow the last book in the Shatter Me series comes out!

    I’m also in the “COVID-19 or allergies?” boat. And I literally could not bring myself to do anything but play Stardew Valley yesterday and still ended the day sobbing from anxiety. I’m right there with you. Just trying to seize the productivity when I get it and give myself a break when I can’t rally. It’s so weird how not a lot has changed since I work from home and am a homebody anyway, and yet everything has changed and feels totally off. At least we’re all in this together.

    • grace at the stripe says 3.30.20

      Hahahaha, this made me laugh! (Well at least the Tiger King part!!!)

      I am glad I am not alone. I think we just have to be as nice to ourselves as we can. Right now it’s 10:15 and I was seized by a weird wave of productivity so I’m getting through a bunch of work. You are right though; not a lot has changed for me about my work day, but still EVERYTHING has changed, it’s so weird and awful. Sending you a big hug. We are all in this together and will come out stronger! xoxo

  31. Erin says 3.30.20

    Thank you so much for all of your content during this time. It has been honest and refreshing. Thank you for taking a risk and voicing your disappointment regarding another influencer. I think a lot of us have watched influencers take their family vacations crossing state lines in the name of self-care and mental health and have felt truly horrified and helpless. Breaking these clear rules in the midst of a global crisis is unforgivable, but then using it as content and smugly rubbing it in all of our self-quarantined faces is a new low. The idea that one family or person trumps the whole is just beyond selfish and truly tone deaf. Accountability and honesty are so important, and I think that influencers like you are the ones that will truly have lifelong careers. Please keep it up!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.31.20

      Thanks Erin! I really appreciate the support. Hope you are staying safe and healthy and as sane as possible!

      (Also: I mentioned this in another comment but I really don’t want my blog comments section to be a place where we point out everyone who has made mistakes. that reason I’m removing any mentions of bloggers by name, I hope you understand!)

  32. Sarah says 3.30.20

    I got Nothing Fancy on your recommendation and tonight I made the dill brown butter salmon—best part of my day!! Echoing what everyone here is saying. Way to make social distancing cool and trendy the internet needs more role models like you!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.31.20

      Ooooh maybe I will do the same; have a nice piece of salmon in my fridge! Happy you are loving it!

  33. Natasha says 3.30.20

    Hi! Not sure if anyone already said this, but losing your sense of smell is a symptom of Covid-19. Love your podcast!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.31.20

      Lol – I know. I know this comment is well meaning but I’ve said over and over that I know it’s a symptom and have been isolating and monitoring. FWIW as I said in the post, I am 90% sure it was just allergies because it came back when it rained! Have a great day!

  34. Megan says 3.31.20

    Living for these posts right now. Hang in there!

  35. Lisa Autumn says 3.31.20

    I love these posts! Hope you are well and safe x

    Lisa |

  36. Meg says 3.31.20

    Currently on episode 5 of Tiger King! What a train wreck! I can’t help but watch! My husband and I are estate litigation lawyers, and we found the episode where they talk about Carole’s late husband’s estate extremely interesting. The whole thing is such a disaster!

  37. Sharon says 3.31.20

    Highly recommend the movie Portrait of a Lady on Fire on Hulu. It’s French with subtitles and so so good. Subtle and beautiful in all the ways we love the French culture.

  38. Meg says 3.31.20

    Echoing what others have said — really appreciate your quarantine content. Thanks for keeping us happily distracted. Sending positive vibes from Queens to Brooklyn! 🙂

  39. Erica says 3.31.20

    My favorite cookbook right now is The Defined Dish. I want to make everything from it! The chicken parmesan quickly became a family favorite.

    I don’t live in NY and maybe it would have impacted me differently if I did…but I think it’s important to remember that we’re all trying to do the best in an extremely stressful situation. I have two preschoolers and I’m certain I’d do whatever I could to take care of all of us (physically and emotionally) while doing so in the most responsible way possible. It was likely a very hard decision for her and the backlash she’s received is probably adding more stress and guilt (even if that’s warranted, it’s hard to wish more stress on anyone right now). I read recently that the only thing you can control is yourself – you can’t make all your friends and family abide by the same rules that you believe are right. I’m trying to remember that daily as I see people not following stay at home guidance in our area!

    • grace at the stripe says 3.31.20

      Hey Erica,

      You’re absolutely right. I do think tension is especially high here in New York. As of yesterday, there were 66,000 cases here and I heard a stat that someone is dying from the virus every 20 minutes. So to me, it feels incredibly selfish and reckless to just pick up and leave! I wasn’t trying to start a war here but I did simply state that her post horrified me, personally.

