9 Elegant Fall Tablescapes.

Elegant Fall Tablescapes
My lemon tablescape from last year.

I love setting a pretty table. If I’m being honest, that is my favorite part of hosting… I’d love to just set the table and have someone else sweep in with the food! I haven’t lived in my house much longer than a year and this is the first time I’ve ever had a formal dining room to entertain with but I’ve already hosted so many fun dinner parties. It is something I really enjoy; I genuinely have so much fun setting the table and planning gatherings with family and friends to celebrate. This year, I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time ever and I loved setting the table. Today I wanted to share a big roundup of elegant tablescapes that will be perfect for any fall gathering.

PS – I also have some great tablescape ideas for everday!

9 Elegant Fall Tablescapes

This is a big roundup! I have included several of my own tablescapes, but loads of other inspiration. Some colorful; some more neutral!

Elegant Fall Tablescapes

My Thanksgiving Tablescape!

This was a fun one to pull together; Thanksgiving dinner at my home was just perfect and I was so proud of how my first Thanksgiving table turned out. I really loved working with a warmer color palette. Yellows, oranges, etc. I was so happy with how it turned out. To take it up a notch you could add white pumpkins or citrus fruit to the table.

Blue and white Fall Tablescapes

Blue and white Fall Tablescapes

Blue and white is absolutely seasonless and always appropriate as a color scheme. But for fall, I love the tortoise flatware and darker rattan chargers to add a bit of darkness. You could add a neutral centerpiece (think pine cones, grocery store flowers, etc.) to step things up! Note: this post has the one I created plus several others as insipration!!

Colorful Elegant Fall Tablescapes

Colorful Tablescape

I just pulled this together the other night for dinner with my family. I used my brand new malachite placemats from the seventies (best 1stdibs find ever!), my La Double J Plates, Mackenzie Childs flatware, and a few other fun touches. (Everything is linked here!!!)

Lemon Tablescape

Lemon Tablescape

Citrus by nature has a more summery vibe but I think this works well for fall too! I wanted my lemon tablescape to feel more stylish than cute so I added tones of green and chartreuse (those goblets!). This is one of my all time most favorite tables that I’ve created.

Hestia Harlow's Autumn Harvest Tablescape

Hestia Harlow’s Autumn Harvest Tablescape

There is so much that I love about this table. The beautiful centerpiece. The way they use a table runner and no tablecloth. The rose gold flatware (I’ve had a bit of a mental block around rose gold… I went so hard on it around 2010 that it feels dated to me. But this makes it feel really fresh!). Using an apple to hold down the napkin. Such a great use of something simple and expensive for fall table decorations. It’s all perfect!!!! I am definitely going to copy this at some point.

Julia berolzheimer's Parterre Dinner

Julia berolzheimer’s Parterre Dinner

I actually attended this dinner a couple years ago for the launch of Parterre, and was just blown away by every single detail. Such a beautiful example of a really well executed layered table. I love the way they paired neutral fall colors with verdant touches (the green plates, the florals!) and the candles. Every detail is perfection. I am still mad at myself for not buying that Parterre tablecloth. It was before I bought my home and had any sort of need for table linens!

Rebecca gardner's holiday party

Rebecca gardner’s holiday party

Or, why not just go ALL out. This party, featured in Elle Decor, recommends using as many candles as possible (I like this thought!) “to give your guests an abundance of flattering candlelight.” It also wins the award for most beautiful centerpiece. Between the flowers and the candelabra I don’t even know where to begin or how one could ever recreate something so magnificent.

Bradley Agather's Autumn Table

Bradley Agather’s Autumn Table

Two words: mushroom plates. How fun are these! I love this tablescape from Bradley and generally think her taste is just impeccable. She did a really great job mixing classics and whimsy which creates visual interest without overwhelming the eye.

Bohemian Elegant Fall Tablescapes
photo by Alison Gootee

Mixed Media Bohemian Tablescape

This Thanksgiving tablescape from House Beautiful (this post is packed with great decor ideas) stuns. I love the use of color, the different layered patterns and textures… it’s a little bit chaotic and bohemian but it works so well. It’s definitely one of my favorite fall tablescapes!

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