Augustinus Bader Eye Patch Review.

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Augustinus Bader Eye Patch Review

I had been dying to try Augustinus Bader’s new eye patches from the moment they launched. The brand makes some big claims; in a clinical study eye area brightness visibly improved by 95%, dark circles reduced by 42% and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles reduced by 27%.

They are not cheap, $22 per mask or $125 for a set of 6. The brand advocates using them 2-3x a week. $66 a week (that’s $3,432 a year) on eye patches is not  realistic for anyone I know but I do think they’re great for special occasions. The first thing I noticed about these is that the patches are not “wet,” the hydrogel is infused with the product. They feel amazing on the skin (under eye puffiness goes down pretty much immediately) and this is nice as they aren’t messy; you can go about your routine while wearing them: no dripping or sliding around.

Just pop ‘em on and wear for 20 minutes. Upon removing, I noticed my under eye area was definitely less puffy and looked a little bit brighter. Nothing crazy but definitely brighter. Later, my concealer went on much more smoothly. The masks definitely plump up the skin which makes the whole area feel much more smooth. Fine lines are less noticeable and makeup just glides on. 

I definitely like these but am not sure I can justify the price for regular use. I think a good eye cream and a few minutes of using small ice roller over the area would be a better investment. These are a “like,” not a “love” for me. I like them better than most eye patches I’ve tried but the price is just too steep. They feel really good on your skin and would be amazing as a special treat.

You can buy them at Nordstrom, Bluemercury, Violet Grey, or Saks.

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