Is Amazon A Good Place To Buy Clothes?

Buying Clothes on Amazon

I am a creature of habit and tend to shop at the same places and my favorite stores – it’s either trusted neighborhood boutiques like Intermix and Bird, or online at Shopbop and Nordstrom. Boring, but my favorites never let me down… and it’s important to me that everywhere I shop online be reputable (because in theory I will probably end up linking it here on the blog, so I only shop at reputable companies that have great customer service, free shipping + returns, etc.)

I have been seeing a lot more fashion on Amazon (and other bloggers seem to be buying clothes on Amazon Fashion a lot more often)! I order from Amazon multiple times a week for everything from books to beauty products and cat food, but I haven’t bought very many clothes there. I decided to do a deeper dive into Amazon Fashion. Is it a good place to buy clothes, or should we just stick to Amazon for books and office supplies? I mean, in theory it’s a great idea… Amazon shipping is so fast (especially if you are a prime member duh) and sell pretty much everything so it feels convenient, but buying clothes on Amazon feels a little intimidating as there is just so much stuff on there.

clockwise from top left: vince warren platform sneakers (my FAV) // kimono jacket // grey sweater // malachite ear jackets // palm print slides // pink scarf // polka dot dress // green acrylic earrings // green velvet slides // grey cardigan // tropical print swimsuit // round circle bag (have in red and love!) // red top

Buying Clothes on Amazon

Okay first of all, fun fact: did you know that Amazon owns Shopbop? If you are a Prime member, you can actually log into Shopbop with your Amazon Prime info to get faster shipping. What I like about Amazon is that you can search and find exactly what you are looking for, though I will say I think it’s important to be careful – I typically only buy things that are available via Amazon Prime, simply because once I bought a phone case on Amazon and it took six months to get to me from Asia. By the time I got it, I think I’d bought a new phone. Fail.

Brands on Amazon

There are a lot of great brands on Amazon. They carry all the same brands Shopbop has but they also have a ton of exclusive brands (mostly just for Prime Members). I was surprised to see a lot of brands I shop have Amazon shops, such as Sonix. My friend Jackie had the cutest sunglasses that were sold out on the Sonix site but available (for less money!) on Amazon.

Quality and Price

Buying clothes on Amazon really depends upon the brand. Like I said above, you can find pretty much anything you could ever want on Amazon BUT I tend to just look for the brands I know and love – the quality is on point. I bought this swimsuit from Coastal Blue this summer and wasn’t sure if I could trust the brand but because it was available on Prime I figured it wasn’t a big deal – I knew that I could quickly return if it didn’t work out. It ended up working out great.

Search Functionality

You can basically find ANYTHING you want on Amazon. The search is great and it’s basically just this empire; they sell everything! I love typing in certain patterns (i.e. “palm print”) and seeing what comes up. You can find so much great stuff. (Like this palm print kimono – hello!)

Trustworthiness – are the stores legit?

Most of the time, yes, very legit. Again, I just think you have to be careful and investigate the seller a bit. If it’s from Amazon directly, YES. But they have this marketplace setup so it’s not all shipping right from Amazon. I outline more tips and tricks below… I only shop using sellers that are on Prime, and I always read the reviews!


This is a key benefit to shopping on Amazon – with Prime, you can get everything so quickly (and easily return if you’re not happy). Free returns, same day shipping, what’s not to love. I bow down to Amazon’s customer service… it’s fantastic.

So… is Amazon a good place to buy clothes?

Yes. Absolutely, yes. Buying clothes on Amazon is a GREAT idea. Just be sure to be careful and follow my handy tips, below!

Tips for Buying Clothes on Amazon

Filter out by “Amazon Prime.”

This will save you a lot of headaches. There are so many cute things on Amazon but a lot of stores have weird shipping windows (especially if they are overseas). So I always make sure an item or seller is on Amazon Prime.

Read Customer Reviews

The reviews are SO helpful. Always read the reviews. I especially like to look at the one star reviews and the four or five star reviews. If all of the reviews are overly effusive (or use poor grammar/bad English, I’m weary.) But yeah… always, always read reviews.

Check who the seller is and where it’s shipping from!

