Weekend Reading | 2.22.20

Weekend Reading | 2.22.20

Happy Weekend! This week was def a bit of a doozy for me – I haven’t left the house much as I got really sick on Tuesday and didn’t start to feel better until late Thursday afternoon! Something bad has definitely been going around…. everyone I know has been sick at some point over the past few weeks. The best part of being sick (ha – we’re looking on the bright side) has been all of the TV watching I have gotten up to. I posted to Instagram asking for TV recommendations and got SO MANY from you all. I will definitely be going back to that post and working my way through the list.

Dear lord… Love is Blind. That show, just wow. I am completely up to speed and just… wow. Dreading/eagerly anticipating the finale next week. I’m also watching The Outsider (a Steven King horror show) which is fantastic. I don’t have much planned this weekend so it will prob be a quiet one of reading/yoga/getting caught up on work and tax prep.. which is just what I’m craving right now! Hope you have a good one, whatever you’re up to!

Weekend Reading | 2.22.20

How to read more!

After getting my closets done I bought a few things to accessorize: these hyacinth baskets for the top shelf, these clear trays to stash accessories, and then a bunch of these under bed boxes for out of season items!

Another reason to love Olay. No more retouching!

I ordered these catnip wine bottle toys for Tyrion this week… so funny! They’d make a great gift.

Podcasting is getting its own Oscars!

Because I love a good one pot dish -these all sound amazing.

I ordered these leopard “tevas” this week and could not be more excited about them.

The best thing for your skin is actually free?

Such a good classic chambray shirt!

In awe of this gorgeous NYC apartment.

I thought this was interesting (though I disagreed with my own!) the best workouts for your personality type.

I love this cute, whimsical t-shirt!

SO COOL: MM LaFleur is giving free clothing to any woman running for office.

Love the delicate tortoise straps on these chunky heel sandals.

Do you take yourself out on dates? I used to do more of this!

How clearing your inbox can actually be euphoric!

LOVE the print on this graphic maxi dress.

What is going on with our necks!?

Very into these tiny gold hoops.

Loving Delta’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral.

More Weekend Reading

I very much appreciated this guide to all those new instagram story filters!

My fav anti-aging hand cream.

I was so excited to get to share the first chapter of the new American Royals book, Majesty! It’s going to be EXTREMELY hard to wait til September 1st to read it.

Have been testing this lactic acid treatment for a month now and love how smooth it leaves my skin the next day.

Definitely bookmarked Kat’s roundup of the best binge worthy TV shows!

Mmmmmm these avocado recipes sound delish!

Can’t believe this pretty patterned dress is only $20!

My mind is blown: owls can RUN!!!!

Such a cute nightgown style dress.

A realistic take on body positivity.

Loved this list of Brooke and Meggan’s favorite things. I need those coasters!!!

Target has had such cute pajamas lately.

Photography by Carter Fish.

A Cozy New Sweater and a Great Cause!

tipped cardigan
sweater // tee // jeans // heels

I love a cozy stripe and I am obsessed with the details on this sweater from Talbots. It’s a little bit sporty but still polished –  you could wear it to a more casual work environment as I have here, or layer it on over something more casual post-yoga or on the plane.

But what I am maybe even more obsessed with is how Talbots partners with O, The Oprah Magazine every year on a collection to benefit Dress for Success. This is their 5th year doing this, and the brand donates 30% of the net proceeds from this collection to benefit Dress for Success from February 18th to March 29th.  Dress for Success is an organization I’ve personally been supporting for years and I really love the work they do. If you are not familiar, they are an international not-for-profit organization that provides women with the tools they need to achieve economic independence. I work with them every year to do a big beauty product donation, and over the years have donated clothing as well.

This year, the collab consists of five one of a kind cardigans!

They are all so cute; it was very hard to choose a favorite. I chose this cute tipped one because I liked the sporty feel (it’s different from anything I already have!) but I was really torn between that and this stripey one. I may go back and buy it. TBD… what do you guys think??

I highly recommend supporting this collection if one of these cardigans speaks to you  but there are other ways to help! You can drop off new or nearly-new work appropriate clothing and accessories at a Talbots store from February 20th –24th, 2020. Talbots stores nationwide will also accept monetary donations both in-store and online at Talbots.com for Dress for Success.

