My Favorite Fancy Sandals!

Sarah Flint Joy Sandals

It’s no secret that Sarah Flint makes my most favorite shoes! During pre-COVID times I was out and about 4-5x a week… back then, a night at home was a TREAT! And almost always, I’d be wearing a Sarah Flint heel. Her perfect pumps and sandals are my tried and tested, holy grail, can actually walk in them favorites. I’m still amazed by how comfortable they are. Whether it was running around for a podcast live show and meet + greet after, running around the city for meetings, or walking to the subway and then going to an event where I’d be standing for a couple hours, Sarah Flint’s heels never let me down.

Sarah Flint Joy Sandals

In these newer times, I am ALWAYS HOME and am fairly certain my high heels miss me. (Did you see that meme, “my shoes think I’m dead!”?) and I miss them. That being said, I have a new go-to… these gold flat Joy sandals from Sarah Flint. Now, social interaction looks more like grabbing a to-go cocktail or food and then sitting out in my patio with a friend or two. Or spending the afternoon reading in the sunshine. It’s a little bit hilarious that I feel “dressed up” wearing these, but I do! As with all of Sarah Flint’s heels, they are supremely comfortable and the quality is fantastic! (Another flat sandal she makes is the Grear – I love the ankele wrap and the saddle!)

PS – Take $50 off your first order from Sarah Flint with my code, SARAHFLINT-GRACE50.

(And once we’re back in our high heels… I cannot recommend the Perfect Pump enough!)

Sarah Flint Joy Sandals

The Joy Sandal fits true to size. I am an 8.5 and take a 39 in every single Sarah Flint style. If you’re between sizes, size up!

The straps are made from soft metallic Nappa leather and the shoe features a leather lining and insole. As with all of Sarah’s shoes, they’re handcrafted in Italy.

Sarah Flint Joy Sandals Sarah Flint Joy Sandals Sarah Flint Joy Sandals fancy gold sandals

photography by Allie Provost, created in partnership with Sarah Flint.

This Week’s Good Things, 6.29.20.

byredo sundazed, my happy fragrance

Happy Monday! But also: how are we already to the end of June? Somehow time keeps moving along even though the days can feel very, very slow. I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was very chill but the highlight was going to Aurora with two girlfriends for dinner al fresco. Honestly it was just the best to be waited on, have someone make a drink for me, and eat food that someone else cooked! I spent time with my niece, I napped both days… I can’t complain. It was great! I cannot believe that this coming Saturday is the 4th of July! This feels bittersweet as of course the 4th is a time I usually go somewhere or do something fun. I’m definitely missing Cape Cod. And Charleston. And my parents. But I’m thinking of maybe inviting a few friends over for patio cocktails and sunshine.

In unrelated news, I have been wearing Byredo Sundazed almost every day. I find that fragrance can be so emotional and this  is definitely my happy fragrance – something I put on whenever I need a little mood elevator. A little bit of citrus, a little bit orange blossom… wearing it makes me think of summers on Cape Cod – specifically that time of day at the beach when you’ve stayed there all day and the sun is starting to set and it’s time for dinner. Maybe you stay and watch the sunset and open a bottle of wine. Ahhhh… can you tell I miss the beach!?

This Week’s Good Things 6.29.20

This week’s list of good things is a fun list. An amazing newsletter, a fantastic cookie recipe, + some cool small businesses that I think you will really love.

This Weeks Good Things 6.29.20

Aesthetically Pleasing Snacks

I promise I don’t choose my snacks because of their packaging (I mean, goldfish… combos… you KNOW THIS). But I came across Dada Daily and was absolutely smitten by their packaging and branding (and Instagram page!)… and the snacks sound pretty delicious! All of their snacks are vegan and gluten-free (I am not either of these things but I do love a healthy snack!) and I’m especially intrigued by the cheesy cauliflower popcorn florets, the lemony rose bars, and the crispy almond butter brussels sprouts. I have some on their way to me and will report back!

Hopper from Home!

Okay this is really cool! My friends at The Whitney (my fav museum here in New York) just launched an initiative called “Hopper from Home.” Edward Hopper is one of the best-known artists in The Whitney’s collection and their graphic design team made coloring sheets from some of his iconic works!

Here’s how it works (and it’s FREE!) Go here, print out a PDF to color the Hopper work of your choosing, and color it in! So relaxing, and a fun way to make a mini masterpiece at home. If you do it you can share on social using #HopperFromHome.

This Weeks Good Things 6.29.20

An anti-racism newsletter!

If you know me, you know I love a good email newsletter. I found about Anti-Racism Daily via last week’s Girls’ Night In newsletter (another favorite email newsletter of mine). It was created by Nicole Cardoza with the intention of dismantling system racism over time; and making it a practice that we can do every day – the work doesn’t end after the protests!

