Something Fun + a Shoe Sale!

Outfit Details: Topshop Coat // L. K. Bennett Dress (gifted) // Express Tights // Marion Parke Boots // BaubleBar Green Lucite Hoops // Chanel Bag // Polaroid Sunglasses
coat // dress // tights // boots

Happy Monday – and long weekend!? I actually didn’t even realize that today was a holiday… oops! I didn’t have President’s Day off at my last day job – do you have it off?

My weekend was really nice. I had a work dinner with Modcloth on Friday night and on Saturday spent the day at Dumbo House with two of my best friends. Brunch there is always a longer affair – the buffet is incredible (as is the new bellini bar they put in… endless options!) Yesterday I spent the morning reading and working and then took a 2 hour meditation workshop with Sky Ting! It was a good weekend: the perfect mix of fun, relaxation, and work. Also a HUGE thanks to everyone who has bought tickets to our live podcast on April 1st. We are really excited and spending this week figuring out our lineup, guests, etc. Your support has been amazing and Becca and I can.not.wait. It’s going to be an amazing night and if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet you can use code BOP to get $11 tickets!

L.K. Bennett sent me this dress and I absolutely love it. The brand is taking a younger, fresher approach and I am here for it. So many bright colors, fun prints, etc. It was hard to pick a favorite but I went with this one as the print is so fab and I love the detailing at the neck and shoulder.  Other favorites from the new collection include this polka dot number (in emerald!) and this sail print dress (love the vivid red). They’re having a sale (it ends tonight) where everything is 20% off (no code necessary) so now would be a good time to shop. I also really love these nude pumps and (gahhhh, my essence!) this green coat.

Outfit Details: Topshop Coat // L. K. Bennett Dress (gifted) // Express Tights (nothing better!)// Marion Parke Boots (favs; they are tall but I can walk all day in them – also here and here) // BaubleBar Green Lucite Hoops // Chanel Bag // Polaroid Sunglasses (sold out but these are $40 and so similar)

 L. K. Bennett Dress

And while I have you, my friends at Sarah Flint are having a big shoe sale. I have a few pairs of her shoes and love that they are stylish AND comfortable. So important on days where I have a lot of meetings and events and am on my feet all day. (These slingbacks are sadly not a part of the sale but they are my absolute fav.)

This is a big deal as they only do sales 2x a year. Take 30% off key styles. These pumps are the same combo as my favorite slingbacks and I loooove these booties in both black and tan.

Outfit Details: Topshop Coat // L. K. Bennett Dress  // BaubleBar Green Lucite Hoops // Chanel Bag // Polaroid Sunglasses Outfit Details: L. K. Bennett Dress (gifted) // Express Tights // Marion Parke Boots // BaubleBar Green Lucite Hoops // Chanel Bag // Polaroid Sunglasses Outfit Details:  L. K. Bennett Dress (gifted) // Express Tights // Marion Parke Boots // Chanel Bag // Polaroid Sunglasses Couldn't love these BaubleBar earrings more.

Couldn’t love these BaubleBar earrings more. I bought the clear ones as well; but I love how interesting and unexpected the green is.

L. K. Bennett Dress (gifted) and Chanel Bag Express Tights // Marion Parke Boots Couldn't love these BaubleBar earrings more.

photography by Carter Fish.

Weekend Reading | 2.16.19.

Weekend Reading | 2.16.19

If my weekend plans could be captured in one photograph, this would probably be it. Have you read the Neapolitan Quartet? I am in love. I read the first one, My Brilliant Friend, and moved onto the second one (The Story of a New Name). We talked about the first one in February’s Reading List but I’m learning that they are a little polarizing – people are either completely fanatical or couldn’t get into them. There was a lively discussion in the Bad on Paper Facebook Group and I learned that both my mom and sister had tried to read them but stopped. I find that they read slowly so can understand why some would get bored, but they are just so beautifully written. Moving on though, happy weekend! I hope yours is great (and hopefully filled with books and cozy time!)

Weekend Reading | 2.16.19

One little first order of business. I applied to a be a part of the new #SephoraSquad. It’s their new influencer initiative, meant to celebrate unfiltered, honest voices in beauty. It would be a dream partnership for me and a part of the application process includes reader testimonials. If you’d like to leave one, I would be beyond grateful. (And a HUGE thanks to all who already have left one – I’ve been blown away by your support!)

The other exciting thing is that we are doing our first ever LIVE PODCAST at Caroline’s on Broadway on April 1st! It’s going to be a fun night and you can get half off your tickets with code BOP. Please come!!!!

