The Best Pink Dress, Getting Out of a Rut, + A New Podcast Ep!

rhode resort ella dress, palmgrens rattan bag | grace atwood, the stripe
dress // bag // heels

This is the best dress. I have it in black (seen here + here)… it’s one of those pieces I reach for again and again when I don’t know what to wear. It’s great for parties/events with heels, or more casual stuff with flats. I wore the black one over and over again so I was so excited when it came out in pink! I think the reason I like it so much is that it hides my arms (which I’m more self conscious about) and shows my legs (which I’m more confident about showing). It’s worth noting that sizing is really based entirely on the length of the dress. Without the belt it’s basically a one size fits all sack. I am wearing the small (but I’m 5’8) but would have gotten a medium if they’d had it in stock as I wouldn’t mind a little bit more length! So if you get the dress, order based off of how tall you are.

Outfit Details: Rhode Resort Ella Dress (also available here, and I linked a bunch of different colors in the widget at the bottom of the post) // Palmgrens Bag (also love this, this, and this.) // Ferragamo Heels // Rachel Comey Acrylic Earrings // Polaroid Sunglasses

rhode resort ella dress, palmgrens rattan bag | grace atwood, the stripe

In other news, the newest episode of Young Adulting is up! You can listen above, or in iTunes.

In this episode we are talking all about One of Us is Lying, but also… my review of the infamous gravity blanket, and Becca’s natural skincare routine. I feel like we finally got the audio levels right in this episode so am really excited to share it with you. Hope you enjoy!

rhode resort ella dress, palmgrens rattan bag | grace atwood, the stripe

In other news I’ve been in a bit of a rut but am slowly digging myself out of it. I don’t know about you but this has been SUCH a long winter, and the seasons definitely affect my mindset, big time. I’ve just been feeling really down. Extra anti-social but also very lonely. The weather doesn’t help, but lately I’ve been a funny mix of super lonely but also always wanting to be alone which really makes no sense. I don’t think I even realized how bad it had gotten until the sun came out this weekend and I felt like a giant weight had been lifted. It was such a good weekend to the point where I felt like a broken record saying how nice it was – I spent time with my sister, did a lot of yoga, and mostly stayed outside. It inspired me to think about a few changes though…  things to do to get out of this wintery funk!

The first thing was deleting all of my dating apps. So dramatic, right? Goodbye forever! Jk jk. I’ll probably put them back on at some point, but at this point in my life online dating just isn’t making me happy. These dates feel more like obligations vs. something fun and I was starting to dread them or just lose interest in the people I was seeing without having any real reason to. Not really a good sign. Maybe I’ll meet someone IRL or maybe I’ll just take the next few months to focus on myself. The other thing has been making sure I see my sister at least once a week (she’s the greatest) and seeing more of my friends, especially making more of an effort with those friends I really like but somehow never manage to see. Those people you run into at events or email with and are like “WHY DON’T WE HANG OUT MORE!?”

Work has also been chaos. I know a blog might not look like a lot of work but trust me, it is. Between tax time, launching the podcast and a lot of brand campaigns I am pretty overwhelmed. I feel like I am still getting caught up from Cartagena which is just crazy – that trip was over a month ago!!! I feel grateful to be this busy but I also never turn off. I’ve hired an assistant who will be starting in June; this will help to a) get some of my work off of my plate and b) have some company! So YAY for that + more to come there.

rhode resort ella dress, palmgrens rattan bag | grace atwood, the stripe

The last thing I’m doing is being more mindful about travel. I have a press trip coming up that I’m reaaaaally excited about but I pretty much stopped doing those this year unless it’s a HELL YES kind of thing. (I love that saying, “if it isn’t a HELL YES, it’s a HELL NO!”) I am sorry if this sounds obnoxious – if you’ve never been on a press trip, they probably sound amazing – like a free vacation! The reality is that most of those trips are actually incredibly taxing. Most of the time you don’t get a plus one, so you’re in group activities with strangers (usually lovely strangers, but still… strangers!) from early morning til late at night with very little downtime to work/unwind/etc. On top of being go go go, you are expected to capture beautiful content which can be a lot of pressure, especially when you aren’t given any free time to work on it. And then there’s your regular work! Besides being a massive introvert I am pretty much a one person show here so if I’m on a trip (or even a vacation), I still need to get blog content up. The blog doesn’t stop just because I’m on a trip. I never want you to come here and not have a new post up – that’s always my first priority! So yes, press trips are cool but most of the time you just end up really tired and behind on work. At the end of the day I would rather pay for a trip with my own money and not be beholden to anyone, like I did when I went to Cartagena.

