Goals for 2023.

Goals for 2023

At the beginning of every year, I like to sit down… think and reflect! And then make a list of what I want to accomplish for the year ahead. Over the break I sat down and thought about what I’d like to do this year. Here are my goals from 2021, and then here are my goals for 2022. (And a mid-year check-in with how I did!) This year, I decided I would only make fun goals. What are your goals this year?

Goals for 2023

Host six dinner parties

One of the things I am most excited about is having a proper space to have dinner parties and entertain. The space isn’t quite finished but it will be soon. I think throwing a dinner party every other month should be doable!

Take running seriously(ish).

OK so I may even be doing this one? It was a goal last year and I was doing SO well with it and then I got COVID in the Spring and my cardiovascular system was shot for months. Then it was summer and I was traveling a bunch, then it was Fall and I was getting ready to move, and now here we are. But I got a Peloton treadmill in early December and love it. Right now I am a part of a 5k training program and I’m enjoying it – and seeing great results. I’m only 4 weeks into the program but feel like I have made a lot of progress.

Finish the AFI 100 list

I owe you an AFI 100 update! I am about 60 deep right now. I’d said I wasn’t assigning a timeline to the goal but I’d really love to finish the list this year.

Be a “regular” at a handful of favorite restaurants.

I love the idea of having a few regular spots where they know my name, making standing reservations, etc. I feel like that at Crudo e Nudo in Santa Monica. We have a favorite sushi spot (Sushi King!) and have decided we want to be regulars with a sake bottle on the wall there. And here in Charleston I want that spot to be Vern’s!

Read more books that expand my mind.

I couldn’t really think of a way to phrase this. Reading for me can be an escape. I personally find reading a mystery or thriller will take my mind off of whatever problem might be going on in my life. And that is great, I am thankful to have something like that as an escape or way to cope with stress. But I’d like to read more books that make me think. Like Cloud Cuckoo Land or The Rabbit Hutch.

Finish my house.

We are getting there. I think that my dining room might be finished by the end of February. My downstairs curtains should all come this month, the gallery wall is coming together, my chairs and credenza both came before the break! I still have a lot to do especially with the porch area and the fabrics upstairs but I am taking it slowly doing a little bit every month as the expenses add up quickly!

Be better at honoring my homebody side.

I really struggle as I am an extroverted introvert who gets FOMO, misses her friends, and wants to be invited to things. That being said, I just don’t like having plans all the time. I love being home. I am also a people pleaser and have a hard time saying no, especially if I am saying no and don’t have plans. It is hard when I have family dinners usually twice a week, a long distance relationship, and a few very different friend groups. I am going to really make an effort to say no more and focus on the things that really matter: family, boyfriend, close friendships (and one on one/small group hangs as opposed to going to a million events and parties!). And those little dinner parties.

Play more Pickle Ball.

I have discovered that I really like pickle ball. I played a few times this year and had a blast. And I was even (kind of?) good thanks to tennis lessons as a kid. It’s really fun, like a combination of tennis and ping pong. I’d like to play more, maybe find a spot to take lessons.

Work Goals.

I am feeling very good about work! I have a lot of great brand projects lined up through March. My Addison Bay collection launches in April. The site is in great shape thanks to my redesign. I want to keep building this community. I don’t care so much about growing my audience as much as I care about doing a good job catering to the people who already follow me/read here. And on the creative side I am working every week to push my creative skills and better plan/execute every photo and video shoot! I do need to hire a part time assistant (local to Charleston) and will be posting a job description sometime this month. Now that I am settled into my house and have the space, and have room for another person to work alongside me, it’s TIME!

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  1. Emily:

    Love this dinner party goal. I always wanted to be someone who could host fun dinner parties, but I let all the details get in the way like the menu, table decor and frankly just being able to pull it off. I need to just rip off the bandaid bc I know my friends would enjoy being together and have a good time regardless. I’ll be staying tuned for your ideas!!