Once again, shipping can be a real pain. So make sure it’s shipping from the US or has a really fast shipping policy. And as Carly pointed out in her comment below, it’s a good idea to look at what else they have in their “shop,” that will pretty much immediately give you an idea of how reputable they are, etc.

Read product descriptions

This is a given, but you can’t be too careful! While I have you, check the sizing chart. There are a few brand that run super large and a few brands that run super small. Reading the reviews will also help, but give the sizing chart a good review as well.

Keep track of stores you like and don’t like

Amazon, particularly Amazon Fashion has so many brands and it’s easy to get confused/forget what’s what. I have a google doc with my favorite stores.

Do you buy clothes on Amazon? What are your favorite tips, trips, and shops?

*this post is not sponsored but it does contain affiliate links. If you click one of my Amazon links and end up making a purchase, I will earn a small commission. Also, check out my Amazon Shop – I put all of my favorite picks there!

Weekend Reading.

weekend reading: all of the best stuff from this week!

Helllllo from Atlanta! I know. All of this travel is getting a little hilarious. It’s so not me to be gone this much and I don’t remember the last time I traveled this much but I have to admit – I’m enjoying it. This is actually a work trip… I’m (hugely honored to be) the keynote speaker at this year’s Blog Societies Conference! My presentation is this morning and then I head back to Brooklyn tonight. Exciting! I haven’t had much time to get out and explore as we are pretty far away from the city and I’ve had a lot of work to do here at the hotel. I think I’m going to have to plan a trip back here so that I can see more of the city!

When I get home from Atlanta I’m home for two days and go to Cape Cod for a hybrid trip – a project for work (another speaking engagement), and a visit with my parents. Whew. I am not used to being away from home so much but it’s definitely been a really fun summer!

Weekend Reading

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I bought this Rebecca Taylor dress (on sale!) and love it so much – the fit is perfection.

Jacey went to Amangiri (it looks incredible!!) and I loved her photos + post about the trip. Time to start saving.

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Have been very into crop tops lately and looove this one!

Hitha convinced me (both in person and with her blog post) that I need a Silk & Sonder journal/planner.

Loving this emerald green maxi and it’s only $90!

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Very very into this color combination on Blair.

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I’m loving this swingy 70’s inspired dress.

Affordable-ish Skincare.

Product Details: The Seaweed Bath Co. Purifying Micro-Scub, Everyday Oil, Embryolisse Lait-Créme Concentré, Weleda Skin Food Skin Cream.

Product Details: The Seaweed Bath Co. Purifying Micro-Scub, Everyday Oil, Embryolisse Lait-Créme ConcentréWeleda Skin Food Skin Cream.

Affordable Skincare!

The request I most often get asked for is affordable skincare. I know it can be frustrating to read here when I review so many products; a lot of which can be very expensive. Here’s the thing though – I’m closer to 40 than I am to 30. Most of the products I use are either all natural, high-tech, or (ideally) a combination of both. I’m lucky to have access to a lot of my favorite products (beauty companies can be very liberal with sending out samples), but even if I didn’t I would still invest in my skin (over fashion, etc). You only get one face –  it’s important to take care of it.

Thaaaat being said, a lot of you are much younger than me and my skincare routine is that of someone in her mid-late thirties. If you are in your twenties I don’t think you need all the bells and whistles (like a Dr. Bader for example… it’s my fav, but you can wait a little bit… though if you can afford it, prevention doesn’t hurt either!)

Today I am going to share the most affordable skincare products I’ve found that I stand behind. I say affordable-ish because they aren’t always cheap, but they are high-quality, and if you take any one thing away from reading my blog I hope it’s the importance of taking care of your skin.

First, a few memories. I wasn’t always a blogger with access to high-end skincare.

In my twenties, I didn’t do much, though I did always wear SPF, every single day. Natural products weren’t a “thing,” yet either. Up until I moved to New York when I was 24, I used this Neutrogena moisturizer It was my absolute favorite and I would still stand behind it as a great product, especially for someone a little younger who doesn’t have a lot of aging concerns. It has AHA’s to smooth and exfoliate, it has sunscreen, it’s a great everyday moisturizer.

When I moved here, my roommate (who became my best friend and now is VP of trend beauty over at Macy’s!) introduced me to the world of Kiehl’s, specifically this moisturizer which I also still recommend. I balked at the price tag at first (it’s $31, I was young and v v broke) but the bottle lasts so long. It’s 4.2 oz which is a LOT of moisturizer + you only need a little. I think one bottle would last me about a year… at least!

