One of my “Just for Fun” Goals.

The AFI 100 List

One of my more fun goals is to watch every movie on the AFI 100 List. Are you familiar with it? I actually wasn’t, until one night a month or two ago. My boyfriend and I were deciding what to watch and he pulled up the list. As someone who watches a lot of movies, I suddenly felt… very, very behind slash uninformed. I have seen a lot of movies but not very many older movies, which is something I want to change.

The AFI 100 List

The list has a wide range. The number one film on the list is Citizen Kane but it ranges from The Godfather to E.T. to Psycho. Toy Story even made the cut (and as much as I loved it, I’m not entirely sure why –  the computer animation, perhaps?). I am having a lot of fun working my way through the list… last night I watched Singin’ in the Rain and really loved it!

Since this is a “just for fun” goal, I’m not setting a timeline to accomplish it. But I feel like there are so many nights where I’m scrolling through Netflix and end up choosing a movie that’s just medium. Working my way list is a much better choice!

A little bit of very basic background (in case you, like me, didn’t know!). The AFI stands for The American Film Institute and the list is meant to celebrate excellence in film. The most important, impactful films of the last 100 years. The list was voted on by 1,500 people (including actors, directors, producers, writers, editors, cinematographers, studio executives, film historians and critics). The first list was unveiled in 1997. You can see the ballot which has the 400 films that were initially voted on. The new “anniversary list” was unveiled in 2007.

These were the criteria for the films that were selected for voting (I pulled this information directly from the ballot):


Narrative format, typically over 60 minutes in length.


Motion picture with significant creative and/or production elements from the United States.


Formal commendation in print, television and digital media.


Recognition from competitive events including awards from peer groups, critics, guilds and major film festivals.


Including success at the box office, television and cable airings, and

DVD/VHS sales and rentals.

Pretty self explanatory.


A film’s mark on the history of the moving image through visionary narrative devices, technical innovation, or other groundbreaking achievements.


A film’s mark on American society in matters of style and substance.

You can take the poll here, it’s fun! I have only watched 23 out of the 100, but am hoping to work my way through the entire list. Love a goal that includes watching more movies!!!!

Supergoop’s Friends & Family Sale!

Supergoops Friends & Family Sale

Supergoop’s Friends & Family Sale!

Supergoop is my absolute favorite sunscreen brand and their friends & family sale is in full swing. Take 20% off sitewide with code SUPER20 – they only do this twice a year so now is really the best time to stock up on SPF.

My three current favorite Supergoop Sunscreens!


Supergoop PLAY is my favorite body sunscreen. I am so happy they make it in a larger size as I use this ALL OVER. It feels good on your skin. Zero white cast, sinks in immediately, hydrates (gives legs a pretty sheen)… it’s the perfect basic all over sunscreen. You can use it on your face too – a lot of SPFs break me out but this does not.


Supergoop Glowscreen is probably my all time favorite Supergoop product. It’s truly the best… it just makes your skin so pretty and radiant while protecting it. Most days, especially in the summer when I have a hint of tan, I skip makeup and just wear this. I wrote a longer review of it here.

Unscreen Sunscreen

If I don’t want to be glowy (or if I’m wearing more makeup, or if I’m at the beach/pool), my other favorite facial SPF is Unseen Sunscreen. It goes on clear, and the finish is really nice (your makeup will actually go on smoother as this is technically a primer!).

And for extra credit, I absolutely love these lip shields!!!

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Recent Favorites + Wants.

Recent Favorites + Wants Recent Fall Favorites

Today I wanted to share a few things that either I’ve bought and loved or am loving, coveting, and/or planning on buying. Fall is definitely my favorite season to shop for. I have said it before but I’ll be wearing my warm-weather clothes through November… so my personal Fall favorites are very dress heavy. That being said, I’ll be adding in little jackets and blazers and boots… as the weather permits!

collage details: one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen // sixteen // seventeen // eighteen // nineteen // twenty

Recent Favorites + Wants

These boots were a serious splurge. But in my signature favorite color and just so GOOD. They came in the mail this week and they’re truly perfect. I’ve never regretted a purchase from Loeffler Randall.

This dress from Mille is just all out amazing. So beautiful and feminine. The sleeves. The print. The colors. It’s everything! It won’t ship for a bit but I’m so excited for it to get here. Also on the dresses front: this is a favorite… I actually like it best without the belt. And I have this tent dress in a green print… excited to see it in classic black.

This is the best little crossbody bag for travel. Also on the handbag front: I have been coveting an emerald or forest green quilted Chanel bag (it’s one of my recurring searches on The RealReal) but for now, this $78 quilted cutie will be just fine… I just ordered!

A classic tee with just a little puff. Also on the puff front: this Rebecca Minkoff sweatshirt is a favorite. It’s so feminine. I have the olive green and a bright pink!

Last but not least: a good affordable find: this striped shirt from Amazon is one of my recent favs!

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What I Want to Cook This Fall.

What I Want to Cook This Fall

Maybe it’s the fact that I am going to be home for almost a full month (my next trip isn’t until October 8th, and maybe it is just a new season but I am feeling really excited about cooking. I always say that I am not the most creative cook, but I am getting more and more proficient… I just need a good recipe! And I have been saving things to my Instagram, scouring Pinterest, going through my favorite cookbooks, and just getting really excited to hunker down, be at home, and cook all of the delicious fall things!