    1.3.23 Reply
  2. I love the dinner party goal!! I am hoping to move into a larger place later in 2023 (my current apartment is too small for a dining table) so I’d like to entertain more once that hopefully happens!

    xoxo A

    1.3.23 Reply
    • That’s how I was in my last apartment! Excited to have more gatherings now that I have the space!

      1.3.23 Reply
  3. Sarah:

    I’m inspired by your AFI100 goal. Any tips on where to watch/stream the movies? I haven’t found many on the usual platforms (Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc).

    Also, you might like the podcast called You Must Remember This. It’s so good. I’ve keep it on for hours at a time as I work through the episodes. It’s about old Hollywood actors, producers, etc. I’ve learned a lot. It was a pretty juicy time!

    1.3.23 Reply
    • I usually just pay to rent (or buy) them on Apple. Probably not what you wanted to hear! I have heard great things about Just Watch but it felt a little tedious!

      Thank you for the podcast rec, sounds great!!!

      1.3.23 Reply
      • Sarah:

        Thanks for the tip!

        1.8.23 Reply
  4. mary:

    Love your goals. I’m still trying to come up with mine for the year, but I’m starting with Dry January.

    As far as reading goes, I find that alternating every other book with something serious and something fun is a good reward system. If I finish this mind-expanding literary prize winner then I get to read a fluffier mystery or romance next. It keeps me balanced!

    1.3.23 Reply
    • I love that system!!!! Happy New Year, Mary!!!

      1.3.23 Reply
      • Delaney:

        Love the pickle ball goal! I just added tennis lessons to my list – even though I’m sure I’ll be miserable at it (I seriously lack hand eye coordination haha) I’ve always wanted to pick it up as a hobby!

        1.4.23 Reply
  5. Vivian:

    Thinking book: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Anderson Cooper recommended it on his podcast All There Is. Extraordinary podcast even if you’re not struggling with grief.

    Pickleball: there’s an awesome court and community at Colonial Lake! Kekoa Lee is the pickleball guy to know in Charleston.

    1.3.23 Reply
  6. Hi Grace! I love this post so much and really appreciate how you gave a different twist to goals this year, so they are more fun. I too am an extroverted introvert and like being around people for a while, but I crave and really need my home alone time. I admire your work and the new site look is stunning! Keep up the good work.

    1.3.23 Reply
    • Pickleball was on my 2022 vision board. I tentatively took lessons in the winter, played outside in the summer and now am playing weekly in a league this fall. It’s brought friendships, exercise and a lot of Fun and Connection! ❤️

      1.4.23 Reply
    • Thank you Libby! Happy New Year!

      1.4.23 Reply
  7. Molly:

    I love goal setting! Something about a new year and feeling so fresh. I have three kids (quite close in age, all in 4.5 years) so I have a goal to be a calm, but fun, mom and to be present so no phone at night.
    On a lighter note I love to cook so I want to actually cook through a cookbook and maybe once a month tackle a recipe out of my comfort zone and a different ethnicity so we, as a family, can learn about other cultures and celebrate them.

    1.4.23 Reply
  8. Anne:

    Hi Grace,
    Just wanted to say you look fabulous!! I hope 2023 will be a great year for you!

    1.6.23 Reply
  9. So many amazing goals, and I hope you’re able to achieve them all! I love the idea of hosting dinner parties, I really enjoy cooking and entertaining, so it seems perfect! Also totally relate to wanting to get the house finished. It feels like I’m a million miles away from getting it finished, but it’s exciting that you’re so close! I hope you’re able to get it ticked off, I can imagine it’s so rewarding xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

    1.6.23 Reply
  10. I love goals lists and always find so inspiring to share them because I feel we nurture from each other’s perspective. Thank you for sharing yours!

    1.7.23 Reply
  11. Katherine:

    I can’t wait until I have my house so I can host dinner parties too! Love these goals Grace…here’s to fun resolutions!

    1.10.23 Reply
  12. Celia:

    Do you mind sharing where your lovely green earrings are from?

    1.18.23 Reply
    • Hi! Of course not – they are by Retrouvai, they are emeralds… I had them custom made for my birthday. I love their jewelry so much.

      1.18.23 Reply