2022 Intentions and Goals.

2022 Intentions and Goals

This post was meant to go up so much earlier but here we are… more than halfway through January! Tomorrow on the podcast Becca and I will be talking more about our goals/intentions for the year ahead (and how we did vs. last year’s goals), but I also wanted to share them here.

2022 Intentions and Goals

This year, my biggest goal is to slow down. In my personal life that means taking the time to actually pause and savor life’s little moments. A laugh with a girlfriend, taking in a really beautiful sunset with my boyfriend, arts & crafts with my niece… being fully present in everything I do, especially when I am with my family. With work, that means being intentional with every thing I post here and on social media: not rushing to create content, saying no when I am overwhelmed, feeling really proud any time I hit “publish.” Slowing down, scaling back!

I have seen a few things on the internet that have really resonated with me that I wanted to share before I share my actual goals.

First of all, Chinae said something really beautiful in her instagram stories a few weeks ago and it really resonated with me. “I think we always feel we need to add more stuff to life and thrive and sometimes, removing things or simplifying life is the road to happy.” 

Also, there was this – from James Clear’s newsletter a couple weeks ago (you know by now that I am getting a lot otu of his book but I love this newsletter, I have been reading it for years and find it so worth the read every week). “Slowing down enables you to act in a high quality way. Kind rather than curt. Polished rather than sloppy. It’s hard to be thoughtful when you’re in a rush.”

Lastly, this Bill Murray quote which I referenced in this blog post:The more relaxed you are, the better you are at everything; the better you are with your loved ones, the better you are with your enemies, the better you are at your job, the better you are with yourself.” AMEN. I want to let that quote guide me!

Things I want to do this year:

Be able to run 3 miles in a breezy way.

I could run 3 miles (very slowly, with walking breaks) right now if forced or chased. But what I want is to be able to hop on the treadmill and run 3 miles (even just at 6 mph) without any walking breaks and have that not be a big deal. Right now that feels so hard but I also know from past experience that if you stick with it, it gets a lot easier.

Be a little bit bored.

This came out of the notion that when you have the time to be a little bit bored, your best ideas happen. (Highly recommend this book for more on the topic). I didn’t really do that. When I clear one thing from my plate, I tend to immediately replace it with something else. But I will say that when I left the podcast, it was like my creative juices had been turned back on.

may seem weird but I really think that when you have time to be a little bit bored, the best ideas happen? I have dreams of books I’d write and products I’d launch but not enough time to explore them. I would like more boredom in 2022.

Build out a better morning routine.

I hate mornings and would like to change that. One thing I’ve been doing is starting my day with an audiobook. While I tidy the apartment, feed the cat, and do my skincare, I let myself just relax a bit and get ready for the day! Along those lines I have also been making it a point to make sure I go to bed with a clean kitchen. Waking up to a clean space puts my mind at ease.

Learn to drive.

Lolz I do know how to actually drive but haven’t had a license in 15 years (when I lived in New York I accidentally let it expire). I need to take drivers ed, get my license, and get a car. My three year old niece has such a hilariously mischievous sense of humor and her favorite question is “Why can’t Grace drive!” (it makes everyone laugh which encourages her, so she asks it nearly every time we are in the car together). Honestly, I’m fine not driving in Charleston (I walk pretty much everywhere except to my parents’ house, and if I am going there I usually have wine which means I wouldn’t want to drive anyway) but the more time I spend in LA (where you definitely need a car), the more I realize I probably should have my license.

A thing I want to stop doing this year:

Spending too much time on social media

When Instagram is a huge part of your job it is easy to get sucked in. There are nights before bed (or weekend mornings) where I will lose an entire hour of my day. What an enormous waste of time. There’s been a lot of talk in the industry about “creating vs. consuming” and I want to create more and consume less!

On the work front:

A big, bold blog redesign.

We are working on a redesign! I relaunched my site seven years ago (when the blog turned 5 and I rebranded from Stripes & Sequins to The Stripe) and we’ve made tweaks to the design throughout the years but it’s time for a broader redesign. I am really, really excited about this.