To date, the collaboration has raised over $6 million and helped over 125,000 women (and collected over 18,000 boxes of donated business attire) for Dress for Success®, benefiting over 120,000 women across America. In the spirit of putting my money where my mouth is, I am personally donating $1,000 to Dress for Success as a) this is an organization I believe in and love supporting and b) I am grateful to Talbots for partnering with me on this project!

Outfit Details: Sweater, T-Shirt, Jeans, Handbag, Heels (all c/o Talbots)

Talbots heels

Unrelated to this collab I did want to take a sec to praise Talbots’ selection of heels!

If you read my weekly outfit diaries you may have already caught on but I love their low heels – they’re all so comfortable without sacrificing style. One of my most favorite pairs of shoes are my red leather slingbacks from Talbots (from a few years ago). This year’s suede slingbacks are so cute too. I love the navy but they come in red as well. I love these cap toe pumps as well.

tipped cardigan

Talbots sweater

Talbots sweater Talbots sweater Talbots sweater Talbots sweater Talbots heels

Thank you to Talbots for sponsoring this post! // Photography by Carter Fish.

Milk Sunshine Skin Tint Review!

Milk Sunshine Skin Tint Review

If you’re a regular reader you know that I take my product reviews very (very!) seriously. I spend a lot of time playing with things, testing them, layering them with other products, and so on and so forth. Any product has to be a home run to share it here. I try to keep an open mind and try everything, whether it’s a random Amazon find, something from the drugstore, or something more high end.

But sometimes I judge a product by it’s cover (packaging) and that was definitely the case with Milk Makeup. The packaging looks… a bit like a toy. So I had always discounted it. I’d played around with their lip & cheek oils and I really like the Kush mascara but in all honesty, Milk was a brand I’d mentally filed away as younger and just not for me. OKAY I WAS WRONG GUYS. Back in early January a mutual friend introduced me to a member of their team who wanted to send me a few things to test. I accepted but asked for skincare, not makeup. This skin tint was accidentally included in the mix and out of curiosity I played around with it… only to get instantly obsessed.

Milk Sunshine Skin Tint Review

It’s the perfect no-makeup makeup I had been looking for. Sheer, blendable, buildable color that leaves you dewy and radiant but not all foundation-y. I don’t use a lot. I do concealer under my eyes and around my nose and then after that I roll a little bit onto each section of my face (forehead, cheeks, down the bridge of my nose, chin) and blend it in with a BeautyBlender. In one minute, I look instantly better – but not like I’m wearing makeup. My skin still looks like skin, just more radiant, even, and dewy. I love this thing and think you really will too! My shade is “medium.”

Milk Sunshine Skin Tint Review

I’ve gotten a lot of questions asking how the Milk Sunshine Skin Tint compares to the KOSAS Tinted Face Oil. Coverage wise they are very very similar, but consistency wise they’re quite different. The KOSAS product is an oil, so it’s much “thicker,” and very hydrating. This doesn’t have any skincare in it; it’s really just a tint! I hope that helps. Also, this one has SPF!

photography by Carter Fish.

Nine of My Favorite Wines.

My Favorite Wines

Whenever I do a Q&A I get asked about my favorite wines, so I thought it would be fun to do a quick little list today. I am in no means a wine expert. I do think I have decent taste in wine (I grew up in a restaurant and my dad IS an actual real wine expert. So I think a little of that rubbed off on me from constantly being around nice wine.)

Nine of My Favorite Wines

I rarely drink white wine. I’m just more of a red wine girl. When I do drink white (it is nice in the afternoon and when it’s very hot!) I love a crisp (usually New Zealand) Sauvignon Blanc. My two favs are Oyster Bay and Prophecy. I don’t drink rosé much either (that changes when the weather warms up!) but when I do it’s usually Whispering Angel. Basic, I know… but really good!

We (my family) have always been big Josh Cellars people.