In her words, each email will include one urgent, tactical action you can do that day; insights on the systemic and interpersonal practices that uphold white supremacy and systems of oppression, and lear and tangible resources to support your education. I signed up on Friday.

This Weeks Good Things 6.29.20

These peanut butter cookies!

I made these vegan peanut butter cookies this week and they are an absolute DELIGHT. So yummy and peanut butter-y and n0t dry at all. YUM. LOVE. (Again, not a vegan, I love cheese too much – and meat every now and then… but I do cook a lot of vegan recipes, mostly because they are easy and delicious and generally easier on my stomach.) Pro-tip for all my fellow single gals. Make the dough and freeze it in balls so that you can make one or two cookies at a time!

fun pop-culture socks

Such fun pop-culture socks!

OK I love these pop culture inspired socks from BooSocki! The cool cats & kittens pack is obviously my favorite but these banana socks and these quarantine queen socks are also pretty great. The quarantine socks really speak to my soul in particular… they would make an excellent gift for a friend who needs a fun pick-me-up!

Celia B

Celia B

When I stumbled across this designer, my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. I’m not exaggerating. She makes the most gorgeous dresses, in vibrant colors and patterns. And a cool use of texture (I love all the trims!). WOW. And while not inexpensive, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the pieces (for a slow fashion, smaller brand) were priced rather reasonably. My favorites from her most recent collection are this dress and this dress. She also has a beautiful instagram page and I’d also encourage you to check out the sale section of her site as there are a lot of good things in there as well!

Fleurs de Prairie Seeds of Beauty.

Fleurs de Prairie Seeds of Beauty

I could not be more excited to share that I will be working with Fleurs de Prairie on a really exciting initiative: their Seeds of Beauty Campaign. Being able to be a part of it warms my heart and makes me so happy. Besides the obvious (I LOVE THIS WINE), what I love most about it is the mission behind the campaign: women helping women!

Fleurs de Prairie Seeds of Beauty

If you are not familiar with Fleurs de Prairie, it is an absolutely amazing rosé from Provence. It’s so bright and refreshing (and not too sweet) with delicate flavors of strawberry, rose petals, and herbs. The name directly translates to “wildflowers,” a tribute to a tribute to the beautiful fields of wisteria, lavender, poppy and sunflowers that dot the hillsides of Provence.

Fleurs de Prairie is on a mission to help make the world a more beautiful place. As a part of that, they have something called their Seeds of Beauty campaign, which aims to celebrate female creatives by providing them with financial support and mentorship. So beginning this week, the brand invites female-owned small businesses to apply for seed grants by sharing what their business is and how they spread beauty in their own unique way.

It’s really so easy to enter and if you are a (female!) small business owner, I would encourage you to apply. Fleurs de Prairie will select three women who embody the brand’s mission. And supply them with $5,000 grants to help fund their company. They will also receive mentorship. (I’m delighted to share that I will be one of the mentors!)

You can enter right this way, the deadline to apply is August 31, 2020!

Fleurs de Prairie Seeds of Beauty

A few important FAQ’s!

Who can apply?

The contest is open to legal U.S. residents of the 48 Contiguous United States and the District of Columbia, who are 21 years of age or older at time of entry.

Do I need a business plan to enter?

No! A business plan is not required. The judges will simply be looking for more information about their goals for the company and how the $5,000 grant would assist them in achieving these objectives.

When will the winners be chosen?

Here are some important key dates to keep in mind. I will be posting about these dates on my social media as well!!!!

  • 8/31/20 – deadline to apply!
  • 9/15/20 – Top 10 finalists will be notified.
  • 9/21/20 – 9/28/20 – Voting period on social media
  • 10/5/20 – 3 winners will be notified!

Fleurs de Prairie Fleurs de Prairie Fleurs de Prairie Seeds of Beauty Seeds of Beauty campaign Seeds of Beauty campaign Seeds of Beauty campaign

photography by Allie Provost; created in partnership with Fleurs de Prairie!

Weekend Reading, 6.27.20.

Weekend Reading 6.27.20

Hello, hello, how was your week? It’s been exciting to get back in a good groove with work (and shoot with a real photographer again – safely, outside). The biggest news is that I had a call with Amazon and will be moving forward with a second collection this Fall. Based on the success of this past one, we’ll order more fabric to make MORE! Fall nightgowns are COMING!