Also my friends at Margaux made a discount code for you all! Take 10% off your order with GRACE10! Love my leopard heels.

YESS Diane Keaton. (I just love her.)

I finally ordered the red glitter sunglasses. Also picked up this ultra cozy cashmere sweater on major sale.

Smart style advice: what to do when black tights don’t go with your outfit.

Best find of the week: these $4 crystal hair pins. You can customize them to say anything you want. I got my name, “books,” and “BOP.”

The center part is coming for you! Into it.

Living for pearls right now so naturally I LOVE this look!

This Topshop frock is basically Kate Hudson’s EXACT yellow dress from How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. I have too many fancy dresses and no upcoming events but WANT. Somebody get it.

A peek inside Candice Bushnell’s closet.

Deception in the digital age.

You guys went wild over this brow product – it was my most clicked on product this week!

I’m with Anna: double cleansing is the BEST.

A sweet date idea for the book lovers. Love this.

I wanted some vintage-y band tees and sweatshirts. Picked up this, this, and this on Amazon and planning to distress them and put them through the wash a few times!

I really liked Geri’s fashion week street style roundup. So much good (but not too out there!) inspiration.

A cheery rainbow sweater at a great price ($30!?) This one is great too.

Loooove this DIY crystal appliqué beanie!

Solid dating advice. (I re-joined Hinge this week…!)

These ear cuffs came in the mail this week (I had pre-ordered them!) and they are CHIC.

I always love Victoria’s round-ups. (I too am loving the Courant mats!)

Do you still get together with your exes? I’m friends with a lot of mine and really resonated with this piece. The comments were also interesting to read.

Modcloth gifted me this beautiful eyelet top for dinner last night and I’m obsessed. Looks like Rebecca Taylor and comes in size XXS through 4X!

Loved Jess’s post about health and body image.

It has been a long week and I am 1,000% doing this bath soak this weekend!

This yellow look is SO GOOD on Jenn!

How clever are these bedroom storage tips and tricks?

I definitely need these slippers for all of the lounging.

Loved Ashley’s video – so many great ideas for wearing white denim year round.

Ulla Johnson is giving me serious vacation cravings. Her whole Spring collection is just phenom.

Liz’s kitchen is looking really great. Love the tiles she chose.

Loved Krystal’s list of free things to do in New York.

One of my most favorite dresses in the prettiest print!


photo by Carter Fish.

“Best Friend is a Tier, Not a Person.”

best friend is a Tier, Not a Person."
jacket // tee // jeans // boots

How many best friends do you have?

When I think about it, really think about it, I have seven. Maybe eight or nine, actually. And that doesn’t even count my sisters. Is that too many? LOL. Becca said something in an early episode of our podcast that really resonated with me: “best friend is a tier, not a person.” If I had to “rank” those friendships, it would be impossible as they are my closest friends and a part of my inner circle for various reasons. I’m probably closest to Alex (my friend who lives upstairs) and Becca (who you know from the podcast) but I also see them each multiple times a week. Aside from them there are guy friends and my best friend who has two kids and lives on the Upper East Side and friends in other cities.

When I get married I probably won’t have a big wedding or a wedding party (I’m just not really a wedding person, and at this age the idea of a large wedding party seems so silly). But for some reason the other night I was picturing it – what it would look like if I did have all eight of them + my sisters standing up there. It would be one ridiculous and amazing crew.

Outfit Details:

La Vie Rebecca Taylor Coat (gifted – thanks, RT!) // Saint James Tee // Paige Jeans // Gucci Belt // Soludos Boots (THE BEST and on sale! get them here too!) // Polaroid Sunglasses // Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury in “Bitch Perfect

GRACE ATWOOD OUTFIT DETAILS: La Vie Rebecca Taylor Coat // Saint James Tee // Paige Jeans // Polaroid Sunglasses // Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury in “Bitch Perfect”

There are so many different types of friendships that are each so important and feed different parts of our soul.  I’m not really into talking about feelings and I’m someone who takes pride in being independent. But there is no denying it, I need my friends.

There’s the friend you’ve known forever and knows about and will laugh with you about all the horrible decisions you made in your twenties. There is the friend who will sit with you and hold your hand and cry with you when something bad happens. Also, there’s the friend that will (potentially seriously?) offer to murder or lightly harm the guy who wronged you or the boss who fired you. There’s the friend who sends you stupid memes when you need cheering up. Or the friend who brings you soup when you’re sick. There’s the crew you screenshot your dating conversations to. There’s the friend who just gets you, the kindred spirit with whom you can have long, deep conversations with. These aren’t all necessarily the same person. Which is why I love Becca’s quote so much. For me, best friend isn’t a person, it’s a tier.

