What to Watch on TV Right Now!

What to Watch on TV Right Now

Happy Friday. Though Friday means a lot less when the days are all just kind of blurring together! Weekends are definitely strange under quarantine. I am not sure how I’ll spend this one. TV? Reading? Movies? Finding another drawer to organize? (LOL.)

Today I wanted to round up a list of my favorite TV shows, in case you are in need of a little “what to watch” inspiration. This list could definitely be a LOT longer, but I wanted to highlight just a few things I really love, to keep it manageable. I would love to hear your recommendations (especially for shows similar to White Collar and The Blacklist?) in the comments!? What are your favorite shows… and maybe more importantly… what’s your quarantine binge? TELL ME.

What to Watch on TV Right Now + More Recent Favorites!

Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)

This is my newest obsession! The fourth episode just dropped this week and it is so good. It’s based on Celeste Ng’s book (which I LOVED) with an all-star cast (Reese Witherspoon! Kerry Washington! Joshua Jackson!) and some truly epic nineties throwbacks. Though I must say it’s a bit jarring to see one of my childhood crushes (Pacey) playing the suburban dad, once I got past that I’m really loving the show. Random House actually has a podcast all about the show; Becca and I were guests!

The Politician (Netflix)

I loved this show so much. A solid high school drama, a bit of satire, Gwyneth Paltrow playing mom, and a bit of Munchausen’s by Proxy? A recipe for success. The fashion + cinematography are amazing, too!

You (Netflix)

Gahhhhh this show! This is one of my absolute favorites. Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg, a seemingly good guy who works for a bookstore in Manhattan. A good guy he is not… he’s actually an ultra creepy stalker with a murderous side. This is so much fun to watch (if you like creepy), and I think I actually liked the second season even more than the first one!

The Morning Show (Apple TV)

I LOVED this show. I do want to warn you that despite the cheerful logo/branding, this show is pretty serious. It’s loosely based on Matt Lauer where Steve Carrell plays a morning anchor who is fired for sexual harassment; leaving his co-host (played by Jennifer Aniston) totally blindsided. Reese Witherspoon winds up coming onto the show to replace him. The show is incredibly powerful; especially the last episode – I sobbed! Highly recommend watching, even if it means signing up for yet another streaming service (it’s only on Apple TV!).

The Blacklist (NBC)

I can’t decide whether this show belongs in old favs or new, as I’ve been watching this show FOREVER but the new season came back on TV last week! Becca and I always joke that we are the only two people left who watch this show and that very well could be, but it’s a great show. Raymond Reddington is a criminal with a heart (and an obsession with one of the FBI agents, Liz Keane). He goes to work for the FBI, and in every episode they take down a different criminal from his personal black list. He’s charming and charismatic, the plots are elaborate and exciting… it’s one of my favorite escapes and I hope it never gets cancelled!

Younger (TV Land)

This is a top 5 favorite show, for sure. Sutton Foster plays a 40 something year old woman (Liza) who enters the workforce after a brutal divorce… finding she has to lie about her age to get a job. A whole double life ensues. A younger boyfriend, a younger best friend (played by Hillary Duff!). The episodes are short, the plot line is fabulous, and if you’ve ever wished you work in publishing, this is a dream. I love this show so much and can’t wait til it’s back!

The Bold Type (Freeform)

I’m including this one too as any time I mention Younger, everyone asks if I’ve watched The Bold Type! And yes, I have! It’s the story of three best friends working at a magazine. I will admit I do get annoyed by the characters quite frequently. but it’s still fun and a cute escape. I personally prefer Younger, though!

Old favs to Binge!

Gossip Girl

I’ve been rewatching Gossip Girl and it’s truly SO satisfying and comforting. There’s a bit of a fashion escape. The thing that is wild to me is that the parents (in the early years, at least) are pretty close to my age! The other wild thing is how relevant the fashion still is today. I’m getting fashion inspiration left and right!

Sex and the City

A classic. So comforting to binge watch, and also pretty amazing to see how well it’s held up! My favorite thing to do is watch the last two episodes. I could probably recite them from memory. Such a great show!