Grow my email newsletter

My email newsletter is a big focus right now. I am currently at jussssst over 41,000 subscribers and would be psyched to get that number up to 50,000 next year. I send emails every Friday, plus if there is a big sale or launch. You can sign up here if you’d like!

Pushing myself creatively

I really want to get more creative on the visual side of the blog. My friend Laura and I have been shooting together a lot lately… photos like this and this. She is one of the most talented people I’ve worked with and has such a great eye. On my end, I’ve been working harder to plan my photo shoots in advance… creating mood boards ahead of time, having the proper photo styling, props, etc. I want to get better with video and reels as well. Reels has been a huge learning curve for me. I’ve signed up for a few workshops to learn more, and ordered a new tripod.

Shallow Stuff:

Dry brush regularly.

Dry brushing is soooo good for you and makes your skin feel amazing. Over the break I made it a point to dry brush every day and I was shocked by how good my skin felt. My arms are always a little rough and after a week or two of dry brushing before every shower, they felt like silk. I have stuck with it post-break and plan to keep it up. You can read more about the benefits of dry brushing in this blog post!

Take Better Care of My Hair

This is a superficial one but when I cut my hair, I really liked the shorter length (it felt cute and fresh) but also how healthy it suddenly felt. My previous mentality around haircuts was that they were only something I would do every six months or so, when my hair really needed it. Now I am aiming for every six weeks. Plus using a treatment once a week (I love this one!!!).

If you feel comfortable sharing, I’d love to hear your goals for the year ahead!

Photo by Laura Saur.

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  1. In response to your goals, I’m very excited to see your blog redesign! I love your current design, but a little change up is definitely exciting 🙂
    Also, really interested to see more photo shoots with your friend Laura, I love those recent photos!! Especially the pink one, it reminded me of Krystal Bick from This Time Tomorrow (who has the BEST photo shoots).
    And lastly, you’ve encouraged me to start dry brushing again. I also used to really enjoy it, but someone told me it wasn’t good because the brush collects bacteria from your dead skin? Idk, I’ve never heard that anywhere else and I think the benefits probably outweigh that if it’s even actually a thing.
    Cheers to 2022!!!

    1.18.22 Reply
    • Thank you! Also, with the dry brush, I don’t think that is true. As long as you wash it every few days it should be just fine!!!!

      1.18.22 Reply
  2. I want to build out a better evening routine! By the end of 2021, I was losing too much time to mindless scrolling, gossip websites, and laziness from daily wine. Not that these things don’t have their place, but for me, I would like to be more intentional with my evenings- reading my book, listening to my language podcast, completing some continuing education activities, daily yoga. I don’t view this as a productivity challenge. Rather, it’s a dedication to using a block of time well and in a consistent way. First step, docking my phone early in the evening. Maybe even when I get inside my door?!

    1.18.22 Reply
  3. mary:

    These are great goals. I think women can and should be able to slow down their work and service lives and savor more personal interests when they hit middle age. We are physically and mentally TIRED and shouldn’t have to give all of our energy to work and others. I had such a hard time saying NO and honestly the pandemic forced me, but it has been a good thing. I am a better worker and family member for really establishing better boundaries for myself. Happy 2022.

    1.18.22 Reply
  4. Molly:

    I feel like you were reading my mind with so many of these goals!!! I also hate mornings (well I like mornings but hate getting up haha) so working on a morning routine that includes some lite luxury so I actually want to get out of bed; I’ve also gotten out of breezy-running shape (like I ran a 5K with my family over Thanksgiving and I did it but had to stop and walk and also felt a little ill at the end – embarrassing!!) so that is one of my goals as well. And then finally, similarly to your goal about hair, I want to actually start styling my hair post-shower so that I can actually wear it down, which also requires just taking better care of it.

    By far though my biggest goal this year is to get more sleep. I’ll be up until all hours of the night scrolling tiktok or reading articles or playing a game on my phone and is it just noooot good.

