Clark’s Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask.

Clark's Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask - The Stripe

One of my most favorite favorite masks right now (I even packed it for Asia) is Clark’s Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask. It’s insanely hydrating and healing. Like wrapping your skin in a soothing cloud of moisture.

I love a good double mask situation so this is perfect after something a little more intense (like this charcoal mask or my favorite resurfacing mask) as it calms skin down, but even on its own it’s amazing for brighter, glowing skin. When I’m having days where I feel like my skin is looking a little tired and sad, this is what I reach for. It’s great for jet lag which is why I packed it for Asia. I’m sure I’m going to be INSANELY jet lagged. The farthest I’ve ever gone time zone wise is Greece which is 7 hours I believe.

Clark's Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask - The Stripe

I’m having a bit of a love affair with this brand. I LOVE their eye serum and I’m also testing their brand new Retinol Rescue Serum (it’s really wonderful – gentle and hydrating while also renewing and exfoliating for brighter skin.). I met the founder (Francesco Clark) at an Space NK event. Also, I was just so impressed by both him and the brand’s mission. When he was working at Harper’s Bazaar back in 2002he actually suffered a crippling spinal cord injury. He couldn’t walk or even sweat which led to clogged pores + chronic breakouts.

Nothing was working so he turned to his father Dr. Harold Clark who has a background in both traditional medicine and homeopathy. Together they worked together to develop botanically based formulas which cleared up Francesco’s skin entirely. In 2005 he started selling the products online. Since then the brand has grown and grown and grown (while still remaining natural and organic). Also, a percentage of profits from the sale of Clark’s Botanicals go to The Christopher Reeve Foundation which Francesco is an ambassador for.

Clark's Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask - The Stripe

Casual Leopard.

casual leopard dress - the stripe
Dress // Jacket // Shoes // Bag

Hello from Cambodia and happy Monday. I hope you guys had a good weekend. I am having a really good time here. It was a rocky start in Bangkok but I really love Cambodia (Siem Reap) so far. I did a long tour yesterday morning (woke up at 4am to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat!) and really like my hotel. I’m going to have several posts to come on everything I’ve done and saw but wow – it’s been pretty amazing so far.

This little casual leopard dress was definitely one of my best purchases for summer. I packed it with me for Asia too. Also, I wore it on it’s own to a birthday dinner before I left with stilettos (you might have seen it on stories) but I really like that it can be layered and dressed down. In addition, I paired it with a miltary jacket here but also plan on layering it under a t-shirt (under, not over – I am not cool enough to pull off that nineties look) and wearing it with an oversized denim jacket like this one.

I’ve said it before but I’ve definitely been buying a lot less dresses than I used to – favoring more casual separates, jeans, and tees. BUT there was just something about this one and it’s versatility. It’s a good one, friends and there are so many ways to layer it! And for something similar but a little less expensive check out this Pam & Gela number, available here and here.

Outfit Details:

 Leopard Slip Dress (also here and here) // Military Jacket (similar) //  Manolo Blahnik Pumps // Bembien Bag (similar)

casual leopard dress - the stripe ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo Leopard Silk Slip Dress - Zadig & Voltaire Virginia Grunge Military Jacket - BB' Pointy Toe Pump MANOLO BLAHNIK - Bembien® Harper bag J.CREW ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo Leopard Silk Slip Dress - Zadig & Voltaire Virginia Grunge Military Jacke - Bembien® Harper bag J.CREW ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo Leopard Silk Slip Dress - Zadig & Voltaire Virginia Grunge Military Jacket - BB' Pointy Toe Pump MANOLO BLAHNIK - Bembien® Harper bag J.CREW ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo Leopard Silk Slip Dress - Zadig & Voltaire Virginia Grunge Military Jacket - BB' Pointy Toe Pump MANOLO BLAHNIK - Bembien® Harper bag J.CREW  - The Stripe The casual leopard dress - The Stripe

photography by Trent Bailey.

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Weekend Reading.

weekend reading - The Stripe

Hello from Thailand! Oh my goodness – I can’t believe I’m actually here. But seriously so much drama. My flight was Wednesday night. On TUESDAY, I woke up to an email saying that my flight had been canceled. I nearly lost my mind. I had booked it through Kayak and then through a discount site through there so I had a panic that maybe I’d accidentally booked on a scam site. After several phone calls and emails it was resolved (it was a system glitch?) but what a panic! OH – and then, I went to get a passport photo taken (you need one to get a visa to Cambodia!) only to find out that you can’t take your pic in a white tee. I was about to just take it in my bra when a nice lady let me borrow her sweater.