The West Wing

Another classic. Martin Sheen as president. Allison Janney as C.J. It’s just so nostalgic and wonderful!


I will admit that I stopped watching this show when Meghan Markle left, but I loved its earlier seasons! Mike Ross (a gifted but unmotivated college dropout and certainly NOT a lawyer) winds up lying his way into one of New York’s top corporate law firms to work for dreamy Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht). The friendship between Mike and Harvey is wonderful as are the romances… and the fashion is unreal (the suits! the dresses! all of it!). While I didn’t keep up with it, I really loved this show!

White Collar

I miss White Collar so much! If you love a good con artist with a heart of gold (this is a favorite trope of mine), you will LOVE this show. Matt Bomer is a dreamboat, and the plot is really fun. Bomer plays reformed con man Neil Caffrey. He’s dapper, charming, and incredibly clever. After being caught and sent to prison, he goes to work for the FBI. Drama, fun, and an unlikely best-friendship with his old nemesis/captor Peter Burke. I loved this show and miss it so much now! Sidebar: if you have any fav con artist shows please let me know in the comments!

Reality TV!

Admittedly I am not a big reality TV person! I watch The Bachelor every now and again and I watch Southern Charm when I am feeling nostalgic for Charleston but generally avoid it. This isn’t me being elitist, I’d just rather watch a shitty scripted TV show!

Love is Blind (Netflix)

This show is all anyone can talk about right now and also ironically timely as we spend so much time in isolation. Maybe this is how we should all date, during quarantine? Kidding but the show is crazy, especially after the couples fall in love without ever seeing each other, and then take their new romances out into the real world.

Catwalk (Netflix)

This show is so funny and really takes crazy cat ladies to the next level. I’ve only watched the first two episodes but it takes you inside the (crazy!) world of cat shows. It’s entertaining, if you love cats!

photo by Tory Williams.

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  1. Grace, have you watched Sex Education yet?! It’s so good!

    3.27.20 Reply
  2. E:

    I would recommend Ray Donovan for you. It sort of has that “con man with a heart of gold” vibe, as he’s a fixer for the rich and famous but also a devoted family man. Worth a try!

    3.27.20 Reply
  3. Vivian:

    If you liked Suits, try the Good Wife!!!

    3.27.20 Reply
    • Tasha S:

      I 100% second The Good Wife!!

      3.27.20 Reply
      • Caitlin:

        Thirding the good wife. The name doesn’t do it justice, I put it off for years and then binged last year. SO GOOD.

        3.30.20 Reply
        • I LOVED The Good Wife! 5 or 6 years ago I got really really sick and I watched maybe 3 or 4 seasons in a whole week. I miss the characters in a way that feels like missing your friends or family!

          3.30.20 Reply
  4. Oh my gosh, my friends keep going on and on about Love Is Blind! Should I pull the trigger and watch it? Haha! Have a great weekend! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    3.27.20 Reply
  5. Anna:

    Have you watched Imposters? Its a very fun con-woman show on Netflix. The only downside is that it’s only 2 seasons (and I think that’s all there’s going to be) but I really loved it! Also, not a TV show but Catch Me If You Can is the ultimate con-man movie, even if it is almost 20 years old.

    3.27.20 Reply
  6. Lisa Autumn:

    We just got disney plus in Europe and I am sooooo excited!

    Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    3.27.20 Reply
  7. So many good ones! You and The Morning Show are definitely two of the best series we’ve watched in the past few months. Wishing you a good Friday ahead, friend!

    3.27.20 Reply
    • Rose:

      Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime is a good con show, only 3 seasons though.

      3.27.20 Reply
      • Kim:

        I was coming here to say this too! Sneaky Pete is so good. It’s a travesty there are only three seasons.

        3.29.20 Reply
  8. Shana:

    It’s almost the weekend so I can actually watch a tv show = yes!! Working from home with my spouse and managing a 3 yo means I look forward to the weekend even more than before! Not having to wake early to get a few hours of work and then split my day with my husband and work again at night – yep I will take the 2 day mental break and looking forward to actually talking with my husband and maybe fitting in a movie, ooooo crazy times down here in Texas hahaha 🙂 Have a good one and keep the recommendations coming. I’m enjoying them all!!

