Weekend Reading | 4.20.19.

Weekend Reading | 4.20.19

I’m back home and so happy to not leave for a while. I will say that I always get a little sad when I leave LA (it’s one of my fav cities and I don’t go enough!!!) but have a lot going on with work so had to come right back. My trip was so much fun and man, I love California (I always say I would totally live there if my whole family weren’t mostly on the East Coast). I managed to squeeze in some friend time, made so many amazing new friends at the #SephoraSquad launch event, and obviously you can’t beat that SUNSHINE!

This weekend I am decompressing. I have a bunch of work to get done and brunch with a few friends… but also some planned/forced relaxation! Happy Passover, and Happy Easter, (if you celebrate either)! PS – we will be announcing our live show dates next week and I AM SO EXCITED.

Weekend Reading | 4.20.19

OMG – this is epic: Ben Affleck as Dunkin Donuts beverages.

For those who asked for a more affordable alternative to the robe in Monday’s post – it’s hard as it’s such a special and unique piece: I love this one, you could wear this dress open, and this sheer plus version is really gorgeous.

Loved and really related to Jess’s post about being an introvert and still being successful.

Six tips for writing more effective to-do lists!

These amazing rainbow sandals are in my cart right now. I almost always regret buying colorful shoes so am really torn… but I have these in gold and they’re so comfy. What do we think!?

I loved this color combo (a few different shades of blue with a pop of red) on Jenn.

How to be single.

If you watched my instagram stories yesterday you know that this is my new favorite mascara.

The beauty of private Facebook groups! (you should totally join The Stripe + Bad on Paper groups, BTW!)

LOVE a good statement skirt.

This cute midi dress just went on sale. Comes in plus sizes too!

So excited for Anna and her new line. I can’t wait til it’s ready to shop!

I’ve gotta stop buying statement earrings but how good are these chiffon drops!? Love.

Congrats to Mackenzie and Will!

From my mom, who is always looking out for us! The updated dirty dozen and clean fifteen (which produce to avoid/buy)

Also from my mom – eeesh… ten items you didn’t know contained plastic.

I ordered + am really excited to read Pete Buttigieg’s book – have you read it?

My best tips for a long flight.

I was SO mad when this Gal Meets Glam dress sold out last year at launch. Really glad they brought it back – I ordered my size (goes up to a 20!) this week. I love the pink one too!

How the hell are those Steve Madden platform slides back!? ALSO THIS ARTICLE WAS EXTREMELY TRIGGERING.

Loved this post about maintaining your friendships as an adult. Having been on the other side of it (watching so many of my friends have babies), it gave me a little empathy.

Speaking of empathy: things I googled this week: empathy vs. sympathy.

You might remember this dress from my vacation but just wanted to remind you of its greatness. And that it comes in plus sizes. It’s surprisingly (for this brand!) true to size – I took a medium and it fits perfectly.

A really thorough post about microblading – I’m dying to try it.

Loved perusing Time’s list of the 100 most influential people.

Yellow becomes my favorite color this time of year so naturally I need this dress.

This came in perfectly handy this week (I was at the Sephora Squad launch party where I knew NO ONE)! The best icebreakers.

Love the subtle rainbow border on this tank!

I really liked reading Krystal’s celery juice post.

Secrets from people who always smell good!

The tortoise handle on this bag makes it feel so unique and special.

The things you should invest in, in your thirties. (I would add a good skincare routine!)

In LOVE with these braided slides!

A Day in Her Life: Molly Farrell.

A Day in Her Life: Molly Farrell

Today’s Day in Her Life feature is incredibly inspiring. After suffering a spinal cord injury 17 years ago, Molly Farrell was paralyzed from the neck down. Doctors gave her a less than 1% chance of walking. But here she is today, walking! Molly has dedicated her life to helping others as a speech-language pathologist – reading her journey (and her typical day) was amazing. I love everything about her feature; but especially her career + life advice. Thank you Molly for sharing a bit of your life with us!!!

The Vitals

Name: Molly Farrell

Age: 29

City: Chicago

Job Title + Company: Speech- Language Pathologist at an elementary school

Educational Background: I majored in Communicative Sciences and Disorders at Saint Mary’s College for undergraduate and then, I received a Master’s in Speech- Language Pathology from Northern Illinois University.

Tell us a little bit about you and what you do.

Seventeen years ago, I suffered a spinal cord injury during a swimming accident, which left me paralyzed from my neck down.