My first high-end skincare product was SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, which I started using when I was 27. P&G (I was working for them at the time) purchased the company, and our entire office received a training on the brand. They gave us all a (very large) bottle that I would use every day (after cleansing, before moisturizing – read more about SK-II here, in this post). That bottle lasted well over a year and I continued to buy it when I finished with it (using the Kiehls’ moisturizer afterward).

So there you have my skincare history…

The two products I swore by up and down (and still love). Neither are cheap but you can buy them once a year… maybe even once every 18 months. To me, it’s worth the investment. As for a cleanser I would just use any old cleanser back then – whatever I had in the shower. I’m still that way though this one from Elemis is just fantastic.

But now that I have given you that history (and NO I am not ridiculous and trying to pass SK-II off as affordable but I’m telling you all of this to stress a point – even when I was really struggling, I bought it with my own money). Now I’m going to give you all of my affordable skincare recommendations! I take skincare so seriously and am not going to recommend garbage products to you just because they hit a certain price point. These are all products I love and would use as my own routine if I did not have the access that I have as a blogger, and I’m also getting really into DIY beauty (read my post about egg beauty benefits and then try this DIY turmeric mask!)

My favorite “affordable-ish” natural brands!

I’ve said this before but I aim for an 80/20 rule with natural products. I try to use at least 80% natural/organic skincare (body products included). I’m less strict with products that rinse off (cleanser, body wash), and most strict about body lotion as I use the most of it so just from a surface area POV it makes the most sense to use a really clean body lotion.

For that reason, we will start with clean products – and then I’ll share some “dirty” ones I still love.

The Seaweed Bath Company

I have written about The Seaweed Bath Co. before but am such a fan of the brand. I love all of the body products (anything with the Awaken scent is amazing, especially if you love Palo Santo as much as I do.) But the face scrub is divine – it’s the only face scrub in my shower right now and my number one favorite at the moment (price point aside), I just love it so much. Also, for the smoothest skin ever, gently scrub your face for a full two minutes. Thank me later.

Everyday Oil

Honestly, if you are on a hardcore budget, I would say to just buy Everyday Oil and use that to wash your face with (massage a few drops all over dry skin and then use a warm wash cloth to towel off) AND moisturize your face with it afterward. This oil is amazing – my friend Emma is the founder and that’s all she uses on her skin and she looks amazing. It’s such a good product. I should note it’s totally fine for oily skin too.


Okay so I’ve said this before (and it horrified a few of you) but for those of you with very dry skin, Weleda Skin Food is basically your perfect (clean! affordable!) La Mer dupe. Into the Gloss agrees with me so… feel free to argue, but I have very dry skin and in the winter, nothing is better than using skin food as a moisturizer – it’s rich and luxurious and fixes a variety of skin woes.

Indie Lee

I look at Indie Lee as a “bridge” brand between something more affordable and something more expensive. Especially in the natural space where those products can cost SO much. I love her cleansers, especially the brightening cleanser ($32). The  new eye serum is very, very good although it’s $48. Her spot treatment is my GO TO when I get a zit. It dries pimples right out!

Other More Affordable Products I Love!

I still swear by L’Oreal Bright Reveal. I love, love, love these products – they’re high-tech and anti-aging, especially if your goal is bright, glowy skin. The peel pads are my favorite!

Embryolisse. This is one of my favorite moisturizers ever – from the French drugstore but you can get it at a lot of places. It’s $28, so not exactly cheap but not expensive either.

Bioderma. This is another French drugstore beauty product I love as it takes off your makeup in one sweep and it’s SO GENTLE.

Pond’s Cold Cream. Oh Pond’s. It’s just such a classic. There is nothing better after a big event where I have on a full face of makeup (this is rare so I don’t do it very often). Coming home, coating my face in Pond’s, letting it really sink in and melt all my makeup off, and then getting it all off with a warm, wet, hot towel.

Neutrogena Sheer Sunscreen. And this healthy tint from Neutrogena. And the  these Neutrogena wipes. I am still a big fan of everything they do as I have very sensitive skin – their products are all very gentle and effective.

My Ideal Affordable Skincare Routine.