    3.27.20 Reply
  9. Johanna:

    The Circle! A good reality show to watch after Love is Blind. It’s about people striving to become the #1 influencer within the group. Everyone lives in their own apt and so no one knows what each other actually looks like. So there are catfishes glory, as well as real people being themselves. It’s based on a British version, and Netflix has a Brazilian version up too that is even better!

    3.27.20 Reply
  10. Megan:

    I really like Good Girls, but I feel conflicted that the bad guy is so attractive.

    3.27.20 Reply
    • I love Rio so much, especially when he does his like nice guy routine. It throws me off.

      3.27.20 Reply
  11. Lindsay:

    Damages with Glenn Close and Rose Byrne is amazing, it’s on Hulu. Super twisted, left me on the edge of my seat for the entire series!

    3.27.20 Reply
    • Becca:

      Second this recommendation!

      3.28.20 Reply
    • I cannot believe that I left this off my original list – it’s SO GOOD. Inspired by the comments on this post I started rewatching!

      3.29.20 Reply
  12. Katie:

    You said con artist so I was just coming to recommend White Collar, but so glad you’ve already watched. I would also second the Good Wife and Damages! Also I recently binged The West Wing and no con artists but still great.

    3.27.20 Reply
  13. Megan Wittenberger:

    On Instagram, you said you were looking for some crime entertainment. Are you into British crime dramas? If so, try: Broadchurch, Unforgotten, Safe, The Five, The Stranger, Bodyguard, Happy Valley, Collateral, The Fall and Marcella. I promise I haven’t watched these all during quarantine… this list is years in the making. And not British, but The Killing is also good.

    3.27.20 Reply
    • Regina:

      Some great crime shows here! I haven’t seen them all, but Broadchurch has Olivia Colman and The Fall has Gillian Anderson as main characters. Happy Valley was also good.

      3.27.20 Reply
    • Joanna:

      I also love Midsomer Murders!!!

      3.27.20 Reply
    • Joanna:

      I also love Midsomer Murders!!

      3.27.20 Reply
  14. Casey:

    Self Made on Netflix is incredible! The perfect feel good/inspiring show for times like these!

    3.27.20 Reply
  15. Molly:

    The Imposter on Netflix is a crazy wild con-man documentary – def recommend. If you haven’t seen Sour Grapes (about fake nice wine), that’s another great con-artist one. For crime, Dream/Killer is fascinating. Enjoy!

    3.27.20 Reply
  16. Lindsey:

    White Collar! It’s on prime now. About an art thief/con artist who starts working with the FBI in NY. Plenty of seasons and also very interesting for art lovers

    3.27.20 Reply
  17. Giovanna:

    Sneaky Pete is a quick (3 seasons – 10 episodes each) watch on Amazon that is pretty lighthearted and fun. Husband and I are almost done with Season 3 now. Giovanni Ribsi plays a con man takes on the identity of his former cell mate (Pete) and simultaneous juggles his own cons and being a part of Pete’s family

    Another quick one is The Night Manager, also on Amazon, 6 episodes with Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, and Olivia Colman. Action, little darker, but not a super heavy show. Tom Hiddleston plays the title Night Manager (of a hotel) who gets into the inner circle of Hugh Laurie, an international arms dealer.

    Olivia Colman is also on Fleabag which is AMAZING, very funny and quick (12 episodes at ~30 minutes each). Even though I would classify it as a comedy it has some really good emotional scenes. Main character is Fleabag and is navigating life as a single woman in her 30s in London; has to do with her general relationships with family and various men.

    Finally – and this one is long, dark, and VERY heavy – The Americans. You have to be in a certain mindset to watch it because some episodes are real downers. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys (now married in real life!) play a KGB couple who has set up a new life in America in order to spy for Mother Russia during the Cold War. They have two kids and the show centers around their relationship with each other, their FBI neighbor, their marks, and their handlers. It’s 6 seasons, 13 episodes for the first 5 and then 10 in the last. Lots of action, lots of great outfits and disguises, lots of killing. Originally on FX, now on Amazon as well!