It’s affordable, easy to find, and really, really good! (I will note that I have been influenced by my family here-  the owner Joe Carr is a friend of my parents and he was a regular at our family restaurant. So it was always around at our house on the Cape and now in Charleston but I buy it here too!). I always have a few bottles of the pinot and cab on hand. That’s probably my everyday wine. Not that I have wine everyday but you know what I mean. 😉

My most favorite wines (for more of a splurge) are always Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

My sister and I went six years ago (photo diary/where we went in this blog post!) and that’s when I fell in love with Domaine Serene. The Evenstad Reserve is one of the best wines I’ve ever had… last year I treated myself to a case for my birthday and I have been savoring it… I actually still have two bottles left that I’m saving for a special occasion. For something a little more reasonable from the Willamette I also love Montinore.

And when I want something rich you cannot go wrong with a good French Bordeaux.

I discovered this wine (another splurge!) via Caudalie – it’s from their vineyard. It’s a little hard to find but it’s amazing. And a more recent discovery/obsession is Clarendelle. It’s under $20 and tastes like an $80 Bordeaux (the 2015 Bordeaux is my personal favorite – stock up if you find it!!!!)

top row: Les Hauts De Smith Rouge // Oyster Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc // Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon // Domaine Serene Pinot Noir

bottom row: Josh Cellars Pinot Noir // Prophecy Sauvignon Blanc // Montinore Pinot Noir // Whispering Angel Rose // Clarendelle Rouge

Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14.

Hope you had a great long weekend! Mine was nice – productive but also really fun too. I went to The Fulton for dinner on Friday night, and then on Saturday night Becca and I checked out Le Crocodile at the Wythe Hotel. In between: yoga, lots of work, and just general life admin. I got my closet area redone yesterday (you can see more on Instagram… I hired New York Closets to do it based on your recs in the secret Facebook group). This was really exciting as having shelving above my hanging items is a real game-changer… as is having clothing racks that aren’t constantly falling over, ha ha, the little things, right??

I also watched (and LOVED) the Ralph Lauren documentary (Very Ralph on HBO). At the risk of sounding trite, it was so inspiring! I loved getting to learn more about how he built his brand (it was FASCINATING seeing how he approaches his design process – I think it is really different than how other designers think) and also really nice learning more about his family life. Highly recommend it.

Anywho, this outfit diary is def a longer one as I was out and about quite a bit last week. I had the Veronica Beard show on Monday (so fun) and a bunch of parties and also friends staying with me every night until Saturday. So I was out a LOT.  As a result, I will be in a LOT this week. I decided that this week I am going to take a week off from alcohol… my body def needs a little break!

Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14

Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14.

Saturday Night: 

The occasion: The Daily Front Row party at The Fleur Room.

What I wore: Kate Spade dress (via Rent the Runway, I’m obsessed! Use my code RTRGRACE to get $100 off your first 6 month trial!) // Bird Glitter Hoop Earrings // old J.Crew Coat // Tamara Mellon Heels


The occasion: Watching The Oscars – had a few friends over.

What I wore: Splendid Puff Sleeve Top (on sale!) // AGOLDE Jeans // Vince Sneakers

Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14.


The occasion: Veronica Beard’s first runway show!

What I wore: Veronica Beard Blazer, Dress, and Boots – also here (all gifted) // Emily’s Dress + Blazer. Her belt is from B-low the Belt, I went home and ordered it afterward! (PS – follow Emily, she is really awesome and kind and also has incredible style!!!)


The occasion: Dinner at Polo Bar.

What I wore: Rebecca Minkoff Dress -honestly didn’t love this one as much; felt like it made me look a little thicker through the middle but wore it anyway // (via Rent the Runway, I’m obsessed! Use my code RTRGRACE to get $100 off your first 6 month trial!) // Express Tights // Veronica Beard Boots // Holst + Lee Earrings.

Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14.


The occasion: Dinner at Cote.

What I wore: Tibi sequin top (old!!)

Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14.

Friday Day: 

The occasion: Working from home.

What I wore: Kondi tracksuit (gifted)

Everything I Wore Last Week: 2.8 – 2.14.

Friday Night: 

The occasion: Dinner at The Fulton.

What I wore: ASTR dress (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale find from a few years ago, still a favorite!) // Veronica Beard Boots // my coat is very old J.Crew. I wanted to post this selfie because I loved my lip color – it’s the Glamsquad lip balm in nude!

That’s it for everything I wore last week!