Anyway, I am really, really looking forward to a chill weekend. (Do I say that every weekend? I do. Sorry.) It’s always the same over here (read, hang on the patio, make sun tea, putter around my “garden” with my plants, etc etc) but last night I went to a RESTAURANT with two of my friends (outside, socially distanced!). That was just the best thing ever. I am planning to watch some movies. Thank you so much to everyone who chimed in on this post about favorite romantic comedies. You inspired me and I feel like I will be referencing the comments quite a bit in the future. (I’d totally forgotten about Crazy Stupid Love, for example!)

Weekend Reading 6.27.20

One of the best/most powerful things I read this week: Five Things I Want to Tell my White Friends.

This striped hoodie is too cute – love the red piping!

The best queer rom-coms!

This emerald green kitchen is the sort of thing I dream about at night.

I just bought this scalp scrub this week and am really excited to try it.

This is the sweetest thing ever.

I ordered this oh so chic house dress in both colors. Will report back! (Sized down to a small as it looks pretty big!) This one is also gorge.

Some great Black-owned home brands!

In important news for those in NY: a list of restaurants with al fresco dining options… YAY!

Such a cute little summer midi dress!

I don’t know how I didn’t know about Kit Kemp’s design blog (she’s the designer and co-owner of Firmdale Hotels) but it’s a feast for the eyes!

Andre Leon Talley and the Black designers you should know.

How to prune and maintain your tomatoes.

OK these rainbow tevas are AMAZING.

I am at my quota for ugly-cute shoes but someone please get these! And while they are more cute than ugly-cute, Dusen Dusen just restocked their sandals.

Excited about this new Apple iOS update!

I’ve been testing out these retinol microneedling patches and am impressed so far. I like to put them on my crow’s feet before bed.

The best way to store herbs (thanks Cy!) I guess damp paper towels it is!

Jen has fantastic taste in books; loved her summer reading list!

Love this white wrap blouse so much.

This lemon honey thyme sorbet recipe sounds incredible (and a good way to use some of the thyme I’ve been growing!)

On cooking the bad news away.

These zucchini noodles sound so good. Def need to make them soon.

OH! I love this stripe tunic dress.

Forget banana bread; I want to make these paleo banana muffins!

Love this easy tie-dye tee!

How to download all your Facebook photos so that you can. make a backup!

I have been really intrigued by the idea of starting an at-home compost but worry about pests. This post breaks it down.

This pink maxi dress is SO chic.

This is wonderful news for fans of Normal People (the show!).

These watermelon drop earrings are kind of just the most fun ever – perfect for summer.

OMG Rifle wallpaper!!!!

A comprehensive list of Black-owned restaurants.

This cute little table came in the mail this week (I got PINK!) and it’s perfect for outdoors.

Hacks for healthier eating.

My Favorite Funny Phone Cases.

Funny Phone Cases

When I upgraded my phone to the newest model (I cannot keep track of which phone I have, I just know it isn’t the really big one, but I have the one with the good camera – 11? 11 Pro!? Who knows!) it was time for new cases. This is something that is simultaneously fun but also heartbreaking, as I hate having to get rid of my phone cases every time Apple comes out with a new one!!!! I always pass my old cases onto a friend who is happy to receive them but man – it bums me out… I wish Apple could just stick to one universal size!

This go ’round, I decided to have a bit of fun with it. I was inspired by my friend Katie, who always has the best, crazy/hilarious phone cases. And honestly, I’m glad I did! When I bought these back in January, I had no idea what the next few months would bring. Who knew the whole world was about to implode!? I am being dramatic of course, but every time I look at one of these funny phone cases, it makes me smile just a little. They are just so silly and outlandish. I feel like a big toddler carrying around a toy and that just makes me laugh!

I stand behind each of these crazy purchases. Hell, we’re on our phones enough – you might as well get a good laugh every time you reach for it!

The Unicorn

My niece screams when she sees this one. We aren’t sure if the unicorn is asleep or not. Honestly, does it matter? But it’s just such a fun case. This is probably my personal favorite, if only because my niece (and any child for that matter) loses her mind when she sees it!

The Old School Phone

This one is sadly mostly sold out (I have the pink one!) but the black is great too. It transforms your sleek cell phone into a cumbersome looking phone from the 90’s. Totally goes against the whole rationale for buying said sleek iPhone, but again, makes me LOL. Update: looks like a few different Amazon sellers have it in pink! I cannot personally vouch for them but they look pretty identical to mine.

The Big Pink Bear

Everyone always laughs at this one. And I laugh too! This phone case looks alarmingly like the cartoons I grew up watching. I can’t for the life of me remember which ones, but it carries a very nostalgic feeling.

PS – these are all linked in my Amazon Shop, under Tech! Lots of other good stuff linked there, too!

Funny Phone Cases

Photography by Carter Fish.