    3.27.20 Reply
    • Lindsey Hughes:

      Second Night Manager! Super good.

      3.27.20 Reply
      • Laura C:

        Not a crime show, but Ugly Betty is one of my all time favorites. Agreed—White Collar was so fantastic. Have you watched Revenge?? Not a week goes by that I don’t miss that trashy but oh-so-addictive guilty pleasures. It also fits into the thriller category.

        3.27.20 Reply
        • OMG yes I loved Revenge! I was one of the few people that stuck through the very end as it went totally off the rails. SUCH a good show.

          3.29.20 Reply
      • LOVED The Night Manager!

        3.29.20 Reply
    • Jessica:

      OMG The Americans….best show on TV, hands down!

      3.28.20 Reply
    • Thank you so much for the recs! I absolutely loved Fleabag and The Night Manager!!!! Both are so good.

      3.29.20 Reply
  18. Lori in Toronto:

    Thanks for the recommendations 🙂 The Good Fight is awesome. I think it’s on some CBS streaming platform in the US? (different source in Canada). Only a few seasons, so a quick binge, but it’s smart, stylish, and really bitingly funny. Highly recommend.

    3.27.20 Reply
  19. Steff:

    Loved Madame Secretary! Kind of like West Wing + Suits

    3.27.20 Reply
  20. Abby:

    Just rewatch Fleabag and Killing Eve. They are perfection. Especially Fleabag.

    3.27.20 Reply
  21. For a con artist show, have you tried Leverage? Thieves and con artists abound!

    My quarantine binges seem to be just me re-watching all the shows. I’ve started rewatching: Person of Interest, White Collar, Community, and most recently Once Upon a Time. Will I finish any of these rewatches? No one knows. I may just keep adding shows to the pile.

    Also, for any Project Runway fans, Tim and Heidi’s new amazon show, Making the Cut, just dropped! I think it’s two new episodes a week (on Fridays), and it is basically supposed to be the next level of Project Runway.

    3.27.20 Reply
    • No! I will add it to my list, thank you!!!!

      And watched making the cut this weekend – SO GOOD!

      3.29.20 Reply
  22. Helen Cooper:

    Grace, I hope you’re feeling well. 2 recommendations: On Netflix is an Irish limited series, The Fall, starring Gillian Anderson & Jamie Dornan.
    Currently a podcast, Dr Death, which is being made into a series for new Peacock TV. Starring Alec Baldwin, Christian Slater & Jamie Dornan. The same podcasters who did Dear John.

    3.27.20 Reply
  23. Bronwen:

    On Netflix… The Fall. Great thriller set in Dublin with Jamie Dornan and Gillian Andersen. Couldn’t stop watching!

    3.27.20 Reply
  24. Emma:

    Since you liked Suits, try “Damages” with Glenn Close and Rose Byrne (oldie but a goodie!). Have you ever watched “Mad Men”? It is one of the most well-done and engrossing shows I’ve ever watched. It takes a little to get into but great for this weekend so you can take Sat & Sun to watch season 1. You will obsess over the costuming.

    Other faves in no particular order: The Killing, Killing Eve, Breaking Bad, The Fall, Veep (I think you will LOVE the snarky humor), Parks & Rec (when you want to turn your brain off), Mindhunter, True Detective (Season 1 & 3).

    3.27.20 Reply
    • HOW did I ever forget Damages! Such an amazing show – you inspired me to start rewatching it!

      3.29.20 Reply
  25. Jenny B:

    Leverage with Timothy Hutton-great con “team” show.

    3.27.20 Reply
    • Madiha:

      LOVED Leverage!!!!! That casting was GREAT!! I thought!

      3.27.20 Reply
  26. K:

    MONEY HEIST. 100% worth the dubbing.