Along those lines, I am taking my first yoga retreat at the end of May. It’s in Cuba (a brand new city for me), and there isn’t really much wifi there so I am hoping to really get off of the grid! I really couldn’t be more excited. Every time I think about it I get giddy like a little kid. I’m so excited about the idea of taking a trip, exploring a new city, AND coming home feeling healthier + better at yoga.

Okay okay, I’m starting to sound a bit pathetic now but I just wanted to share where I’m at. In a rut, feeling a bit blue, but doing everything I can to get out of that headspace as I definitely don’t like feeling this way. (Speaking of HeadSpace, that is helping too! Mid-day meditations help with a work slump and I try to always do it before bedtime.) I know I goof around a lot on social media, and always want to be cheerful and positive here, but I also always want to keep things real. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows and pretty dresses (though this definitely is a pretty dress.) Thanks for listening and let’s all please hope for warmer weather and better moods!

rhode resort ella dress, palmgrens rattan bag | grace atwood, the stripe rhode resort ella dress, palmgrens rattan bag | grace atwood, the stripe rhode resort ella dress, palmgrens rattan bag | grace atwood, the stripe

photography by Trent Bailey.

Kelly’s Chic: Spring Wishlist.

I don’t want to jinx it by saying it out loud, but I think (I think…) spring is finally here to stay. You know what that means: it’s time for a wardrobe refresh.

This season I’m particularly drawn to pretty ruffles and floral prints and am desperate to get my hands on some of Ulla Johnson’s incredible spring collection, like this floral midi skirt. It’s out of my normal under-$100 price range, but like everything she’s created this season, it is incredible. As a fun alternative, this J.Crew gingham wrap skirt that packs an equally playful printed punch.

Pops of red via a flirty dress and printed romper effuse any wardrobe with a bit of fun, while wide leg pants and cute flats ensure practicality. Finish the looks with ear crawlers, a straw bag, and well-hydrated skin (this Grown Alchemist overnight masque is UNREAL – I managed to get a sample and cannot wait for it it fully launch in the next few weeks). While some of these items are more in the “lust list” category, a girl can’t help but dream of fun additions for the new season.



Top: Rebecca Taylor Black Blouse // Marc Fisher Silver Heels // Ulla Johnson Floral Print Skirt // Ulla Johnson Straw Handbag // Reformation Red Dress // Rainbow Ear Crawlers // Express Straw Tote // Everlane Wide Leg Pants // Grown Alchemist Overnight Masque (available soon!) // J.Crew Rattan Clutch

Bottom: Keepsake the Label Red Romper // Star Ear Crawlers // Everlane Denim Jacket // Grown Alchemist Lip Treatment // J.Crew Gingham Wrap Skirt // Everlane The Editor Mustard Flats // Cuyana Straw Hat // Madewell Lace Up Sandals

The Best Work Bags.

the best work bags | grace atwood, the stripe

One of the questions I get asked most is for recommendations for bags for the work. And a good work bag can be hard to find! I like a bag that’s big enough to stash gym clothes if need be; as well as a smaller clutch so that if you have plans you can ditch the larger bag at the office and take the smaller one out. As far as my own personal tried and true favorites I LOVE this chain strap tote (it’s so chic and the quality is amazing) as well as this zip top tote (my sister and I got one for my mom too, and this is also my go-to travel bag). Both are FAB but I wanted to round out the mix with a few more good options!

click the graphic above to shop, or…. DAAME Tote // Sezane Gaby Bag // Aqua Leather Tote // Cuyana Tote // J.Crew Signet Tote // Longchamp Canvas Tote // Madewell Transport Tote // Eddie Harrop Canvas Tote

My Favorite New Jacket.

jacket // jeans // pumps // clutch

How was your weekend? Mine was really good. Friday + Saturday’s gorgeous weather definitely helped!!! On Friday Becca and I stayed in and recorded a couple episodes of our podcast (really excited for Wednesday’s episode + to talk about One of Us is Lying with you guys!!!

On Saturday I went to a fun brunch with Town and Country in Tribeca and then over to my sister’s apartment to hang out in her backyard. And yesterday I did a (3 hour!!) inversion workshop at my yoga studio… it was hard and intimidating (I’ll talk more about it in Friday’s wellness post) but I did my first headstand which was really exciting and had been a big goal for me. OH and in between I started (and finished) Wild Wild Country on Netflix. Holy crap – that show is crazy (it’s about a cult in Oregon) and completely true!! Did anyone else watch? I’d love your take!

