My Favorite Alison Roman Recipes.

My Favorite Alison Roman Recipes

If you follow me on Instagram stories then you probably have seen me making a lot of Alison Roman’s recipes. I am a huge, huge fan of hers and LOVE both of her cookbooks. I laughed because a few people asked me if the cookbook was sponsored. First of all, if it were I would have disclosed that but no lol, I bought both of my cookbooks with my own money (signed editions from my local bookstore McNally-Jackson, if we want to get really specific! Like I said, I’m a fan – I don’t mess around!).

I think that if you follow a lot of people in New York, you probably saw a lot of her cookbooks on your feed. If you aren’t familiar and didn’t already know who she is, Alison has a bi-weekly column in the New York Times and has a massive following here. You can see all of her NY Times recipes here!

A few of you have asked me “if I have to pick one,” which would it be and that is just so hard as I have learned so much from both of them. Dining In taught me how to make flatbread and Nothing Fancy taught me how easy it is to roast a chicken. ALSO those GD dips are incredible – every single one of them but especially the labne + beet dip. One night I sat down with some pita and ate a bowl of beet dip for dinner. If I really must pick just one it would be Nothing Fancy but I’m really happy to own both. ALSO a recipe that’s not in her cookbooks: this caramelized shallot pasta. I made it on Sunday night and it is BEYOND yummy.

My Favorite Alison Roman Recipes

Dining In is Alison’s first cookbook.

My absolute favorite thing to make in this cookbook is the sour cream flatbread. It’s heaven. I never thought I could make bread or even pizza crust and it’s so EASY! It takes a while with all the dough rising but it’s beyond and you can freeze the dough to make later if you’d like. She outlines a bunch of ways to cook them but my favorite is on my stove in a cast iron pan.

I also love to make her olive oil roasted mushrooms. They are amazing on the flatbread with a little ricotta cheese and some fresh arugula.

I love the four bean salad! The grocery store was out of a lot of the beans she recommended so I swapped in garbanzo beans and it was DELIGHTFUL.

Lastly, her green romesco sauce is DIVINE!

Nothing Fancy is designed more for entertaining…

BUT honestly I cook so many things from there myself!

The dips are incredible. Her labne is beyond and I absolutely love the beet dip recipe!

For proteins, I love the roast chicken with lemon and figs. Making this was actually the first time I’ve ever made a roast chicken and I was shocked at how manageable it was. I also love the salmon with shallots and citrusy soy sauce, pictured above!

For desserts, I’m not even really a sweet person but I can’t stop making her tiny salty chocolate cookies. They are heavenly. I also love making the lemon turmeric cake and am not ashamed to say that I definitely eat it for breakfast on the reg (topped off with a hefty dollop of greek yogurt and fresh berries).

PS – If I had a dollar for every time someone asks when she’ll be on the podcast; I’d be rich! We are trying and have made contact but Alison is very busy! It’s definitely a goal. She did an episode with one of our other favorite podcasts Second Life, so definitely give that a listen.

PPS – Do you want me to round up the rest of my favorite cookbooks? Let me know!

photo by Carter Fish.

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  1. Mollye:

    Grace, I bought her cookbook after you mentioned a few of her recipes and I have to agree she has great stuff! This is one of your best recommendations yet! Will try the shallot pasta this weekend sounds yummy!

    3.19.20 Reply
    • Let me know how it goes, I thought it was SO good and am planning to make again soon!!!

      3.19.20 Reply
  2. Jane:

    I need to buy her cookbooks! Thanks for the reviews.

    She was also on Fat Mascara.

    3.19.20 Reply
  3. Nicole:

    I also love both of Julia Turshen’s cookbooks. She includes a section in the back of both that are perfect for moments like now. For example, seven things to do with a can of chickpeas.

    3.19.20 Reply
    • Oh that sounds fantastic – I am going to have to look her cookbooks up!

      3.19.20 Reply
      • Natalie T.:

        Julia Turshen is another favourite and she interviewed Alison Roman on her podcast in the fall. Fabulous episode since they are the same caliber of cool.

        3.23.20 Reply
  4. Lily:

    Yes!! Definitely do a cookbook roundup! I collect them and am always interested in finding new good ones. These recipes all sound amazing! I love the dips and the roast chicken from Nothing Fancy too, I’ll have to try the tiny chocolate cookies soon!

    3.19.20 Reply
  5. Christina:

    Love this post Grace! I’ve taken both of her cookbooks out of the library before and been a little overwhelmed so this is super helpful- would definitely be interested in more posts like this for other cookbooks (or a general roundup like you mentioned)!