    3.27.20 Reply
  27. AA:

    A few of my favorites:
    The Good wife-fantastic w/ all star cast
    Big Love-polygamist businessman(late Bill Paxton) has many challenges w/ 3 wives & 7 children. So Good!!
    Ozark- Love for Jason Bateman runs deep!!
    Good Girls
    Red Oaks- coming of age comedy set in the 80’s

    3.27.20 Reply
  28. Devin:

    Great suggestions! I miss White Collar too. Another good con show is Imposters. It was on Bravo and I believe Netflix is streaming it. It only had two seasons, but it was so good. I had a lot of fun watching Covert Affairs and miss that show as well. Not sure if it’s streaming anywhere. As a last suggestion the first two seasons of Good Girls is on Netflix. It’s a show I didn’t think I would like, but I love it. I believe you can catch up on the current episodes on Hulu. I have to say the last two episodes have upset me, so we’ll see how I feel after this season. I have so many shows I love, but I think these fit into the crime/ con artist categories your looking for.

    3.27.20 Reply
  29. Ashley:

    Okay. Veronica Mars. It’s high school drama meets film noir and it’s legit such a good murder drama. A bit dated (flip phones!) but Kristen Bell is wonderfully snarky and the story is touted as one of the best seasons of TV (w/re to the who-done-it plot). Highly highly highly recommend.

    3.27.20 Reply
    • Danielle:

      Veronica Mars is SO underrated!!! One of my favorite shows for sure! I live for Kristen Bell’s snark.

      3.28.20 Reply
  30. Michelle:

    I just started Cougar Town. It’s pretty silly, but I am loving it as a distraction.

    3.27.20 Reply
  31. Nora:

    This is awesome – we definitely all need to combine resources on what shows to watch. I am a HUGE Harlan Coben fan (read allllllllllllllllll his books!). He has three shows on Netflix that are all amazing and all thrilled/crime-focused in true Harlan fashion. I am laying them out below in order of how much I liked each one:
    1. The Five
    2. Safe
    3. The Stranger (this show is actually based on one of his books while the others are original series he wrote specifically for Netflix).

    Some others (sorry I really only do crime/thriller shows lol):
    – Orphan Black (older so you may have already seen it but AMAZING) – Amazon Prime
    – I have been rewatching House because its just so good! – Amazon Prime
    – Absentia – Amazon Prime which is about an FBI agent missing for years, presumed dead, and then reappears. Crazy – and very good!
    – The Sinner – season 1 is INSANE and so, so good – complete season on Netflix (though the seasons include the same detective the stories are anthology, so you can watch second season whenever and it is also good, but prioritize first season for sure)

    3.27.20 Reply
  32. Sara Trenton:

    For murder mysteries, I’d suggest Trapped (Prime) and Valhalla Murders (Netflix). Both are Icelandic, with subtitles, and they are incredibly intriguing!

    3.27.20 Reply
  33. Fawn:

    If you love Joshua Jackson, highly recommend The Affair! Have also been watching Million Little Things, Succession and Single Parents and loving all of them.

    3.27.20 Reply
  34. Sharon:

    So, I love a good FBI style show, but I could not get into Blacklist. Should I give it another go?

    3.27.20 Reply
  35. Jaclyn:

    You have to watch Mindhunters. Hands down one of the best shows on Netflix

    3.27.20 Reply
  36. Rachael Young:

    Think I saw you wanted one of these. The BEST consignment store in Atlanta just posted one today on their insta. for $350. All of their bags are authenticated.


    3.27.20 Reply
  37. Nicole Gossage Unland:

    OZARK!! I love it… I’m obsessed!! I just binged seasons 2 + 3 on Netflix and the new season came out today… it’s a crime series and I think you will love it! Exceptional cast and great writing… Go to your tv and watch now!

    Other Netflix faves: Dexter, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Versace, Glow and any BBC Series

    Amazon Prime: Sneaky Pete and Bosch

    Also love The Sinner, Little Fires Everywhere, The Act and I am obsessed with Schitt’s Creek..l can’t believe I’m just getting on board with that one but you gotta love the campy humor and Catherine O’Hara. It’s just what the doctor ordered to make me laugh nonstop through this quarantine.

    Homeland, The Affair and Ray Donovan on Showtime…
    Six Feet Under, Sharp Objects and The Outsider on HBO…

    Yes, I watch too much television… lol

    3.27.20 Reply
    • Nicole Gossage Unland:

      And Bloodline on Netflix…

      3.27.20 Reply
      • Nicole Gossage Unland:

        Animal Kingdom too… Ellen Barkin is sooo good in it!

