The Art of the Bath.

If you have been following me for a long time now, you know that I’m a bit bath-obsessed. I take one nearly every night. Drawing a bath is an essential part of my wind-down from the day (during quarantine it’s helped me separate work from relaxation!) and less about getting clean than doing something nice for myself. I love the bath. There’s nothing better after a long day of work, a hard workout, or just because.

I have quite a roster of favorite soaks and bathing accoutrements but a new favorite from earlier in the year has been J.R. Watkins Bath Elixirs. They smell amazing (there are three scent profiles: Awaken, Detox, and Sleep) Each scent is designed to offer you a tailored experience based on what your mind and body need most and THEY ARE NOT MESSY AT ALL which I absolutely love. A lot of soaks can be so messy, leaving behind a salty or grainy residue. That doesn’t stop me from using them but it’s really such a treat to not have to clean the bath tub after bathing. Because there’s nothing worse than having to scrub your tub after you’ve reached peek relaxation.

J.R. Watkins is a natural, personal care brand crafted with non-toxic, plant-based formulas. They’re also really reasonably priced at just $14.99 (and you get several soaks per bottle – I have a heavy hand and would say one bottle lasts me about 8 baths).

Also: if you head to my instagram stories today, I’ll be giving one lucky winner a $200 gift card to spend at J.R. Watkins! Besides the bath elixirs they have a ton of other incredible bath and body products.

My Top Five Bath Essentials:

one // these soaks, of course! I really like all of them but the Detox (ginger, witch hazel, and chamomile) is my personal favorite. That was my introduction to the brand (last winter) and I’m still loyal. But Sleep (soothing lavender chamomile) and Awaken (coriander, bergamot & chamomile) are lovely too! It’s nice that there’s one for every need.

two // wine.  Is there really any explanation necessary here?

three // a big glass of lemon water. You’re going to sweat in the tub (especially if you use the Detox one!) and you absolutely must drink a lot of water, especially if you’re having wine! I sound like a parent but hydration is important.

four // an unputdownable book. Something that has you unable to concentrate on anything else! Check out my books page for more recs – I recommend sorting by grade and any of the A+ picks will be perfect for bath time. For a thriller my top picks would be Verity, The Last Flight, or anything by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen or Liv Constantine. For romance I’d say The Idea of You or One To Watch or anything by Christina Lauren.

five // a cold wash cloth. I always forget about it but it’s definitely nice to have, especially for a longer soak. I’ve taken to keeping a few damp washcloths in the freezer and it’s always nice during a long soak!

A bath tray is great too… it’s nice having a place to securely hold (multiple haha) beverages, a book, and anything else you may want for your soak. I bought mine a few years ago and it sold out but this one appears to be identical!

I wanted to mention J.R. Watkins’ In-Shower Mists too, as these are a great way to add the spa-like experience to your shower. Just add a few spritzes to running water for a heavenly scent experience! My personal favorite of these is AWAKEN as that’s usually what I’m trying to do when I get in the shower!

Sponsored by J.R. Watkins // photography by Allie Provost.

This Week’s Good Things, 9.21.20.

This Weeks Good Things 9.21.20

Hi! How was your weekend? The trench + dress above are from my upcoming Amazon the Drop collection. It’s crazy how quickly we’ve moved here. We finalized the line last Tuesday afternoon and I had shoots Thursday, Friday, yesterday, and today to get it all ready for you. I’m really excited for this one. There will be more nightgown dresses but also a trench (above!), and some fun separates that all mix and match really well together.

This weekend was really just CALM, which is what I had wanted. It was a challenging week of work and I was absolutely gutted to learn of RBG’s passing on Friday. Kerry Washington put it best: “Her rest is earned. It is our turn to fight.” To cope, I put on a silly movie and took a very long bath. That kind of set the tone for the rest of the weekend. A little bit somber and very peaceful + quiet.

I devoured The Roommate in what felt like a matter of hours. I liked it but did not love it. We’ll talk about that more when I do my monthly reading list, but I would still recommend it, especially if you want something steamy and fun… a good distraction from everything happening in the world. Speaking of distractions, I have quite a few for you this week. I hope you enjoy this little list of good things.