So that was all silly and annoying but then real actual drama happened… Becca had a family emergency and had to back out of the trip. It sucks (she planned the whole thing and was supposed to go for a month) and I’m so sad for her – besides really missing her and wishing she was here. I’m making the best of it. I was terrified to go to Asia by myself but the trip is going well so far.

Weekend Reading:

Anthony Bourdain and the power of telling the truth.

Leave it to Loeffler Randall to give the net bag a seriously chic upgrade.

I loved this article about social media and how we aren’t our social media presence.

French beauty secrets.

I am so so excited about this beauty collaboration.

My favorite straw tote just went on sale!

Mindy Kaling’s commencement address… so good.

ZOMG this polka dot blazer is so fun – such a statement maker!

I loved this beauty minute feature. They’re always so good.

To those who love Younger (the TV show) as much as I do – this is really clever!

I’m obsessed with this heavenly (mermaid-y) body oil.

On making friends as an adult.

Completely obsessed with this blue and white maxi dress!

I love this simple jewelry trend.

I’ll take one of each please.

This is maybe the dress of my dreams? So gorgeous.

WOW – Julia looks amazing! Congrats on all your hard work, friend!

The sweetest summer slides.

Want to work in social media?

Read this first. So much truth.

Yum. I really like the looks of these healthy recipes.

I hate shopping for swimwear but LOVE this one.

This stained glass leaf DIY is so pretty – I want to make a few for my apartment!

I bought (and am obsessed with) this little leopard dress. It’s so versatile and the fit is fantastic.

Suuuper interesting – would you wash your face with sparkling water?

I loved this neutral look on Helena but yes, it’s hilarious that we’re wearing sweaters in June!

Really into this lightweight summer shirt dress.

Some (smart) things you need for summer.

Love these easy espadrilles.

Love Geri’s list of clean lipsticks for the girl who hates lipstick.

A simple trick to help you fall asleep.

Also: stop hitting snooze.

Very very into this little red dress.

Love these cute stripes on Jenn.

This oversized gingham wrap dress is a little preppier than I’d usually go for but I love it!

I am also always cold, so I loved Jacey’s summer layering guide.

I really loved Mackenzie’s pics from Versailles. Her outfit is super cute, too!

Another super cute kimono – at a really great price!

An unexpected destination for cute, under $100 summer bags.

Such a pretty floral maxi – looks way more expensive than it is!

Really loved Jess’s post about cutting down on waste at home.

photography by Trent Bailey.

Domino Park + A Really Good Sale.

Happy Friday, friends (and greetings from THAILAND)! I come bearing two exciting pieces of news.

First of all, Domino Park in Williamsburg has opened and it’s just amazing. It’s so gorgeous and clean, there’s a great taco stand… it’s paradise. If you don’t have plans this weekend I highly encourage you to check it out! I’m so happy to finally have a nice neighborhood park again – I was jealous of all my friends who live in DUMBO.

The other big thing is that Hampden Clothing’s Spring Sale just started. Hampden is my absolute favorite shop in Charleston/maybe just my favorite store, and also where I’ve bought most of my favorite designer pieces. The owner Stacy is a good friend and also has the most amazing eye. The store is expertly curated – Stacy and her team are often the first to bring in new designers… they’re always ahead of the curve. And her sales are always unbelievable. You have to do a bit of sorting (I filter by my size and favorite designers and take it from there) but it’s worth the effort. This sale is one of my favorite times to shop as you can get 40-60% off some of the best spring pieces!

Outfit Details: Tibi Dress (c/o Hampden Clothing) // Marion Parke Sandals (c/o Hampden Clothing) // Palmgrens Bag // Rachel Comey Earrings

domino park - The Stripe

I’m putting a bunch of my picks from the sale in the widget at the bottom of the post, but the sale is a little overwhelming so I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite things. The best way to shop is to hit “view all” and then filter it to show your size + favorite designers but here are a few fun things.