The doctors told my family that I had less than a 1% chance of ever walking again. However, today I am walking! I am an almost 30-year-old woman (scary!) walking with crutches just trying to live the best life possible!

I am a speech-language pathologist in an elementary school during the day and at night; I am either working out at the gym, participating in physical therapy and/or working on my new passion project – an adaptive fashion Instagram account that I started in the fall – @all.fashion.able.

How did you get started? Briefly walk us through from college to now?

After my accident, I knew I wanted to do something with my life to help others. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I know that my accident didn’t happen by chance, but happened for a bigger purpose.

Through my recovery journey, I have spent several hours participating in different types of physical and occupational therapies. I have traveled all over the country to different facilities to try new therapies. Over time, I realized the impact that all of my therapists have had on my life and I realized that I wanted to help others like each of them helped me. So, I began my journey as a Communicative Sciences and Disorders major at Saint Mary’s College.

During my first class, the professor read a quote to us that immediately struck me and has stayed with me all of these years later. She read, “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” Right then and there, I knew I was in the right place. I continued on with my studies, and applied for graduate programs. After I finished grad school, I applied for a job as a Speech- Language Pathologist in an elementary school and have been working there for the past five years!


Best part of your job?

The best part of my job is hands down, the kiddos I get to work with every day. Their smiles and bright eyes welcome me each day as I teach them and help them improve their communication. They make all the paperwork and long hours worth it!

Hardest part?

I work in a lower socioeconomic area and the struggles and hardships that the students go through each day are heart breaking. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have what I do and it inspires me to be the best version of myself for them every day so that they have something positive in their lives.

 Molly Farrell on the blog

A Day in Her Life.

When do you get up?

I set my alarm for 6 AM every morning, but lets be honest, I hit ‘snooze’ until 6:15 and then, I’m up and at ‘em!

Tell us about your morning routine.

First thing first, I hop in the shower. I have to shower in the morning- it wakes me up and helps me feel ready to tackle the day. After showering, I comb my hair out and let it air dry. I like to do this during the week to try and reduce the amount of heat I use on it. I use the Davines products for my hair every day and absolutely love them! Davines is a great company that is all about sustainability and the beauty of diversity.

Next, I get dressed. I always lay my outfit out the night before because I am definitely not a morning person! I actually set out my breakfast and pack my lunch the night before as well. I mean the less you have to do in the morning the better, right?! Once I’m dressed, I do my make-up and then I’m out the door!! I have a thirty-minute commute to my school so I always like to leave my place with enough time.

I use the Davines products for my hair every day and absolutely love them!

Walk us through your full day and what that looks like.

6:00- 6:15: Wake up!

6:15- 7:20: Shower, dress, eat breakfast and leave for work.

7:50- 3:30: I arrive at work and get organized for the day. I power up my laptop and answer any emails I may have. Next, I make sure all of the materials I’m using for therapy that day are ready to go. My day consists of seeing 9- 11 groups of students for a half hour each. I typically work with groups of 3-4 kiddos at a time and we work on different skills depending on the needs of the students. I mostly work on different grammar concepts, listening comprehension tasks, articulation strategies, and social skills! I love being a Speech-Language Pathologist and feel so lucky to have found this career.

4:15- 6:00: Work out at the gym or participate in physical therapy.

6:00- 9:00: Depending on the day, I will either make dinner at home and relax or head out to meet friends for dinner and drinks!  Lately, I have been spending a lot of time researching adaptive fashion and working on developing my new Instagram account. It is something I have always wanted to do and I have really enjoyed being able to share my story and resources with others who are living with spinal cord injuries or similar disabilities.

9:00- 10:30: Start getting ready for bed and snuggle up to watch old re-runs of Friends!

Day in Her Life series

What’s your bedtime routine like?

During the week, I start getting ready for bed around 9 o’clock, which is pretty early, but I want to make sure I get enough sleep. After I’ve brushed my teeth and washed my face, I write in my 5-Minute Journal. I’ve always tried to keep a journal, but fail every time.

What I love about this journal is that it’s all set up for you and all you have to do is fill it in. My favorite part of the journal is the section called “3 Amazing things that happened today.” I love this because it reminds me of something I used to do with my mom right after my accident. After I was injured, my mom and I would write in a notebook each night. 

We would write down 3 things that we were grateful for that day. It could be big moments like taking my first steps after being told that I would never walk again or little moments like having a good hair day. I loved doing this with my mom every night because it helped me stay positive during such a trying time and I still love to do it because it reminds me of all the wonderful things in my life!

