My 5 Favorite Margarita Recipes.

My 5 Favorite Margarita Recipes
spicy coconut margarita

Cinco de Mayo is coming up on Thursday so I wanted to share a little roundup of my favorite margaritas, just in case anyone else was in need of a little cocktail inspiration.

I absolutely love a margarita – they are so refreshing and delicious. Most of the time I just make a tequila soda and dump in a little of this organic lime juice in… the lazy girl’s margarita, if you will? So much tastier than sour mix. But I also love a fancier margarita too, and that is where these recipes can come in. They are all so delicious and special, each in their own ways. Also, while I have you… I am a broken record but these are the best margarita salts ever. GRACE20 gets you 20% off.

My 5 Favorite Margarita Recipes

Passion fruit Margarita Recipe | My 5 Favorite Margarita Recipes

Passion fruit Margarita Recipe

This was one of the first cocktail recipes I ever made for the blog and wow is it delicious! I had been in Tulum on vacation and these were served everywhere and I just fell in love. Fresh passion fruits can be hard to find (Whole Foods has them, some of the time) but if you can find them and if you can make this, it is absolutely worth the extra effort.

Fresh Ginger Margarita | My 5 Favorite Margarita Recipes

Fresh Ginger Margarita Recipe

This was another very early cocktail recipe and it is SO GOOD. Really, it’s all about the ginger simple syrup (incredibly easy to make, I promise) and the resulting pieces of candied ginger, which make for a wonderful garnish and also snack. Absolutely delightful… the perfect mix of spicy, sweet, and tart.

"Healthy" Berry Margarita Recipe

“Healthy” Berry Margarita Recipe

This is really yummy. It will remind you of a frozen margarita, it just happens to have more wholesome ingredients (fresh fruit) vs. sour mix and sugars. It does not taste healthy! I haven’t made this in a while but it’s a really really good one; I need to add it back into my regular cocktail rotation.

Red Clay Spicy Margarita Recipe

Classic Red Clay Spicy Margarita Recipe

If you follow me (or any Charleston influencers haha) on Instagram, you have probably seen this margarita a lot. My good friend Molly Fienning is the founder of Red Clay Hot Sauce, and at a lot of the local events and gatherings, she serves these. They have become one of my absolute favs and I am happy to have the recipe as they are just so good. They are spicy, but baby-spicy (I don’t like anything that is too spicy). If I can handle the level of spice, anyone can. And if you want more spice, just add more hot-hot honey!

Coconut Margarita Recipe

Coconut Margarita Recipe

This is my current favorite, and it is such a good party trick as it looks ultra fancy and difficult to make but it is not! It reminds me so much of key lime pie, but in drink form. My one recommendation here is to make sure that the coconut milk is really well blended (and strained). If not, the fatty bits will get cold when put on ice, and can rise to the top and feel a little bit like chunks of wax. Take it from someone who has learned her lesson!

Disclosure: I am an investor in Red Clay Hot Sauce.

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  1. That coconut margarita looks fabulous!

    5.3.22 Reply
  2. I love the Red Clay spicy marg!! Definitely has a good kick to it but it’s absolutely delicious! Need to try all of the others on the list ASAP.

    5.3.22 Reply
    • Agree – it has a kick, but not too much of a kick. Some spicy margs are just too spicy for me!

      5.4.22 Reply
  3. Heather:

    The link for the ginger margarita goes to the coconut recipe.

    5.4.22 Reply
  4. Maggie:

    Coconut margaritas are my favorite, I should try to make them one of these days as there aren’t many restaurants in my neck of the woods that have them.

    5.7.22 Reply