      I have to say that (and this may be the biggest point I have to make!) this is one time where I do think influencers and/or celebrities should be held to a higher standard than the everyperson. If she had to do it she should have just not shared, rather than send the message to half a million followers – it’s going to have a ripple effect and make others think it’s okay to do the same thing.

      Anyway I am rambling now but I think the mindset here in NYC in the epicenter of this crazy may be a bit more tense. Like I said in my post, I’ve always been someone who only focused on myself and my decisions… this was definitely an exception!

      In lighter news I’m dying to pick up the Defined Dish’s cookbook – I love her! Chicken Parm sounds incredible right now.

    • sam says 4.6.20

      I want to echo this comment! While yes, not a wise decision AT ALL, and I am in no way condoning this, everyone is trying to navigate this the best they can. I am guilty of packing up and coming to my parents, and while I realized that this wasn’t my most responsible decision (I spent a good three days beating myself up over it, and then coming to terms that the only thing for me to do from here on out is to just stay put here), you feel guilty enough as it is. I don’t want anyone to think I do not take this seriously, and for that reason I made the sound decision to not go back to my Chicago apartment until the stay at home ordinance is lifted. Unfortunately, some people make mistakes not realizing how it might effect themselves and others until after the decision is made. I think it’s pretty brutal for people to say it’s “unforgivable”. Again, I am in no way saying their behavior was right and that it wasn’t selfish, I am just here to say that people make choices that are not always the right ones and all they can do is learn from it and stay put from here on out. Mental health for everyone is important as well. But, I do understand that being an influencer comes with that type of exposure to criticism and what not, and they should be more aware of that. For those that are still doing their “try on hauls”, I think they might just be trying to resume a normal life and do what feels normal to them. Idk – just some perspective. Appreciate all of your content during all of this


  40. Maire says 3.31.20

    I love this new column Grace! Thank you for influencing people to be responsible and stay at home. <3 I spent a good chunk of this weekend reading a totally crazypants 1970s romance novel-Ashes in the Wind by Kathleen Woodiwiss. It is not PC in the slightest and it was weird to read a romance without there being a conversation about consent BUT it was dramatic and escapist and a much needed break from reality.

  41. Brooke says 3.31.20

    I don’t usually comment on these things but I am a little disappointed that you so obviously called out another blogger in this post. It’s pretty obvious who you’re talking about. It’s hard to understand the choices a parent makes much less one with 5 kids, or how often they would have to leave their house for those children even during a quarantine. Buying enough groceries for 5 little kids is hard when every store is sold out and limit one item. My son has gone through a health crisis in the middle of this and has caused us to have to leave our house multiple times to get supplies for him, I can only imagine what it could be like with 5 kiddos. They did it in the safest way possible and with as much care as possible. Renting an RV and driving across the country, avoiding any public places, hotels or eating out is very different than those jumping on airplanes because flights are cheap. If you know Naomi you know she is making the safest choice she can right now.

  42. Caroline says 4.1.20

    Came here to look for a link to something on Sephora that I was going to buy anyway, and got sidetracked momentarily… but I just wanted to thank you for your honest take on everything that’s going on right now. I saw the RV thing and had a really hard time following the logic and not feeling a little angry thinking of the small towns and cities in their path. There are entire counties in some states that don’t have hospitals. The people who aren’t privileged enough to have reliable transportation in areas without hospitals or nearby testing sites the ones most likely to come into contact with someone like that while they’re working at gas stations, grocery stores, stores that are still open with public restrooms, etc. It’s posts like this that make me come search here for a cleanser when I need one.

    On a happier note — mint is super easy to grow. I wonder if you can propagate some in water? I planted it last year (extremely grateful that I have a yard where I can plant things or curl up in the grass watching birds build nests), thought it died due to my noxious black thumb, only to realize today it didn’t like its original home and popped up in 4 new places instead. There’s mint everywhere. Spa water with lemon and mint is definitely on the docket for tomorrow. It’s the little things that will ultimately keep us going.

    Goldfish cheers!

    • Oh my gosh thank you so much for such a nice note. Maybe I will make an herb garden during quarantine!!!! Thanks for the tip; I just bought some mint for spa water and am going to try it!

  43. Amber says 4.1.20

    Do you have a link to the tub tray? I’ve been looking for one. Thanks!