Sweater Weather with Autumn Cashmere.

Sweater Weather with Autumn Cashmere

I am so excited about today’s post, as I get to team up with one of my absolute FAVORITE brands, Autumn Cashmere! Autumn Cashmere is one of my go-to’s for sweaters. If you are not familiar with Autumn Cashmere, they have the most divine cashmere. The brand was founded in 1995 and they’ve developed a fanatical following, counting celebs like Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, and Blake Lively as fans.  Everything they make is so fantastic. Their cashmere is sourced from Alashan, the Western most part of the Inner Mongolia. Something I’ve learned this year: the best cashmere fibers are from Mongolian goats… their long fibers are the softest and most sought after in the world!

The quality is amazing, the cuts and colors are never boring (helllllo pink puff sleeve sweater, this was a big reader fav on Instagram).. they are just the best. And they have a Black Friday offer for us, so yay for that! From 11/20 – 11/29, take 25% off sitewide with code Grace25.

Sweater Weather with Autumn Cashmere

Sweater Weather with Autumn Cashmere

This puff sleeve top is one of my most favorite, most worn pieces. I wear it SO much. It’s a good date top, a great Zoom top… I particularly love what a good job it does sucking everything in… and then the square neck + dramatic sleeves make it feel really fun and special.

Yup, I wear this sweater a LOT. It’s the perfect wear with everything, feel good top.

Sweater Weather with Autumn Cashmere

Three more favs from Autumn Cashmere:

This gorgeous pointelle balloon sleeved top, this turtleneck (I love the ruffled details on the collar and cuffs), this cozy duster (also in NAVY which is divine).

Sweater Weather with Autumn Cashmere

The sleeves on this top are SO FUN.

Sweater Weather with Autumn Cashmere

This neon fair isle sweater is SUCH a fun take on the classic. Like your classic holiday favorite but with pops of chartreuse and hot pink! It’s definitely more of a splurge piece but the quality is beyond – this is an ultra thick, very warm sweater. It’s one of my absolute favorite sweaters and I find myself reaching for it every time I want to be cozy but still look cute.Sweater Weather with Autumn Cashmere

I also wanted to include a mirror selfie of the fair isle sweater so that you can see the length of it. It’s more of a tunic length which I love… you can wear it with leggings, if you choose!

Sweater Weather with Autumn Cashmere

When I shared this puff sleeve PINK sweater on Instagram it got rave reviews. And for good reason as it’s kinda just the best. I have to be honest, I don’t wear a lot of pink but something about this sweater just makes me SO happy. Out of everything I chose, this sweater might actually be my favorite? It’s the perfect statement sweater. I love a power shoulder and in hot pink it is just so good! IF you are looking for something a bit more neutral, it also comes in a gorgeous peacoat color too which is a nice combination of grey and navy.

Sweater Weather with Autumn Cashmere

And then there’s this distressed sweater. The details are perfection. Equal parts cozy and cool. Love the black version too. So chic!

Sweater Weather with Autumn Cashmere

Created in partnership with Autumn Cashmere; photography by Allie Provost and Carter Fish.

A Few Good Sales, 11.19.20.

A Few Good Sales 11.19.20 September Best Sellers

It’s Thursday afternoon so here we are… a few good sales! Next week is when we’ll see the really big sales kick in (let me know if you have any Black Friday/Cyber Monday requests) but a few of my fav brands have started their Black Friday sales really early this year so…. there are some good ones!

A Few Good Sales 11.19.20

My favorite pan in the world (The Our Place one!) is $50 off with code SUPERSALE. That means it’s $95… this is an amazing deal and I cannot recommend the pan enough. It’s so easy to clean which I love. I’ve had mine for a few months and it’s still in perfect shape.

Margaux gave me another code! Take 15% off sitewide (through 11/24) with code GRACE15 . This is a good one; the new slippers won’t be a part of their Black Friday offering but you can use my code on them.

One of my fav classic coats is on maaaaajor sale! Runs TTS, I take a 6!

I have been stalking this Rixo sequin dress and it just went on sale. I really don’t need and literally have nowhere to wear it it but it’s pretty perfect. I’m also eyeing this Doen top which was just marked down as well.

