The Ludlow Hotel in New York.

The Ludlow Hotel New York Review
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There are so many amazing hotels in New York (refer to my New York City and Williamsburg travel guides for more recs!) but the Ludlow Hotel is one of my absolute favorites and will probably become a go-to now that I no longer live in New York. It’s incredibly stylish and luxurious but in an unpretentious way, it’s in a great location, and the rooms are for the most part, very well priced. Small, but beautifully designed. And the best bathrooms ever.

You will laugh, earlier in my blogging career I lived in a tiny studio apartment. The bathroom was teensy tiny (there was no way I could fit in there with a photographer, and there wasn’t any natural light. So if I had a big beauty campaign, I would often book a room there to shoot beauty campaigns (like this post and this post!) and treat myself to a night long staycation.

The Ludlow Hotel New York Review

For my trip to New York last week, I stayed at The Ludlow for three nights. They were running a sale (highly recommend booking a few months out, they’re usually doing some sort of good discount!) so I sprang for a Skybox Loft room (mostly because I wanted the tub!!!). I loved my room. It was smaller than I had imagined/remembered but so cute. (I hate that I have to say this as I will always tell you when something is gifted or sponsored, but I paid for my room with my own money.)

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Ludlow Hotel Pros and Cons


  • The views are incredible. I definitely recommend calling and asking to be put on a higher floor if you can. I was on the 18th floor and loved the view.
  • THAT BATHROOM. Honestly, that giant marble tub is the main reason I wanted to stay there, I was dreaming about it! The water pressure is great too, it fills up very quickly so you are not waiting a million years.
  • The beds are ultra cozy and soft, like sleeping in a cloud. I was tempted to ask them what mattress and topper they use!
  • The staff is really nice: super attentive and knowledgeable if you need a recommendation.
  • The restaurant downstairs (Dirty French!) is one of my favorites. Delicious food and drinks. If you’re traveling with a significant other I’d definitely recommend it for a date – it has a very cool, sexy vibe.
  • They have a great lobby downstairs that is perfect for taking meetings or getting caught up on work.


  • The rooms are small. Luxe, but small. I was traveling alone so it was totally fine for one person, but if I had been traveling with another person it would have felt cramped and I probably would have wanted to upgrade to a bigger room with a king bed.
  • The closet is pretty sad. More of a cabinet than a closet… it barely held three days of clothing and since it was short (literally like a cabinet!) my longer dresses dragged along the bottom of the closet and got wrinkled.
  • There are only two elevators and they run very slowly.
  • They are not currently offering room service which is a bummer (this is pretty standard right now, a lot of hotels are not). In the morning they have a “pastry box” you can grab in the lobby. The pastries were only medium. But there are tons of great spots nearby to grab coffee, snacks, etc!

The Ludlow Hotel New York The Ludlow Hotel New York Review The Ludlow Hotel Rooms The Ludlow Hotel Bathroom Industrial Style Hotel Bathroom The Ludlow Hotel New York Honest Review AWAY Everywhere Bag

I always get asked about this travel bag. It’s the AWAY Everywhere Bag. Unfortunately it’s several years old and no longer comes in the tan leather but they have lots of other good colorways!

The Ludlow Hotel New York Review The Ludlow Hotel Bath tub New York Hotels

Photography by Allie Provost.

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  1. Jessica Camerata:

    A bubble bath with that view may just get me to finally take a bath! I’m craving a NYC trip so so bad and may need to try out this hotel.

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    8.12.21 Reply
    • Haha the tub is amazing (the shower was also very nice too!) One of my favorite hotels!

      8.12.21 Reply
  2. mary:

    I love this hotel and definitely think you get more bang for your buck here. I love the quirky, LES neighborhood cafes, shops and art galleries, which do not feel touristy. It’s a great base for a downtown weekend. Also. it has a beautiful rooftop for sunsets! I think the only downside (besides lack of storage) is that it is a long cab/subway ride if you are doing shopping, plays and museums uptown.

    8.12.21 Reply
    • YES totally agree… for a more uptown weekend I would probably stay somewhere else!

      8.12.21 Reply
  3. Briana:

    I’ve always wondered about The Ludlow, do all of the rooms have the iconic tub or is it only the Skybox Loft that offers it?

    8.12.21 Reply
    • Not all of them do – it’s pretty clear on each of the room description pages though, they let you know!

      8.12.21 Reply
  4. haley:

    My SIL and I just stayed here per your travel list recommendations! We got the double room and it was perfect for two people. 🙂

    8.12.21 Reply
  5. This looks like the perfect place for a getaway. I’ve been wanting to stay at a nice hotel and just getaway. Here in Oregon, we are going back to restrictions and mask mandates. I won’t be going to a fancy hotel anytime soon, but hopefully one day!

    8.12.21 Reply
  6. Denise Atwood:

    Looks so luxurious I want to go!!!

    8.12.21 Reply
  7. Cynthia:

    That bathtub is amazing! The tiny counter space is a no go though.

    Coach and Dooney and Bourke often have similar looking leather weekenders under their men’s tab.

    8.12.21 Reply
    • Hahaha, yeah it was small! I am willing to sacrifice counter space for a tub but I hear you – I knocked an earring down the drain and had to get someone to come up and help me pull it out.

      8.12.21 Reply
  8. This place is amazing !!
    Miki x

    8.13.21 Reply
  9. Lisa Autumn:

    OMG this bathroom is such a dream!

    Lisa |

    8.13.21 Reply