I’d start with this cleanser, then (if my skin needed it exfoliate with either the Seaweed Bath Co scrub or L’Oreal Bright Reveal Peel Pads), and then depending on how much hydration my skin needs I would use Embryolisse (light to medium moisture), or Skin Food (heavy moisture) and then lock it all in with Everyday Oil. Keep in mind I have pretty dry skin, so my routine is all about exfoliation and hydration!

PS – If you’re confused about what order to apply products, read this post!!! It’s one of the questions I get asked the most, so I dedicated a whole post to it!

My Ideal Affordable Skincare Routine.

photography by Trent Bailey.

On Comfort Zones….

Texture & Thread Micropleat Wide Leg Pants MADEWELL
top / / pants / / shoes / / bag / / sunglasses

So before we even dive into today’s post I AM SO, SO SORRY ABOUT MY PANTS. Ugh. I love these photos so much and this would be one of my favorite outfit posts ever but. my. pants. I swear to you, the creases in the middle were not visible in the mirror, or anywhere… and then we shot them and they magically appeared. I’m mad about my pants. It’s as if the camera just brought out the lines, like invisible ink. So, I am upset at my pants, I apologize for them, and now we shall move on.

Today I’m wearing a crop top and pants… two things I rarely wear so this is a bit out of my comfort zone. But it works (hideous creases aside), making me think that a) I need more cropped pants in my life and b) maybe I should experiment a little more. Despite being a bit afraid of both things (crop tops and pants), I really love this outfit! This came to me as I sat down to write this post but this outfit is sort of a metaphor for my life right now. Comfort zones – and the importance of getting out of them.

I have spent much of this summer getting out of my comfort zone and doing things that frankly, terrify me a little bit. Launching the podcast. Going to Cuba. Going to Asia by myself. This weekend will mark the last of the things that terrify me (for a bit?) I am the keynote speaker at The Blog Societies’ conference in Atlanta. And I am so nervous. A one hour speech. Yikes. I have it pretty well prepared but I am still s.o.  n.e.r.v.o.u.s.!!! So nervous. I am a perfectionist and I want it to be perfect. I have spent hours rehearsing and going over my talking points but I’m still just so nervous! (As an aside, if you are going, please come say hello. I may be playing it cool but trust me, I’m terrified and it will be great to feel like someone listening actually reads my blog!)

Outfit Details: Ellery Crop Top (a couple years old – similar here , here and here) / / Madewell Pants / / Steve Madden Sandals / / Nordstrom Sunglasses (similar pair here) / / Palmgrens Bag (similar) // gifted Paula Rallis x J Ervan Earrings

Back to comfort zones though. Networking. Networking (for me) is a lot like SLT. Or any sort of high impact, choreographed group exercise, for that matter. I am not good at it, so I avoid it.

What a terrible thing – to not do things we might end up liking, simply because we’re bad at them. I have a great group of friends and in the comfort of my home or with that inner circle I really don’t care about making a spectacle out of myself. I’m the life of the party. Sometimes even funny! But with new people, I am nervous. And because of that I hate networking. Introducing myself. Saying hello to people I don’t know.

Oof. My palms start to sweat. I stutter or make bad jokes. The social anxiety kicks in and I want to run and hide. As a full time influencer/blogger/writer (for the record, “influencer” is my least favorite word ever and I like “writer” best), I tend to show up at events and stick to the comforts of my close friends or phone (and then run out, once I’ve learned about the new product/said hello to the PR person, etc.) I know, I know, this isn’t good.

BCBGMAXAZRIA Tie-Front Cropped Tee

I need to branch out and make more of an effort. And I’m really trying.

This is such a small thing (and sort of an embarrassing story) but last night I said hello to a blogger that I admire. Despite having been doing this for almost nine years, I was really nervous to say hello! I said to myself (internal monologue so don’t judge me haha), “you’re a keynote speaker! you went to Asia BY YOURSELF!!! get it together!” and then decided to just say hello. I mean what’s the worst thing that can happen, right?

She rolled her eyes, dumped her wine on me, and stormed out.

JK. She was lovely. So sweet and down to earth. Like so nice. I wanted to be all like, “let’s be friends! let’s take Pilates!” but am also well versed in blogger life and all of the invites and how damn busy we all are. So we moved along and I kind of just laughed at myself for being such a nerd.