    Thanks for sharing your goals – reading about other people’s goals always motivates me to get mine on track.

    1.18.22 Reply
    • Yes, same – if mornings could just be spent lounging in bed I wouldn’t mind them at all!
      On that note, I love that goal of getting more sleep!!!!!

      1.18.22 Reply
  5. Emily:

    I have been spending waaay less time on social media, mainly IG, and it’s been a breath of fresh air. I’ve been reading more, especially at night, instead of mindlessly scrolling. Also, I realized that I can seek out updates from places like blogs and it’s more a intentional consumption of information. However, it is interesting to see how some influencers have completely shifted away from their blogs and are solely focusing on IG. Thank you for continuing to put your blog first, it’s a great resource and fun little corner of the internet. I can’t wait to see your blog re-design, that is exciting!

    1.18.22 Reply
    • Thanks Emily 🙂 the blog will always be my first priority. It’s hard as advertisers all want instagram these days (and affiliate swipe ups perform so much better than blog links)… but my personal passion is for the blog!

      1.18.22 Reply
  6. Jess:

    I also need to learn how to drive!!! We relocated to the burbs, and I would have so much more freedom if I drove. It’s something I’m really anxious about, but have put off forever. Thanks for putting it out there as an intention for you!!

    1.18.22 Reply
    • It is making me really anxious too!!!!

      1.18.22 Reply
      • MK:

        I recently moved from NYC to LA and I was SO scared to drive again after 11 years! It took me a few months to get up the bravery to buy a car and start driving around (no highway yet!) but I have to say that the fear of driving is much worse than actually doing it. It’s only been a week and I am getting more confident each day. And now I’m no longer the friend everyone makes fun of for not being able to drive and needing rides from my mom hahaha. You got this, Grace!

        1.18.22 Reply
  7. Madiha:

    I am excited about the redesign and am wondering how that can even become better?!

    I’ve never been a goal person..those always seemed daunting to me and I have usually never ended up meeting them and instead overwhelm myself and introduce even more anxiety in my life. I was surrounded by a toxic work culture the last 10 years and these last 2 years have been a reset for me. I’m still reeling from the effects of that time but I’m gettung better. So Ive decided to not have goals, but instead try to instill habits. I’m late to rhe game and listening to James Clear’s book and I can get more aboard implementing systems in my life rather than write goals. I loved the statement, We don’t rise to our goals but fall to our systems.” I can also make intentions. My last year intention was “grace” mainly for myself. I needed it. That was written before witnessung the most horrific event in my life (my dad dying suddenly and unexpectedly one day), but I needed that grace for myself more than ever. Still reeling and its been 10 months, but I’ve allowed myself some grace and have still moved forward in some fronts of my life but don’t feel so bad if I don’t meet what I want. So now I want to implement some habits and systems to achieve some long term ideas I have for myself. In terms if intentions this year, i will continue with giving myself some grace but I still haven’t come up with what I want to add for it. I’m still trying to decide what that will be and honestly aim not in a hurry to decide.

    1.18.22 Reply
    • Hi Madiha, Thanks for the note. I really loved the part about systems as well, it makes a lot of sense. I’m sorry you’ve had to struggle with a toxic work culture for so long but am glad you are getting better and have been able to get a reset. 🙂 xx Grace

      1.18.22 Reply
  8. Jessica Camerata:

    Constantly trying to consume less and create more. So so hard. Definitely unfollowing tons of people helps, but I think I need to start setting some time limits. Can not WAIT to see what you do with the new site. Redesigns are SO fun. I feel like I’m still on a high from mine from over a year ago.

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    1.18.22 Reply
    • YES I was thinking the same thing, that maybe it was time to do a big instagram purge. I’m overwhelmed though! How did I come to follow 1500 people!?

      1.18.22 Reply
  9. H:

    My biggest goal is less phone time before bed and first thing in the morning. It is proving to be a tough habit for me to break (probably because my partner is not striving for the same goal) – if anyone has tricks for how to stick to it, I am all ears!