This plaid coat is soooooo good – I’ve been eyeing it a while and it was just marked down big time.

Summersalt is doing something called the “14 Days of Joyful Gifting,” with really great pricing on their cashmere, loungewear, and pajamas.

Anthropologie is offering an extra 30% off sale styles for a limited time. I really love this emerald green dress and these simple light catching gold hoops.


photo by Allie Provost.

My Favorite Fall Boots.

My Favorite Fall Boots

My Favorite Fall Boots

Today’s post was a reader request… the best (or at least, my personal favorite!) boots.

Boots tend to be an area I really invest in as they last for so long and I want them to be comfortable. I have had these Sarah Flint boots for a while and they are an investment but despite wearing them constantly (like almost every day!) last year, they’re still in perfect shape. My most favorite boots typically come from either Sarah Flint or Loeffler Randall and while both brands are definitely more of an investment, they hold up incredibly well. I’d say the same about Stuart Weitzman – I bought my 5050 boots at least 6 or 7 years ago and they’re still in perfect shape! (I do recommend a pair of these inserts to help tall boots retain their shape.)

Apart from having the heel taps replaced every year at the beginning of fall, my boots remain in great shape. I did want to include some more affordable options though, too.

Also! This post is not remotely sponsored but I do have a code for Sarah Flint. Take $50 off your first pair with code SARAHFLINT-GRACE50

My Favorite Fall Boots My Favorite Fall Boots

shop the collage: one // two // three // four // five // six (size up!) // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve

I will say I do avoid knockoffs but a few years ago purchased these Choies boots on Hitha’s recommendation.

I didn’t feel comfortable investing in such a trendy style and they are the perfect running around the city bootie. I’m usually an 8.5 and the 8 is perfect. They had a pretty bad polyurethane smell when they arrived but I aired them out for a few days and they were great. I’ve had mine for three or four years now and they’re still in great shape.

Loeffler Randall boots

These Loeffler Randall boots were a new purchase for Fall.

I wanted a lighter pair of boots to pair with lighter wash denim and bare legs. They are so comfortable, but I definitely recommend sizing up!


photo by Allie Provost.

How Are You Finding Joy Right Now?

How Are You Finding Joy Right Now?

How Are You Finding Joy Right Now?

I thought I’d do another open post today. I’m curious: how are you finding joy right now? I feel like joy is a bit of a commodity these days; replaced by anxiousness, dread, uncertainty… need I go on? My hope is that maybe by sharing our own ways of finding joy, we might inspire one another a little bit. I know I’ve definitely been more on edge than usual and in hearing from a lot of you in the DMs, comments, etc. I know many of you are feeling a lot of the same!

Here are mine!

Last Friday, I took the afternoon off from work. I didn’t have any real plan besides wandering around. I walked up and down 5th Avenue (per usual Cartier is dressed up like a gift!), through Rockefeller Center, and ended up at the MoMA to wander around some more and see some art. Two things that spark a lot of joy for me are a) art (duh) and b) the sensation of having nowhere to be/not being in a rush.

Spotify singalongs and dance parties. Music has been a big one for me. I have been listening to a lot of old happy stuff (think The Monkees, The Beach Boys, Van Morrison, Sonny & Cher, etc.) Taking a break in the day to dance around my apartment sounds so cheesy (and it is a little cheesy!). But it always gives me a boost in mood.

Hanging out with my niece or Facetime with my nephews. They’re just the best.

Candy. Hey. When in doubt, a bite of something sour and chewy works short-term wonders. Just being honest.

Tell me yours in the comments!!!

PS – I really loved our last community post – it was fun reading through everyone’s comments on what work is like right now.

Olay’s New Retinol24 MAX Moisturizer!

Olay Retinol24 MAX Moisturizer Review

Created in partnership with Olay.

There are two things you’ll hear me say a lot here. First, that retinol is the best thing (besides SPF) that you can do for your skin to fight the signs of aging. Second, that if you want skincare that is affordable and high-tech, Olay is where you should look.