  • All things SEA. You know by now that SEA is one of my favorite designers. I love the mixed stripes and asymmetrical cut of this dress – it’s so fun… perfect for all of your summer parties. And this kaftan dress is so chic. SEA does prints so well… I love this one a lot. There’s also this cute twin set – I love this belted top and shorts together. Oh and this easy trench which would look so good over an all white outfit.
  • Perfect stripes. This red and white top is by one of my favorite designers and it’s available in all sizes. (It would be really cute for the 4th of July!)
  • The sweetest little shirt dress. You could wear this so many ways. This pink top (also from Carven) is pretty and would be perfect with white denim.
  • Pajamas! I love this trend and this top + these pants are the most fun. I obviously adore the botanical print… it feels very de Gournay.
  • This cute leopard dress.

This dress is such a favorite already. If you follow me on stories you know I wore it to dinner (at the SUPER delicious En Brasserie) on Tuesday night. It’s really special and I love the clear belt (which ties in nicely with my clear earrings)! The print is fab and there’s also a cool long sleeve version.

Domino Park in Williamsburg - The Stripe

MARION PARKE Lolita Sandal in Black - The Stripe

I know I sound like a broken record but I’m just so obsessed with every pair of shoes Marion Parke makes. She’s a genius. They’re so comfortable but still beautifully made. I can wear them all day long and even walk back and forth to the subway in them. I keep gushing and gushing but her shoes are just SO GOOD. This sale is the perfect time to give her heels a try. (They run true to size – I wear a US 8.5 and took a 39 in these). Mine are amazing but I’m dying for this chic woven white pair. And I also have this pair which ties in front – they’re super cute.

Domino Park in Williamsburg - The Stripe

photography by Trent Bailey.


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National Bath Day // My 5 Favorite Baths.

National Bath Day // My 5 favorites baths - The Stripe

Did you know that today is National Bath Day?! Finally – a made up holiday that I really want to participate in. 😉

I am sort of the queen of baths – I take a bath at least three or four times a week. It’s my favorite way to relax and unwind. There’s nothing better than a nice long soak after a hard day (or a hard workout for that matter). It’s an easy way to pamper yourself at home and while some soaks are pretty pricy it’s much less expensive than going to a spa. I will say that for me, bathing is about relaxing and soaking, not about getting clean. If I’m coming off of a workout or just feel dirty I will take a shower first (and wash my hair). Then, I’ll pull my hair up into a bun and just soak the day away… usually with a large mason jar of water and a book or magazine.

Today I’ve rounded up my five favorites baths – they are all magical for their own reasons (and sometimes I combine them – a few drops of this oil is really lovely with either of the milk baths).

Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath  - The Stripe

Susanne Kaufmann’s Herbal Whey Bath is magic for soft skin. My friend calls it exfoliation for lazy people, as this soak actually also (very gently) exfoliates. And I absolutely love the scent. It’s hard to describe it but it smells like milk and chamomile – so soothing. And it’s all organic which I love.

Ren’s Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil is pure heaven. There are a lot of rose scented products out there and there are many I don’t like. This just gets it right as it isn’t too sweet or floral. It’s heavenly and luxurious.

Kaia Naturals Turmeric Bath is epic when I need a little detox. I love all of Kaia’s baths (I did a longer post about them here) but the turmeric is definitely my favorite. I put the whole thing in the tub. It makes you SWEAT, and when I get out I wrap myself in a towel and lay under a blanket to sweat some more. Just be sure to drink a ton of water.

Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath is probably where my love of baths began! Elemis sent me this a couple years ago when I was sick (so sweet) and I developed a bit of an obsession. It’s so soothing and calming (it has this delicious lavender/vanilla scent which makes it perfect for bedtime).

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Oil smells so good and is really effective when I’m stressed. Sometimes I’ll just put a drop or two in the palm of my hand and breathe deeply before I get into the shower. Or I’ll add this to the tub on its own or with one of the milk baths. It’s just heavenly. Heavenly, but also highly effective. (Also forgive me as the bottle is basically empty – I’ve got one soak left!!!)

Susanne Kaufmann's Herbal Whey Bath - The Stripe

What are your favorite baths?

I hope everyone can participate in this very important holiday! 😉

Ren's Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil - The Stripe Kaia Naturals Turmeric Bath - The Stripe