        3.27.20 Reply
    • I love it! Thanks for all the recs!

      3.29.20 Reply
  38. Madiha:

    Here are some recommendations I’ve seen over the years: Loved Imposters (Netflix), heard Sneaky Pete is supposed to be great on Amazon Prime (havent watched yet), Leverage is a GREAT con artist tv show (older but SO SO SO GOOD think it’s on Netflix), Madame Secretary is SO entertaining (Netflix), heard VEEP is great!, Fleabag is HILARIOUS! Girlfriends guide to divorce, Call the Midwives, When calls the heart (kind of virgin river feel but set in pioneer days), hart of Dixie, atypical, Offspring, last tango in Halifax, and. Bunch of other British shows I loved!

    Hope you are feeling better!!!!

    3.27.20 Reply
  39. Erin:

    Tiger King !!!

    3.27.20 Reply
  40. Rachel:

    Elite (on Netflix) is so good! It’s in Spanish, so you have to watch it with subtitles, but it’s like Gossip Girl if it were a murder mystery!

    3.27.20 Reply
  41. Mackenzie:

    Yes, Gossip Girl is a classic! I have pulled out my dvds from growing up and am watching The OC I need to watch the Morning Show, might have to finally cave and get Apple TV.

    3.27.20 Reply
  42. Rebecca:

    Better Call Saul in Amazon Prime. The prequel to Breaking Bad. Bosch is good. Ozark, new season drops today. That’s all I got. ‍♀️

    3.27.20 Reply
  43. Francine:

    Sneaky Pete on Amazon. Giovanni Ribisi is excellent as a con-artist!

    3.27.20 Reply
  44. Kaley:

    OMG didn’t know Younger was coming back! Love that show.
    Some recents I’ve enjoyed are McMillions (HBO), the new season of WestWorld (HBO), and Tiger King LOL.

    3.27.20 Reply
  45. Alex:

    All time favorite shows are The Sopranos, GoT, Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Americans.

    Currently watching Better Call Saul, Madam Secretary and Little Fires Everywhere.

    3.27.20 Reply
  46. Desperate Housewives – an old show but honestly SO good and not scary and doesn’t make you think too much it’s also kind of hilarious!

    3.27.20 Reply
  47. Emily:

    Ozark on Netflix

    3.27.20 Reply
  48. Halley:

    Binge watch GIRI HAJI!! Only 8 episodes, but so good!!

    3.27.20 Reply
  49. Sara:

    Loved White Collar! I’m a big fan of Bosch on Amazon. It’s a police detective show and the newest season just dropped today.

    3.27.20 Reply
  50. Laura C:

    Not a crime show, but Ugly Betty is one of my all time favorites. Agreed—White Collar was so fantastic. Have you watched Revenge?? Not a week goes by that I don’t miss that trashy but oh-so-addictive guilty pleasures. It also fits into the thriller category.

    3.27.20 Reply
  51. Megan:

    Some of my recent faves:
    Safe (mystery/crime, Netflix)
    The Sinner (crime/mystery, Netflix)
    The Stranger (crime/ Mystery, Netflix)
    Lost girls (mystery, Netflix)
    The killing (mystery, Netflix)
    Don’t F*uck with cats (docu series, crime, Netflix)

    3.28.20 Reply
  52. Jenn Tolkoff:

    Watch The Killing!

    3.28.20 Reply
  53. K:

    Wallender, Broadchurch or the Sherlock series…all good European detective shows!

    3.28.20 Reply
  54. Genna:

    Bodyguard on Netflix (British show, not the Whitney movie) is SO GOOD. Keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time!

    3.28.20 Reply
  55. Thanks for this !! :)) love your recommendations! 🙂

    3.29.20 Reply
  56. Schitt’s Creek is an absolute must…best show ever.

    4.3.20 Reply
  57. Rachel:

    I am still not over Pacey as a suburban dad! I’m still watching but I have to comment on it to my husband during every episode!

    4.3.20 Reply
  58. Erin Inhof:

    I also miss White Collar so much! Thanks for the roundup!

    4.6.20 Reply