The Perfect Party Top.

Coat // Top // Leggings // Heels // Sunglasses // Bag

Okay okay I really just have so much to tell you about this outfit. First of all, this is the most perfect party top. I have already worn it several times – including Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house. I like it because it’s sparkly and festive BUT also comfortable and not at all constricting (so duh, you can eat a lot, which is very important to me!) I paired it with my favorite (crazy comfortable and flattering) leggings which you may remember from Monday’s blog post. Truly cannot say enough good things about them, making this the ideal combination for a party in which they’re going to be serving some  really good food.

The other thing is this bracelet bag and these leopard heels (both were featured in this post). The heels are insanely comfortable, and the bag is such a genius idea – you can “wear” your purse, leaving your hand free to hold your phone or a cocktail.

I hope you guys are having a good week. Things are moving along over here… I have a fun little holiday brunch this morning with Monica Vinader and my friend Merritt is town so we are going to see part 2 of the Harry Potter play later tonight. Can’t wait!

Outfit Details: Madewell Coat // Tuckernuck Top (c/o) // NYDJ Leggings // Margaux Heels // Polaroid Sunglasses // Parisa Wang Bag (c/o)

Oh and two more things to share. My earrings are these hoops from BaubleBar which I live for as they are big and bold but super lightweight, and the nail polish color is OPI “Got the Blues for Red” (gel!!!) I’ve decided that’s going to be my holiday shade. It isn’t toooo red, and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet (whenever I get a gel manicure I get sick of the color unless I do a boring pale pink or dark purple/black!!!)

Photography by Carter Fish.

Skincare: My Favorite Body Products.

my favorite body products for dry skin | the best body wash, body scrub, body serum, and body butter! #beauty #skincare #beautyblogger #glossier |

I’ve gotten this question a few times over email recently so today I wanted to dedicate a post to my winter *BODY* skincare. My skin (especially on my body) tends to get quite dry (especially during the winter) so I try really hard to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize… and give my body a good exfoliation at least a couple times a week.

The first step in all this though is dry brushing. I have and use this brush, and I did a whole tutorial about dry brushing here. It’s the best. It sloughs off dead cells, boosts circulation, AND reduces the appearance of cellulite so what is not to love!?

My favorite body wash

Glossier Body Hero is my favorite body wash, hands down. It is THE BESTTTTT. I wrote a review of it here but it’s just the greatest body wash ever, I’ve gone through 3 bottles now and buy it with my own money and just love it so much. It’s a shower oil, so it glides on, hydrating as it cleanses (never stripping the skin which I need as my skin gets so dry). Since it’s an oil it’s also amazing for shaving your legs. But the best part (hands down) is how it smells. I can’t even get over the fragrance. It’s the most perfect orange blossom fragrance EVER. I look forward to showering simply for the fragrance. Magic.

my favorite body products for dry skin | glossier body hero | #beauty #skincare #beautyblogger #glossier |

My favorite body scrub

The Seaweed Bath Co is another (really affordable) brand that I love and have featured here quite a bit! (Read this blog post for all of my favorites.) The detox body scrub is amaaaaazing. It’s just the right consistency to really get your skin good and polished, and the Awaken scent is super energizing (really similar to Aveda’s Rosemary Mint fragrance which I’ve always loved). This is another product that I buy again and again because it’s just so good. I also love that it’s a) in a tube and b) not greasy or super oily. I love all of my jars of scrubs but it’s nice to just squeeze it out of a tube vs. scraping it out of a jar with your fingers.

my favorite body products for dry skin | seaweed bath co detox body scrub! #beauty #skincare #beautyblogger #glossier |

My favorite body serum

I go through Ren’s body serum like candy. It is everything and maybe a problem as I use SO MUCH of it – definitely a holy grail item. It’s lightweight but super hydrating (so it’s fine on it’s own most of the time) and it’s packed with (10%!!!) AHA’s to gently exfoliate. Oh and it smells a little bit like a creamsicle. I have been using this nearly every day since it first came out and have noticed a big difference in my skin (mostly in texture/smoothness and radiance). For silky skin, this is a must!

My favorite body butter

I know you’re going to ask why I’m not including the Body Hero cream here. It’s amazing (that fragrance!!!!) but it’s not all natural so I stopped buying it after I went through the first tube. I have a weird thing where I’m less obsessive about products you wash off (i.e. shower gel, face wash) being natural as opposed to body washes and oils which sit on the skin. I may be totally off-base but it’s more important me to have a natural body moisturizer than a wash as you leave it on your skin.

So anyway in the summer the Ren Body Serum is more than enough for me. It’s suuuuuper hydrating. But in the winter I like to layer something on over it. It’s either my beloved Everyday Oil or this body butter from Weleda. This stuff is SO hydrating and just feels heavenly putting it on your skin. I’ll usually let the serum sink in for a few minutes (I like to apply the serum and let it sink in while I do my face stuff) and THEN apply it. So hydrating, so luxurious, it was an instant favorite.

my favorite body products for dry skin | ren body serum | #beauty #skincare #beautyblogger #glossier | my favorite body products for dry skin | the best body wash, body scrub, body serum, and body butter! #beauty #skincare #beautyblogger #glossier |

photography by Carter Fish.