This jacket was my big Spring purchase. It was pricy but it’s versatile. You can zip off the sleeves or the bottom of the jacket to wear it a bunch of different ways. I had been in the city and walked by the rag & bone store and stopped in my tracks when I saw it – it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. So I waited about a week, thought about it some more, and then pulled the trigger. It’s a good one, I definitely recommend it. The fabric is a bit thicker so it’s perfect for this (unpredictable!) early Spring weather.

Outfit Details: rag & bone Jacket (also here and here)  // Topshop Tie-Waist top (love the dress in this print!!) // American Eagle Jeans // Manolo Blahnik Heels // Celine Sunglasses // BaubleBar Hoop Earrings // Jenni Kane Clutch (c/o)

I don’t accept very many gifts from brands (#toomuchstuff) but Jenni Kayne recently launched a line of gorgeous handbags and I absolutely love them. They let me pick one out to show here and I immediately gravitated towards this chic clutch – I love the top strap. There are so many ways to carry it. You can tuck it under your arm, carry it by it’s handle, or put your hand through it like I did here.

This top is so good. It’s sold out in the print but comes in a bunch of solid colors – love them all! It’s very flattering and true to Topshop sizing (I usually go up a size in Topshop and that was the case with this top!!)

Everytime I wear these earrings I get so many compliments on them. They are the absolute best and look a lot more expensive than they are. Favs.

photography by Trent Bailey.

Weekend Reading.

Happy weekend! I know I have a lot of New York area readers so I will just say that I hope you’re outside today! Yesterday was just so perfect and lovely. I took my laptop out onto my patio, found a spot that got wifi, and spent the afternoon working al fresco. It was pretty much the best thing ever. Before we dive into this week’s links, a tiny bit of housekeeping/announcements! I’m speaking at Social Media Week! If you’re in NY on 4/25 + work in social/blogging/digital, come to my panel! I would love to meet you! And also, we finally have a website for our podcast! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list… we’ve gotten a lot of requests for links to the products we mention so we will be putting those there!

I did some damage at the Shopbop sale (it ends today!). I bought this rainbow stripe tee and love it so much.

Loved Liz’s Spring beauty routine + what a cute video!

For the bloggers who read here: I really love James Nord’s “A Drink With James” video series. Last week’s was a good one, talking about building an email newsletter, affiliates, + more.

A great work bag, at a great price.

Meghan Markle approved.

I ordered this rugby shirt this week – such a good classic.

I always love Helena’s beauty favorites. She takes her skincare as seriously as I do and has great taste.

This got posted to our Facebook group and made me LOL – so much yes to this funny piece about flaky men.

The BEST rainbow sneakers – I got them this week and am obsessed!

A really interesting article on how Vineyard Vines built their business.

This top + skirt set is beyond gorgeous. It would be so cute for a bridal shower or bachelorette party, too.

Kathleen and I are clearly on the same page with kimonos. Love how she styled hers!

My friend Alex launched the prettiest line of monogrammed linens + pajamas.

True or false: I need gauchos for Spring? These would be so cute with a crop top or bodysuit.

Nude pumps for ALL… smart and necessary!

Such a cute tie-waist top.

What a fun idea for game night!

My friend Clara sent me this: 6 things to give fewer f*cks about.

These earrings are seriously cool (and look seriously expensive).

This pom pom sandal DIY is kind of just everything – LOVE.

I snagged this cute trench this week. It’s the perfect lightweight jacket for Spring.

I really liked this classic, chic outfit on Carly.

Really just loved this post from Kat – giving up on dating and then meeting the greatest guy!

Simple green stripes.

OMG thank you for writing this, Man Repeller: something my girlfriends and I have said over and over again. Miranda is actually the best character on Sex & The City.

Really into this graphic top.

Of course I loved Jenn’s guide to shopping for palm print.

I need to go to Savannah!

Want this oversized gingham dress – the colors are fantastic.

Krystal’s photos from Provence are totally dreamy.

Seriously pretty espadrilles.

Have any of you tried CBD based beauty products? I’m definitely curious.

Love this gorgeous, colorful home!

Love this cute coverup.

Jacey tracked down the best basket bags.

The cutest striped PJs!

Holy moly – now THIS is makeup organization to the next level.