This Week’s Good Things 9.21.20



Tie-dye has become the ubiquitous uniform of quarantine but I’m loving Quaranteeees (yes there are four e’s, I had to count!) because of their use of neutrals. I have a ton of bold, bright tie-dye but I’m really into this more understated color palette. The founder, Brianna Amoroso had some unforeseen career changes in NYC (thanks COVID), moved home to her parents’ house in New Jersey, and launched the brand to give herself a creative outlet AND make a little bit of a difference. They donate 10% of all proceeds to Operation Food Fight. I love the black reverse tie-dye and the biscotti marble tie-dye!

Fast Times at Ridgemont High Table-Read

Did you guys see this? This was one of my most favorite classic movies as a teen – can you believe it came out 38 years ago, in 1982! And wow the cast is incredible: Morgan Freeman (narrating, of course), Jennifer Aniston (and Brad Pitt), Julia Roberts, Henry Golding (such a crush), Jimmy Kimmel, and more! I died laughing seeing all my fav actors and actresses playing a bunch of high school students (and it was fun seeing so many big celebs all casual on Zoom). They did it to benefit CORE (founded by Sean Penn, the OG) and their COVID-19 relief efforts. If you watch and enjoy, text CORE to 707070 (or learn more here!)

Michelle Armas

Michelle Armas

Michelle Armas is an abstractionist painter based in Decatur, Georgia. I found out about her from my sister and quickly became obsessed. She’s a favorite follow on Instagram and there’s more of her work on her website and beautiful blog. I’ve really loved her recent totem paintings (and the colorful lucite frames she uses, too!). My sister has a few of her pieces and they are even more incredible in person. And even better yet, she sells her prints on Etsy which is amazing as not everyone can afford an original! Get ready to want them all.

ROAM Suitcase

ROAM Suitcase

Just before the pandemic hit, ROAM very generously offered to let me design one of their custom suitcases. ROAM makes beautiful luggage but the best part is that you can customize it to make your own perfect, one-of-a-kind suitcase, even choosing the colors of the zippers and wheels! I went with primary colors and love mine. I brought it up to the Finger Lakes with me last weekend (first real trip in ages) and it was perfect. Definitely would recommend if you are in the market for new luggage and want something fun! (If you need inspiration, check out their gallery for ideas.)

This Weeks Good Things 9.21.20

Dusen Dusen Newness

I LOVE Dusen Dusen. We’ve talked about them a bunch here but just love everything they do. Their towels are so much fun (I have a few of their hand towels in my bathroom). I of course love stripes but their take on stripes is just the best… fun, punchy, and colorful! The color palette on this towel in particular… SO SO good. Also, they just launched bathrobes! Love it all.

A Sale at Tory Burch

A Sale at Tory Burch

Tory Burch is doing her Fall event! Take 20% off orders of $200 or more, or 30% off orders of $500 or more with code FALL. Tory Sport has become one of my absolute favs for workout gear. They have so many good matching sets. I have been really proud of myself for getting all my workouts in this month and treated myself to this shibori sports bra and the matching leggings.

photo of me by Carter Fish.

Weekend Reading, 9.19.20.

Weekend Reading, 9.19.20.

Happy weekend! This photo is from last weekend at our little “camp” in the Finger Lakes. I got a few questions about our rental, here’s the link! I got a lot of questions about what we did, etc. but we stayed at the property the whole time, opting to cook vs. eat out. Between the pandemic and three kids under the age of five that felt like the right choice. How was your week? I have definitely been running on empty and feeling a bit depleted so have earmarked this weekend as a selfish weekend. I’m planning on holing up and reading at least two books, making my air fryer bagels, doing a bunch of (at home) yoga, and just loading up on quiet time.

As an introvert this is definitely how I recharge my batteries and I am very excited for to be super lame, lazy, and cozy. Also, who watched the Paris Hilton Documentary? I watched it and really enjoyed it. It gave me a lot more respect for her. PS – if you missed it yesterday, make sure you enter my cashmere giveaway! Excited about that one.