You might remember that last year, Olay asked me to review their Retinol24 line. I was really, really impressed with the products and how effective they are, especially at that drugstore price point. You can read my full review but what impressed me most about that line was that the products were so effective, without any irritation! Well this year, they have gone and launched their brand new Retinol24 MAX line, which has 20% more of Olay’s proprietary Retinoid Complex. I don’t want to spoil my review but can say with full confidence that Olay Retinol24 MAX is the best retinol cream on the market at this price point.

Olay Retinol24 MAX Moisturizer Review

The formula is very similar to the original product – it’s just more powerful. At first blush, it would be hard to tell a difference between the two. It’s fragrance-free, cruelty-free, super hydrating, and sinks in immediately. The formula contains Vitamin B3 and Olay’s unique Retinoid Complex which includes two types of retinoids: retinol and retinyl propionate.

I also want to touch on the jar format and product stability, as I got a bunch of questions (for good reason!) last time… I hadn’t ever seen a retinol cream in jar form either so was also curious. Olay did quite a bit of research before launching this product and had the understanding that most of their consumers prefer facial moisturizers (and eye cream) to come in jars, so they invested a lot of research into coming up with a formulation that would keep the retinol stable and potent without special air-tight packaging. They have developed a unique micro-droplet oil-in-water emulsion that keeps the retinol blend stable even in jar packaging.

Olay’s Retinol24 formula now comes in MAX form with 20% more of Olay’s unique Retinoid Complex*. 34% of women currently using a retinol product want their skincare products to be powerful, with maximum potency. Olay packed these fragrance-free formulas with Retinol24’s maximum concentration of hydrators to leave your skin feeling hydrated and replenished. 

Olay Retinol24 MAX Moisturizer Review

My Experience Using Olay Retinol24 MAX:

Testing Experience

First of all, as always, some context. I am 39 years old with dry skin. I am lucky that my skin is pretty well-behaved. But it is definitely starting to show the signs of aging: fine lines, dullness, the occasional rough patch.

I started using this moisturizer on October 9th. I submitted my review to the brand on November 11th, so I had a full month to test it. Then I started out using it every single night but it’s very potent (I definitely felt that it was more intense – in a good way – than the original Retinol24 cream!) Every other night was the sweet spot. I was already an avid retinol user so my skin is used to it but if you are new to retinol I’d definitely recommend starting with 2x a week and working up.

How to use retinol

This is a retinol night cream. I would not recommend using it (or any other retinol product) for daytime. I like to apply it before bedtime. After cleansing and toning, I would apply a generous amount of the cream to my skin. I let it sink in for at least 10 minutes or so. Most nights I didn’t feel like I needed any extra moisturizer (this one is really hydrating) but if my skin was feeling dry I’d pat on face oil over it.

Retinol Benefits – Short Term

In the short term, I felt like my skin was SO soft and hydrated, and immediately brighter and smoother the next day. The cream provides 24 hours of hydration so no waking up with dry, tight skin (this happens to me with some retinols).

The brightness was really really noticeable – I’d wake up glowing! I loved that it wasn’t irritating, too.

Retinol Benefits – Long Term

In the longer term, the formula will visibly smooth wrinkles and fine lines and even out skin tone. Over the month, my skin tone really evened out and fine lines were less noticeable as well.

I have said this before: retinol is not Botox; you won’t see this immediate elimination in fine lines but you will see a softening. Besides the blur in fine lines, my skin was noticeably smoother overall. This is one of the best retinol creams I have tried. I can honestly say that this is the best retinol moisturizer I’ve ever tried at this price point. It’s comparable with most of the more expensive ones I have tried over the years, and I really love the new MAX formula.

Olay Retinol24 MAX Moisturizer Review

Retinol FAQ’s

What is Retinol?

Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative! When it comes to anti-aging ingredients, Retinol is hands down the star ingredient you want to look for.  It works by simultaneously increasing collagen production and accelerating skin renewal.

What does Retinol Do for the Skin?

So what does retinol do??? Using retinol for skin (a moisturizer, or other retinol products like a serum) a few times a week can help accelerate skin renewal, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots; it will refine the skin’s texture, and even out your skin tone.

Olay Retinol24 MAX Moisturizer Review Olay Retinol24 MAX Moisturizer Review the best retinol cream the best retinol cream

photography by Allie Provost.