When you have a big meeting or moment, what is your go to uniform?

I definitely have a preppy style, but with a twist! I love to keep it classic, but fun! I would say my go to uniform is a nice pair of black pants and a fun shirt with an unexpected detail – who doesn’t love a bow or a few ruffles!?

Quick & Random:

Favorite social media channel?

Instagram…I recently started an adaptive fashion Instagram account to share ideas and life hacks for others who are going through similar things I have and who are living with similar injuries. Give me a follow @all.fashion.able

What are your favorite blogs and Instagram follows (besides The Stripe, of course!)?

Carly the Prepster – This was one of the first blogs I ever started following and I feel like Carly and I could be besties- we just don’t know each other!

Hello Adams Family – Liz is another Chicagoan and has the cutest little family!!

Atlantic-Pacific – Obsessed with everything Blair Eadie.

Favorite Podcasts?

How I Built This – I love listening to how different entrepreneurs get started- it’s so inspiring.

Arm Chair Expert with Dax Shepard – Ever since Parenthood, I have loved Dax Shepard and his podcast is such a fun and interesting listen!

Favorite Show to Binge?


Best Career Advice You’ve Received?

My advice applies to one’s career and life. The best advice I’ve received was to NEVER give up! No matter what challenge you are facing, keep fighting and do not give up. People will doubt, but you need to believe in yourself and prove them wrong!

Where do you get your inspiration?

My parents…since my accident, my parents have been by my side through everything. They have given up so much of their lives to help me get to where I am today. My parents push me every day to do my best and they have never given up hope. They inspire me to live each day to the fullest and to never stop believing in myself.


Your all time, desert island favorite beauty product.

Lanolips 101 ointment! I love this stuff!! It’s true what they say; there really are “101 Usages!” You can use it on chapped lips, dry skin, elbows, anything!! Love it!

Previous Day in Her Life segments: Beverly Hart // Camille Vinogrodav

photography by Jessica Schroeder.

Green on Green.

Green on Green Outfit
coat // dress // pumps // bag

Hi from LA! This was the quickest little work trip ever and now I’m heading back home today. But wow… last night’s Sephora Squad launch party was so, so cool. I met so many incredible people from all over the country and cannot wait to get to know them better! Having been doing this for nine years it’s rare to go to a party and not know any of the other bloggers/influencers but that was the case last night which actually ended up pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me be a little more social. I ended up making so many new friends! It was such a special, amazing evening and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the “squad!”

My dress is from Universal Standard. I LOVE this brand. They’re truly inclusive (offering a size 0-40!) and make beautiful, high quality clothing. When I saw the emerald green dress I was, of course, smitten. Green is my favorite color and I really like layering different shades of green (especially army green with emerald green) together as it’s an unexpected take on monochromatic (I like doing this with varying shades of blue too!)

Outfit Details: Michael Kors Trench (wearing a small, plus option here and while not a trench, I love this!) // gifted Universal Standard Dress // Sarah Flint Heels (take $50 off your first pair with code GRACE50) // Palmgrens Bag (a FAV – if you have been reading here a while, // Celine Sunglasses (my exact pair)

Green on Green Outfit by The Stripe Grace is wearing a Green on Green Outfit Grace is wearing Sarah Flint Heels Grace is wearing a Universal Standard Dress Grace is wearing a Universal Standard Dress Palmgrens Bag Grace is wearing a Green Universal Standard Dress Grace is wearing a Green Universal Standard Dress A Green Outfit on the blog

The Theft is Real. ;)

I just love our little conversations in the Facebook group.

I was getting a lot of funny DM’s about from many of you whose partners were stealing your ice rollers and so I wondered… What else are these boys (or girls!) stealing!?! I posted the question to the group and WOW. For the record I am presently single but still can 100% relate – my best guy friend who watches Tyrion used up all my favorite goop body wash, loves all my charcoal mud masks (especially this one) and dismantled my Clarisonic over the summer – OH BOYS. Your responses were so funny to read. The ice roller is definitely a boyfriend/husband/guy friend favorite… but there were some stranger ones in there too! A few of me had me actually laughing out loud; making me look slightly crazy on the plane yesterday.

Also before I go any further, my bathroom shelves above are these Command ledges. I have posted them 1,000,000 times and always get asked about them so am trying to get ahead of that. (And yes, they stay up – mine have been up for two years!)