Weekend Reading, 9.19.20

Oh wow, this DIY breakfast nook turned out so well. The rattan basket light is GENIUS.

I ordered this stripe sweater this week and can’t wait for it to come. Looks so perfectly cozy.

The most stunning homes in Marrakech.

Recipes for one.

Such a chic neutral blazer.

Five ways to feel more relaxed.

Chassity has such incredible taste. I want literally every single thing in this roundup she posted.

I’m really excited for Obama’s next book.

The sheer sleeves on this Madewell tee are so chic! Like a more understated version of my fav Sea blouse. Also: these chain earrings.

Loved this positive piece about things Krystal’s fallen in love with this summer.

What’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to you? (Loved reading the comments too.)

I bought this cardigan to style with the pants from my Amazon collection and love it. It feels so much more expensive and luxe than its price tag.

Helena had a great Q&A with her interior designer.

What a pretty polka dot mini dress.

Congratulations, Carly!!!!

Here are some easy at home recipes to make if you’ve got cooking fatigue.

This Sea dress:

So, so pretty.

Books about sisters.

Love a good tunic sweater.

Very curious to try Covergirl’s next big thing.

The right way to get rid of blackheads.

Super into this cozy sweater dress. Those sleeves!

I love the idea of “making under” your home.

How to help Oregon.

Oh I want this plush pullover – so cozy lookng.

This Soho loft is chic, chic, chic!

Distraught to hear this news about YoungerWe need more! Much more!

The perfect sweater duster at a great price.

Healthy soup recipes.

How chic is this little white top?

The best costumes for cats. Oh boy, sorry Tyrion.

Have you snagged one of Jess’s cute VOTE tees yet?


Cozy Cashmere Picks for Fall + Giveaway!

Cozy Cashmere Picks for Fall + Giveaway!

I have been an enormous fan of NAADAM ever since last winter when I purchased their cashmere track suit in forest green for all of my airplane travel (remember planes!?). What was supposed to be my “flying suit” quickly became my everything suit… it’s so comfortable that I didn’t want to take it off, ever! (Seriously though I had a lot of airplane travel and long flights last winter, flying in a cashmere hoodie, joggers, and socks made my back of plane seat feel like first class!) And while I am focusing on other products today I would be remiss to point out that the set is back in stock this year – it sold out pretty quickly last year so if you’ve had your eye on it, I’d recommend purchasing now!

Cozy Cashmere Picks for Fall + Giveaway!

Today I’m excited to partner with NAADAM to show you some of my favorite new arrivals for Fall. The pieces are so good. Super soft, ultra cozy, and YES… there are new matching sets! I could go on and on about this brand (and I will!) but you should also know that they’ve given me a discount code: GRACE15 will get you 15% off sitewide. Some exclusions apply. Also the brand runs very true to size – I’m wearing a medium in everything. I do find that some of their sweaters are on the shorter size, so if you are busty or have a long torso you may want to size up.

LASTLY – one lucky winner will receive $250 to spend at NAADAM! Scroll to the bottom of the post and enter using the widget!

Cozy Cashmere Picks for Fall + Giveaway!

NAADAM gets its ethically-sourced, sustainable cashmere from Mongolia. 

Known as “the world’s fairest cashmere.” The other materials they use (wool, cotton, silk, modal), are sustainably-made. You can read more about their sustainability efforts HERE. Also their new ad campaign is so irreverent and funny; a play on “bad” reviews.

I adore this cozy oversized turtleneck and plan to wear it a LOT this winter, so get ready to be sick of it.  It’s slightly cropped (I do have a long torso) so it’s perfect styled with anything high-waisted. I paired this sweater with my cream cropped jeans but a few other ways I plan to wear it: with mom jeans, tucked into skirts…. and layered over a mini dress with over the knee boots.

Cozy Cashmere Picks for Fall + Giveaway!
oversized turtleneck

Cozy Cashmere Picks for Fall + Giveaway! Cozy Cashmere Picks for Fall + Giveaway!