Texture & Thread Micropleat Wide Leg Pants MADEWELL

At the end of the day we are all people. When I go to events and parties I tend to just stick close to the people I know (or if I don’t know anyone, my phone) but I’m trying to branch out a little more. But we are all human. And as much as we love our phones, we all crave genuine connection.

So it’s okay to just say hi. Baby steps. Asia. Saying hello to strangers that I think are cool.

One thing at a time!

crop top Palmgrens BagBCBGMAXAZRIA Tie-Front Cropped Teemadewell wide leg pants

Photography by Trent Bailey.

Sayulita Travel Guide.

I am so excited about today’s travel guide as my trip was just THE BEST. Seriously, the best. I had never even heard of Sayulita prior to this trip (from what I’ve heard, it’s more popular with the West Coast set as it’s a little easier to get to for them), but it is just the cutest place and SUCH a good place to have a girls’ weekend.

Sayulita is a colorful little town nestled on the Pacific Coast of Mexico right in the rainforest/jungle. It’s a former fishing town and big for surfing now. It reminded me of a cross between Cartagena and Tulum – probably a little bit less touristy than either spot, though. Oh and the shopping is AMAZING… usually I don’t shop much on vacation but I bought a lot on this trip (all of the pom poms!) But we’ll get to that. Really though, what made this trip so special was where we stayed, the group (the three of us travel really well together), and all of the yummy bars + restaurants we tried.

Where to Stay in Sayulita

Where to Stay in Sayulita

From what I have heard, the way to do Sayulita is to get an Air BnB. They are generally considerably less expensive AND nicer than most of the hotels, which is a win win. I got asked how we found Air BnB, and it was really just a group effort – we had an email thread going around (there are TONS of cute ones, like so many) and ultimately decided on Casa Sonrisa. I really cannot say enough good things about it, it was perfect (and as you probably saw on my feed, very instagrammable).

It’s a cute little two bedroom (with two bathrooms). The bedrooms are up a little set of stairs and the communal indoor space is pretty small (a kitchen with adjacent living room) but what makes it so special is the outdoor space. We had our own little pool (so necessary – Sayulita is humid and HOT) and a shady porch which made for the perfect reading/napping nook. The owner was so helpful and amazing – she also arranged for our airport transfers ($140 round trip split between the three of us // and he took us to the Mega – a huge grocery store on our way) and gold cart rental (so great for getting around!)

Random aside about our Air BnB – the linens on the beds were amazing! This was noted in some of the AirBnB reviews so we asked the host – and these are them. They’re so inexpensive and are the softest sheets ever! It was like sleeping in a cloud. I put the mosquito net around me and felt like a princess in a canopy bed cloud.

I will say that wherever you decide to stay, make sure it has AC and make sure there is a pool – it’s HOT!

Casa Sonrisa.

Food // Where to Eat in Sayulita

Okay first of all, if you get an Air BnB, have your taxi or shuttle driver stop at the MEGA (yes that’s what it’s called, and it’s exactly what it sounds like – a giant Costco-esque grocery store). We stocked up on all the important stuff (eggs, avocados, tortillas, etc), TONS of bottled water, and of course lots of tequila, mixers, and wine. Our Air BnB was up a giant cliff, so we really only went into town once a day. Usually we’d do a big breakfast at the house, have a snack, and do dinner in town. I got asked if we had a chef (LOL no) but I guess you could hire one if you had a really big group? It was 3 of us and we’re all pretty good in the kitchen so we just cooked for each other.

There are so many great restaurants in town. We joked that it’s pretty much either all pizza/delicious Italian or street style tacos and Mexican food.

Mary’s Tacos //

This was a real gem. We went for lunch and loved it. It’s hot and sweaty inside but the tacos are heaven and their ceviche was the best ceviche we had all trip. HIGHLY recommend!

Venezia //

This was recommended to me by so many people on Instagram! We had an amazing dinner here. I can’t say enough good things about the Moro pizza. It had artichokes, mushrooms, and salami (I think) and was just so flavorful and delicious. They are funny about wine there – they serve one kind of red, by the bottle only. It wasn’t bad! We also had an amazing homemade pesto pasta…. So good!