Boyfriend Beauty

Biore Pore Strips – these were a hot topic and probably the most frequently stolen item! Everyone had something to say aboutit.

Undereye gel masks – reader Elizabeth wrote that her boyfriend loves the Shiseido ones (fancypants!) and said, “of course, I tried to fob him off on the cheaper amazon ones, and he was having none of it.” LOL.

Weleda Skin Food – this was the second most frequently stolen item, which surprised me! And because it’s such a small tube, you guys are constantly repurchasing this one! The hilarious complaint was that your guy puts it EVERYWHERE. Betsy wrote in, “My husband has stolen my Skin Food so often I now I have to buy him his own. He continues to say he is “borrowing” mine, but it’s his.” (Sidebar: if you haven’t tried the new(er) Light Skin Food, it’s divine!)

Eye cream is another big one. And sometimes it makes men do their research. “My husband always steals eye cream! We’re using the Clark’s one you recommended and one night he came into bed to tell me the benefits of retinol he found from googling hahaha.”

Reader Dina has a fancypants husband. “My husband went from using only CeraVe cleanser a few years ago to having a full on regiment! He steals my Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser and Good Genes daily. Also uses my Retin A and BR Masque Vivant. We mask together now! I hide my Augustinus Bader in my top drawer so he doesn’t know it exists, too valuable!!!” (yas girl, my ex started using my Dr. Bader and I was like NO.

As does Gina. “I created a bit of a monster…the hubby now likes the La Mer face wash (so I bought him his own), the Clarisonic (has his own now), anything Living Proof, Ouai leave-in-conditioner, and any moisturizer I let him use!

Or sometimes they’re more subtle. This made me laugh: Kaye wrote, “One of my favorite husband moments was when he walked out of the bathroom looking stressed and asked “did you know we’re running low on Milky Jelly?

The consensus was that Kiehl’s is a favorite because guys think it looks manly.

A surprising one? LUSH bath bombs! LOL. Also, THREE of you told me your hubs requested silk pillowcases and eye masks after sleeping with yours!

Or they go for your expensive shampoos + conditioner, claiming that they like the smell of your hair. A likely story: “my head and shoulders buying husband keeps using my Oribe Shampoo because he loves the smell of my hair.”

Oribe was another hot topic. One of the funniest things you guys reported was (Lanci!) a husband who thought the Oribe texturizing spray was a home product and used it like ROOM SPRAY, spraying the couch. I cried reading that one.

It seems product misuse is an epidemic. Angie wrote that “My boyfriend thinks anything in my bathroom can be used as hair gel. After using a massive gollip of $100 face cream on his hair, he has now finally learned to ask first. His current fav is to use Victoria’s Secret lotion as hair gel because this is allowed.” LOL.

Not everyone gets to share their product stash, though… Reader Sara wrote, “I wish my boyfriend would use my products!! I got him using a men’s branded Kiehl’s face wash (was using a really harsh Clean & Clear previously) but he stubbornly refuses any other skin care products.

Or some of you have to be forceful. Lisa wrote:”Man I wish my husband would steal some moisturizer. I’ve resorted to sneaking up on him and slapping some on his face when he looks really dry.”

LOL.This was a lot of fun. Tell me what your S/O is stealing in the comments!

The Ultimate Combo for Glowing Skin!

The Ultimate Combo for Glowing Skin

It’s no secret that I love Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask. I have talked about this mask time and time and time again and it is one of my all time favorite masks + holy grail beauty products. The reason that I love it so much is that it gently exfoliates and firms your skin… leaving you super glowy. It will actually change the texture of your skin without any irritation. (It would be fine right before a big date or event).

WELL. I had a meeting with Tara Foley (the CEO of Follain) a few weeks ago and she blew my mind. We were talking about holy grail favs and she asked me if I’d ever tried layering the resurfacing mask OVER her regenerating cleanser. I hadn’t… I mean, it seemed like a kind of strange combination… why would I think to even do that!?

So I went home and tried it and this is now my most favorite favorite skincare trick ever. Massage the regenerating cleanser into your skin (it’s like a really gentle face scrub) and then layer the resurfacing mask over that. Leave it on til both dry (about twenty minutes or so) and then massage the entire mixture off. Take it off slowly (the grains in the cleanser/scrub will manually exfoliate) and you will be a GLOWING GODDESS.

This is the best trick ever and I just had to share it here, especially as it involves two products that I already have and own. Do it, do it, do it!!!

photo by Carter Fish.