    1.18.22 Reply
  10. Jenna:

    Love this post and your candor! My goals for the year are to save $ and worry less.

    I have student loans from undergrad/grad school that I want to pay off ASAP – but I also have like 7 weddings this year and have a ton of financial goals coming up (buying a house with my partner, paying for part of my own wedding! etc.). So, I want to get a bit more organized and cut more frivolous spending so I can continue to save and pay off debt throughout the craziness.

    On worrying – my therapist gave me a good tool. Every night before bed, write down everything you are worried about, and either 1. take care of it right then and there, 2. schedule time for later to take care of it, or 3. decide you’ve worried about it enough and cross it off the list.

    1.18.22 Reply
  11. I would also love to run 3 miles without stopping. This morning my 6 yo son was talking about scootering to school while I biked with him. I said maybe I would run and he could scooter. He responded “but you’re slow and I’m fast!” Ha! He isn’t wrong. Like you said, it’s less about the time it takes and more about covering the distance without stopping. I’m adding it to my goals for the year!

    I recently started using the 5 minute journal each morning/night after owning it for 6+ months. It’s only been 10 days, but it might change my life. It’s helped me look for the good in each day even when I’m not feeling my best.

    1.18.22 Reply
    • Oh man, kids hahahahahahah… that is funny! I used to do the 5 minute journal and loved it so much. Maybe I will get back into that.

      1.19.22 Reply
  12. My biggest goal this year is to finish the draft of my book, which is both exciting and terrifying! My other goal is to prioritize sleep, which is starting to seem slightly counterintuitive to my first goal, ha!

    1.18.22 Reply
  13. Gahh I feel you on the running front. My fitness slipped in recent years and running felt hard which made me not want to do it which didn’t then make it any easier when *I* did do it and so on! I’ve always said it annoys me that you don’t get that little bit of positive reinforcement when you’re starting to keep you going 🙂 I started working with a coach in late October and went from run/walking for 20 min to generally being able (not all days but more than not!) to feel like I’m just bopping through 3-4 miles again. One of the biggest things for me was ego and truly letting myself slow down and not try to push myself to run at my old pace—trying to generally feel like I’m at the beginning of a marathon and holding myself back a little so that I can keep going.

    1.18.22 Reply
    • Ego is definitely at play for me. It is so upsetting that (14 years ago, I was 26!) I once could run 26 miles at a 9:37 pace and now that pace feels like a sprint for me!!!!

      1.19.22 Reply
    • Sarah:

      I just left a comment with this exact advice! Slowing down and just focusing on getting in the miles instead of getting in the miles at a certain pace might help you get there. And then if your ego still really wants that fast pace, then maybe you work on it once you have the distance down?

      1.19.22 Reply
  14. Mindy:

    I’m feeling a little blah about life goals. Gretchen Rubin has a rest 22 in 22 and I like the sound of that

    1.18.22 Reply
  15. Rachel:

    I love, love, love, these Grace . The bored goal resonates with me. We’re working on how to help our kids feel comfortable with being bored.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the blog redesign, and how you push yourself creatively! Grateful for you and the light you are.

    1.18.22 Reply
    • Thank you Rachel!!! I imagine it’s a challenge having kids be bored right now, sending some strength your way!

      1.19.22 Reply
  16. Katie:

    I had to smile at the “I could run if I was being chased” comment because that’s what I tell myself too! “I could run xx miles right now…if I was being chased.” Hey, whatever gets us out there! But seriously, your goals really resonated with me too – especially the driving one! Eek! I haven’t driven since…2017 I guess when I realized I didn’t need a car living in a big city, but now as more and more time passes, it’s becoming a THING. Like a fearful thing, rather than just a practical one.

    One little goal I’m doing in 2022 is commenting more on blog posts and engaging on social media. Your earlier blog post really inspired me to realize that I don’t want to just be a passive consumer. I’m not a creator on social media, but I can be a more thoughtful community member of places like The Stripe and other communities/influencers who speak to my values and interests.