What do you think? Do you agree?

GRACE ATWOOD OUTFIT DETAILS: La Vie Rebecca Taylor Coat // Saint James Tee // Paige Jeans // Gucci Belt // Soludos Boots // Polaroid Sunglasses // Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury in “Bitch Perfect” OUTFIT DETAILS: La Vie Rebecca Taylor Coat // Saint James Tee // Paige Jeans // Gucci Belt //  Polaroid Sunglasses // Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury in “Bitch Perfect” OUTFIT DETAILS: La Vie Rebecca Taylor Coat // Saint James Tee // Paige Jeans // Gucci Belt OUTFIT DETAILS: La Vie Rebecca Taylor Coat // Saint James Tee // Paige Jeans // Polaroid Sunglasses // Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury in “Bitch Perfect” OUTFIT DETAILS: La Vie Rebecca Taylor Coat // Saint James Tee // Paige Jeans // Gucci Belt // Soludos Boots // Polaroid Sunglasses // Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury in “Bitch Perfect” Chanel bag OUTFIT DETAILS: La Vie Rebecca Taylor Coat // Saint James Tee // Paige Jeans // Gucci Belt // Soludos Boots // Polaroid Sunglasses // Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury in “Bitch Perfect”

photography by Carter Fish.

A New Mask from Tata Harper.

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask Review by Grace Atwood

If you’ve been reading here long then you know I am such a big fan of Tata Harper. She was my first introduction into organic skincare (isn’t it cool how far we’ve come? Now there are so many amazing good-for-you skincare brands!) and will always hold a special place in my heart.

But my favorites from Tata are definitely her masks. The resurfacing mask is one of my holy grail, ride or die products. It is especially fantastic before a big event as it leaves you truly radiant and glowy. The purifying mask is fantastic when you need a good deep cleanse – after an event where you’ve been wearing a lot of makeup; or maybe an indulgent weekend where you didn’t wash your face every night. It’s like a stronger version of their purifying cleanser. And of course there is the clarifying mask which is great for oily and acne prone skin. That one is a bit intense for me so I like to use it as a spot treatment. I’m gushing now.

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask Review

It was only a matter of time before she’d introduce a hydrating mask and OH WOW GUYS IT’S A GOOD ONE. Meet the hydrating floral mask. It’s based off of her best-selling hydrating floral essence (another favorite product) which I like to spritz on my face before I mask. This is perfect for dry, dehydrated skin. It’s packed with hyaluronic acid (my favorite skin plumping, hydrating ingredient) and delivers an instant shot of moisture. It’s soothing (great for redness and uneven skintone) and oh so hydrating. Apply a thick (but not too thick – this stuff is expensive!) layer, leave on for 20 minutes, rinse, and moisturize. Your dry skin will thank you. My skin needs this in the winter – it’s like gatorade for a hangover. (Luxe, all natural, eco-friendly gatorade, that is!!!)

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask

photography by Carter Fish.

A Few Skincare Q’s: Retinol, Dr. Bader, Products For Sensitive Skin.

A Few Skincare Q's

I,ve been getting a lot of skincare questions over email and in the comments section of the blog and noticed I frequently get asked the same questions again and again so I thought I would use today’s post to answer them as best I can!

I want to caveat that I am not a dermatologist – I’m just someone who really loves skincare! I take good care of my skin and have tried everything under the sun BUT I can only speak to my own experiences with my skin type (pretty normal but tending toward dry, a little older and starting to see the signs of aging). A lot of times I get asked for product recommendations which can be really hard to do without seeing someone’s actual skin! So just keep in mind that as with everything, I’m speaking to my personal experience and what works for me.

Do you use a retinol? If so, what kind? I’ve heard that I should use one and the earlier the better but some people say it can ruin your skin? Not sure what to believe.

Yes, I do! Retinol is amazing when it comes to anti-aging. It encourages both cell turnover and collagen production and is one of the only ways to actually reverse skin damage. That being said, as it encourages cell turnover rather aggressively, your skin may freak out in the beginning stages. With everything, I would recommend easing into adding retinol, and consulting a dermatologist first. I don’t know your exact skin type but I personally love it. I just finished my Skinceuticals custom blend and have started testing this one from Sunday Riley which I really love so far.