    3.19.20 Reply
  6. Nicole:

    Love “Dining In!” I just made her turmeric coconut granola and it was pretty easy and so delicious! I also already had all of the ingredients, which was a huge plus in the current world.

    3.19.20 Reply
  7. Emily:

    I LOVE Alison and so glad you did this feature. Her recipes are so simple and don’t call for crazy ingredients. One of my favorite things is many of her recipes with the NYT are on their youtube channel, so anyone can follow along!

    3.19.20 Reply
    • Oh that’s amazing! I’m not a big Youtube person so actually didn’t know that. Thanks for the tip!!

      3.19.20 Reply
  8. Abby:

    Love this post!! Would love for this to be a series and maybe any tips you found from the recipes!

    3.19.20 Reply
  9. Sounds like a great recipe book! Will check it out! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    3.19.20 Reply
  10. This looks incredible and love seeing you share (even repeatedly!) when you love recipes from a cookbook so much; helps me also see the value more in purchasing.

    3.19.20 Reply
  11. Laura:

    Love finding new cookbooks! Besides hers, can you blog which ones you use on the regular or reference? I have a few that I use often but I will be digging around for more recipes with all the current events going on. In this stage of life, I need super easy/faster recipes with a small baby but I hope to be able to cook more when she’s a bit older!

    Thanks for sharing and continuing to stay positive!

    3.20.20 Reply
    • Yes! I also reference Goop It’s all Good (And it’s all easy) all the time. And Salt Fat Acid. And both of Chrissy Teigan’s cookbooks. And the Oh She Glows Cookbook. Will get a roundup up at some point!

      3.20.20 Reply
  12. Lisa Autumn:

    I just love trying out new recipes right now.. thank you x

    Lisa |

    3.21.20 Reply
  13. Wendy:

    yes to fave cookbooks!

    3.21.20 Reply
  14. Natalie T.:

    I love her too! She’s taken me out of my comfort zone in a good way and opened me up to different ingredients (anchovies – no longer afraid; they are not that pungent and a nice salty flavour to your dishes; Yuzu Kosho if you like spice. What a kick!). I also love her different sound on regular vegetables. I recently cracked open Nothing Fancy and tried her mushrooms with shallots and her green beans with anchovies and walnuts. Such a winner! The Labne dip is so great and can’t wait to try the others. She really does help you make the most out of what you may have at home. Can’t wait to try the lemon, tumeric cake, which seems to be popular and the cookies too.

    3.23.20 Reply
  15. Ali:

    Made the salmon with shallots and citrusy sauce last night – to die for! So simple and quick too! The shallot pasta and tiny cookies are on my list this week. Would love to hear more of your favs as you cook them.

    3.23.20 Reply
    • YAY – isn’t it so good!!!! I will keep sharing what I’m making on instagram stories! XO

      3.23.20 Reply
  16. Beth:

    I too love Allison Roman. Is there anything better than #thestew? I also recently bought two terrific cookbooks: Deep River Roots by Vivien Howard (lovely, with lots of warm stories as well as unusual – and unusually good – recipes, especially “Dirty Farro” – NEVER thought I’d like anything with chicken livers but with sausage, it’s phenomenal…I’ve already made it twice;oh, and it made me go to youtube to see her PBS series, “The Farmer and the Chef”) and Dinner in French by Melissa Clark. Already made about four recipes and it just came last week! Also cool stories about French cooking and France.

    3.24.20 Reply
    • I just got the ingredients to make The Stew! I can’t wait! Thank you for the other recs!

      3.25.20 Reply
  17. Lauren Syrowik:

    You inspired me! Bought both cookbooks and was up tagging recipes to try! Everything looks amazing!

    4.26.20 Reply
    • Yay! She is the best… I love her cookbooks so much!

      4.26.20 Reply
      • Lauren Syrowik:

        One more thing… been making everything and it’s amazing. Want to make the sour cream flatbreads, bur was wondering at what point do you freeze the dough? Before you roll it out?

        4.30.20 Reply
        • Hi Lauren, I don’t freeze it! I’m sure you can, though – maybe google it?

          I typically make the dough, make 2-3 flatbreads immediately, and stick the rest in the fridge in a stasher bag. Then, throughout the week I tear off a piece, roll it out, and bake it fresh. xo

          5.1.20 Reply
          • Lauren Syrowik:

            Oh gotcha! It said freeze in your post, but fridge in the cookbook and I thought you had some insider knowledge! Good to know it will last all week though!