Gift Guide: The Most Glamorous Gifts.

Gift Guide: The Most Glamorous Gifts. best glamorous gifts Art Prints Books la mer Magical Roses The Stripe

We’re closing out the gift guides – this is our last one! Today’s is another favorite to pull together and I purposely made it last as I thought it would be fun to end on a luxurious/glamorous note. This gift guide is always one of my favorites to put together as it’s all just really beautiful, pretty things.

Where to begin. There’s the realllly luxe stuff (my beloved facial massager, my favorite Gray Malin print, La Mer, roses that last a whole year) but there are some littler luxuries too. I can’t believe Oribe makes incense – they smell incredible. And a beautiful book is always a great gift; this one from Hunt Slonem is always a favorite.

PS – If you’re reading this in feedly or a blog reader, it may be best to click into the full post – much easier to read that way! And make sure you check out our holiday page for lots more gifting inspiration… everything is in one place!

SHOP: Emerson Fry Sequined Jacket // Venus et Fleur arrangement // Monica Vinader Bracelet // Oribe Incense // Blair Z print // Hunt Slonem Bunnies Book // Gray Malin Print // Vogue Book // Hart Earrings // Sisley Black Rose Mask // La Mer Face Cream // Cuyana Scarf // Clarisonic Face Massager

Cozy Essentials + Slowing Down.

Cozy Essentials + Slowing Down.
Sweater // Pants // Sunglasses // Boots // Purse

For all the fancier, festive outfits I wear in these parts and out at night, this is definitely my daytime uniform. A big cozy sweater, the best leggings (they’re like the perfect hybrid between pants and leggings) and these super comfy (weather-resistant!) boots. It’s (somewhat?) polished but extreeeemely comfortable and when it is cold out that’s all that really matters.

How was your weekend? Mine was really nice – busy, but the good kind of busy. I usually wind up working quite a bit on the weekend but this weekend I didn’t even look at my computer until 8pm last night when I sat down to finish up this post.  That felt really good. Cyber week + gift guide madness was a LOT so it felt really good to slow down a little. (On that note, my last gift guide comes out this afternoon – glamorous gifts!!!) It’s nice feeling my like my life is full of things other than the blog, which sometimes can take over, especially during the holidays. I went to a comedy show on Friday, spent time with Zoe (my sister’s new baby) and my friends’ baby on Saturday went to a birthday party Saturdany night, had brunch with my friend Lydia on Sunday, and celebrated Chanukah last night! (The guy I am dating is Jewish.) We made LATKES which were absolutely delicious. It was really really nice, and felt great to unplug a bit.

Also it is crazy that we are into December. Howwwww?

Outfit Details: French Connection Turtleneck (from last year but this, this, and this are identical and really well priced) // NYDJ Leggings (currently on sale) // Polaroid Sunglasses // Sorel Boots // Chanel Purse

Outfit Details: French Connection Turtleneck // NYDJ Leggings  // Polaroid Sunglasses // Chanel Purse Outfit Details: French Connection Turtleneck // NYDJ Leggings  // Polaroid Sunglasses // Chanel Purse Outfit Details: French Connection Turtleneck // NYDJ Leggings  // Polaroid Sunglasses // Sorel Boots // Chanel Purse Sorel Boots

photography by Carter Fish.

Gift Guide: The Hard to Shop For Person.

The Hard to Shop For Person

Gifts For The Hard to Shop For Person



Gift Guide: The Hard to Shop For Person.

Gift Guide: The Hard to Shop For Person - The Stripe

The Stripe

Last year, this was my most requested gift guide. Far and away. I had polled you guys on stories and the responses were amazing. For your significant other’s parents. For your siblings’ significant others. For your neighbor or acquaintance. For the guy you’ve only been seeing for a few weeks. Clients. Or, as one hilarious reader wrote, “People you don’t really know, but like, if you buy them another blanket they will cut you!” LOLZ.

Historically, I’ve been pretty boring here. For these people I always find that a Diptyque or Nest holiday candle or Williams Sonoma’s Peppermint Bark does the job. Or wine. (As with hostess gifts, no one is going to be sad about a bottle of Veuve). But as you guys asked for this guide the most, I wanted to do something clever and unique. I find that a game is always a good way to go, especially if you are going over to your neighbors’ house or to a family gathering with your significant other’s family. Apples to Apples is foolproof or you could go for this year’s “it game,” Utter Nonsense, in which the participants combine silly accents with silly phrases, resulting in utter ridiculousness. (They also have a naughty version, FYI.) You will have a lot of laughs… and make some new memories.

Last but not least, I included a few higher end items. My dad is SO hard to shop for and he loves this Bose speaker my sisters and I got him so much. And I am borderline addicted to my Fossil Smart Watch (it makes me feel very sedentary though).

For more inspiration, pop by our holiday page which has all of my gift ideas in one place!

Shop: Bose Speaker (we bought this for my Dad last year and he loved it!) // Flag & Anthem Flannel Shirt // Grip Flask // New York Book // Nest Library // Book of the Month Subscription // Cozy (ultra long!) Scarf // Larq Water Bottle // Nest Holiday Candle // Hand Cream // Utter Nonsense Naughty Edition // I Love Your Brain Necklace // Fossil Smart Watch