When you start using it, it will bring up anything “bad” to the surface. You might find yourself breaking out more than usual. Or getting really dry. But with continued use that will go away and your skin will improve.

My personal experience was that for the first three weeks of using retinol, my skin was fine. It felt great. I was using it every night and had no complaints. I didn’t understand why people complained. Then, all of a sudden it was really tight and dry and peeling. This is totally 100% normal. I took a few days completely off and then switched to using it only every other night, and was fine after that. It was crazy how dry and tight my skin was though. I would recommend using it only 2-3 nights a week (evenings only!!!) to start out. Also, ALWAYS use SPF if you’re using a retinol. I mean always use SPF anyway, but especially if you’re using retinol!

As far as “the earlier the better” goes, I don’t know that I would necessarily agree with that. I didn’t start using high tech skincare til I hit my thirties; and didn’t start using retinol til I was 37, so to each their own. I may be going out on a limb here but I don’t think most people need retinol until they hit thirty. At least.

(With regard to using the Dr. Bader Cream) Do you know if this can be used in combination with Retin A? (I would continue Retin A a few nights a week and use this on off days)

As background for anyone who is new here, Dr. Bader is my most favorite moisturizer. If I’m not testing out a new product for the blog, I use it every morning and every other night. The thing with Dr. Bader is that you aren’t supposed to put anything on your face in between cleansing and toning and applying the cream. So they discourage you to use a serum, retinol, etc.

On the nights in between Dr. Bader I will use retinol, followed by a thick coat of moisturizer. (I apply the retinol, brush my teeth while it sinks in, and then apply moisturizer. Right now for my non Dr. Bader cream, I really like this Weleda night cream. I love all of Weleda’s creams – they’re ultra gentle and extremely hydrating.

As always, talk to your derm (sorry I know I’m repetitive but I can’t stress that enough) but I think you’ll probably be fine using Dr. Bader on the nights you don’t use Retin A. While it’s an anti-aging moisturizer, it doesn’t actively exfoliate and it’s really gentle. I find it to be the perfect complement to using peels or retinol.

I’m really confused by the Dr. Bader product! I know you’re not supposed to use anything under it but I love using P50 and SK-II!

Okay. So a little confession. I don’t always follow the instructions. Most mornings, I still use SK-II before the Dr. Bader.

If you’re using P50 I would say to use something else (maybe the Weleda?) just so that you don’t waste the Dr. Bader since it’s so expensive. Kind of like the nights I do retinol.

I’m very intrigued by the Augustinus Bader cream but I’m a pretty loyal La Mer user. I know from your posts that you’ve used both. Can you weigh in on the differences?

I would say that hydration-wise, Dr. Bader’s The Rich Cream is very similar to classic La Mer, whereas The Cream (the lighter version) is very similar to La Mer’s Soft Cream.

Both are power moisturizers – they lock in moisture and leave my skin glowy and hydrated all day long. I love La Mer but I personally prefer Dr. Bader. I find it to be a little more high tech and have noticed a visible improvement in my skin since starting to use it. You can read all about the technology in Dr. Bader’s creams in this post. That being said, I love La Mer when I have a cold. It’s the only cream that heals that chapped red skin around my nose when I’m sick and blowing my nose a lot. I haven’t found anything that works quite as well on chapped red skin.

What products would you recommend for sensitive skin for a good face skin care routine?  If I don’t take good care — I get a bad rosacea flare up.

I would definitely go to your dermatologist to get a suggestion – rosacea is no joke and skincare is very personal! It’s hard to give you an exact routine because I write based on my own experiences and don’t have ultra sensitive skin or rosacea.

When I was younger my skin was a lot more sensitive than it is now. My old dermatologist always swore by Cetaphil face wash but I try to go natural/clean where possible so would suggest Indie Lee’s Rosehip Cleanser as it’s so gentle. (Maybe try the $10 size first to make sure it works for you?) I have used this in the past and really love it and on the product page it states that it’s suitable for sensitive skin + reduces redness + rosacea.

I think the most important thing for sensitive types is to make sure that your routine is free of chemicals, dyes, and fragrances. Fragrances are tough, even when the products are natural! I typically love Weleda and Tata Harper but both of those products are pretty fragrant because of the essential oils they use. You want something with as few ingredients as possible so that it won’t irritate your skin. I would definitely recommend Everyday Oil’s Unscented blend which is really great for sensitive types. You can use it as both a cleansing oil and a moisturizer. Paula’s Choice has a CALM line which I’ve heard very good things about.

PS – the other question I get asked most: what order to apply your skincare products!

Photo by Carter Fish.