    I especially love the idea that maybe giving something UP rather than adding MORE is the key to more happiness, more compassion, more joy. Thank you for this awesome, thought-provoking post and I’m excited to listen to you and Becca chat more about your goals on the pod!

    1.18.22 Reply
  17. SO excited to see what you come up with in the site redesign! I didn’t really set goals this year because I don’t seem to be able to reach the goals I do set and it makes me feel discouraged. I would like to actually turn a profit from my blog this year so trying to figure out ways to do that! It’s hard when, as you say, most brands like IG more than blogs right now. WHY!

    1.18.22 Reply
    • It is really hard! In my twelve years of doing this I find that the scales always tip back… so keep on working at it and things will pay off!

      1.19.22 Reply
  18. Last year I had no idea what my goal would be. After 30 years in Paris (France), I had returned to my hometown in Upstate New York following my husband’s death and an ugly judicial battle over his estate. Following a traumatic event in 1999, I was unable to cry. I had not been aware how this impacted my own soul but equally critical, the inability to feel empathy for others. The mirror was broken. It turned out rediscovering the feelings that generate tears brought back my humanness. The Universe gave me the goal. That was 2021. My goal for 2022 is to finish the first draft of my new book and train my big black gorgeous standard black poodle, Rosie, more discipline! Like when I call her, she comes instead of running in the opposite direction thinking it is a game. Also, to covert my 2010 book, James Jennifer Georgina, designed by the Empress of book design, Irma Boom, a theatrical outing with “ the 21 Conversations”. They were described by a critic as a cross between Harold Pinter and Woody Allen. James was the British gentleman, Jennifer was the American wit. That is quite enough.

    1.19.22 Reply
    • I am so sorry that you went through that Jennifer! Your goals for the year ahead sound incredible.

      1.19.22 Reply
  19. MarciaMarciaMarcia:

    I’ve been a runner for almost 35 years, have done numerous long distance races (including ultramarathons), and I can say without any hesitation at all that getting to where you can run three miles continuously is the hardest jump you will make. My runner friends would almost all agree with me on this. I’d been running for a decade or more before I ever even attempted to run 4 miles – I still remember doing it for the first time on a track! Just keep moving forward and you’ll get there sooner than you think!

    I also LOVE the quotes you posted for this year. I have a lot of things to accomplish this year … beginning with opening my own law practice after taking the bar this summer, getting my law license this fall, and having not practiced law for over 15 years! Trying very hard to just take it slow and steady, so as not to get overwhelmed. This year calls for full tortoise mode, much like running long distance… just get through the next mile (or the next minute). And then focus on the one after that … and then the one after that. Eventually you’ll turn around and realize how far you’ve gone.

    I have my first client meeting tomorrow and I am beyond excited! Best of luck to you and can’t wait to see how your goals unfold!

    1.19.22 Reply
    • Thank you so much, Marcia 😉 opening yoru own law practice is incredible – I hope your meeting goes well!!!!

      1.19.22 Reply
  20. Emily:

    Love these goals. Even those our jobs are VERY different, I was surprised to find there’s a lot of overlap! The run a breezy 3 miles is part of it. Are you a headphones runner or enjoy the outdoor sounds runner? I’m always struggling to find the right soundtrack for runs.

    1.19.22 Reply
    • I love headphones! I mostly run on the treadmill, but even outside… music keeps me motivated 🙂

      1.19.22 Reply
  21. Sarah:

    Some unsolicited advice on the running goal 🙂 I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older (close to 40!), my pace has slowed significantly – like 11-11:30 min/miles. Any faster feels really hard and things start to hurt. I used to run 9:30-10 min miles, but somehow that just sort of changed in the past two years, and I had this huge realization that I DON’T CARE! If I can lace up my shoes and head out the door and go for a 4 mile run that feels really good, I don’t care how long it takes me.
    So, just some food for thought that 10 min/miles, while considered “average”, may just be a bit fast for you, and that’s OK! Running at an 11 or even 12 min pace may be the sweet spot for doing those 3 miles without stopping and feeling great.