La Rustica //

We ended up eating here twice… once for breakfast (love the omelettes!) and again for dinner (more pizza). It’s just a really nice spot with great drinks and good food.

Barracuda //

Honestly this was probably my least favorite restaurant, but it was still good? The paella was heaven but please don’t have the ceviche. It was kind of gross. The vibe is nice though, and it’s really well ventilated (haha I know that’s a funny thing to say but most of the good spots to eat are tiny, crowded, and hot!)

drinks on the beach at Don Pedro's
drinks on the beach at Don Pedro’s

drinks on the beach at Don Pedro’s

Cava Bar //

This was unanimously our favorite spot. It’s a smaller spot with maybe only ten seats and the cocktails are DIVINE. The watermelon mezcalita was paradise.

El Patio //

This is a really cute little bar on the beach. The cocktails are SO good (I had a passionfruit margarita, which if you know me, you know is my favorite cocktail IN THE WORLD. The music got a little loud (we are old and like to sit and talk) but otherwise it was wonderful.

Don Pedro’s //

This was a fancier spot (you can also go for dinner) and was probably the most expensive place we ate/drank at.

Escondido //

We loved this spot! It was so cute and the drinks were fantastic. We sat on comfy couches outside and drank passionfruit margaritas. YUM.

Getting To and From and Around Sayulita

Getting To and From and Around Sayulita

Honestly, Sayulita is more popular with West Coasters for a reason – it’s much easier to get to! We had a rough time with delays, etc. And the flight was expensive (flying to Cancun is much less expensive from New York). That being said, it was so worth it once we were there.

The closest airport to Sayulita is Puerto Vallerta. Depending on traffic (the stretch between San Francisco and Sayulita is ROUGH) it can take up to three hours to get to Sayulita. Our AirbNB offered a shuttle service which was $140 and definitely worth it. He also stopped at Mega (a big grocery store) along the way where we loaded up on groceries, wine, and tequila.

The town itself is very small and easy to get around but I would definitely recommend renting a golf cart because a) it’s fun, and b) it’s helpful, especially if your Air BnB is on a hill as ours was.

What to Know Before Visiting Sayulita

I was asked if it’s safe and I definitely felt safe the whole time. Especially as I was with two girlfriends. I don’t know that I’d visit Sayulita on my own as there isn’t really enough to do. It’s more of a go-with-friends sort of place. But like everywhere (New York included), be careful of your stuff and be mindful of your surroundings. Don’t leave your phone out, use a crossbody bag, etc.

Don’t drink the water, and be super careful with produce. A lot of people I know got sick visiting (I did not.) Brush your teeth with bottled water, drink only bottled water, and avoid produce that doesn’t have a skin or peel (we ate bananas, avocados, watermelon,

citrus, etc.) We might have been overly careful but didn’t want to chance it!!!

And bring lots of cash! Change it before you get to Mexico if you can. We didn’t have any issues changing our currency but Jackie had said that when she went there was a huge line to exchange it.

Shopping in Sayulita

As I mentioned above, the shopping here is SO good. Like so good. And the stores I list below are all really wonderful but in my opinion, some of the best shopping is on the street just walking around. There are so many gorgeous pieces of jewelry, woven bags, coverups and embroidered caftans, all the things. Just be sure to bring a lot of cash as most places are cash only!

Revolucion del Sueño //

We loved this store. It was recommended from in this Conde Nast Traveler article and was just the best for gifts. I bought a million little tassels that friends can tie onto their totes, a pretty rainbow beach blanket for Christina, tiny little embroidered dresses for my (unborn) niece, pretty jewelry for me, and more. LOVE. (They do take credit cards.)

R2 Fashion //

So, there isn’t a ton of high end shopping in Sayulita and that’s part of its charm. BUT if you are looking for a quality beach coverup, check out R2! I bought the one I’m wearing in this instagram post and I love it. It’s really well made, all organic cotton, and just beautiful + really special. (Also takes credit cards.)

The Hippie Market //

This isn’t a store per say, but more a collection of little booths with pom poms, stuffed animals, the works. It’s hard to miss and there is so much fun stuff. Just bring cash.

Manyana //

Everything in this store (pictured above with the animal planters) is SO CHIC. I didn’t buy anything but they have great t-shirts, leather goods, and of course ceramics. Loved this store.

Grace and her friends