(PS – my favorite cookbooks are all in this blog post!!! Be sure to read through the comments, too… SO many good recs!)

What I Want to Cook This Fall

Soups to make for fall

All of the soups.

Soup is hands down, my favorite thing to eat in the Fall. I laughed a couple days ago because Becca (my friend and podcasting partner) insists that soup is not a meal. I think she sees it more as a side? What do we think? I have always thought of soup as a meal. There’s nothing better than a big bowl (ideally with a big chunk of bread and good butter). So I mean you also need some bread but it’s a meal! And nothing says fall and winter like making a big yummy soup a few times a week. (I also like the laziness of soup… you can make a big pot and have lunch or dinner for DAYS!)

My go-to favorite soups are this broccoli one and this vegan cream of tomato one. I want to add a few new favs to my arsenal. The other day, Nancy Meyers posted Marcella Hazan’s lentil soup on her Instagram which looks so yummy. I think maybe that will be my next soup. And I really love lentils during the colder months, they are so filling and hearty. (I would LOVE to hear your favorite soup recipes in the comments!)

Alison Roman’s Flatbreads.

One of my absolute favorite things that I made during lockdown was Alison Roman’s sour cream flatbread. The recipe is in her Dining In cookbook (one of my favs) but you can also read it here. They are a little bit time consuming to make (really just with wait times and letting the dough rise) but my tip is to double the recipe and freeze half the dough. It is SO good. I like to eat these fresh off the stove with dip (they’re extra good served hot!) but there are a million ways to eat them. Make pizzas with them! Serve with ricotta and mushrooms… peaches and burrata… chicken tikka masala or any sort of curry. SO GOOD.


Dips to go with the flatbread. But curious: what are your favorite (ideally healthy) dip recipes? I love this labneh dip but need some more ideas! Tzatziki is another favorite.

Cook This Book: Techniques That Teach and Recipes to Repeat

Everything from this cookbook.

I bought this cookbook but I did not cook this book. The problem I have is that now that I have storage, my cookbooks are all in a cabinet and I tend to forget about my newer ones. I totally forgot about this book! I am going to try to cook at least one or two new things from it every month. STAY TUNED. If you’ve made anything from it, tell me your favorites!

Some okra things?

I love okra, and it’s always abundant at my farmer’s market. I am not a big fan of gumbo or fried okra but there are tons of other great ways to eat it. My mom used to put it in minestrone soup and that was my FAV. This okra with tomatoes recipe looks so great, I love the idea of putting it in the air fryer, and how yummy do these okra poppers look (a less spicy take on jalapeno poppers!?)

PS – Four easy recipes I make again and again, + my favorite kitchen gadgets!

My Absolute Favorite Peel.

Sobel Skin RX 30% Glycolic Acid Peel Concentrate Review

Just a little post today, written from the plane. If you follow along on Instagram you probably know this but I LOVE a good peel. Back in New York I loved going to Glowbar and as a part of my treatment I would always ask for their chemical peel. Smoother, brighter skin in just a few minutes… it always felt like magic! But for an at home version of that, in my opinion, there is nothing better than Sobel Skin RX’s 30% Glycolic Acid Peel Concentrate.

Sobel Skin RX 30% Glycolic Acid Peel Concentrate Review

My skin gets really dull and dry and a little rough (after a weekend on the beach + a lot of wine + flying, it’s ROUGH right now) if I’m not careful or sticking to my usual night routine (I do the Biossance lactic acid a few times a week and that’s usually enough) OR when I’ve been doing an extra good job dehydrating myself (flying, drinking alcohol and caffeine, spending time in the sun), I need a little extra TLC. And that’s when I will reach for this peel! There are a lot of other peels that I like but when I want the big guns, it’s always this peel. (I did it when I got home last night).

It’s 30% Glycolic Acid which is one of the highest concentrations of acid I’ve seen. This is a professional grade product. You’ll see the same results you’d see from a professional peel. But you don’t want to mess around. Because of the strength of these ingredients, I don’t recommend this for more sensitive skin types. If you have sensitive skin I always recommend this mask from Biossance.

To be totally honest it is not as effective as the Sobel but if you have sensitive skin the Sobel is going to be too harsh. But if you can handle it, it’s the GOAT. Smoother skin, fewer fine lines (this is temporary of course but so noticeable), and smaller pores, too. I cannot get over how good it is. It’s one of those products I look forward to using because it just WORKS so well, with crazy noticeable results in just one night!

Here’s how you use it:  

Wash your face and pat dry. Using a cotton round, apply this all over your face, neck, and decolletage. Leave on for two minutes and then afterward, use a warm washcloth. This is important (and felt weird to me as a dry skinned person who loves her creams and serums). After that, don’t do anything. Literally. No creams, serums, etc. Go to bed. When you wake up you will have your smoothest, glowiest skin ever. Make sure to slather on the SPF the next day as you just sloughed off all your dead skin cells and need extra protection! I use this a few times a month!

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