    1.19.22 Reply
  22. Alex:

    First of all, I’m so excited about your design refresh but I’ve been following you for so many years that the current design still feels like the “new” one to me!
    The “being bored” goal really resonates with me, and for me it’s about being disciplined and intentional about creating space for when I know I am my most creative and can let my mind wander. For me those are long runs or weekend time when I’m NOT checking off a massive to-do list…instead I’ve taken care of small things throughout the week/not let them pile up, and that leaves time on the weekend to just let my mind wander and do things like mind maps (from Designing Your Life) and to dream big. What could I accomplish without any barriers? Often times I realize the only barriers are my own fears. Best wishes for 2022 Grace!!! You can do anything you set your mind to! ❤️

    1.19.22 Reply
  23. Katie:

    I love these goals! I am working on a better morning and evening routine! I recently asked a group of people at work “what does an ideal day off look like to you?” and when I thought about it my answer revolved a lot about things I used to do pre-COVID. This made me pretty sad in a way because I miss those aspects of my life and still don’t like this world we continue to live in with COVID. I have started waking up a little earlier to see the sun rise and meditate which is helping. I also tend to be a night owl and my husband is not so I try and go to bed at the same time as him and read or have less time on my phone.
    I also resonate with your “being a bit bored”. I have been using Duolingo to practice Spanish each day and it is fun to do that and feel like I am gaining a new skill. I also have a lot of ideas and I would love to execute them or at least one of them (ha!), but I need to allow myself to think it through and how I would approach those goals.
    I think 2022 will be much better and looking forward to seeing what it brings!
    Thank you Grace!

    1.19.22 Reply
    • I think 2022 is going to be better too… and that is so cool that you’ve been learning Spanish!

      1.20.22 Reply
  24. Jennifer:

    I have the same running goal!! How are you practicing?! I cant decide if I should just try to do three miles not matter the time or if I should just try to do one mile and add to it when I feel like I can! Anyway- I am with ya girl!

    1.20.22 Reply
    • My trainer gives me treadmill workouts to do on the days we don’t work out. I’m building up! I save those workouts to instagram highlights.

      1.20.22 Reply
      • Jennifer:

        Awesome! Thank you so much!

        1.25.22 Reply
  25. Lindsey G:

    I’m still sorting out my goals but ever since you used the term “putting your kitchen to bed” in a post a while back I’ve been doing the pre-bed cleanup and I find it so satisfying! I’m also reading atomic habits right now. Curious to hear your thoughts.

    1.24.22 Reply
    • Oh good, I am glad! I think it’s a great habit to get into!

      1.24.22 Reply
      • Erin S.:

        Looking forward to your full post on Atomic Habits!

        2.22.22 Reply
  26. Taylor S:

    This yeah I have outlined four priorities, that also happen to all start with F. Fitness, Finance, Freelance and French. I want these priorities to guide my decision making so for example if I want to hang out with my friends I’d rather invite them to get coffee and go for a walk Sunday morning than get drunk at the bars Saturday night (saving money, Finance, and exercising, Fitness). I also want to take my freelance graphic design work to the next level so I’m working on new digital art pieces and applying to table at a few art fairs. As for French, there is a local French group in Charleston and I’d like to go to their monthly meetings. I hope these priorities motivate me to say yes (to French group, exercise and freelance opportunities) when I feel like just sitting on the couch, and say no when things don’t align with my priorities.

    1.26.22 Reply
  27. Olivia:

    Thanks for sharing Grace! I love your blog, I read it every morning and it’s one of my favorite places on the internet. I was sorry to hear blog traffic was down because I so prefer reading your blog over using instagram. One of my intentions for this year is to comment more and buy more through great content creators like yourself!

    1.26.22 Reply