The next thing we need to talk about is this cozy cashmere tee. It’s the perfect layering piece. I love it styled with a blazer (above), on its own with jeans (below), or doubled up on cashmere with the wide leg cashmere pants from the bottom of the post. The best way to think about this tee and how to wear it is to just swap it in place of your favorite t-shirt for a luxe little upgrade.

high-low turtleneck and cropped cashmere pants.
turtleneck, wide leg pants

Last but not least, my new matching set:

the high-low turtleneck and cropped cashmere pants. Oh my, it does not get any better… I cannot recommend this enough. It’s so versatile and SO soft. I wore it hanging around this past weekend at the lake house (I’d wanted to snap a pick but three kids under 5 = not much time for blog photos, ha!) but it’s equally perfect lounging at home, running around the city, OR (someday!) for travel. It’s so chic and feels like wearing a giant hug.

high-low turtleneck and cropped cashmere pants.


high-low turtleneck and cropped cashmere pants.

For an extra entry, after completing the widget above, comment below with what you would buy!

high-low turtleneck and cropped cashmere pants.

Photography by Allie Provost. Created in partnership with NAADAM

A Few Things I’m Loving Right Now.

A Few Things Im Loving Right Now
mask // dress // bag // heels

Hi! Just popping in with a fun little list with some things I’m loving right now. Pretty dresses and comfy cozy things… and (of course) a slew of beauty products! It’s a kinda random mish mosh of things but that’s the best kind of list in my book.

A Few Things I’m Loving Right Now

On the more random front, two things I have been loving and am going to do separate, in-depth posts about are Haus Apertifs and my Theragun. I get the absolute worst knots in my shoulders and neck and the Theragun has been such a godsend for that. It is so incredibly effective and I love the mobile app (it’s cool because it controls the gun, giving you little routines to do). Again I will do a proper review but I’m still learning all the ways to use it (right now I do my neck and traps, my IT band, and my hips). As for Haus, the apertifs are delicious and if you’re bringing a bottle over a friend’s outdoor space, they make for fun spritzes (and they’re always a conversation starter as the flavor profiles are so unique and special).

Also everything Ulla J0hnson’s been doing lately is just SO GOOD. This dress is very high on my wish list, I really need it to go on sale! I love her.

A Few Things Im Loving Right Now A Few Things Im Loving Right Now

shop the post: one // two (wearing a small in the photo above) // three // four // five / six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen

Recent Jewelry Favs

Brinker & Eliza: I LOVE this brand. Such incredible jewels. Their showstopper necklace has become one of my most worn necklaces. I love how bold (but lightweight it is!!!!). The matching bracelet is gorgeous as well.

Alphabet Beads: I love layering these alphabet bracelets from BaubleBar with my more expensive jewelry for a casual look.

Asha: I have loved Asha for a while (I have one of her charm necklaces too) but I get stopped and asked about these earrings every time I wear them. They’re exquisite… and they remind me a bit of lotus flowers.

Cozy Cozy Things

I did a giveaway with Chappywrap and to say thank you they sent me the green plaid blanket I’d been eyeing. Truly just the coziest comfiest blanket ever. My only complaint is that when I read with it I always fall asleep! It’s the best blanket.

This Amazon hoodie is so soft, too. Very very cozy and just a great fit. It’s men’s sizing but I took my usual size for an oversized and comfy fit.

pretty eye glitter palette

On the Beauty Front

If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been playing around with this pretty palette. It’s so good. Perfect for an ethereal wash of shimmer and color. I absolutely love it. The key things I’ve found in getting the glitter to stay put have been to use Urban Decay’s primer first and also a wet shadow brush.

This eye cream – WOW. It’s magic. Review to come but it is the most effective eye cream I’ve tried when it comes to zapping bags and crepey skin under my eyes. The results are temporary but it’s so effective – I might love it as much as I love Dr. Bader.

I always forget how much I love Caudalie’s beauty elixir but it’s truly such a wonderful product.

Tarte! Shape Tape concealer has been a godsend for my dark circles, and I love the Maracuja juicy lip – it’s like gloss but in a convenient little stick. I have a code through the end of September with them (Grace15 gets you 15% off!)

Imogene Babydoll Minidress

photo by Carter Fish (beauty products) and Allie Provost (tan dress).